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Emma Thompson and John Cleese appear on “The Graham Norton Show”

Emma Thompson and John Cleese on "The Graham Norton Show"

Emma Thompson and John Cleese recently made appearances on "The Graham Norton Show". The actress discussed her famous photobombing skills while Cleese caused a stir after he insulted Taylor Swift's cat - find out more here. Read More »

Role Call: Masters of disguise


This week, the Dowager Countess is swept off of her feet by a movie star, Bond may face his youngest villain ever, and Dublin's Olympia Theatre hosts a family reunion - all that and more in MuggleNet's weekly Casting News! Read More »

Role Call: What is the Countess hiding?


This week, we get our first look at the new season of "Downton Abbey" including spoilers regarding the dowager Countess, find a professor taking on a role in the CIA, see why New York is so popular, and follow Peter Pettigrew into a haunted house. All that and more in Casting News! Read More »

Role Call: A countess, three contenders, and a chef walk into a pub…

Hogs Head3

As fall approaches, our "Harry Potter" cast are returning to familiar and favorite roles as we take a look at the new season of "Downton Abbey", discuss possible Oscar noms, a return to Monty Python's roots, and a first look at "Medea"! Read More »

Role Call: Jabberwockys and tigers, oh my!

John Hurt 2

This week, we take another look at "Cinderella", learn some exciting casting news for "The Jungle Book", take some silly walks, and find out which television series has been granted a second season! All this and more in this week's edition of Casting News! Read More »

Role Call: Fairy tale edition!


After our adventures at LeakyCon in Florida this last week and meeting some of the "Harry Potter" cast, the staff at MuggleNet is even more excited about upcoming projects by our favorite actors and actresses! There's a lot to cover from the past few weeks, and we hope that you'll be just as anxious to hear all about the new roles our HP alumni have taken on. Take a look! Read More »

Win tickets to see “Monty Python Live (Mostly)”


Enter this cool competition for a chance to win tickets to an encore presentation of Monty Python's farewell show "Monty Python Live (Mostly)". Find out all the details here. Read More »

Role Call: Veela Love Story, All Hail Queen Narcissa!


In this week's Role Call, we find out how Narcissa Malfoy became queen, find Ollivander performing for charity, and how squib Filch wormed his way up to Professor status - All this and more in Casting News! Read More »

John Cleese, Monty Python co-stars auctioning off cameo role for charity


John Cleese and his comedy troupe Monty Python are reuniting for a set of ten performances at the O2 Arena in London this July, and one lucky winner will get the chance to be on stage opening night! Find out how you can win here! Read More »

Role Call: Nearly Headless Nick vs. the CIA…in bathing suits?

John Cleese 1

In this week's Role Call, we find out which Hogwarts teacher is taking a long hike through the Appalachian Trail, how sweet Rita Skeeter's Quick Quotes Quill can actually be, and which "HP" alum has accepted the role of a "Baywatch" villain. All this and more in the latest edition of Casting News! Read More »

Role Call: The Dowager Countess is back…with Gregorovitch?

Maggie Smith Quartet

In this week's edition of Casting News, we find out who's joining the cast of two popular British television drama series, who's visiting a late night talk show, and more! Read More »

J.K. Rowling and ‘Potter’ stars speak up in favor of British press regulation


More than two hundred British celebrities, including Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, Dame Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall), David Tennant (Barty Crouch, Jr), Alfonso Cuaron (director, Prisoner of Azkaban), and John Cleese (Nearly Headless Nick) have backed a declaration urging the British press to uphold a royal charter agreement, which was reached over a year ago. J.K. Rowling previously gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry and has spoken out at her disappointment at the response to the evidence. She has also previously added her name, alongside John Cleese, to Hacked Off campaigns. The charter itself was “based on the findings of the Leveson Inquiry in U.K. media ethics and standards that was launched amid the phone-hacking scandal.” With no new system being launched, the Hacked Off campaign has been running ads “to mark the one-year anniversary of the political agreement that calls for a so-called royal charter to underpin a system of self-regulation.” The ads, which appeared in a number of British newspapers, feature a declaration, which says, \”We believe that a free press is a cornerstone of democracy, [...] It should be fearless in exposing corruption, holding the powerful to account and championing the powerless. It has nothing to lose, ... Read More »

“Potter” stars doodle for charity auction to benefit Epilepsy Action

john hurt doodle day sketch

National Doodle Day involves a charity auction that comprises doodles drawn by celebrities in order to raise funds and awareness for Epilepsy Action. The event raises money to help support the 600,000 people across the UK with epilepsy. This year, there are several celebrities who appeared in the Harry Potter film series who have drawn for the auction. Read More »

“Potter” stars donate sketches for National Doodle Day

Roger Lloyd Pack doodle

Several Harry Potter stars are participating in 2014's National Doodle Day, to raise funds for the charity Epilepsy Action, an organization that works to improve the lives of those living with epilepsy. We've got images of the Potter stars' contributions for you to check out right here! Which is your favorite of the doodles? Read More »

Dan, Emma, Rupert, and other “Potter” stars auction signed shoes for charity!


We posted just this morning about Emma Watson donating her Burberry heels to the Small Steps Shoe Auction, which supports the Small Steps Project. The UK-based charity provides emergency aid, shoes, and food to impoverished children and communities living in poverty around the world, as well as working to help the children in these communities get an education and the adults find jobs. Read More »

Role Call – Turkey Tirade Edition!


Will Helena Bonham Carter be signing on to reprise her role as the Red Queen in the "Alice in Wonderland" sequel? Gary Oldman joins a music video for David Bowie? These stories and more in today's Role Call! Read More »