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UK Fans: Join the “Career of Evil” Scavenger Hunt!

Career Of Evil Featured

It's just over two weeks until the third book in the "Cormoran Strike" series, "Career of Evil", is released, and while that wait may seem interminable, the Crime Vault has a very interesting proposition for UK fans - which could lead to winning a signed copy of "Career of Evil"! Read More »

New Interview with Jim Kay – Plus, See His Snape, Dumbledore, and More!


If we were excited on Friday when we saw Jim Kay's Professor McGonagall and the Great Hall for the first time, by now we're practically OVERCOME with anticipation of the illustrated edition's release this Tuesday. Although it seems almost impossible to wait another minute, we can try to fend off desperation by reading several new interviews with artist Jim Kay - AND finally seeing how he has rendered Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore. Read More »

New Images from Jim Kay’s Illustrated Edition Released!


We're just days away from the publication of the highly anticipated illustrated version of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", but while we wait, the "Telegraph" has got several new images to tide you over! Read More »

Book Review: “Upside Down Magic” by Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle, & Emily Jenkins

Upside Down Magic

In the world of "Upside Down Magic," all children begin their magical training in the fifth grade. Luckily for Nory, her father is the headmaster of the best magic school around - Sage Academy - and her older brother and sister always ace their magic classes. Unluckily for Nory, her out-of-control magic means that she flunks the entrance exam for Sage Academy, and instead has to attend a special class at public school for students whose magic is a little...wonky. Read More »

Book Review: “Faceless” by Alyssa Sheinmel

Faceless_Alyssa Sheinmel

"Faceless" by Alyssa Sheinmel chronicles sixteen-year-old Maisie’s journey to recovery after part of her face is destroyed in an electrical fire. Maisie’s burns are so bad that the tissue in her cheeks, nose, and chin actually died. Luckily (although Maisie won’t like it if you call her that - lucky girls don’t get their faces burned off), Maisie qualifies for a face transplant. But recovery after the surgery is so much harder than Maisie predicted; not only does she have to deal with the physical healing of her body, she also has to take about twenty pills three times a day and go back to school, where everyone remembers how she used to be before her accident. She can’t help but ask it all worth it? Read More »

Book Review: “Demons of the Hellmouth: A Guide for Slayers” by Nancy Holder

Demons of the Hellmouth

It may be 12 years since "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" went off the air, but that doesn't mean that fans are any less devoted. If you've been hankering for a Buffy fix, "Demons of the Hellmouth: A Guide for Slayers" just may do the trick! Although written by Nancy Holder, "Demons of the Hellmouth" is an in-universe book, ostensibly penned by none other than Rupert Giles himself, and the text is spotted with little handwritten notes from Buffy, Willow, Xander, and other characters from the series - think "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them," but for the Buffy-verse! Read More »

Emma Watson Shares Experiences of Sexism in the Film Industry

Emma Watson

It's been just about a year since Emma Watson launched the UN's HeforShe campaign, which works to involve men and boys in the fight for equal rights for women around the world. Since that time, Emma has been a committed and vocal advocate for feminism and equality. As part of that commitment, Emma recently lent her voice to a report by the "Guardian" profiling the experiences of women in the film and entertainment industry, 99% of whom have experienced sexism. Read More »

Book Review: “Untwine” by Edwidge Danticat


When 16-year-old Giselle Boyer, her twin sister Isabelle, and their parents dash out of their house, stressed and trying to make it to Isabelle’s orchestra concert on time, little do they know that these are the last few moments of normalcy they’ll ever have. A car accident puts all four members of the Boyer family in the hospital and ends the life of one of them forever. Read More »

Graphic Novel Review: “Heart in a Box” by Kelly Thompson and Meredith McClaren


Emma is having a hard time recovering from having her heart broken. At times like this, many of us may wish we’d never fallen in love, or that we didn’t have hearts to begin with. The only difference between us and Emma is that she actually gets her wish when a mysterious stranger overhears her pining. Though she almost immediately realizes she’s made a mistake, getting her heart back isn’t going to be as easy as wishing it away. Read More »

Book Review: “The Inker’s Shadow” by Allen Say

Inkers Shadow_Allen Say

"The Inker’s Shadow" is a companion to Allen Say’s 2011 graphic memoir "Drawing from Memory." In "Drawing from Memory", Say chronicled his childhood in Japan in WWII and his path to his mentor, cartoonist Noro Shinpei. In "The Inker’s Shadow", Say continues his autobiography, telling of his life in America after he left Japan - and Shinpei - behind. Read More »

Book Review: “Beastly Bones” by William Ritter


Abigail has finally convinced Jackaby to let her accompany him into the field again, just in time for their next big case: missing dinosaur bones and a mysterious death. A farmer in nearby Gad's Valley recently discovered an enormous dinosaur skeleton on his land, which means that in addition to solving a murder, Abigail also finally has the chance to follow in her father's footsteps and do some serious science. Of course, Jackaby senses that there's more at play than just your typical paleontology dig... Read More »

Countdown to CONjuration!

