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MinaLima on bringing “Harry Potter” magic to Diagon Alley


"Harry Potter" fans know the design team MinaLima as the force behind all the wonderful designs and props in the "Harry Potter" films. For the newly opened Diagon Alley extension of the Orlando theme park, Universal used MinaLima to help bring the park to life. In a new interview, the MinaLima team, Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, speak about their work on Diagon Alley. Read More »

Bludgers and Broomsticks at the Studio Tour London!


The British school summer holidays have begun and with that a brand new feature at the Warner Bros Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter. Bludgers and Broomsticks, which profiles the sports and games in the "Harry Potter" films, kicked off on Friday, July 18, and MuggleNet was lucky enough to attend. Check out our brand new review. Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe on football and “What If”

Daniel Radlciffe and Zoe Kazan - What If

In a couple of new interviews Daniel Radcliffe has discusses football and his new romantic comedy "What If". We recently posted an interview with Daniel about his feelings as he comes to the end of his Broadway run, and in this new interview with "Vulture", Daniel talks about his upcoming film. Read More »

Jason Isaacs confirmed as “Star Wars Rebels” baddie!


A little while ago we posted a rumor that Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) would be voicing a baddie in the upcoming animated "Star Wars Rebels" series. Well, Jason Isaacs earlier confirmed that he WILL be playing the baddie in the series! Read More »

Author Rainbow Rowell on writing “Harry Potter” fan fiction


Many of you will be aware of Rainbow Rowell's recent novel, "Fangirl", which looks at a teenage girl who is a big deal in the fan fiction world but struggling to start a new life at college. The book speaks to many "Harry Potter" fans because of its parallels with the "Harry Potter" fandom. On Rainbow's recent book promotional tour for "Landline", her latest novel, she has spoken about her own experiences with writing "Harry Potter" fan fiction. Read More »

Costume Designer Jany Temime on designing costumes for “Potter”


Bringing the "Potter" films to life involved lots of work behind the scenes, as I'm sure you're well aware. Jany Temime was a costume designer for the "Potter" films, from "Prisoner of Azkaban" onward. Jany has also worked on the "Bond" films and "Gravity". In a recent interview, she discussed creating costumes for characters and gave advice for aspiring costume designers. Read More »

Video Update: Daniel Radcliffe reacts to new “Potter” story!


Yesterday saw a flurry of activity in the "Potter" fandom with the release of a new short story from J.K. Rowling. The story, written from the perspective of Rita Skeeter, revisited Harry and the gang as adults. Daniel Radcliffe, speaking at the Television Critics Association press tour this week, commented on the publication of the new story and squashed any thoughts about potential future "Potter" projects. Read More »

UPDATED: J.K. Rowling writes about older Harry in Pottermore update

JK Rowling-1453515

Over the past few months, J.K. Rowling has been regularly updating Pottermore with World Cup updates. With the "Daily Prophet" match reports being written by Ginny Potter, we have had a glimpse into the future world of Harry and the wizarding world after the books ended. It has been revealed that J.K. Rowling is to upload a piece by Rita Skeeter, which includes a real glimpse into the world of Harry and his friends! Read More »

Timothy Spall’s wife talks about Cannes win

timothy spall

Earlier this year, Timothy Spall (Wormtail) was awarded Best Actor at the Cannes Festival for his lead role in the film "Mr. Turner". Yet, as his wife, Shane Spall, recalls, they did not make immediate plans to arrive at Cannes because they did not want to tempt fate. The last time that Timothy had been nominated, and won, he had been diagnosed with leukemia and therefore unable to attend the ceremony. Shane tells this year's story in a moving piece. Read More »

Quidditch World Cup semi-finals under way!


The Quidditch World Cup semi-finals began yesterday (July 4), with the first match, which is currently still taking place, between the US and Brazil. The second match sees Bulgaria take on Japan tomorrow! In the run-up to the semi-finals, Ludo Bagman rated each team's chances of winning, highlighting the pros and cons of each team. Read More »

John Hurt talks about “Snowpiercer” role


Back in May, we posted a trailer for John Hurt's (Mr. Ollivander) upcoming film, "Snowpiercer". Now, a new interview with the actor reveals some of his thoughts about his character in the film, and more. Read More »

Is Muggle Quidditch outgrowing “Harry Potter”?


Over the last few years, the Muggle version of Quidditch has taken off, with the sport becoming more and more popular. There is the annual Quidditch World Cup as well as the annual conference of the International Quidditch Association. In a new article, which explores the future of Quidditch, as well as considering "Harry Potter" sites such as MuggleNet itself, the changes that are ahead for Quidditch are considered. Read More »

MuggleNet fan to represent “Potter” on TV show “The Quest”!


You may remember last year we posted that the makers of new TV show "The Quest" were looking for fans to take part. Well, one MuggleNet fan, Jim Curry, applied and has been picked to represent "Harry Potter" and Quidditch on the show! Read More »

Win tickets to the Studio Tour London film screenings this summer!


Did you see our post recently announcing that the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter will be hosting a series of film screenings over the summer? Well, if you're already excited about the prospect of getting to watch the films at the studio themselves or planning to book your tickets, now is your chance to WIN a set of tickets to the screening of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on Tuesday, August 5. Read More »

“Forbes” on how “Harry Potter” fans are changing Hollywood


"Harry Potter" fans already know that fandom can be used in a powerful way. It is clear from the success of the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) and the collective influence of "Harry Potter" fans that much can be achieved through the power of fandom. "Forbes" has published an article titled "How Harry Potter Fans Are Changing the World - and Hollywood," which explores the collective power of "Harry Potter" fans, the HPA, and Nerdfighters. The article also considers the achievements of the HPA and asks why fandom is changing the world. Read More »

“The Silkworm” release celebrated by independent booksellers


"The Silkworm", J.K. Rowling's second novel as crime writer Robert Galbraith was released yesterday across the UK and as a soft release in the US. Even before this, the novel was highly rated, and Rowling fans across the world (including us here at MuggleNet) made sure that they got their hands on a copy as soon as it came out. In the weeks leading up to the book's release, news emerged that the book would be affected by the current Hachette - Amazon debate in the US. Read More »

Diagon Alley preview picture and video roundup!

Diagon Alley Expansion Banner

As I'm sure you'll be aware, over the last few days some MuggleNet staff members were lucky enough to be at the preview event for Diagon Alley! Last night saw the preview of Diagon Alley itself take place, and we were able to get lots of pictures and videos as the event happened. If you missed out on seeing the pictures as they were posted, check them all out below in our handy roundup, and look out for a full report coming soon! Read More »

Study “Harry Potter” and International Relations this summer!

mooc international relations summer course

The Policy Studies Organization, which is based in Washington, DC, has announced that they are running a brand new course this summer together with the American Public University. The course, titled International Politics in this World and Beyond: Wizards, Fiction and Political Fact in a Global Age, will look at "Harry Potter", alongside the works of Tolkien and the world of "Star Wars". Read More »

Warner Bros. launches updated “Harry Potter” Wish List


Warner Bros. Consumer Products have announced that the newly updated "Harry Potter" Wish List is now online! There's lot to see and get involved with on the site, so make sure you check it out today! Read More »

LISTEN: Audible UK releases two chapters from “The Silkworm”!


There's just over a week to go until the next Robert Galbraith (a.k.a. J.K. Rowling) book, "The Silkworm", is released, and things are heating up in anticipation. Only last week, the first chapter from the novel was released online, as well as an excerpt from the audiobook. Now, Audible UK has released the complete first two chapters of the novel online for you to listen to! Read More »