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Social Roundup: Hogwarts Express Special


This week, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London hosted an exclusive event to launch their latest addition: the Hogwarts Express. With appearances from celebrities, the return of MinaLima's art wall, and a resounding yes to the question of "Anything off the trolley, dears?", we take a look at how it all went down. Read More »

Hogwarts Express launched at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, CEO gives speech


Last night, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter officially launched the new Hogwarts Express feature with a special event. The Warner Bros. CEO, Kevin Tsujihara, gave a speech at the event, which was hosted by British television presenter Alex Zane. Read More »

MuggleNet interview with Mark Williams!

Hogwarts-Express Mark Williams

Last week, as we previously mentioned in our review of the Hogwarts Express feature at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter, MuggleNet was lucky enough to be able to interview Mark Williams. Read More »

MuggleNet Review: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London Hogwarts Express

Hogwarts Express

Today, MuggleNet was invited along to a preview of the new Platform 9 3/4 expansion, with a very special guest in attendance - none other than Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) himself! Read More »

Mark Williams to switch on Bromsgrove’s Christmas lights

Mark Williams

Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley) is set to switch on the Christmas lights this Saturday in Bromsgrove, England. Find out more about his visit and what other festive events will be held in the town. Read More »

Role Call: Tom Riddle learns about strange love

Tom Riddle

In this week's Casting News, we find Oscar winners inhabiting the jungle, Tom Riddle learning all about love (finally!), and Arthur Weasley continuing his foray into the Muggle world of daytime quiz shows. All that and more...Check it out! Read More »

You could be a contestant on Mark Williams’s quiz show!

mark williams the link

Would you like to be on TV? Would you like to be on TV on a game show? Would you like to be on TV on Mark Williams's (Arthur Weasley) game show!? Now is your chance! Read More »

Weasley is our king! Mark Williams attends charity May Day event

mark williams bbc

This past Sunday, Mark Williams appeared at a charity May Day event. Find out all about the event, plus see the Weasley patriarch's eccentric outfit, right here! Read More »

Mark Williams set to host BBC daytime quiz show

mark williams bbc

It has been announced that Mark Williams, who portrayed Arthur Weasley in the Harry Potter films, will host his own daytime quiz show on BBC One. It involves teams, links and a whole lot of cash to be won. Be sure to get all the details right here! Read More »

“Harry Potter” cast and crew sum up the franchise in two words

In this new video from Yahoo! Movies, some of the cast and crew are asked to sum up the Harry Potter film franchise in two words. Read More »

Fandom videos spotlight: MuggleNet’s red carpet interviews with “Potter” cast and crew

On the red carpet, we spoke with 14 members of the cast and crew, using questions that MuggleNet readers submitted to us earlier in the week. Read More »

‘Potter’ cast shares what attractions they want added to the Wizarding World

During this past weekend's red carpet event at the Harry Potter Home Entertainment Celebration event in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, some of the cast gave their thoughts as to what ride they would want to see in the park. Read More »

Video clips from cast Q&A session at the Wizarding World theme park

Thanks to MuggleNet reader Mary K., we now have video of the Q&A sessions that took place yesterday inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, for Warner Bros. Harry Potter Home Entertainment Celebration. Read More »

Video: Studio Tour web chat with ‘Potter’ stars


In case you weren't able to catch it earlier this morning, the video from today's live Studio Tour web chat is now online, courtesy of Warner Bros. Read More »

Join the LIVE Studio Tour web chat now and talk with the stars of ‘Harry Potter’


In celebration of tickets going on sale today for Warner Brothers Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter, fans can participate in a special LIVE chat with several members of the Harry Potter cast. Read More »

LA Times talks to Arthur Weasley

Continuing with its countdown to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the LA Times has a new interview with Arthur Weasley actor, Mark Williams. The interview focuses, mostly, on the character of Mr. Weasley throughout the series and Williams also jokes about taking some props home: If you could, once all of the films are done, take something from the set, what would it be? In the Weasley household, there is a clock that shows where everybody is. It's the most beautiful piece of prop-making. Lots of that is unappreciated and you just go on the set and you're like 'Oh my God!' You just want to give it a close-up … The hands are the ends of scissors, and it says things like 'school,' 'work' … and one of the sections says 'in mortal peril.' I'd love that. And it doesn't work, by the way, cause I've been in mortal peril and it didn't say anything. I've come back and it just said 'at work.' Enjoy the rest of the interview here. Read More »