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Whimsic Alley Craft Fair to be held next weekend in Los Angeles


Whimsic Alley, “Fine Shops since 1367″, is a magical shop located in Los Angeles, California which sells amazing handcrafted Harry Potter gifts. They have been named “Best of L.A.” by Los Angeles Magazine and “Best of 2010 & 2011″ by L.A. Parent Magazine! They not only sell beautiful items, but they also hold amazing events such as annual Yule Balls & White Hippogriff Exchange Party, where everyone brings a gift and swaps! Another event that they hold semi-annually is their Whimsic Alley Craft Fair, which features “unique Wizard-World artisans from throughout the country.” There are gorgeous hand-crafted wands, jewelry, potions, and so much more! The store is absolutely incredible too! It feels like walking into Diagon Alley, complete with the staff dressed in wizarding attire. The event is being held two weekends from now, November 10 & 11, from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, and feel like checking out this unique event (which, did I mention, is also FREE?), head over to their Facebook page for more information. Read More »

“Harry Potter” composer John Williams to be honored by Education Through Music-Los Angeles

Great Performances: Tanglewood 75th Anniversary Celebration

Composer John Williams, known for his work on classic themes like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and of course, Harry Potter, is being honored this Sunday, November 4, at the 7th Annual Benefit Gala for Education Through Music-Los Angeles (ETM-LA). Read More »

Trailer: Maggie Smith & Michael Gambon reunite for “Quartet”

michael gambon

Arguably one of the best duos in the Harry Potter series was that of Professor Minerva McGonagall & Professor Albus Dumbledore, portrayed by the very talented Dame Maggie Smith & Michael Gambon, respectively. Read More »

The final seven chapters of “Chamber of Secrets” are now available for exploration on Pottermore!


Join hundreds of thousands of fans in exploring new moments and discovering new material! In the final seven chapters a lot happens, and Pottermore is sure not to disappoint! Read More »

“PocketWarwick” Review: The Davis is doin’ it!

Warwick Pocket Warwick

Last week we told you about a fun new game from the mind of Warwick Davis (Griphook/Professor Flitwick), PocketWarwick, where you have to keep a virtual Warwick Davis alive and help him climb through the ranks of Hollywood. MuggleNet was lucky enough to get an early copy of the game and let me tell you - I had a blast playing it! Read More »

Casting News: Tom Felton, Bonnie Wright, Gary Oldman & more

tom felton b&w photoshoot

In the post Potter era that we live in, it isn't uncommon to read about the new roles our favorite stars have recently signed on for. This week was no exception. Read More »

Calling All Artists! Alohomora! holds international design competition!


Alohomora!, MuggleNet's global re-read, is calling all artists for a global competition like no other! If you can draw, paint, or even digitize like no other, then this is the competition for you! Read More »

Harry Potter Studio Tour – an Actor’s Perspective


Just one week before all the amazing new Dark Arts features make their debut at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter, Potter actors Will Dunn (James Sirius) & Ellie Darcey-Alden (young Lily Evans) visited the attraction this past weekend - and were gracious enough to share their experience with us! Read More »


Warwick Pocket Warwick

PocketWarwick is a free mobile app game released by Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis, who played Filius Flitwick and Griphook in the films. It is brought to you by iDiot Films, Davis’s own creative company, Offficial, an entrepreneurial, innovation and investment company, and digital designers Matmi. Davis said on the app: “I came up with the idea of PocketWarwick because I love technology and apps. I wanted to somehow incorporate what I do as a performer in making something that was fun and playable. PocketWarwick is kind of a fusion of the old 90’s electronic pets Tamgotchi, The Sims and ‘me’. He lives inside your non-specific electronic handheld device. You have to make sure he’s entertained, fed, educated and washed, as well as managing his career. There are many interactions you can discover and new outfits and decorations to unlock. Download from the iTunes App Store here and the Google Play Store here. ‘Follow’ @PocketWarwick on Twitter and ‘like” Pocket Warwick on Facebook. “A little Hollywood in your pocket” Review by Kat Miller First off, I want to say that I am a huge Warwick Davis fan. He has been in two of the most lucrative film series of all time, Star Wars & Harry Potter. He was ... Read More »

Pottermore teams up with Barnes & Noble for year-long partnership


In yet another exciting way to bring Harry Potter fans together, Pottermore has teamed up with national book retailer Barnes & Noble to bring to you a year-long celebration! The two companies have teamed up in hopes that their events and partnership would help bring Pottermore into the real world, but still in a safe environment. Read More »

Warwick Davis to release mobile game, “PocketWarwick”


The much beloved Warwick Davis, who portrayed Professor Flitwick & Griphook the goblin, is launching a new mobile game for iOS & Android phones & tablets! The game, which releases in the Apple iTunes store October 25 and GooglePlay in November, is reminiscent of the Tamagotchi games of the mid 90's. Read More »

Win a ticket to see JK Rowling in New York City!

