Author: Keith Hawk


MuggleNet Live! announces the Signature Experience

During this past Sunday’s MuggleNet Live! Q&A session with “Harry Potter” actor Warwick Davis, we teased of an exciting event that we have been working on for months with the Signature Shop and Warwick Davis. Today, we can finally announce this special and unique experience at MuggleNet Live!


Middle School in Canada engages in awesome “Harry Potter” week – MuggleNet contributes with special guest

What would it be like if your teachers transformed your middle school into Hogwarts for one week? Including an amazing Great Hall, teachers dressing up and conducting classes with emphasis on the “Potter” series, and a Sorting Hat ceremony that gets kicked off by one of the actresses from the movies?

Well, that is exactly what is happening right now at Riverview Middle School in Canada.


A recap of the 4th annual Advent calendar giveaway

The 2014 holiday season was certainly one of the most exciting and successful times for us on MuggleNet. Through all of the great announcements with our upcoming convention, MuggleNet Live! 2015: Expo Patronum in London, we held our biggest and baddest MuggleNet Advent calendar giveaway yet. Did you enjoy this year’s contest?