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Secret Malfoy


Dear Ron, How are you man? First thing you and Draco are my favourate. My burning question is what you will do if Rose tells you she is in love with Scorpius and even he too proved that he is a kind heart man who will keep your baby safe and happy. Will you burry all your past differences from Malfoy family and let both of them marry ? Read More »

Free the House-Elves


Dear Hermione Granger, How can I go about freeing the house elves from their enslavement? Read More »

Enchanted Letter


Dear Mr. Potter, I hope this owl finds you well. First of all, I would like to wish you, Sir, a very happy birthday. I hope you had time to celebrate your birth with all your responsibilities within the Auror Department. I heard some dark wizards are gaining power. I hope we don't get to see another Lord Voldemort rise, eh? I had a question for you regarding the Patronus Charm. Now, I know that you can produce one, a corporeal Patronus which takes the form of a Stag. All I've been able to do so far is produce an incorporeal one. But one day, I was able to actually see my Patronus and it was a wolf. However, ever since that one time, I can't seem to be able to produce it anymore. How is it that you keep holding on to the happiest memory you have? And what do you usually do when you just can't find one? Read More »

Defeating the Dark Lord


Dear Harry, What was it like defeating Voldemort? Were you happy? Were you relieved that is was finally over? Read More »

Celebrate Harry’s birthday week with Magical “Harry Potter” Treats from Yahoo’s Cinema & Spice!

Birthday Cake - Birthday Announcements

The Muggles at Yahoo!'s Cinema and Spice are recreating the spirit of the Wizarding world this week in honor of Harry Potter's 33rd birthday (July 31) with a special Harry Potter episode! Read More »

Favorite Charms and more


Dear Professor Flitwick, Can you tell me in detail about all the charms. I know the answer is no, so tell me your favorite charm then and is there a charm that could make people like you and make you go invisible and to make you wishes come true. Yeah that's it. That's all I wanted to ask. Read More »

Favorite Memory


Dear Professor Flitwick, What has been your favorite memory at Hogwarts? -Oswin Read More »

August 2, 2013 – Special K


Dear Professor Dumbledore, My mother has heard of recent happenings of evil going on in Hogwarts, and she doesn't want me to come back. What should I do? Read More »

The next two Scholastic paperback back cover art pieces have leaked online

Kazu-credit-GordonLuk-lg (1)

Now, we have spotted hi-res versions of the 3rd and 4th book back cover. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban can be seen RIGHT HERE, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire can be seen RIGHT HERE. Read More »

Your True Self


Dear Professor Snape, I have so many questions regarding you not showing your true self however I will start with this one, how did you trick The Dark Lord with him being an accomplished Legilimens? Would he not be able to tell if someone was using Occlumency? Read More »

Wife of Filch


Dear Professor Snape, Is it true that Mrs. Norris is Filch's wife trapped in a permanent animagus form? Read More »

Fanfic Headmaster


Dear Headmaster, What do you think of fanfic? Read More »

Killing the Dark Lord


Dear Professor Snape, As a former death eater, I have always been curious as to how you managed to keep from killing The Dark Lord yourself? It must have been the horridly torturous to be so very close to him knowing he killed Lilly. Read More »

A Witch or Not


Dear Professors at Hogwarts, Please can you tell me if I am coming to hogwarts. How can I tell if I'm a witch? My parents and my brother are all muggles but I also think my cat is magical as well. How can I tell if this is true? Read More »

Kingsley Returns to Hogwarts


Minnie, It's been so long, since we've met. I suppose I could come and check a few thing at Hogwarts and how it's doing in your rule :)and meet you too. Mr. Potter here doesn't let me work, says I'm old .I'm not that old ,am I? Your Old Friend Read More »

Hairball coughs


Dear Professor McGonagall, While in cat form, have you ever coughed up a hairball? Read More »

MuggleNet launches “Dear Hogwarts…” – the help line for young witches and wizards


Are you one of the many young witches and wizards who has looked for answers to your burning questions, but can't figure out who to ask? Well now you can! Read More »

Congratulations to our Harry Potter Birthday Card Contest Winners

Birthday Cake - Birthday Announcements

Over the last month, fans of the Harry Potter series and MuggleNet have been sending us their version of the perfect birthday card or image for Harry's himself. Our favorite wizard celebrated his 33rd birthday yesterday and today we are proud to announce the winners! Read More »

The Warner Bros. Shop is celebrating Harry’s birthday with a HUGE Sale


Celebrate the magic of Harry Potter by stopping into the WB Shop for a fantastic sale on many of Harry Potter's items and save up to 40% off starting today. Read More »

J.K. Rowling settles out of court for pseudonym reveal – donates money to charity

J.K. Rowling

Ms. Rowling has filed a lawsuit against the law firm Russells Solicitors for a Breech of Confidentiality. It is now revealed by the BBC that the case has been settled out of court. The firm has agreed to pay the author's legal fees, and also to make a substantial payment, by way of damages, to the Soldiers' Charity, formerly known as the Army Benevolent Fund. Read More »