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Competitions: Win copies of “Pride” & “The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman”

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Calling all UK residents: Fancy getting your hands on some rather wonderful goodies? Then you may just be in luck because Entertainment-Focus is running not one, but TWO great competitions! Read More »

Rupert Grint’s “Moonwalkers” to premiere at SXSW!

Rupert Grint Moonwalkers sm 1

SXSW has added Rupert Grint's "Moonwalkers" to their lineup this season! Take a look at a new still released and find out when the film will be making its world premiere at SXSW! Read More »

Rupert Grint to appear on “Celebrity Taste Makers”


Tune in to "Celebrity Taste Makers" this weekend to catch Rupert Grint appearing on the show! Read on for details. Read More »

Daniel Radcliffe talks being forced to ditch Canadian accent for “What If”

Daniel Radcliffe at "Horns" premiere

Daniel Radcliffe has spoken in a new interview of how he was forced to ditch his Canadian accent for the 2014 film "What If". Read More »

Role Call: Holy role-rs!

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In this week's role call, we get an all new look at "Effie Gray", see a beloved Hogwarts portrait-dweller return to her religious roots, and learn the next project that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named will take on! Dive on in for MuggleNet's weekly Casting News! Read More »

Role Call: It’s a new year!

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In our final Role Call of 2014, we look to the new year and some interesting projects on the calendar! From serious dramas to light-hearted musicals, the "Harry Potter" cast show no signs of taking it easy in 2015. Read More »

Rupert Grint’s “It’s Only a Play” continues to break records!

It's Only A Play_Rupert

"It's Only a Play", the Broadway hit starring Rupert Grint, continues to break box office records. Read More »

Grammy nominees include “Potter” alumni

Alexandre Desplat

The 2015 Grammy nominees were announced today and included prominent "Potter" alumni. Find out who! Read More »

Rupert Grint to exit “It’s Only a Play”

It's Only A Play_Rupert

We reported earlier this month that Rupert Grint's debut Broadway show, "It's Only a Play", would be extending its run through the end of March. While it was initially reported that only Nathan Lane would be leaving the production after its extension, it has now been announced that Rupert Grint and co-star Megan Mullally will be exiting the show as well. Read More »

Rupert Grint’s “It’s Only a Play” extends Broadway run

Rupert Grint as Frank Finger Featured Size

For the past few months, Rupert Grint's Broadway debut "It's Only a Play" has been breaking records and pulling in rave reviews. Since the play's opening night, Grint's turn as neurotic director Frank Finger has delighted fans, and now the show's run has been extended! Read More »

Rupert Grint on his tortoise, New York, and “Goblet of Fire”


In a new interview with the "Guardian", Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) answered some questions about living in New York and his first experiences on Broadway. Rupert is currently starring in "It's Only a Play", which was recently announced to have broken box office records. Read More »

2014 New Now Next award nominations announced!

Rupert Grint Whatsonstage Awards

The nominations for the New Now Next Awards have been announced, and the list contains several former "Potter" stars and projects that "Potter" stars are associated with. The awards take place annually. Read More »

Rupert Grint’s “It’s Only a Play” breaks box office records!

It's Only a Play

"It's Only a Play", featuring our very own Rupert Grint, officially opened on Broadway on October 9. Now, it has been revealed that the play has already broken box office records. Read More »

Rupert Grint reflects on “It’s Only a Play” opening night, plus pictures

it's only a play featured image

Rupert Grint's (Ron Weasley) first Broadway run in "It's Only a Play" officially opened to the public this week. After the show, Rupert reflected on the first performance in a new interview with the "London Evening Standard". Read More »

Video: Highlights of Rupert Grint’s “It’s Only a Play” released

Rupert Grint as Frank Finger Featured Size

"It's Only a Play", featuring Rupert Grint, officially opens on Broadway tonight (October 9). Previews opened in August, and now a new video showing highlights from the play has been released. Read More »

Rupert Grint appears on “CBS News Sunday Morning”

Rupert Grint as Frank Finger Featured Size

Rupert and the cast of "It's Only a Play" sit down with Leslie Stahl on a "CBS News Sunday Morning" special prior to the premiere of the production on Broadway. We get our first look at his character, Frank Finger - with AND without his pants! Check it out here! Read More »

Rupert Grint talks excessive “Potter” wealth and the pressures of Broadway

Rupert Grint Header

In a new interview, Rupert Grint discusses how growing up with the fame and fortune of "Harry Potter" affected his relationships. He also talks about the pressures of being a newcomer to Broadway in "It's Only a Play". Read More »

Video: Rupert Grint talks “It’s Only a Play” on “Access Hollywood”

It's Only a Play

Rupert Grint has been very busy as of late, what with his debut on Broadway and all, and recently, "Access Hollywood" caught up with him for a quick chat to discuss what it's been like working on "It's Only a Play". Read More »

Video: David Tennant talks his character in “Postman Pat: The Movie”

Postman Pat

"Postman Pat: The Movie" hit the big screen earlier this year and of course included the voices of various "Harry Potter" alumni: Rupert Grint, Jim Broadbent, and David Tennant. Now, with the release of the DVD and Blu-ray nearly upon us, Tennant talks about his character Wilf in a short interview. Read More »

Rupert Grint on Frank Finger: “I loved the character immediately.”

Rupert Grint as Frank Finger Featured Size

Rupert Grint's Broadway debut "It's Only a Play" is well underway in previews and is set to open October 9. As the show's big opening night nears, we're hearing more and more from Rupert about his thoughts on the play. In a new interview with Broadway Direct, Rupert talks about what inspired him to tackle Broadway and how he likes performing as his character, Frank Finger. Read More »