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Rohan Gotobed

Potter Twitter Roundup: IRL

Verne Troyer on Shark Week

With updates from Shark Week, Secret Cinema and the Edinburgh Fringe, it can only be the MuggleNet Potter Twitter Roundup. Go on, have a read! Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: When Katniss Met Hermione


What could possibly make the latest Pottermore revelations any better? Seeing Evanna Lynch's reactions to them, of course! Read them, and more, in this week's Potter Twitter Roundup. Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: Lights, Camera, Dog walk!


Not sure what to watch, read or listen to this Sunday? Well the Potter alumni have a few a recommendations for you! All this and more in the latest Twitter roundup. Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: Seventeen Years Later

Matt Lewis and Tom Felton

What consists of misguided Philosopher's Stone reviews, Neville in a party hat and a unicorn in traffic? The Potter Twitter Roundup of course. Check it out now! Read More »

Peeves actor Rik Mayall dies at 56

Rik Mayall

We are deeply saddened to report that Rik Mayall, who portrayed the character of Peeves in "Sorcerer's Stone", has died at age 56. Although his scenes were cut from the final version of the film, we'd still like to pay our respects to the late actor. Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: Wise Words

lego death eater

A mysterious LEGO death eater reigns over the latest Potter Twitter Roundup. Confirm his identity, revel in wisdom and celebrate creativity, as we highlight the week's best tweets! Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: A Seal of Approval

warwick seal

It was the week for announcements! Those and a couple of pinnipeds. Check out the Twitter Roundup to find out more. Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: Pet Pals


Be it cats, cows or bearded dragons, the Potter alumni were animal crazy this week. Find out more in the latest MuggleNet Twitter Roundup. Read More »

Potter Twitter Roundup: 3.0

Young Pottering

On set, on stage, on radio and in the Twittersphere. Check out the Potter alumni in all their Twitter glory, in the first roundup of 3.0. Read More »

Twitter Roundup: ‘A Week of Weasleys’

tom felton breaking bad

Once again, we are cheating a little in our Twitter roundup, using a sneaky highlight from last week. Reunited backstage! #wosawards pic.twitter.com/4h1BhsjVtL — MuggleNet.com (@MuggleNet) February 23, 2014 If the pictures of Dan and Rupert together again (snapped by yours truly!) got you pining for the films, check out this beauty of a throwback. On the set of Harry Potter pic.twitter.com/u8lSDGsabk — Behind the Scenes (@MakingOfs) February 28, 2014 Don’t despair, however, because there are plenty of current projects from the films’ cast for you to enjoy. Matt Lewis made his return to television this week. Where would I be without sides? An actor prepares… Bluestone 42. On @bbcthree in one hour. pic.twitter.com/YEmmOm1KD5 — Matthew Lewis (@Mattdavelewis) February 27, 2014 Warwick’s latest theater outing continues on its tour, accompanied by great reviews. The founder members of @ReducedHeight Theatre Co. on stage in #SeeHowTheyRun. Tour details: http://t.co/o9r5KWuzOA pic.twitter.com/Tx535xX90W — Warwick Davis (@WarwickADavis) February 28, 2014 And Natalie Tena continues to rock on, despite her ever growing acting duties. Follow us on @SoundCloud! https://t.co/YHJJTcjQGt — Molotov Jukebox (@Molotov_Jukebox) March 1, 2014 Dear Bertie, please slow down with the release of your short films. You’re showing up your elders! tonight after a long ... Read More »

Twitter Roundup: Farewell, Roger Lloyd Pack

Barty Crouch Sr.

We begin this roundup on a somber note as the British acting community said goodbye to one of their own this week. R.I.P Roger Lloyd-Pack. Was such a lovely man to work with. — Devon Murray (@DevonMMurray) January 17, 2014 Roger is known among the Potter fandom for playing the Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, Barty Crouch, Sr., in The Goblet of Fire. Our thoughts are with his friends and family. On the happier side of things, Bonnie Wright got her bake on for charity. TONIGHT my @BritishBakeOff 9:30pm BBC2, the night I take a charity cooking show too seriously! Laugh along but ONLY if u donate @sportrelief — Bonnie Wright (@thisisbwright) January 13, 2014 And did pretty well! A HUGE well done to @thisisbwright on winning hands down on #GBBOSportRelief x — Devon Murray (@DevonMMurray) January 13, 2014 MY WINNER @thisisbwright !!Well done Bon,clear winner!Now get baking,I want some cake next time I come round!Looked YUM!! #GBBOSportRelief — Afshan Azad (@afshan_azad) January 13, 2014 However, she wasn’t the only one taking home first place this week. Alfonso Cuaron continued his winning streak at various film award ceremonies, including the Golden Globes, where he also bumped into ... Read More »