JK Rowling Casual Vacancy

If you werent't lucky enough to get a ticket - either because of the early on sale or simply because you weren't around at the time - now is your chance! The Alohomora! podcast team has ONE TICKET available - and they're giving it away to you! Read More »

Alohomora! Episode 13: “Return of the Pig” is now available for download!


The thirteenth episode of Alohomora! is now available for download! Listen in as hosts Noah, Kat, & Laura talk with fan guest, Amanda, and another very special guest also rears its controversial head! This week the hosts cover Chapters 7 & 8 of Chamber of Secrets. You can listen to the show directly in your browser below. Read More »

‘Deathly Hallows Part One & Two’ Ultimate Editions on sale at select Target stores

deathly hallows poster

The Ultimate Edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and Part 2 have long been wondered about. Most recently we reported that Amazon Germany had the pair listed for an October 16 release. Well, if you live in the United States, and have a Target nearby, you may be able to go get them today! Thanks to Twitter follower Matthew R., we have received photographs of the collection, 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5, which is actually only one set that contains both movies, unlike Amazon Germany, which shows the movies as separate editions. The box-set contains everything promised from the Ultimate Edition DVD’s, including the collector cards, DVD & Blu Ray versions, an Ultra Violet copy, and the last two installments of the 8-part documentary on the Harry Potter series, “Story” & “Growing Up”. MuggleNet called a few stores in Massachusetts and was told that “select stores will be getting the box-set, and probably only 1-2 copies at most.” These particular Ultimate Editions are not yet listed as being available on Amazon, so at this time it looks like only Target will be carrying the set! Why do you think there was such little ... Read More »

Alohomora! Episode 12: ‘This Book Sucks!’ is now available for download!


The twelfth episode of Alohomora! is now available for download! Listen in as hosts Caleb, Rosie, & Laura talk with Dan Bergstein, a blogger whose read through (and hilarious commentary!) of the Potter series is something you certainly shouldn’t miss! This week the hosts cover Chapters 5 & 6 of Chamber of Secrets. You can listen to the show directly in your browser below. On the show we discuss… – Episode 11 Recap: Percy’s tank top, Elf apparition, Weasley driving school, Magic suppression, Lazy Ron & Harry– Special Feature Recap: Pottermore, In Depth– PQOTW Responses– Solitary 9 3/4– The Friendly Willow– Hallmark Howlers– Lovely, lying, luscious Lockhart– Bury the babies!– Dumbledore’s lack of judgement– Special Feature: Artifact Inspector – Question of the Week– Download our app!– Alohomora! Promotional Video Catch up with the latest episodes of Alohomora! by subscribing on iTunes (for free) right here!, and keep up to date with all other updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Also, leave us a voicemail at our phone number: 1-206-GO-ALBUS (462-5287) or message AlohomoraMN on Skype with your comments! Read More »

Emma Watson talks ’50 Shades’ rumors, ‘Perks’ with Ryan Seacrest; win tickets to tonight’s L.A. premiere

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has been popping up everywhere as part of the promotion tour for her latest film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which will be out in limited release on September 21. Emma spoke this morning with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, and discussed not only how the fans can win tickets to tonight’s premiere and the Toronto Film Festival (where the film received a standing ovation), but the rumor of her starring in the movie adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. When Ryan asked Emma (through Nina Dobrev, Emma’s co-star in Perks) about the rumor that she would play Anastasia opposite Ryan Gosling’s (rumored) Christian Grey, she said, “[I] would be far more interested if he were playing Christian Grey.” If you plan on going to tonight’s premiere in Los Angeles and are interested in winning tickets to see the premiere, Emma said fans should “Come to Sunset, hang out, and celebrate the release of the movie…and you can maybe get a ticket! They should come around 6:30. Each cast member will have two tickets to the movie and will be passing them out!” Good luck to everyone attending! You can listen to the whole interview here, ... Read More »

