Dear Hogwarts

Hannah and her son


Dear Professor Longbottom, I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I was wondering whether the girl Hannah you talked about in your other letter was your daughter, if so, if you have any other children. Wish them a Happy New Year from me please! Sincerely, Sofia Read More »

Snape on Amortentia


Dear Professor Snape, I'm sorry if this question is too personal, but I've always been curious, what does Amortentia smell like to you? Mine is hot chocolate, the earth after rain, and wet dog. Also, I'm afraid I might be just as forgetful as Neville, but I think I've lost my potions textbook. Could you please tell me the recipe so I can study for our upcoming test? I promise I won't try to brew it. Thank you, A Ginger Gryffindor Read More »

Overcoming being underestimated


Dear Professor Longbottom, How do I deal with people who constantly underestimate my abilities? Sincerely, Oswin Read More »

Regarding Fred and George’s fireworks…


Professor Flitwick, What was the Charm Fred and George Weasley used to create a swamp in the hallway when they made their exit? I know you kept part of it because you thought it was a great piece of Charmwork. Is it still there though, after the Battle of Hogwarts? And have you kept any of the fireworks they used? Do you happen to know the Charm for making those? Thank you for your reply, a Ginger Gryffindor Read More »

Are there wizard veterinarians?


Hello, Professor Hagrid. As a Muggle-born, I do not know much about the Wizarding World. While I have many questions I would like to ask, here is the one I've selected: Are there wizard veterinarians? I know this is sort of your job at Hogwarts, but what about outside of there? Surely, all wizards all over the world need some sort of care for their Hippogriffs and Phoenixes... If there are wizard vets, how would one go about training to become one? Is there a specific school for becoming a wizard vet? Oh, and I'm hungry for details - how does one examine a Phoenix, which is hot with flames? Or how do they protect a Unicorn during surgery from (literally) bloodthirsty people? I hope this letter finds you well, and please respond as soon as possible. Sincerely, Roaring Ravenclaw Read More »

Mean girl friend


Dear Luna, My mom says that mean girls don't get mean they just get meaner. I know who the popular girls are and one of them is my friend. I've known her since I was five and I'm afraid she is going to get mean,selfish, and ditch me forever. She was my first school friend and I don't want to lose her. Sincerely, Confused and Scared Read More »

Getting to know someone you like more


Dear Ron, How can I get to know a witch that I like better? Sincerely, An Inquisitive Gryffindor Read More »

That one about the troll, the hag, and the leprechaun…


Dear Professor Dumbledore, Could you please finish the joke you started in Harry's fourth year, where a troll, a hag, and a leprechaun walk into a bar? I know a plethora of fans (including myself!) really want to hear the end of this joke. -Ashrita Read More »

Identification clarification


Dear Severus Snape, Hi, I'd just like to know, are you Snape from the books, or Snape from the movies? Are Harry's eyes blue or green? Sabrina Read More »

Flowers for a girl


Dear Professor Sprout, I am writing to you in desperation. I really like this girl at school and I want to make a good impression by presenting her with flowers, but I don't know which ones are her favorite. I know that some even have magical properties! Is there a plant or flower that is sure to win her affection? Sincerely, Chuck (in need of luck!) Read More »

Want to be an Animagi


Dear Professor McGonagall, I have looked through many books and have not found out how to become an Animagus. As you know, I'm a hard working student and I am willing to make the change... please get back as soon as possible. Ella Read More »

Chased Chaser! Dealing with unwanted attention


Dear Mr. Lockhart, I am finding that I have an unwanted amount of attention coming towards me lately. Ever since I sank thirteen Quaffles at last Saturday's game against Slytherin, people are taking the time to chat me up. Except they don't go away. How do you handle the stress of being so popular? And do you have any tips about warding off would-be admirers? Sincerely, Chased Chaser Read More »

Aspiring Magical Creatures trainer


Dear Hagrid, I have recently acquired a new puppy. She's very playful and happy, as well as growing extremely quickly. She loves long walks in dark forests and chasing hippogriffs. She loves kids but as she is roughly twice as big as Fang I wondered if you would have any advice on training her and burning energy. What did you do with fluffy to excercise and train him? Sincerely, Aspiring magical creatures trainer Read More »

Just like Harry


Dear Harry, I hope I am a wizard like you. I hope I am in Hogwarts exactly like you. I hope I am in Gryffindor just like you. When will I get my letter from Hogwarts please (I am 7 years old)? From, Greta Gryffindor Read More »

Finding courage


Dear Ron, How do you develop courage for yourself? I am sick and tired of being scared of everything and I'm ready to get out of my comfort zone. Where do I start? I admire your courage and how you went into that forest full of spiders even though you hate them! Lost Courage Read More »

Making peace with James


Dear Severus Snape, First of all, I would like to point out how much of a role model you have been for me. I grew into a strong, independent Slytherin and you're the only person I can thank. So, I was wondering if you have been informed that you were supposed to be a godfather to Lily's unborn child? Rumors said that she finally talked James into making peace with you. Sincerely, Athena Slytherin Read More »

Uncommon places to study


Dear Luna, Do you know of any good places in the castle to study, aside from the library or our Common Room? Those areas are always too crowded for me to properly get work done. In fact, the whole castle is often too loud for me to tolerate. I figure as a fellow Ravenclaw, you must have had the same problem at some point! Sincerely, Trying to Concentrate Read More »

Heiress missing their Hogwarts letter


Dear Professor McGonagall, I've been waiting four years for my letter to arrive. Now I'm 14 years old. I want to see Hogwarts as soon as possible. I know I am not totally a witch but I feel the magic everytime I read the books and watch the movie. I saw how Harry, Ron and Hermione lived at Hogwarts and it was amazing. I hope I'll experience it, too. I await my letter and would willingly go to Hogwarts anytime. Truly Yours, Heiress of Gryffindor Read More »

Sword of Gryffindor whereabouts


Dear Professor Longbottom, I was wondering if the Sword of Gryffindor was kept in your office now? And are you also now the head of Gryffindor? I've heard that Harry Potter sometimes comes to Hogwarts to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, do you guys ever get time together when he's there? You are very brave by the way; I admire your courage! Read More »

Man-eating plants!


Dear Professor Sprout, I just arrived at Hogwarts and I'm scared to walk outside except for going in between classes. My older brother says that there are man-eating plants and worse all over the place! And even a Willow tree that has killed people before. How can I enjoy the afternoon sunshine when there are bad plants lurking around in it? -Alex Read More »