Twitter Roundup: A play is born

Harry Potter is coming to the West End! But how did the Twittersphere react? It's true????? Harry Potter, the play. Feeling a little light-headed right now. And wondering does our JKR EVER sleep??? — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) December 20, 2013 Am I the only person who doesn't like the fact that JK Rowling is planning a new Harry Potter stage show #Scrooge — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) December 20, 2013 In quite the muted fashion it would seem! Clearly they were all too busy prepping for Christmas. There is of course a lot to do. 1. There’s decorating the tree, Time to decorate our office #christmastree… a #harrypotter tree. pic.twitter.com/GuLuxqVF3F — Bloomsbury UK (@BloomsburyBooks) December 18, 2013 2. Enjoying the office party, It's Christmas party time at MinaLima Towers, which makes Priscilla Prosecco the new employee of the week! #Christmas pic.twitter.com/b7LayKlVG7 — MinaLima (@minalima) December 19, 2013 3. Finishing work, Wrapped shooting on #DynamiteFilm with director @illwilledfx Cannot say enough great things about this… http://t.co/CnzVKDmlLy — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) December 22, 2013 We're wrapped! Thank you to all the team that made #Residue possible! pic.twitter.com/pECWVAS2nV — Natalia Tena (@NatTenaLady) December 18, 2013 4. Buying presents, anybody actually get all their christmas ... Read More »

Twitter Roundup: The Sound of Music

robbie jarvis jumpter

Tweet of the Week …But how did I end up in Brooklyn again?! New York: not for the numerically challenged. #tourist #numbers #blonde — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) December 4, 2013 Seeking new music inspiration? Look no further than these recommendations: One of the many @neilmullanefinn songs that has me blubbing every time. And one of the most underrated albums ever. http://t.co/ROOqzyA3lZ — Sean Biggerstaff (@Seanchuckle) December 7, 2013 Doing the intense frown/ipod combo to tell people 'piss off I'm learning lines.' I'm really listening to the new Britney. #BritneyJean #obvs — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) December 7, 2013 Love love love new video by @cleanbandit http://t.co/wYTe05GKZf — Jessie Cave (@pindippycave) December 7, 2013 Please follow my band @Molotov_Jukebox and support us on http://t.co/3Gq7tPGUIW! — Natalia Tena (@NatTenaLady) December 6, 2013 We think someone may be contemplating a career change. Just found a picture from Edmonton #Livingthedream http://t.co/KvsRUy2o5y — James Phelps (@James_Phelps) December 6, 2013 Lots of upcoming projects to look forward to from the Potter alumni. Dashing aren't I http://t.co/n1ynQD2zNK #insecret @RealMattLucas — Tom Felton (@TomFelton) December 4, 2013 Super excited to finally announce that @EmWatson will not only be our February cover girl but will be guest editing the whole ... Read More »

Twitter Round-Up: The Battle of the Franchises

SNAPEon set picture

The confirmation we (probably just me) have all been waiting for! since february this year I have been working behind the scenes on this show. It's great. please watch. #bbcatlantis pic.twitter.com/tudVwhF4Qk — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) September 27, 2013 The Potter machine may be back in action, after a small hiatus, but the cast was all over other franchises this week. Warner Bros have stolen my idea…again! http://t.co/VECNX3LrmI — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) September 25, 2013 Lord of the rings. Best movie ever. Discuss. X — Jamie Campbell Bower (@Jamiebower) September 27, 2013 1 chicken Korma, 1 pashwari naan and the 2nd Lord Of The Rings. #deliciousmilk x — Jamie Campbell Bower (@Jamiebower) September 27, 2013 http://t.co/pcySth5nRd this will never cease to make me chuckle like a 12 year old. #twilight — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) September 27, 2013 If you are one of the millions who tuned in to catch the season premiere of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, you may be interested in Rohan’s thoughts on the show. My review of MARVEL Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D! http://t.co/m6mocUdoOc — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) September 27, 2013 All in all, a fairly relaxed week for everyone. I missed this fixture last year being on stage. Not ... Read More »

What do leading Potter fandom figures and cast think about Fantastic Beasts?


