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UPDATED: Harry Potter and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Warwick Davis ALS Challenge

No doubt many of you have seen the latest videos gone viral featuring the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and wondered, "What are they doing?" Take a look at the familiar faces getting in on the challenge to help raise funds and awareness for a great cause! Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: When Katniss Met Hermione


What could possibly make the latest Pottermore revelations any better? Seeing Evanna Lynch's reactions to them, of course! Read them, and more, in this week's Potter Twitter Roundup. Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: Lights, Camera, Dog walk!


Not sure what to watch, read or listen to this Sunday? Well the Potter alumni have a few a recommendations for you! All this and more in the latest Twitter roundup. Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: The Hulk and the Snorkack

Diagon Alley

Want to see Matt Lewis get punched by the Hulk? Then check out this week's Twitter roundup! Also includes a sneak peek of Diagon Alley and Tom Felton working it in yet more Burberry. Read More »

Peeves actor Rik Mayall dies at 56

Rik Mayall

We are deeply saddened to report that Rik Mayall, who portrayed the character of Peeves in "Sorcerer's Stone", has died at age 56. Although his scenes were cut from the final version of the film, we'd still like to pay our respects to the late actor. Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: Pet Pals


Be it cats, cows or bearded dragons, the Potter alumni were animal crazy this week. Find out more in the latest MuggleNet Twitter Roundup. Read More »

Twitter Roundup: #AskEmma

ask emma twitter

A sassy Neville, a tweeting Hermione and a touch of Hogwarts House Pride. It's the MuggleNet Twitter Roundup. Read More »

Twitter Roundup: ‘The Day of the Women’


This week saw the annual celebration of women! Happy #InternationalWomensDay everyone! How will you celebrate? A hug to a girl on the street, a high five to someone you look up to… — Bonnie Wright (@thisisbwright) March 8, 2014 Happy International Women's Day to the beautiful, inspirational and brave women who have fought and are fighting for equality&justice. — Katie Leung (@Kt_Leung) March 9, 2014 And a HUGE shout out to Mitochondrial Eve, the original honey, who kicked off this whole thing. BAD GRANDMA. — Anna Shaffer (@anna_shaffer) March 8, 2014 So here’s to all the great ladies of Potter and what they got up to this week. For #internationalwomansday, check out our issue dedicated to female musicians http://t.co/V74AVO2GSV with @NatTenaLady on the cover — Piano Magazine (@PianoMagazine) March 8, 2014 Have u signed up to Live #BelowtheLine challenge yet? You have 7 wks to get planning & donating! Why not join my team http://t.co/3zMq0QPMjj — Bonnie Wright (@thisisbwright) March 5, 2014 Me and Emma #Oscars PHOTO: http://t.co/NEbPRNDjfX — Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitRECordJoe) March 3, 2014 Backstage at Wembley Arena with @Evy_Lynch ☺️ lovely meeting you today @weday pic.twitter.com/uWOL8QpTs6 — Diversity (@Diversity_Tweet) March 7, 2014 Congratulations to @jk_rowling for being voted ... Read More »

Twitter Roundup: ‘A Week of Weasleys’

tom felton breaking bad

Once again, we are cheating a little in our Twitter roundup, using a sneaky highlight from last week. Reunited backstage! #wosawards pic.twitter.com/4h1BhsjVtL — MuggleNet.com (@MuggleNet) February 23, 2014 If the pictures of Dan and Rupert together again (snapped by yours truly!) got you pining for the films, check out this beauty of a throwback. On the set of Harry Potter pic.twitter.com/u8lSDGsabk — Behind the Scenes (@MakingOfs) February 28, 2014 Don’t despair, however, because there are plenty of current projects from the films’ cast for you to enjoy. Matt Lewis made his return to television this week. Where would I be without sides? An actor prepares… Bluestone 42. On @bbcthree in one hour. pic.twitter.com/YEmmOm1KD5 — Matthew Lewis (@Mattdavelewis) February 27, 2014 Warwick’s latest theater outing continues on its tour, accompanied by great reviews. The founder members of @ReducedHeight Theatre Co. on stage in #SeeHowTheyRun. Tour details: http://t.co/o9r5KWuzOA pic.twitter.com/Tx535xX90W — Warwick Davis (@WarwickADavis) February 28, 2014 And Natalie Tena continues to rock on, despite her ever growing acting duties. Follow us on @SoundCloud! https://t.co/YHJJTcjQGt — Molotov Jukebox (@Molotov_Jukebox) March 1, 2014 Dear Bertie, please slow down with the release of your short films. You’re showing up your elders! tonight after a long ... Read More »

Twitter Roundup: Good riddance January!

