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UPDATED: Harry Potter and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Warwick Davis ALS Challenge

No doubt many of you have seen the latest videos gone viral featuring the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and wondered, "What are they doing?" Take a look at the familiar faces getting in on the challenge to help raise funds and awareness for a great cause! Read More »

Potter Twitter RoundUp: We are Book 8

leakycon 2014 yule ball

Did you miss me? The Twitter Roundup is back, with a jam-packed LeakyCon special! Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: A Seal of Approval

warwick seal

It was the week for announcements! Those and a couple of pinnipeds. Check out the Twitter Roundup to find out more. Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: Pet Pals


Be it cats, cows or bearded dragons, the Potter alumni were animal crazy this week. Find out more in the latest MuggleNet Twitter Roundup. Read More »

Twitter Roundup: Christmas is coming!

There appears to have been something in the water this week, resulting in some bizarre Twitter activity. So be warned: Some of these may result in double takes and \”What the…?\”s. So my phone just auto-corrected "Lord Voldemort" to "Lord Bieber". For once I think it might be onto something! #Typo #Truth — Robbie Jarvis (@Robbie_Jarvis) December 12, 2013 Just booked my first Sensory Deprivation Tank session. Not sure whether to be terrifed or excited. Entering the world of the psychonaut. x — Jamie Campbell Bower (@Jamiebower) December 12, 2013 That weird pang of jealousy/resentment I feel in a movie when the guy goes to jail and I'm like '…but think of all the books you'll read!' — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) December 10, 2013 Had an amazing day glassblowing! Huge thanks to antscala for the lesson. 100% recommend! — James Phelps (@James_Phelps) December 8, 2013 Just had a dream I was mauled to death by a purple polar bear….. #weirddreams — Devon Murray (@DevonMMurray) December 12, 2013 Only 1 week till we finish filming Residue and I get to drink mulled wine! In the meantime, I look like this… — Natalia Tena (@NatTenaLady) December 10, 2013 Take note, ... Read More »

Twitter Roundup: The Sound of Music

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Tweet of the Week …But how did I end up in Brooklyn again?! New York: not for the numerically challenged. #tourist #numbers #blonde — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) December 4, 2013 Seeking new music inspiration? Look no further than these recommendations: One of the many @neilmullanefinn songs that has me blubbing every time. And one of the most underrated albums ever. — Sean Biggerstaff (@Seanchuckle) December 7, 2013 Doing the intense frown/ipod combo to tell people 'piss off I'm learning lines.' I'm really listening to the new Britney. #BritneyJean #obvs — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) December 7, 2013 Love love love new video by @cleanbandit — Jessie Cave (@pindippycave) December 7, 2013 Please follow my band @Molotov_Jukebox and support us on! — Natalia Tena (@NatTenaLady) December 6, 2013 We think someone may be contemplating a career change. Just found a picture from Edmonton #Livingthedream — James Phelps (@James_Phelps) December 6, 2013 Lots of upcoming projects to look forward to from the Potter alumni. Dashing aren't I #insecret @RealMattLucas — Tom Felton (@TomFelton) December 4, 2013 Super excited to finally announce that @EmWatson will not only be our February cover girl but will be guest editing the whole ... Read More »

Twitter roundup: giving thanks


The Potter Twitter community was very aware of its US following this week. Hope u American followers had an amazing Thanksgiving&ate ur own body weight in food!I wna see some of ur food pics,I'll RT the best spread! — Afshan Azad (@afshan_azad) November 29, 2013 Happy Thanksgiving all the Americans out there. Currently watching the Cowboys beating the Raiders to celebrate. #Howboutthemcowboys — James Phelps (@James_Phelps) November 29, 2013 Happy thanksgiving y'all — Ellie Darcey-Alden (@Elliedalden) November 28, 2013 Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals. Hope all my American followers are having a great day. #Thanksgiving — Devon Murray (@DevonMMurray) November 28, 2013 Although not everyone was in the celebratory mood. Whatever and whoever you're thankful for,spare a thought/prayer for the poor little turkey guys who aren't thankful for being killed today — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) November 28, 2013 In others news, another Potter peep has joined the Twittersphere. Yes, FINALLY, our girl @George_Leonidas has got her pretty lil self a twitter! aka. Katie Bell in the movies. Big welcome to lovely George!! — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) November 29, 2013 There was the obligatory Potter-related tweet, My dad made some marshmallows. Can't think where the jar came from though. #hmmm ... Read More »

