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Freedom For All


Dear Ronald, Are you really the treasurer of S.P.E.W.? What caused you to decide to join the organization? What can I do to help the poor house elves? Read More »

The Grandparents


Dear Harry Potter, Whatever happened to both sets of your grandparents that Dumbledore couldn't send you to one of their homes when you were a baby? In your biographies by J.K. Rowling, she failed to mention the fates of Lily and James' parents. I hope I did not bring up an unpleasant subject, but as a concerned Potter supporter, I feel it is my right to know. Read More »

Shazzy Shampoo


Dear Professor Lockhart, Do you use shampoo on your luxurious hair or do you simply magic it clean and gorgeous. Would love some ideas on how to keep my hair looking great like yours. Shazzy Read More »

Remember Nothing


Dear Professor Lockhart, I have the worst memory ever. I try and look back on my childhood, and I can't remember a thing. At this point I don't know if I ever had one. Have my memories been obliviated from my mind? Even now, things like names, places, and dates are hard for me to remember, and they are all new memories. Is there anything i can do? I'm tired of walking around feeling like I am in an empty shell. What are some things I can do to improve my memory. I have a remembrall but I forget what I am suppose to remember. I am so confused... I can't remember Read More »

Young Student


Dear Hagrid, Is it possible to have a unicorn as a pet? Sincerely, Young Student Read More »

Grateful Gryffindor


Dear House-Elves, Is it fun working in the kitchens? Read More »

Ravenclaw Traits


Dear Professor Flitwick, I've always thought of myself as a Ravenclaw, but recently I've been wondering: What traits are valued in Ravenclaw besides for intelligence? Does one need to do well in school to be a Ravenclaw? Or can they just be creative and inquisitive? Thanks so much, Em Read More »

Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw


Dear Professor Sprout, I've been asked into Hogsmeade by two boys. One is a strong, handsome Gryffindor, the other a witty and intelligent Ravenclaw. I like them both, so who should I choose? Read More »

The Dueler


Dear Professor Flitwick, Is it true you dueled before becoming a professor at Hogwarts? If so, did you duel anyone interesting? Read More »

Curious about Drarry


Dear Professor Snape, What are your thoughts on Drarry? Do you think it's meant to be? Read More »

In the Name of


Dear Professor Snape, What was your initial reaction when you learned Harry Potter named his second son in your honour along with the Headmaster's? Read More »

Different Life Circumstances


Dear Professor Snape, Though I'm sure you'll scoff at me for asking you to dwell in the past, suppose the Dark Lord had been defeated in truth all those years ago in Godric's Hollow. That would have left you free to pursue a life free of the perils of a double agent, free from having to perform Occlumency at every waking moment, able to express your emotions if you saw fit. If that had been the case, how might your life have been different? Where do you think you would be now? Read More »

Hogwarts Enrollment


Dear Professor McGonagall, I am just wondering if I may be enrolled in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Read More »

Headmistress McGonagall


Dear Professor McGonagall, I have read that following the Battle of Hogwarts, you became the new headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Do you enjoy being the headmistress? What is your favorite part of Hogwarts? Who do you think will succeed you as the new headmaster/headmistress of Hogwarts? Read More »

The Legend


Sir, I've heard so much about you, in the books and in the papers. I can't believe a legend like you would teach, in my opinion you would have been a great auror. It's your choice(and I tell you it's the best)There have been interviews and I've even read in some books that you were not that brave in your starting years! That's a rotten lie, isn't it. How could they even say something so untrue! But since I wasn't there and I wanted to prove them all wrong can you please just say "It's a lie" ans reply (It would be great). Read More »

Lonely Hufflepuff


Dear Miss Lovegood, I am going into my third year at Hogwarts as a proud Hufflepuff. The problem is I have only 2 or 3 close friends. I try hard to be friends with everyone, but nothing I do works. Is there any advice you can give me? Read More »

True Happiness


Dear Miss Lovegood, What is the secret to true happiness? How do I find it? Where is it located? Read More »

Azkaban Dementor


Dear Mr. Malfoy, What was it like in Azkaban? Read More »

Magical Me


Dear Professor Lockhart, Did you ever feel guilty stealing credit for what other wizards had done? Oswin Read More »



How can I deal with people who are mocking my small size? Read More »