Afro Prada Bruiser or Elf Alien Queen

It’s February! 1st Feb already! All the best people were born this month! — Afshan Azad (@afshan_azad) February 1, 2014 So what to do at the start of this mini month? Wonderland. Out February 7th. Afro Prada Bruiser or Elf Alien Queen. Your pick. #NOAH @wonderlandmag pic.twitter.com/lVkjCwCAyH — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) January 27, 2014 Perhaps hit up a live show in San Francisco TONIGHT! If anyone is in San Francisco, go see my good friends #TheGIRLS on Saturday 2/1 at 8pm and 10pm get your tickets!! http://t.co/POK1EPIXt5 — Tom Felton (@TomFelton) January 29, 2014 Or soak in the creative genius of MinaLima, down in Old London Town. There are a few tickets left for @minalima's talk on designing for the Harry Potter films next Thurs http://t.co/SReYF5QIYO we can't wait! — St Bride Library (@stbridelibrary) January 31, 2014 If you fancy staying in, why not watch Jessie Cave’s latest creation? It's Friday,here is a video, 1st of my new waiting room series. UNHAND ME ROGUE feat. the fabUlous @missemerkenny XxX http://t.co/VXxtWl28fh — Jessie Cave (@pindippycave) January 31, 2014 Or you could team up with Rankin and join Sherlock’s Network Got the Sherlock Network game on my iPhone bit too taxing for ... Read More »

Twitter Roundup: Awards season is nigh

Awards Season

Before we launch head first into this week’s Twitter happenings, who caught this delightful surprise last Sunday evening? Thanks @Evy_Lynch and all relevant persons for Sherlock kindness!Nice to get a good response when you get your kit off.#1stTimeForEverything — Alfie doesn’t tweet (@lfiedoesnttweet) January 7, 2014 So just what have the Potter cast and crew alumni been up to this week? Firstly, the older generations (!) have been racking up the award nominations AND wins left, right, and center these past few weeks.   #Gravity has 11 nominations including those for best actress for Bullock, cinematography & more in the @BAFTA‘s. | http://t.co/qs776zYlUh — Gravity Movie (@TheGravityMovie) January 9, 2014   Leading Actress: Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench, Emma Thompson #EEBAFTAs pic.twitter.com/JvhUCaQF7b — BAFTA (@BAFTA) January 8, 2014   ‘Gravity’ wins 2 more awards. Does the film live up to the hype created by the press during the award season? http://t.co/MqyFTxf55U — MuggleNet.com (@MuggleNet) January 12, 2014 Cars, Dogs, Cakes or Idiots? You decide. An Idiot Abroad 3 nominated in the National Television Awards. Vote here… http://t.co/1aHP1T1boq — Warwick Davis (@WarwickADavis) January 7, 2014   Chris Rankin hosted a successful Q&A, which, aside from the alarming number ... Read More »

Twitter Roundup: A play is born

Harry Potter is coming to the West End! But how did the Twittersphere react? It's true????? Harry Potter, the play. Feeling a little light-headed right now. And wondering does our JKR EVER sleep??? — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) December 20, 2013 Am I the only person who doesn't like the fact that JK Rowling is planning a new Harry Potter stage show #Scrooge — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) December 20, 2013 In quite the muted fashion it would seem! Clearly they were all too busy prepping for Christmas. There is of course a lot to do. 1. There’s decorating the tree, Time to decorate our office #christmastree… a #harrypotter tree. pic.twitter.com/GuLuxqVF3F — Bloomsbury UK (@BloomsburyBooks) December 18, 2013 2. Enjoying the office party, It's Christmas party time at MinaLima Towers, which makes Priscilla Prosecco the new employee of the week! #Christmas pic.twitter.com/b7LayKlVG7 — MinaLima (@minalima) December 19, 2013 3. Finishing work, Wrapped shooting on #DynamiteFilm with director @illwilledfx Cannot say enough great things about this… http://t.co/CnzVKDmlLy — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) December 22, 2013 We're wrapped! Thank you to all the team that made #Residue possible! pic.twitter.com/pECWVAS2nV — Natalia Tena (@NatTenaLady) December 18, 2013 4. Buying presents, anybody actually get all their christmas ... Read More »