Twitter roundup: money, money, money

emma watson studio tour

Do-Gooder of the Week goes to the one and only J.K. Rowling! Fantastic that we raised over £1M at last night’s @Lumos fundraiser – going directly towards ending the institutionalisation of children. — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) November 10, 2013 @jk_rowling hosted a magical evening with guests, raising £1m to help @lumos reunite families and reform care systems — Lumos (@lumos) November 10, 2013 The event was attended by some massive names and a number of recognizable faces. So so so so so so so so SO excited for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Times a thousand and we're about there. #Lumos — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) November 9, 2013 The @lumos charity event was held at @wbstudiotour. The Great Hall was a wonderful venue for a meal, auction & magic from @Dynamomagician. — Warwick Davis (@WarwickADavis) November 9, 2013 The beautiful @Evy_Lynch and I before the @Lumos event on Saturday night. — Robbie Jarvis (@Robbie_Jarvis) November 12, 2013 Still got it. #HarryPotterWorld #watford — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) November 9, 2013 Moving on, a few other things happened this week as well. A trailer was released, Noah Trailer : — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) November 14, 2013 Along with a couple of films, ... Read More »

Twitter round up: Colleagues reunited

tom felton and oliver phelps

In this week’s Potter Twitter round up, we have messages from the working world of actors. A dramatic exit is significantly less dramatic when you get lost in/eaten by the curtain…3 times. Tomorrow will be better!! — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) September 30, 2013 On set with Ian McShane; my great friend for many years. #Hercules — John Hurt (@WithJohnHurt) October 5, 2013 Wearing a £15,000 pair of authentic Houdini handcuffs. No biggie. — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) October 3, 2013 Working that hard simply means you can play harder 10 years on from the Justified tour and @jtimberlake is as sexy as ever on stage #teenagedream — Bonnie Wright (@thisisbwright) September 29, 2013 Arrived at the Theatre of Wet Dreams for the Super League Grand Final. It's gonna be some game tonight. I fancy Warrington. Anyone else? — Matthew Lewis (@Mattdavelewis) October 5, 2013 and catch up with old friends. RT "@IanTaylor7: A good day at @stadiasal golf day at @CloseHouseHotel with @TomFelton & @OliverPhelps #Golf” — StadiaSAL (@stadiasal) October 4, 2013 .@EmWatson shows her support for #HarryPotter director Alfonso Cuarón's new film, #Gravity, at the New York premiere. — Warner Bros Pictures (@wbpictures) October 4, ... Read More »



You may have noticed that some Potter related news broke this week. BIG NEWS! But how did Twitter react? At first, quite calmly. It seemed the old Potter cast were as bemused as the fans. Just turned on twitter to view an explosion, planning to find out what exactly has been announced before going crazy… — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) September 12, 2013 Then as the news begun to sink in… Fantastic Beasts is going filmy? AWESOME — Kip Kasper (@WillDunn_) September 12, 2013 Everyone got a little more excited. @aahbbie Absolutely over the moon! The invitation to meet JK Rowling in November just became even MORE special! So excited #FantasticBeasts — Robbie Jarvis (@Robbie_Jarvis) September 12, 2013 I'm actually super excited!! Cannot believe it! That has put me in such a good mood #TheMagicContinues #FantasticBeasts #HarryPotter — Devon Murray (@DevonMMurray) September 12, 2013 But no one was having quite as much fun as Evanna. Was hoping for some good news to happen today. Was never expecting THIS! I AM BESIDE MYSELF WITH HAPPINESS RIGHT NOW! — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) September 12, 2013 "I liked him so much that I even married his grandson, Rolf, to one of my favourite ... Read More »

Twitter Round up: LeakyCon London

After years of great conventions in the US, LeakyCon finally made its way over to Europe this week with the first ever LeakyCon London. To mark the occassion, this week’s Twitter round up is a LeakyCon special! The convention got off to a great start with a visit to the WB Studio Tour, kept open specially for LeakyCon attendees. Witches and wizards heading to our event at The Warner Bros. Studio Tour "The Making of Harry Potter!" — LeakyCon (@LeakyCon) August 7, 2013 Hey @DevonMMurray how to make your wand look good?…….just add us!! Haha xx — Ellie Darcey-Alden (@Elliedalden) August 8, 2013 Spent a little time hanging out with the very cool guys from @AlohomoraMN , will be adding an extra voice in their live podcast on Saturday! — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) August 7, 2013 Today we welcomed Fawkes back to Dumbledore's office with @LeakyCon. Let the Summer Spells costume battle commence! — WarnerBrosStudioTour (@wbstudiotour) August 7, 2013 The next day saw the epic Welcoming Ceremony, featuring performances from Hank Green and StarKid. ❤ @LeakyCon — Scarlett Byrne (@ScarleyByrne) August 8, 2013 Throughout the con, the special guests were kind enough to give us a ... Read More »

MuggleNet’s Kat Miller moderates the Harry Potter actor panel at LeakyCon London


The convention includes a number of the cast and crew from the Harry Potter films, and earlier today our own Kat Miller had the opportunity to moderate the cast members in front of a thousand fans. Read More »

New photos of young Marauders and Snape has two new photos online from the Pensieve scene in Order of the Phoenix: – Young Snape – Young Marauders Read More »