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“Kill Your Darlings” official trailer released ahead of Toronto and London Film Festivals

Kill Your Darlings poster

The official trailer for Kill Your Darlings has been released and was shared by the film's lead, Dane DeHann, on Twitter last night. No doubt revealed to coincide with its Venice Film Festival screening this week, the trailer is considerably darker than anything we have previously seen, with a greater emphasis being placed on the themes of obsession and betrayal as opposed to the well-publicized romance. Read More »

Films premiering at Toronto International Film Festival starring “Potter” alumni could be offered on Vimeo on Demand


Although there is no guarantee how many films will accept Vimeo's offer, there is a high likelihood that fans of Harry Potter will end up happy. No fewer than eleven films involving Potter alums are screening at TIFF, including Tom Felton's Therese and Belle, Bonnie Wright's The Sea, and Daniel Radcliffe's Horns and Kill Your Darlings, among others. Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe Causes a Stir at Venice Film Festival


Daniel Radcliffe received a rapturous welcome as he arrived at the Venice Film Festival yesterday to promote his upcoming film, Kill Your Darlings. Hundreds of fans lined the festival's red carpet to get a glimpse of Daniel ahead of the screening later that day. Read More »

Ovation will premiere A Young Doctor’s Notebook in October


Daniel Radcliffe's UK series, A Young Doctor's Notebook, is set to debut in America on Ovation on October 2 as a weekly series. The series proved to be a hit last year in the UK, becoming the highest-rated program ever for Sky Arts network. Read More »

UPDATE: Full Theatrical Trailer for “Kill Your Darlings” now available!


Along with the official poster, a new clip from the film has also been released, showing Daniel Radcliffe in his role as American poet Allen Ginsberg. Read More »

“Kill Your Darlings” official film poster revealed

Kill Your Darlings poster

The release of Kill Your Darlings, starring Daniel Radcliffe, is getting closer. Today, the official film poster was released by Moviefone. The poster depicts Daniel as poet Allen Ginsberg alongside co-star Dane DeHaan. Read More »

First look at “The F Word” starring Daniel Radcliffe


The Daily Mail has just published a first look at the new Daniel Radcliffe film The F Word. The movie documents the story of Dan's character Wallace and his relationship with Chantry (played by Zoe Kazan). Read More »

Dan Radcliffe joins thriller “Tokyo Vice”


According to Mxdwn, Dan Radcliffe’s next role is in Tokyo Vice, based on the true story of Jake Adelstein, the first westerner in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Club. Adapted from his 2009 best seller, Adelstein writes about how he investigated and infiltrated a Japanese organized crime syndicate that focused on money laundering and human trafficking. The author of the novel will also be co-writing the movie script with childhood friend and Olivier award-winning playwright, JT Rogers. “It’s the story of my life and JT is an old friend, I felt confident he would not take liberties. I think it will be an accurate portrayal of organized crime in Japan, with a strong emphasis on the many people and police that live by a strong sense of honor,” says Adelstein. The thriller, reportedly scheduled for a release date sometime in 2014, has not yet begun production, but Dan’s publicist has confirmed his involvement in the project. Are you excited to see Dan in yet a different role than he has played before? What has been the best role you feel he has taken on since Harry Potter? Tell us in the comments below! Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe to join “The Simpsons” for another episode


According to a recent report, Fox Broadcasting Company has confirmed that Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, will be lending his voice to The Simpsons once more, alongside Judd Apatow, Zach Galifianakis and Kristen Wiig. Read More »

Dan Radcliffe works double-time at TIFF

Exclusive... Daniel Radcliffe Films "Horns"

If fans of Dan Radcliffe weren’t already convinced that he’s moved on to juicier, more adult roles, a screening of the indie film “Horns” should do the trick. Recently announced as part of the programming for the Vanguard category, the film will play at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. In Alexandre Aja’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel of the same name, Dan plays a man who wakes up after a night of drinking only to discover that he has sprouted horns which can put people into a trance and allow them to “voice their most unspeakable thoughts”. The description may sound like a funny movie, but the plot seems to be very dark. Dan’s character, Ignatius Perrish, stands accused of murdering his on-screen girlfriend, played by Juno Temple, so expect the film to be intense. In addition to the thriller “Horns”, a Gala Presentation of Dan’s film, ”Kill Your Darlings” will also play at TIFF. Other films starring Harry Potter alum that will be screened are: “Belle” with Miranda Richardson (Rita Skeeter) and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), “Gravity” by Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuaron, and “The Love Punch” with Emma Thompson (Professor Trelawney). To see the entire ... Read More »

Could Dan Radcliffe be joined by James McAvoy for “Frankenstein” project?


Back in February, we mentioned that Dan Radcliffe was in final talks to play Igor in a remake of Mary Shelley's horror classic, Frankenstein. While no official word has been given on the subject of this role, his name is now the only one attached to the project as a cast member on IMDB, and we have learned that X-Men: First Class star James McAvoy is now in final talks for the role of Victor Von Frankenstein. Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe confirmed for second series of “A Young Doctor’s Notebook”


The Telegraph has just reported that both Daniel Radcliffe and Jon Hamm will return for a second series of A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories. The series is inspired by the semi-autobiographical writings of Mikhail Bulgakov, a Russian writer and playwright. Read More »

Review: “The Cripple of Inishmaan” starring Daniel Radcliffe


Dark comedy, so celebrated among British audiences, is no easy achievement. The on-the-nose content can often be too hard-hitting for the comedy to fly but this is of no concern for director Michael Grandage as the latest production in his star-studded West End season proves an enormous success. Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe interview – His toughest role was…?


In preparation for the upcoming theatrical release of Kill Your Darlings, due this fall, Be The Red Carpet correspondent Amy Boon sat down with Dan to talk about the movie as well as his thoughts on his career thus far. Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe joins the Sign Good Morning campaign


It seems Daniel Radcliffe is everywhere these days. The latest sighting will be on London Underground digital screens in Britain as he signs "good morning" in British sign language. Read More »

Tom Felton stops by “The Cripple of Inishmaan”

Tom Felton,actor,London 2011

As previously reported by MuggleNet, Daniel Radcliffe is currently starring on the West End as Billy in The Cripple of Inishmaan. And last night he had a very special visitor at his performance - fellow Harry Potter star Tom Felton! Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe returns to “The Simpsons” in guest role


If you're a fan of Fox's animated television series The Simpsons, you may recognize the voice of its latest guest star for the new season. In his second stint as a guest for the show, Daniel Radcliffe will be voicing a character named Diggs. Read More »

Theatrical trailer for Dan Radcliffe’s new play “The Cripple of Inishmaan” was recently released


Daniel Radcliffe is back on the West End in London! This time he's portraying Billy, a disabled Irish boy making his way through life during the 1930s. Categorized as a dark comedy, The Cripple of Inishmaan is loosely based on the documentary The Man of Aran. Read More »

Release date announced for “Frankenstein” starring Daniel Radcliffe


The film that Daniel Radcliffe described as having "far and away the best script I've read coming out of a big studio" appears to now have a release date. Read More »

“This is the End” – saved by Daniel Radcliffe?


The comedy This is the End came out just days ago on June 12 and features Emma Watson. However, she wasn't the first Potter star to be approached about a role in the film. Originally, writer-director Evan Goldberg went to Daniel Radcliffe two years earlier. Read More »