Twitter roundup: a Doctor, the Bard, and a handful of Pythons

radcliffe KYD

This week the Potter alumni got involved with some rather large British icons. John Hurt celebrated the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who by both starring in the episode and visiting Buckingham Palace to mark the occasion. Had a lovely time @BFI with The Doctor @bbcdoctorwho #DayoftheDoctor #savetheday #DoctorWho #DoctorWho50th pic.twitter.com/RfIOFtCrJb — John Hurt (@WithJohnHurt) November 23, 2013 Seriously, is @withjohnhurt not the coolest cat in the entire film universe of movie land? pic.twitter.com/Tcc4vSWJnS — Peaches Swearengen (@MrsAlSwearengen) November 20, 2013 Warwick Davis hung out with the Pythons, Still overwhelmed at being asked to MC the Monty Python news conference today. It was an honor to share the stage with 5 comedy icons. — Warwick Davis (@WarwickADavis) November 21, 2013 and Enoch got his Shakespeare on. Alfred Enoch as Titus Lartius #Coriolanus @ntlive pic.twitter.com/c2mu3RIEJO — Donmar Warehouse (@DonmarWarehouse) November 22, 2013 SPOTTED! Radcliffe freezing his butt off in Waterloo. Here's Daniel Radcliffe at the #KillYourDarlings #KYDcutUp launch. Can you guess where he is?! pic.twitter.com/wcpojApx5c — Kill Your Darlings (@KYDFilmUK) November 21, 2013 MuggleNet and Alohomora!‘s Kat Miller caught up with a familiar face. #selfie http://t.co/6b3WQPBwS0 — Kat (@RubyWizard24) November 23, 2013 You can take the cast out the Potter films… Look ... Read More »

Twitter round up: Happy Halloween!


Your favorite Harry Potter stars celebrate Halloween across Twitter! Read More »

Twitter Round-Up: The Battle of the Franchises

SNAPEon set picture

The confirmation we (probably just me) have all been waiting for! since february this year I have been working behind the scenes on this show. It's great. please watch. #bbcatlantis pic.twitter.com/tudVwhF4Qk — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) September 27, 2013 The Potter machine may be back in action, after a small hiatus, but the cast was all over other franchises this week. Warner Bros have stolen my idea…again! http://t.co/VECNX3LrmI — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) September 25, 2013 Lord of the rings. Best movie ever. Discuss. X — Jamie Campbell Bower (@Jamiebower) September 27, 2013 1 chicken Korma, 1 pashwari naan and the 2nd Lord Of The Rings. #deliciousmilk x — Jamie Campbell Bower (@Jamiebower) September 27, 2013 http://t.co/pcySth5nRd this will never cease to make me chuckle like a 12 year old. #twilight — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) September 27, 2013 If you are one of the millions who tuned in to catch the season premiere of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, you may be interested in Rohan’s thoughts on the show. My review of MARVEL Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D! http://t.co/m6mocUdoOc — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) September 27, 2013 All in all, a fairly relaxed week for everyone. I missed this fixture last year being on stage. Not ... Read More »

Twitter round up: when Harry met Scorpius

dog wine

Hufflepuff has won the Pottermore House Cup! http://t.co/JZOjpHUoPE pic.twitter.com/g9nWv2Vbaf — MuggleNet.com (@MuggleNet) September 16, 2013 In other news this week, the Potter bunch was up charitable acts again. Actors @James_Phelps & @OliverPhelps supported us playing at Astbury Hall golf course and you can too – find out more http://t.co/NEeM9KvsAX — Teenage Cancer Trust (@TeenageCancer) September 20, 2013 I did the cover of 'The Edit' for http://t.co/LoPnuIrR7f to promote environment and human-being friendly fashion. pic.twitter.com/3ns03e1Tqw — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) September 19, 2013 Well, sort of… Finished Great North Run on Sunday and already new guy at local pizza place knows my address just by hearing my voice. #badnews #goodnews — Matthew Lewis (@Mattdavelewis) September 17, 2013 Natalia and Scarlett spent some quality time with their pets… Final de rodaje… pic.twitter.com/jlcqqOXauP — Natalia Tena (@NatTenaLady) September 16, 2013 Oh my how beautiful is Boy!! pic.twitter.com/UAiw7ASwHE — Scarlett Byrne (@ScarleyByrne) September 16, 2013 … and Chris is still attempting to keep his current job a secret. I am working on something very exciting, as many of you already know. But you won't be seeing my face in it x — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) September 17, 2013 Again, sort of… I am working on ... Read More »

