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You’re a mean one – Severus Snape


Dear Severus Snape, I would really like to ask you a question. You were really rude with Harry Potter in the school, and I just can't imagine why. I know his father used to make your life terrible, but it doesn't mean you should have done the same with Harry. I mean, he isn't the one you chose his parents, right? He was just the sufferer. Read More »

Avada KedavRock! 2014 wizard rock show returning to NYC


Avada KedavRock! 2014 is a follow-up wizard rock concert to the immensely successful 2012 concert that took place in New York City. To see a list of the performers and information on tickets and times, be sure to read the full article. Read More »

18 Signs You’re Suffering from Post-Potter Depression


You're still wearing your set of Hogwarts robes for Halloween even though it's the same costume you wore last year... and the year before that... and the year before that... Read More »

Universal Studios Japan announces date of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter grand opening


Universal Studios Japan hosted an event today to celebrate the announcement of the grand opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which meticulously recreates some of the iconic locations from the world of "Harry Potter". Read More »

To Trust or Not to Trust, That is the Question


Dear Professor Dumbledore, I am writing to you because you are wise and seem to always know what to say. I am experiencing difficulties with who to trust. I know I have two friends that I can trust but I don't know about one of them. Read More »

Professors who have their favorites dilemma


Dear Professor Dumbledore, What do you do when you have a professor who has favorites in a class? What do you do if it is effecting your grades? Should I stand up for myself and risk detention or stay quiet and hope things change? Also what if a professor is lazy and won't answer my questions? What should I do? Read More »

Nitwit, Oddment, Blubber, and Tweak


Dear Professor Dumbledore, What did the words 'nitwit', 'oddment', 'blubber' and 'tweak' really mean? Read More »

The MISTI-Con fan convention kicks off its fundraiser campaign


Are you looking forward to another BRILLIANT fan convention filled with the most dedicated "Harry Potter" fans? Want to spend a long weekend with the most devoted cosplayers, trivia gurus, and bookworms on the East Coast? Want to get to know the MuggleNet staff on a more personal level? Or do you just want to have the BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE? Then MISTI-Con is the fan convention for you! Read More »

J.K. Rowling Posts “LIVE Quidditch Match Reports” on Pottermore


Author J.K. Rowling is continuing to post new writing for Pottermore, the digital platform for "Harry Potter", with a series of "live" reports from the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, to be released on starting today. Read More »

Metaphorical Potions


Professor Snape, I (obviously) have a question that I believe you have the answer to. If, metaphorically speaking, you wished to get rid of a rather annoying teacher (Professor Gilderoy Lockhart for example), what would be the best potion or poison to either disable or kill (I'd be perfectly happy with the latter!) them so that one does not have to endure his incessant ability to incite blood-lust in even the most... Read More »

Music Never Lies


Dear Professor Snape, With all my respect, I think that Professor Dumbledore used and abused you (and maybe Harry) and was very selfish when he asked you to kill him. I know you promised him loyalty, but how do you feel about it? Or do you think I'm wrong with that point of view? Read More »

Casting Call for BBC and HBO’s “The Casual Vacancy” television series has commenced


Casting Director Lucy Bevan ("Pirates of The Caribbean," "Nanny McPhee Returns," "Snow White and the Huntsman") is searching for young actors to play a number of roles in new BBC and HBO television series, "The Casual Vacancy," based on a novel by JK ROWLING. Read More »

You’re so COLD!


Dear Severus Snape Could you tell me how are you so cold!?! Stupefy Read More »

Wand Week casts a spell on Warner Bros. Studio Tour London


By popular demand, Wand Week will return to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter this May, and visitors will be invited to delve into the world of wandmaking and wizarding duels. Read More »

Southwest DOMINATES at Quidditch World Cup VII – UT flies to championship


Want to learn how to play a dominant game of Muggle Quidditch? Then look no further than the Southwest Region, which has have displayed an incredible presence at this past weekend's Quidditch World Cup VII in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina's brand new sports complex. Read More »

Harry Potter: The Exhibition slated for second European tour stop


As the tour for Harry Potter: The Exhibition continues its journey around the world, the next stop has been announced. After a successful journey in Sweden, the exhibition will be making its way to... Read More »

Soon to be Seventh Year


I often feel as though the wonder and excitement I experienced throughout my childhood is slipping away as I age. As such an experienced and (excuse me if this is rude) old man, have you had this feeling in your life? How can I hold on to my excitement and fascination with life? Read More »

Weak Bound


What do you think is the true definition of bravery? Is there such thing as a weak person even if they have absolutely no strengths? Read More »

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection comprehensive Blu-ray/DVD collection AVAILABLE for pre-order NOW!


The Harry Potter Wizard's Collection that was released in 2012 included a detailed and comprehensive look into the wizarding world through the most successful film franchise in history. The collection sold more than 30,000 sets and is now completely SOLD OUT! Now, the next generation of the Harry Potter DVD Collection is here! Read More »

Rowling releases PART 2 of the ALL-NEW Quidditch World Cup information on Pottermore


Last week, author J.K. Rowling released Part 1 of her special Quidditch World Cup segment on Pottermore as part of a reward for her request of fans to to show support using the hashtag #wizards4scotlandrugby on Twitter. Today, she has released Part 2. The first part of the new content provided historical background on the fictional Quidditch World Cup tournament with some memorable (and NOT so memorable) moments from the past championships. Read More »