Shirley Henderson

“Potter” stars land 2014 BAFTA nominations


The 2014 BAFTA nominations are in, and several talented "Potter" cast members have scored nominations! Read More »

New Ultimate Edition video: Casting Moaning Myrtle, Dan recalls first meeting Richard Harris

With the Ultimate Edition DVDs now officially on store shelves, a few more videos have emerged online. From the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition, learn how director Chris Columbus casted the part of Moaning Myrtle. On actress Shirley Henderson, he says he couldn't believe a human being could talk like that and Myrtle's voice was not altered electronically. Additionally, Daniel Radcliffe discusses his first time meeting and working with the late Richard Harris in the Sorcerer's Stone Ultimate Edition. Dan talks about how nervous he was being on set with someone the likes of Harris and jokingly referred to him as “quite frightening.” Thanks to Snitch Seeker! Read More »

Half-Blood Prince to be Moaning-Less

Potter fansite caught up with the agency who represents Shirley Henderson, the actress who has played Moaning Myrtle in Chamber of Secrets and Goblet of Fire. It was confirmed that Henderson will not be appearing in Half-Blood Prince, meaning Myrtle will not be there to console Draco before the sectumsempra scene. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed with the tip! Read More »