David Heyman

David Heyman receives Showmanship Award – presented by Gary Oldman


David Heyman, the producer of the "Harry Potter" series, has been presented the Motion Picture Showmanship Award. The award was presented by none other than Gary Oldman, who played Sirius Black in the films. Read More »

Producer David Heyman reacts to Oscar snub for “Deathly Hallows – Part 2”


David Heyman, producer of the "Harry Potter" films, reacted to the lack of major nominations for his final "Potter" film. Read More »

David Heyman and Dan Radcliffe accept award at National Board of Review Gala


"Harry Potter" has received another award! This time, it's from the National Board of Review. Read More »

Alan Rickman and David Heyman talk Snape and a decade of magic on ‘Harry Potter’

Rickman's portrayal of Snape was so well received throughout the 8-film series, we can only hope he gets recognized by the Academy at the upcoming Oscar Awards. Read More »

“Variety” interviews David Heyman on “Potter” success

In a recent interview with, David Heyman was asked several questions on his overall feelings on the ending of the "Harry Potter" film series, and on its overall success. Read More »

“Harry Potter” cast and crew sum up the franchise in two words

In this new video from Yahoo! Movies, some of the cast and crew are asked to sum up the Harry Potter film franchise in two words. Read More »

Fandom videos spotlight: MuggleNet’s red carpet interviews with “Potter” cast and crew

On the red carpet, we spoke with 14 members of the cast and crew, using questions that MuggleNet readers submitted to us earlier in the week. Read More »

‘Potter’ cast shares what attractions they want added to the Wizarding World

During this past weekend's red carpet event at the Harry Potter Home Entertainment Celebration event in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, some of the cast gave their thoughts as to what ride they would want to see in the park. Read More »

“Parade Magazine” interviews Rupert Grint, producer David Heyman

Continuing their series of new interviews around the release of "Deathly Hallows - Part 2", "Parade Magazine" has released talks with actor Rupert Grint and producer David Heyman. Read More »

“Potter” stars screen “Deathly Hallows – Part 2” at CineEurope, Heyman receives “Producer of the Decade”

Rupert Grint, James and Oliver Phelps and producer David Heyman attended CineEurope where they introduced "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" to a select audience. Read More »

“Potter” producer David Heyman to receive “Producer of the Decade” honor

The producer of all eight "Harry Potter" films will be receiving a prestigious honor later this month at CineEurope! Heyman will also be screening "Deathly Hallows - Part 2" for attendees (not open to the public) the same day. Read More »

Audio: Potter cast and crew discuss series at Apple Store in New York City

Earlier today, several actors from the Potter series were at the Apple Store in New York City (SoHo) to promote the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 on Blu-ray and DVD.

Read More »

Video: J.K. Rowling and David Heyman receive Honorary BAFTA for “Harry Potter” franchise

Today the British Academy of Film and Television Arts issued this press release noting the Harry Potter franchise received a Honorary BAFTA. Read More »

Producer David Heyman discusses Epilogue, Prince’s Tale, and more in new interview

With the Potter franchise being honored at the BAFTAs this Sunday, producer David Heyman has been making the rounds with the media. Heyman recently spoke with Empire Online, where he discussed the past 14 years of working on the series and gave some insight into two important scenes in Part 2. Read More »

Producer David Heyman discusses “Potter” film franchise being honored by BAFTAS

Last week we told you Producer David Heyman and Author J.K. Rowling are to receive a special BAFTA Award this Sunday in honor of the Harry Potter film franchise. Today, the BBC released a new interview with Producer David Heyman where he discusses his thoughts on the honorary award as well as how the franchise has developed over the years. Read More »

“Potter” franchise to receive honorary BAFTA, J.K. Rowling and David Heyman to accept

It was announced today that the Harry Potter franchise will receive a special BAFTA Award for its "outstanding British contribution to cinema" at this year's ceremony. Read More »

David Heyman: Deathly Hallows will be even more epic in 3-D

As part of their 3-D week celebration, MTV News has a new interview with Producer David Heyman about the upcoming final two Harry Potter films being released in 3-D and the reason for choosing to do so. “Harry Potter itself has so many exciting possibilities for 3-D, both in things coming at you and also just in making that world seem even more epic than it already is. Harry Potter is already an epic film, but having that added dimension will make it even more epic, and that seemed like an opportunity that was too hard to pass up.” Also mentioned briefly, is filming the upcoming Epilogue and how they have yet to decide how to age all of the characters. Last week we learned that Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy in the films, would be aged with prosthetics. Are you excited for the 3-D version or do you prefer the 2-D? Leave us your comments here. Read More »

BBC Radio 2 airing interviews with David Heyman, Stuart Craig, Nick Dudman

We're listening to BBC Radio 2's interview as it is broadcasted live (we reported the interview's airing yesterday). Below are our notes from the interview. – (10:51 PM GMT) Stuart Craig says if part of the deal at the beginning was to work on this for 10 years, he would have said no. To his great surprise, he's here 10 years later having enjoyed all of it. – (10:53 PM GMT) Nick Dudman: JK Rowling took the fantasy genre and made it acceptable to everyone. The amount of fantasy is vast compared to the size before Potter. The box office numbers tell you the vast number of people love these movies. – (10:55 PM GMT) David Heyman: When Jo Rowling wrote the first book, she knew what the end was. It was amazing when I first met her that she had charted everything out. – (11:00 PM GMT) David Heyman says the themes in the books and films are universally relatable – that is what is at the heart of Jo's stories. – (11:00 PM GMT) David says he's primarily interested in making the best adaptation of Jo's book. Each time we tell the story in the best way we ... Read More »

BBC Radio to air Deathly Hallows set interview with David Heyman, Stuart Craig

As part of BBC Radio 2's Century of Cinema, David Puttnam and Brian Sibley will provide a set report from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tomorrow evening at 10:30 p.m. GMT. “This new programme brings David Puttnam's acclaimed series up-to-date with an exclusive on-set visit to Hogwarts, and contributions from the production team behind the most successful movie franchise ever: 'Harry Potter'.” Guests include producer David Heyman, Creature & Make-Up Effects Designer Nick Dudman, and Production Designer Stuart Craig. In related news, Matthew Lewis has updated his Twitter to let fans know he will be shooting night scenes this week. Thanks to! Read More »

David Heyman discusses HBP, DH in Los Angeles

As we initially told you last week, Potter producer David Heyman appeared at the Apple Store in Santa Monica, CA's Third Street Promenade last night. Over 100 fans showed up to ask him questions – including MuggleNet reader Andrew W. Thanks to him we now have a report from the Q&A where David answered, among other things, whether or not composer John Williams would return for Deathly Hallows. Heyman revealed that they had spoken with Williams specifically about Part 2 and will try to get him if they can fit it into Williams' busy schedule. Check out the link below for more of what David Heyman had to say! Read More »