Robbie Coltrane

Role Call: Come One, Come Spall

Timothy Spall in the Caretaker

This week has been full of interesting projects and appearances from our favorite "Potter" alumni. So interesting, in fact, that for the first time, Justin Bieber's name is in this article. Want to see why? That and more in this week's Role Call! Read More »

Coming to a Netflix Near You – April Edition

Helena Bonham Carter - CATCF

You may remember that lately, we have kept you up to date on a couple of occasions with the comings and goings of "Potter" cast films/TV shows on Netflix, and for April it is no different. We have quite the update for you for next month - check it out! Read More »

Discover the Secrets of Hagrid at Warner Bros. Studio Tour!


Have you ever wanted to discover how the production team behind the "Harry Potter" films brought Hagrid to life on screen? This Easter, Warner Bros. Studio Tour reveals the colossal efforts taken by producers, costume designers, and the special effects teams to create Hogwarts's famous groundskeeper. Read More »

Role Call: Singing the “Star Wars” Blues

Domhnall Gleeson General Hux

This week, we take a journey with an old friend to India, catch up with a troubled royal, get a peek at what Oliver Wood's been up to, and lament the release date delays in a galaxy far, far away. All that and more in MuggleNet's weekly Role Call! Read More »

Role Call: Bedtime Stories and Singing Squires

Minerva McGonagall

This week, Hagrid reads us a bedtime story, a familiar werewolf gets into a car accident, Professor McGonagall sets her sights on America, and a legend returns! Take a peek at what we have in store for you during MuggleNet's weekly Role Call! Read More »

UPDATED: Schedule revealed for A Celebration of Harry Potter!


Universal has now unveiled the full, official schedule for A Celebration of Harry Potter. Included are discussions with "Harry Potter" cast members, graphic designers MinaLima, wand masterclass sessions with wand combat choreographer Paul Harris, and more! Read More »

Role Call: Holy role-rs!

Dawn French 4

In this week's role call, we get an all new look at "Effie Gray", see a beloved Hogwarts portrait-dweller return to her religious roots, and learn the next project that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named will take on! Dive on in for MuggleNet's weekly Casting News! Read More »

Role Call: Magical time of year

Helena Bonham Carter Cinderella Header

It's that wondrous time of year when we look forward to the holidays, feasts, and presents. In addition to the presents you can win during our annual (and awesome!) Advent Calendar Giveaway this year, we'd like to think that bringing you all the Role Call news every week is a gift, as well. This week, we bring you movies on Blu-ray, red carpet interviews (with animal guests, too!), George Clooney at Downton, a US series featuring a Slytherin baddie that has been added to a UK fall lineup, a "Harry Potter" ginger gracing the cover of a major film magazine, and a poster of a certain blonde Fairy Godmother. If we could wrap it up in a bow and hand it to you, we would! Take a look at this week's Casting News! Read More »

UPDATED: “Harry Potter” cast members to appear at A Celebration of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort!


Universal Orlando Resort's A Celebration of Harry Potter is getting closer, and there are going to be some magical special guests in attendance! Find out who will be there! Read More »

First trailer for Emma Thompson’s “Effie Gray” released

effie gray

We reported to you earlier this year that Effie Gray, the period drama starring "Potter" alumni Emma Thompson (Sybill Trelawney), Julie Walters (Molly Weasley), and Robbie Coltrane (Rubeus Hagrid), was put on hold for release due to a few legal matters. Now, we can bring you the first trailer. Read More »

Role Call: Jabberwockys and tigers, oh my!

John Hurt 2

This week, we take another look at "Cinderella", learn some exciting casting news for "The Jungle Book", take some silly walks, and find out which television series has been granted a second season! All this and more in this week's edition of Casting News! Read More »

Cast Q&A videos from the Diagon Alley preview!


As you know, the media preview of Diagon Alley is ongoing, and we've got even more awesome material for you today - cast Q&As! Read More »

Robbie Coltrane joins bid to bring only surviving Clyde-built turbine back to Glasgow


Robbie Coltrane has joined a bid to bring the only surviving Clyde-built turbine steamer in the world back to Glasgow. The Scottish actor, who portrayed Rubeus Hagrid in the "Harry Potter" film series, has become a patron of the Friends of the TS Queen Mary, one of the last remaining links to Scotland's shipbuilding past. Read More »

Robbie Coltrane opens new building at Glasgow School of Art, plans to write autobiography

Robbie Coltrane

Robbie Coltrane has returned to his old school, the Glasgow School of Art, to help open its new Reid Building. He has also started writing his autobiography, which he may publish online. Read More »

March Madness Role Call: Voldemort wears a suit, and Sirius falls for Keyboard Cat?


We're never quite sure which roles will be next for the former Potter cast, but it's always something interesting. In this edition of Role Call, we find our favorite actors as busy as ever with a variety of roles: Ralph Fiennes, Domhnall Gleeson, Emma Thompson, Jim Broadbent, Warwick Davis, Dame Maggie Smith, Gary Oldman plus many others! Read More »

Robbie Coltrane reflects on his days as an art student in new interview


We may know him as Rubeus Hagrid, but few of Robbie Coltrane's fans realize that he got his artistic start drawing and painting as a student at Glasgow School of Art. In a new interview, Coltrane, who was a student at the art college from 1968-1972, describes his recollections of the era that turn out to be both detailed and colorful. He also reflects on his younger self, a young man with grand ideas about the creation of art and painting. Read More »

Fangs, jumpers, and parades: it’s time for a casting roundup!


In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, we'd like to share with you a gem we happened upon that shows off celebrities in their holiday jumpers. (For all you Americans out there, that means sweaters!) Read More »

“Great Expectations” set to release October 11 in US


Based on the famous book by Charles Dickens, the Mike Newell directed film, Great Expectations, featuring Potter stars Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes, Robbie Coltrane, and Jessie Cave, has been given a US release date. The film will be released on October 11, 2013, confirmed in Cannes by Main Street Films. Read More »

Dan Radcliffe apologized to Robbie Coltrane for Phone Prank


Daniel Radcliffe's tendency to prank his fellow Harry Potter cast-mates often added levity to the set, but there was at least one time when his antics went a little too far. Read More »

Caution: Don’t pick a fight with Robbie Coltrane


Although he may be smaller in stature than his Harry Potter persona, Rubeus Hagrid, Robbie Coltrane is by no means short on personality. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Coltrane spoke quite candidly regarding his feelings towards his secondary school experience, his journey leading up to realizing he wanted to be an actor, and the complete image overhaul he underwent during and post-Potter. He also chatted about his recent project playing Mr. Jaggers in a film adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations, which is under the direction of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire director Mike Newell. While reminiscing upon his days at secondary school, Coltrane makes it very clear that he was not to be messed with, saying “I didn’t accept the hierarchy, basically” and “It’s essentially survival of the fittest and I was one of the fittest, so I have no complaints.” He later addressed how he finds his new exemplar position to his younger Potter fans, saying “Kids come up to you and they go: ‘Would you like to sign my book?’ with those big doe-eyes. And it’s a serious responsibility.” This film version of Great Expectations was adapted by David Nicholls ... Read More »