CONjuration MUGGLENET banner - 660X330 - 2

It's just under two months until CONjuration, the awesome fan-led convention happening in Atlanta, Georgia. CONjuration is offering a TON of "Harry Potter"-specific activities, from a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Horcrux game, to wizard rock concerts to the convention's very own Yule Ball. Read More »

Universal Studios Hollywood Reveals New “Harry Potter” Signature Art

USH original WWoHP_Featured

The West Coast is already getting hyped for the Wizarding World experience when Universal Studios Hollywood opens in spring 2016, and even though the opening is months away, near-completed construction on Hollywood's Hogwarts Castle means that promo materials are on their way! Universal has recently released the first signature art for Hollywood's Wizarding World, and though it's nothing we haven't seen before, it's still a thrill to see the words "Coming Spring 2016" at the bottom of the flyer. Read More »

Goldsboro Books, Waterstones Offering Chance for Signed “Career of Evil”

Career of Evil US, UK Covers Revealed

"Career of Evil", the third book in the "Cormoran Strike" series, is set to be published in just a little over a month, and we couldn't be more excited! Well, okay, there's one thing that could possibly get us more excited - the chance to get a signed copy of the book! Read More »

“Arthur & Merlin” Film Gets DVD & Digital Release Dates!


Back in April we were excited to share with our readers the film "Arthur & Merlin", which we not only featured on the site but also screened at our very first convention, MuggleNet Live! 2015: Expo Patronum. If you didn't manage to catch the film a few months ago, you're in luck - "Arthur & Merlin" now has digital and DVD release dates in several countries! Read More »

Book Review: “The Marvels” by Brian Selznick

The Marvels_Brian Selznick

The first 400 pages of "The Marvels" are told through illustration, chronicling the exploits of sailing-turned-acting family the Marvels in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the last 200 pages told in prose, following the story of 13-year-old Joseph Jervis after he runs away from boarding school to stay with his eccentric uncle, Albert Nightingale. Selznick unfurls the relationship between these two stories gradually, in a way that both manages to build suspense in a maddening way and be totally satisfying once all is revealed. Read More »

Publishers Launch #UnveilVoldemort Campaign


We're just three weeks away from the release of the highly anticipated illustrated edition of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", and while it's hard to wait that long to see the rest of Jim Kay's gorgeous illustrations, our friends at Scholastic are helping us out by revealing another character today - none other than the Dark Lord himself! Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe’s “Imperium” Is Looking for Extras!

Danielle Radcliffe

In July, we learned that one of Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming film projects is "Imperium", a drama in which he's set to portray an undercover FBI agent looking to weed out white supremacists. While we're excited to hear about any new film Dan's a part of, this particular movie might have an added bonus for some fans - the chance to be an extra in it! Read More »

Hufflepuff Wins the Final Pottermore House Cup – and J.K. Rowling Responds!

HufflePuff Wins Final Pottermore House Cup

It's been less than a month since we learned that the House Cup awarded on September 9 would be Pottermore's last and only a few days since it was revealed that Pottermore as we know it is coming to an end - and the site is set to reveal a whole new chapter for fans. While those revelations make us feel a lot of things - a bit sad, excited, curious - we certainly have something worth celebrating today: Hufflepuff has won the final House Cup! Read More »

Book Review: “The Copper Gauntlet” by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

Copper Gauntlet

The second book in the "Magisterium" series, "The Copper Gauntlet" picks up toward the end of the summer after Call’s first year at the Magisterium. Although he hasn’t yet told anyone that he’s housing the soul of the most evil wizard of all time. When a magical artifact, the Alkahest, is stolen from Magisterium custody, Call is almost certain that his father is the culprit - because only the Alkahest has the potential to separate Constantine’s soul from Call’s body... but it also might just kill him. Read More »