Twitter Round Up – House Pride Week & School Assembly in the Great Hall!

great hall class room

Many congratulations to Emma and Matt for their various wins this week. pic.twitter.com/shXjLu6PQT — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) September 4, 2013 @BritishGQMud throwing, general hilarity and great company at the awards tonight.Very proud to be part of your female contingency.thank you! — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) September 4, 2013 Well done @Mattdavelewis @Minnsie1 @carlablett12 @RealDanDrew @spangler101 on winning the 7's tournament @ISCSport http://t.co/IsYX1sQ0oo — SuperLeagueFans (@SuperLeagueFans) September 3, 2013 And some belated luck to Rohan. Off to the Smoke for a casting this afternoon, wish me luck! — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) September 4, 2013 Evanna appears to bringing some Potter magic to the Houdini cast. Sitting around waiting backstage always turns into impromptu housing ceremonies. Can't believe @MarkHandC is a Slytherin!! — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) September 6, 2013 Although some of you may be less impressed on what the show is doing to her! Look what @houdinitheplay have done to me!!!!! #actuallyme #traumatised #blondeatheart #besshoudini http://t.co/NCcE3lQl7R — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) September 3, 2013 Hang on… Having had five years' worth of work marked by him, how did Harry not recognise Snape's handwriting in Advanced Potion Making? — Benedict Clarke (@benedictclarke) September 3, 2013 Lots of fun was had for House Pride Week. ... Read More »

Twitter Round Up: Charitable Acts and Hippogriff Selfies

hing kong

This week on Twitter, one Potter alumnus got to enjoy a rather spectacular view Hong Kong. You be mighty fine. X pic.twitter.com/rXUwVZDkCh — Jamie Campbell Bower (@Jamiebower) August 31, 2013 whilst others took the time to enjoy more modest locations. My favourite acts at #Reading were Chase and Status, Imagine Dragons, alt-j and Kodaline. — Benedict Clarke (@benedictclarke) August 26, 2013 hands up if you're coming to @Showmasters Cardiff Comic Con tomorrow? I'll be there all day – but ONLY tomorrow. Come see me — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) August 30, 2013 That's about half the line OUTSIDE for cardiff comic con #CFCC as we've been going for 4.5 hours! pic.twitter.com/9iuZDwbBU4 — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) August 31, 2013 Emma was all over the product placements, Lavender Diamond – Everybody's Hearts Breaking Now. @lavenderdiamond @LilianaGSFilm whole album is amazing thank you LilyCat. — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) August 29, 2013 But all whilst hard at work on Noah. looping with the talented @EmWatson : pic.twitter.com/JdC24fJ8u2 — darren aronofsky (@DarrenAronofsky) August 30, 2013 Over at the studio tour, Buckbeak tried out some Muggle technology Here's a #selfie with a difference from the Studio Tour, to celebrate the term being added to the #OxfordDictionary! pic.twitter.com/GsXL9glJo4 ... Read More »

Twitter Round Up: The One When No-one Tweeted

harry potter film tweet

This week’s Twitter round up is brought to you by: Matt, the do-gooder. One month to go before Great North Run. I need a huge favour and would love you beautiful people to sponsor me for a very good cause…. — Matthew Lewis (@Mattdavelewis) August 15, 2013 ….Obviously training is going well… Thanks folks. X pic.twitter.com/qjmrcpzMrh — Matthew Lewis (@Mattdavelewis) August 15, 2013 Chris, the shipper. for the record. I'm team Drarry. Obviously. — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) August 13, 2013 snarry. all about the snarry. — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) August 13, 2013 this is of course all just talk. my OTP will remain a secret. Although I did suggest one or two at the weekend… — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) August 13, 2013 Warwick, the revolutionary! My channel @The_Multiverse_ has made history by releasing a feature length movie specifically made for @YouTube. http://t.co/lQNudRZpan — Warwick Davis (@WarwickADavis) August 13, 2013 And Emma, the provider of entertainment. Amusement for the day: Women: Know Your Limits! Harry Enfield – BBC comedy. http://t.co/cG80duuDYF — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) August 17, 2013 In other news, British exams results were released this week and some Weasleys offered their support. if it helps, A levellers – I got ... Read More »

LeakyCon “Potter” Press Junket Featuring Evanna Lynch and Chris Rankin


Among their busy timetables and fan activities, the Potter alumni present at LeakyCon last week participated in a press junket. Thanks to the fantastic people over at IT'S KINDA COOL, we can now share the full video with you all. Read More »