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Role Call: Singing the “Star Wars” Blues

Domhnall Gleeson General Hux

This week, we take a journey with an old friend to India, catch up with a troubled royal, get a peek at what Oliver Wood's been up to, and lament the release date delays in a galaxy far, far away. All that and more in MuggleNet's weekly Role Call! Read More »

Freddie Stroma Joins “Game of Thrones”


Freddie Stroma, who played Cormac McLaggen in the "Harry Potter" films, has joined the cast of HBO's "Game of Thrones". The British actor will take on the role of Samwell Tarly's brother, Dickon, in the sixth season of the show. Read More »

Freddie Stroma Talks “UnREAL”, Life After “Potter”

UnREAL_ Freddie Stroma

If any of you have been watching Lifetime's "UnREAL" this summer, you've probably recognized a familiar face - Freddie Stroma, whom most "Potter" fans know better as Cormac McLaggen (and the best part of the sixth movie, if you ask me). The show's first season ended earlier this week, and Freddie sat down with MTV to discuss the show, his character Adam, and of course, life after "Potter". Read More »

Role Call: Will Minerva Sing for Downton?

Minerva McGonagall

In this week's Role Call, we get our first look at Nat Tena's "10,000 km", congratulate a cast member whose television series has just hit a milestone, and take a look at those "Downton Abbey" musical rumors! All that and more in Casting News! Read More »

Role Call: Suited for love

Freddie Stroma UnREAL

In this edition of Role Call, we get our first look at a suited Cormac McLaggen, Ralph Fiennes in "SPECTRE", and find out what some of the former "Harry Potter" cast are up to. All that and more in our weekly Casting News series! Read More »

Role Call: Spinoffs and Spies

Frank Dillane

There's a lot to cover in this week's Role Call - from the "Walking Dead" spinoff to a spy thriller, to a return to children's television, our favorite cast members are bringing us all sorts of interesting new entertainment this year! Take a look! Read More »

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with “Extraterrestrial” filmmaking team the Vicious Brothers

Extraterrestrial 2014 movie poster

In an exclusive interview with MuggleNet, filmmakers the Vicious Brothers discuss their latest film, "Extraterrestrial", in which actor Freddie Stroma (Cormac McLaggen) stars! Read More »

Check out the trailer for “Extraterrestrial”, starring Freddie Stroma!


Freddie Stroma, who played Cormac McLaggen in the "Harry Potter" films, stars in "Extraterrestrial", a sci-fi horror film due out in the UK October 29, and the trailer for the film is finally out! Read More »

Social Roundup: Always

Matt, Helena & Tom at Gringotts bank at Universal studios

The Potter family was all over one another this week, so we rounded up all their tweets and Instagrams for your delight in the latest Potter social roundup. Read More »

Role Call: So Much Talent, So Little Time!

David Tennant WWDOOH 2

With the amount of talent in the Harry Potter films, it really never comes as a surprise that there are always new projects to announce each week as part of our Casting News section. This week, however, it gets a little crazy! Take a break from those Ordinary Wizarding Level examinations and check in on your favorite Potter cast to see what they're up to this week! Read More »

New year, new roles!

Bonnie Wright After The Dark

We're starting the new year off small, but we know it's going to be a great year for new roles in films and television, plus some entertaining appearances and with any luck, more information about that screenplay J.K. Rowling is working on. With that in mind, let's take a look at how our favorite Harry Potter alumni are kick-starting their 2014! Read More »

New roles for “Potter” cast


In the post Potter era that we live in, it isn't uncommon to read about the new roles our favorite stars have recently signed on for. This week was no exception. Read More »

Twitter Round up: A Game of Casting

tom felton game of thrones

We can exclusively announce, direct from the Twittersphere, some Game of Thrones Season 4 casting! screaming @GameOfThrones @TomFelton — sig (@signeoe) June 10, 2013 In the mean time, a different Weasley has had his name thrown into the Doctor Who speculations, Domhnall Gleeson for the next doctor! Someone mentioned it and now i can't unthink it. He would be UH-MAZING! — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) June 8, 2013 the Potter crew are continuing their flow of recommendations for us all, #MuchAdoAboutNothing was sooo funny! Must go watch! — Freddie Stroma (@freddiestroma) June 10, 2013 “@westendproducer: I quite agree. #dear” I married one. — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) June 12, 2013 Just watched @samtomkins1 interview with @russellcrowe. Quality. — Matthew Lewis (@Mattdavelewis) June 13, 2013 As well as maintaining a healthy dose of self-promotion! From London. : ) — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) June 14, 2013 Final day! It's about to hit the fan… #fullcircle #directtv — Tom Felton (@TomFelton) June 14, 2013 Should you fancy meeting some of those featured here, MuggleNet’s own Twitter feed has just the answer: Less than two weeks until @LeakyCon! Come join us, @Elliedalden, @DevonMMurray & @ScarleyByrne! Day passes available! — (@MuggleNet) June ... Read More »

New poster released for Bonnie Wright and Freddie Stroma’s new film “The Philosophers”


The latest film starring Harry Potter alumni Bonnie Wright and Freddie Stroma (Ginny Weasley and Cormac McLaggen respectively) will be a psychological thriller and drama that looks incredibly good, called The Philosophers. Read More »

Happy birthday, Cormac McLaggen actor Freddie Stroma!


Here at MuggleNet, we like to make note of just about every day that's significant to the Harry Potter community, and today - January 8 - we're celebrating Freddie Stroma's birthday. His character may have given Hermione and Ron a hard time in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but we won't hold that against him. Read More »

Freddie Stroma talks about the trio and life after “Potter”

As we mentioned previously, Freddie Stroma - the actor who portrayed Cormac McLaggen in the "Harry Potter" series - will be appearing in the upcoming movie "A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song", which is a modern musical twist to the classic story. Read More »

Freddie Stroma stars in upcoming “A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song”


"Warner Brothers Home Entertainment Group" will be releasing "A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song" on DVD September 6, 2011. This will also be available for download from Warner Bros. Read More »

Audio: Potter cast and crew discuss series at Apple Store in New York City

Earlier today, several actors from the Potter series were at the Apple Store in New York City (SoHo) to promote the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 on Blu-ray and DVD.

Read More »

Freddie Stroma to return for Deathly Hallows

Actor Freddie Stroma, who played Cormac McLaggen in Half-Blood Prince, will reprise his role in Deathly Hallows, according to his management agency's website, Waring and McKenna. Visit MuggleNet's Deathly Hallows Section for the latest on the films by clicking here. Thanks to SnitchSeeker! Read More »

Freddie Stroma joins Twitter

Matthew Lewis announced on his Twitter account that Freddie Stroma, known for playing Cormac McLaggen in Half-Blood Prince, has joined Twitter. I think everyone should follow my terribly good looking friend @freddiestroma. You'll like him. Follow all the Harry Potter stars on Twitter right here! Read More »