Harry Potter and the Astronomically Priced Box Set


There’s no doubt that Harry Potter fans are some of the most passionate fans in the world; camping out for book releases, midnight movie premieres, and of course, J.K. Rowling tickets… but are they willing to pay $880 for a set of books? We recently reported that there would be an expanded, more comprehensive edition of Harry Potter Film Wizardry releasing next month, but now Amazon UK is listing a box set that is “Worthy of a vault at Gringotts, this amazing limited edition collection features never-before-published art and text chronicling the making of the Harry Potter films”. It also states that the set will be limited to only 3,000 copies worldwide. Of course expanded, limited editions are always welcome in a Potter fans collection (Wizard’s Collection, anyone?), but this box set has a hefty price tag… 552GBP or approximately $880! It will have seven volumes (five directly related to the filmmaking process), a cloth bound copy of Harry Potter: Page to Screen, and a prop replica of The Monsters Book of Monsters. You can read all about the collection right here, on Amazon UK. What do you think of this new collection? Will you be saving up to purchase ... Read More »

Alohomora! Episode 11: ‘Will Floo for Food’ is now available for download!


The eleventh episode of Alohomora! is now available for download! Listen in as hosts Kat, Caleb, & Rosie talk with a special very guest host – actor & Quidditch player, Matthew Ziff! This episode they discuss chapters 3 & 4 of Chamber of Secrets – and you won’t believe some of the things they come up with! So come and join the team as they continue through Harry’s second year. You can listen to the show directly in your browser below. On the show we discuss… – Episode 10 Recap: Harry/Big D BFF’s, Synopsis, The Walrus, Horse, & Pig, Animals in Literature– Special Feature Recap: Noah’s Close Read– PQOTW Responses– Lightweight Elf Champion– Flying with Ease– The House Elf Contract– Arthur & The Loophole– Pinch or a Handfull– Plotter’s Reunite!– Special Feature: Pottermore, In Depth– Question of the Week– Download our app!– Alohomora! Promotional Video Catch up with the latest episodes of Alohomora! by subscribing on iTunes (for free) right here!, and keep up to date with all other updates by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Also, leave us a voicemail at our phone number: 1-206-GO-ALBUS (462-5287) or message AlohomoraMN on Skype with your comments! Read More »

David Thewlis & Warwick Davis casting news; first clip of Evanna Lynch in ‘Sinbad’


Lots of casting news in the post Potter world today! First up we have David Thewlis, who played the beloved professor Remus Lupin, who has joined an already very impressive cast for the much anticipated sequel, Red 2. He has been cast as a character called “The Frog” who, according to the Hollywood Reporter, is “an information dealer who got his name by poisoning the water supply at the Kremlin using a poisonous Amazonian frog.” Red 2 is set to be released in August 2013. Next up we have fan favorite Warwick Davis who is set to join An Idiot Abroad – Short Way Round, a documentary series about a man with absolutely no interest in travel. Warwick will join the host, Karl Plinkington, for a 5000 mile journey through Europe, India, and China. It features Warwick’s Life’s Too Short castmate Ricky Gervais and can be seen on Sky 1 this November in the UK. Last, but certainly not least, the first clip of Evanna Lynch in the Sky 1 series Sinbad has made it’s debut online. Evanna has a guest spot on the series finale, which airs September 23 in the UK. She plays “Alehna, Taryn’s daughter, who Sinbad ... Read More »

Alohomora! to host LIVE call in show & movie screening to wrap up ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ discussion


What exactly IS Alohomora!, you ask? Alohomora! is a collaborative project between MuggleNet staff and fans worldwide, to rediscover the magic of Harry Potter one chapter at a time. Basically, a global re-read! MuggleNet staff & Potter fans alike gather every single day on our website and forums, as well as bi-weekly on the podcast, and discuss the series that we all love so! Alohomora! is excited to announce that upon completion of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on episode eight (Quirrell, You’re Fired!) we have decided to host a live call in show so that we can talk to every single one of you! We receive hundreds of emails from fans just dying to ask questions, be on the show, and of course – talk in one very long winded breath about Harry Potter! But, we aren’t stopping there! We are asking all of the Alohomora! fans out there to join us on ustream at 10:30AM EDT on Sunday, August 5th for a collaborative screening of Philosopher’s Stone! Via the live webchat you will be able to discuss the movie in context of the books with fans from all over the world! Then, once the screening is complete, ... Read More »