Author: Eric S.


Interview: MinaLima Attends SND Chicago

MinaLima recently attended SND Chicago, where they spoke about their involvement in the “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” series in front of an audience containing working members in the field of news design. MuggleNet was granted a follow-up interview and asked further questions related to their various artistic inspirations.

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“MuggleCast” Episode 320: “Tina” Now Available!

This week, MuggleCast’s in-depth Fantastic Beasts character discussions continue — and all attention turns to Porpentina “Tina” Esther Goldstein, once-disgraced MACUSA Auror and sister to Queenie! Join Andrew, Micah and Eric with special guest Katy as opinions are changed through a series of revelations about the character’s potential origins, and an analysis of her actions throughout the first Fantastic Beasts movie.

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“MuggleCast” Episode 319: “Jacob” Now Available!

The No-Maj Jacob is the center of attention this week, as our Fantastic Beasts in-depth character discussions continue. While Andrew travels cross-country, join Eric and Micah for this two-man show dedicated to everyone’s favorite baker.

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“MuggleCast” Episode 318: “Queenie” Now Available!

Let the character discussions begin! Queenie Goldstein is the focus of our first in-depth Fantastic Beasts character discussion. Join Andrew, Eric, Micah and returning guest Jeanna as they talk telepathy and cocoa in our 318th episode!