It has been six days since J.K. Rowling broke the news that shocked the entire Harry Potter fandom - she was going to be writing a screenplay for a brand new Warner Brothers film series based in the wizarding world! Clearly, we are very excited about the news, so we decided to reach out to some of our friends, fandom icons, and Harry Potter cast members - Joe Moses, Rohan Gotobed, Hank Green, and Will Dunn - to get their reactions. Read More »



You may have noticed that some Potter related news broke this week. BIG NEWS! But how did Twitter react? At first, quite calmly. It seemed the old Potter cast were as bemused as the fans. Just turned on twitter to view an explosion, planning to find out what exactly has been announced before going crazy… — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) September 12, 2013 Then as the news begun to sink in… Fantastic Beasts is going filmy? AWESOME — Kip Kasper (@WillDunn_) September 12, 2013 Everyone got a little more excited. @aahbbie Absolutely over the moon! The invitation to meet JK Rowling in November just became even MORE special! So excited #FantasticBeasts — Robbie Jarvis (@Robbie_Jarvis) September 12, 2013 I'm actually super excited!! Cannot believe it! That has put me in such a good mood #TheMagicContinues #FantasticBeasts #HarryPotter — Devon Murray (@DevonMMurray) September 12, 2013 But no one was having quite as much fun as Evanna. Was hoping for some good news to happen today. Was never expecting THIS! http://t.co/a8FBbYFNFb I AM BESIDE MYSELF WITH HAPPINESS RIGHT NOW! — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) September 12, 2013 "I liked him so much that I even married his grandson, Rolf, to one of my favourite ... Read More »

Twitter Round Up – House Pride Week & School Assembly in the Great Hall!

great hall class room

Many congratulations to Emma and Matt for their various wins this week. pic.twitter.com/shXjLu6PQT — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) September 4, 2013 @BritishGQMud throwing, general hilarity and great company at the awards tonight.Very proud to be part of your female contingency.thank you! — Emma Watson (@EmWatson) September 4, 2013 Well done @Mattdavelewis @Minnsie1 @carlablett12 @RealDanDrew @spangler101 on winning the 7's tournament @ISCSport http://t.co/IsYX1sQ0oo — SuperLeagueFans (@SuperLeagueFans) September 3, 2013 And some belated luck to Rohan. Off to the Smoke for a casting this afternoon, wish me luck! — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) September 4, 2013 Evanna appears to bringing some Potter magic to the Houdini cast. Sitting around waiting backstage always turns into impromptu housing ceremonies. Can't believe @MarkHandC is a Slytherin!! — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) September 6, 2013 Although some of you may be less impressed on what the show is doing to her! Look what @houdinitheplay have done to me!!!!! #actuallyme #traumatised #blondeatheart #besshoudini http://t.co/NCcE3lQl7R — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) September 3, 2013 Hang on… Having had five years' worth of work marked by him, how did Harry not recognise Snape's handwriting in Advanced Potion Making? — Benedict Clarke (@benedictclarke) September 3, 2013 Lots of fun was had for House Pride Week. ... Read More »

Twitter Round Up: Redheads and Recommendations

Rupert Grint Starlight

Making of the most Twitter’s power for sharing and caring, the Potter bunch were making recommendations left right and centre this week, beginning with Evanna and an incredibly popular article from the New Statesman. I am ALL about this article condemning the term 'strong female character'. Go and read it and don't skip bits! http://t.co/TQ7yrUnP7v — Evanna Lynch (@Evy_Lynch) August 20, 2013 BBC Radio 4 released a feature on LeakyCon, causing contention amongst certain attendees. The full debate can be read in the responses to the following tweet. A segment on You and Yours for BBC Radio 4 about @LeakyCon a great story of the Leaky experience! http://t.co/atkrNYyY6v — Rohan Gotobed (@Rohan_Gotobed) August 17, 2013 If you’re not up for reading or listening, why not try some theatre? Just saw "Curious Incident…" with my boy @LukeTreadaway. What a performance. What a show. What theatre is all about. #elf #pal — Matthew Lewis (@Mattdavelewis) August 23, 2013 For all our meateating readers, Rankin has a suggestion of where to spend your hard-earned cash! get your bacon on chaps. I'm backing this all the way http://t.co/xXhfAAqQrY … @_ProjectBacon” — Chris Rankin (@chrisrankin) August 19, 2013 And finally, what Twitter round up would ... Read More »

MuggleNet’s Kat Miller moderates the Harry Potter actor panel at LeakyCon London


The convention includes a number of the cast and crew from the Harry Potter films, and earlier today our own Kat Miller had the opportunity to moderate the cast members in front of a thousand fans. Read More »

“Potter” kids take the stage, have a ball at LeakyCon 2011

LeakyCon 2011 had many highlights. But for some it was the "Potter" kids that stole the show. Read More »