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MuggleNet Throwback: JKR becomes a comic book legend?


What happens when the world of our Queen Rowling collides with that of one amazing comic book artist? The answer is in this week's MuggleNet Throwback! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: The inside scoop on butterbeer!


What's in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter's most magical treat? Find out in this week's MuggleNet Throwback! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: Our first look at the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

WB Studio Tour - Hedwig at Privet Drive

The magic of "Harry Potter" lives on just outside of London in one amazing studio. Take a look at the exciting trailer preview of the Harry Potter Studio Tour! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: Emma Watson goes collegiate


Take a look back at Emma Watson's five-year journey through college in the States, including her recent graduation from Brown! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: Radcliffe gets scary


Did Daniel Radcliffe learn a thing or two about haunting from the Hogwarts ghosts to land this role? Or is he just naturally that good at scaring us? Find out in another installment of our MuggleNet Throwback feature! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: A Tearful Farewell


It's 2011 and Rowling, Radcliffe, Grint, and Watson are about to break our hearts with one stunningly beautiful night of goodbyes. But as Dumbledore would ask, is it really goodbye after all? Find out! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: Ron and Hermione’s Big Kiss

ron hermione kiss

Will it be a dream come true? Or painfully awkward? Emma Watson and Rupert Grint dish on filming their big moment! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: The announcement of Pottermore


There's always room for more "Harry Potter"! Maybe that's how they came up with the name. Take a look back at how Pottermore first got started in this week's Throwback! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: “Order of the Phoenix” finally hits shelves


After the longest three-year wait of our lives, "Order of the Phoenix" had finally been released! Read, remember, and share all about it in this week's MuggleNet Throwback! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: J.K. Rowling treats us to a “‘Potter’ prequel”

Robbie Jarvis - Young James Potter

It's the closest we may ever get to a Marauder Era story, and you won't believe how much it sold for! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: J.K. Rowling’s 2008 Harvard University commencement address

J.K. Rowling 2008 Harvard Commencement Address

What do you need to know to be successful for the future? J.K. Rowling has got the answer and so much more in this week's MuggleNet Throwback! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: Universal Studios announces the Wizarding World of Harry Potter


It's 2007, and Universal Studios and Warner Brothers are dropping a theme park-sized bomb on us, much to our delight! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: Emma Watson ventures outside of “Potter”

Emma Watson

It's 2010, and Emma Watson is about to take a major step outside the world of "Harry Potter". Take a look! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: The 2012 Olympic Quidditch Exhibition has a big announcement


It's an exciting time right now if you follow Muggle Quidditch but even more exciting if you were in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics Quidditch Exhibition, which made a big announcement two years ago this week. It's the subject of this week's MuggleNet Throwback! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: J.K. Rowling immortalized in Legos


What do J.K. Rowling, Zac Efron, and Barack Obama all have in common? The surprising and unusual answer is featured in this week's MuggleNet Throwback! Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: ‘Deathly Hallows – Part 2′ trailer released


Today's MuggleNet Throwback takes us back not so long ago to 2011 when a very special video in the "Harry Potter" world was first released. Some might even call it the beginning of the end. Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: Warner Brothers announces Harry Potter: The Exhibition


With the recent launch of the ALL-NEW MuggleNet 3.0, we are bringing back our weekly Throwback Thursday. We will take a look at a previous news item from the same week in the years past. For this week, we look at 2008, when MuggleNet first released some very big news - check it out. Read More »

The Battle of the Women: A Critical Look at the Molly/Bellatrix Duel

Molly Weasley

By: Sophie_atHogwarts Let me begin by stating what is bound to become the obvious to everyone reading this entire essay: I do not like the Molly/Bellatrix duel and probably never will. Why? The main reason is because it clearly illustrates a more old fashioned side of the Harry Potter books. Let me also start with a disclaimer: I sincerely believe Rowling created many strong female characters which defy stereotypes. This cannot be emphasized enough. The HP books are full of positive messages and themes and the characters created are vivid and complex. In this case though, Rowling reduces both characters involved to old fashioned tropes and reinforces stereotypes. How do I believe she is doing that? Is she doing that? Now that the unpleasantness is out of the way and my own subjectivity out in the open it is possible to begin an analysis of this duel and the reactions it has received. It seems as though the duel has polarized the fandom and everyone has an opinion about it. You either like it or you don’t, you were either cheering when reading it or going “WTF, where’s Neville?” The fandom is spilt into fans loving the scene, skeptics which ... Read More »

The Two-Way Mirror #16: Heirs and Inheritances

Dumbledore's Office

By Daniela Grab your seats for the question of the century: “What did Harry find out in Chamber that foreshadows something he will learn in Prince?” Yes, I know, there isn’t exactly a lot left to chew on here, considering that hordes of reader Piranhas have already torn to shreds whatever meager clues there were… From what I have seen, I think most major predictions for HBP based on CoS have already been made by other readers. My aim with this editorial is not to shock you with the novelty of my prophecies. Rather, I want to share with you a discovery of a different nature: just how beautiful Rowling’s writing is. As I think you may have noticed in my previous editorials, I am fascinated by the numerous parallels that Rowling builds in her books. Since these endless parallels appear to me to be something of a stylistic device dear to Harry’s author, I have decided to consciously adopt them as a method for reading and understanding and maybe predicting what happens in Potterverse. I will call it the “mirror method,” and I will use it in various ways. I am sure all of us use this method to ... Read More »

Rowling’s back!

Cuckoo's Calling

I’m somewhat ashamed, but I didn’t read The Cuckoo’s Calling as soon as it came out. I was wary of being disappointed as I had been by Casual Vacancy. But I am beyond thrilled to say that Cuckoo’s Calling is a return to form for Jo, a spectacularly written mystery that utterly engrossed me! Read More »