“The Casual Vacancy” Is Coming to DVD and Blu-Ray in US!


Just announced - "The Casual Vacancy" will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital HD in the US... and the great news is that we don't have long to wait! Read More »

Another chance to win Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection boxed set!


Did you miss your shot at winning the newest Hogwarts Collection limited-edition boxed set? Have no fear - another chance is here! Down some Felix Felicis, and see how you can enter to win! Read More »

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” gets DVD release date


Wes Anderson's latest film, "The Grand Budapest Hotel", has been given a home media release date. Read More »

Enter for a chance to win the Hogwarts Collection at


Hurry over to for your chance to win your very own copy of the Hogwarts Collection! Read More »

Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection available in-store next week


The new comprehensive Blu-ray/DVD collection has been available for pre-order since March, but fans will soon be able to actually experience the all-new box set that includes all eight "Harry Potter" films and 45+ hours of previously released bonus material: the Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection. Soon, fans will be able to purchase the box set in-store or online. Read More »

The Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection comprehensive Blu-ray/DVD collection AVAILABLE for pre-order NOW!


The Harry Potter Wizard's Collection that was released in 2012 included a detailed and comprehensive look into the wizarding world through the most successful film franchise in history. The collection sold more than 30,000 sets and is now completely SOLD OUT! Now, the next generation of the Harry Potter DVD Collection is here! Read More »

Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection 31-disc set available now on Amazon!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection

Looking to increase your Harry Potter movie collection? Here's your chance! Amazon is exclusively selling the Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection. It's packed full with some pretty good special features. Will you be picking up the new collection, or are you holding out for something in particular that none of the previous collections have featured? Read More »

Contest details for UK fans to win ‘Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection’

Wizards Collection Full Map

With the recent release of the extensive Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection, WhatCulture is holding a contest that runs now until Christmas which gives you a chance to win the complete DVD set. As a reminder of how special this set is, note that the collection has over 37 hours of special features taken from all eight films. It also includes four hours of behind-the-scenes bonus footage and eight movie artifacts. The packaging is gorgeous and impressive. This is the largest Harry Potter DVD collection released to date and would be quite the exciting holiday gift for anyone. Guidelines for the contest are as follows: You must live in the UK and be over the age of 15. There will be one winner only who will receive one copy of the collection. There will be no alternate prizes. The winner will be chosen randomly, and the decision is final. To enter for your chance to win, head over to Facebook and like the WhatCulture Facebook page. Then answer the simple question on their website via email. Good luck to all who enter! Read More »

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Parts 1 & 2’ Ultimate Editions are now available!

deathly hallows poster

The Harry Potter Shop has the Ultimate Editions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Parts 1 & 2 now available right here. This Ultimate Edition collection is filled with more than six hours of special features and collectibles including a photo booklet featuring 48-pages of rare photos of the cast and crew, concept sketches and behind-the-scenes insight. The collection also includes four limited edition character cards, a lenticular card, and more! If you are like many fans who have been collecting the Ultimate Editions for the exclusive documentary included with each one, now is your time to complete the set. You can order the collection now for only $43.99 by heading to this link right here. Read More »

‘Harry Potter Collector’s Series’ DVD set to be released Nov. 21


Last month, the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection, a 31-disc DVD set, was released in major marketing nations such as the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. On November 21 of this year, 13 nations that do not sell the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection will have a box-set of their own available. This complete DVD collector’s set will include 24 disks – all eight Harry Potter films and all eight segments of the Creating the World of Harry Potter documentary. This collector’s set will not be available in nations where the Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection has been released. The Harry Potter Complete Collector’s set will be available in these nations: Czech Republic, China, Hungary, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and the Gulf States which include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman. Anybody plan on purchasing this neat-looking set? Thanks to SnitchSeeker for the tip! Read More »

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-Parts 1 and 2” Ultimate Editions available for Pre-Order

deathly hallows poster

If you are like many fans who have been collecting the Ultimate Editions for the exclusive documentary included with each one, now is your time to complete the set. This Blu-ray/DVD collection comes out on November 13. Read More »

‘Deathly Hallows Part One & Two’ Ultimate Editions on sale at select Target stores

deathly hallows poster

The Ultimate Edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and Part 2 have long been wondered about. Most recently we reported that Amazon Germany had the pair listed for an October 16 release. Well, if you live in the United States, and have a Target nearby, you may be able to go get them today! Thanks to Twitter follower Matthew R., we have received photographs of the collection, 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5, which is actually only one set that contains both movies, unlike Amazon Germany, which shows the movies as separate editions. The box-set contains everything promised from the Ultimate Edition DVD’s, including the collector cards, DVD & Blu Ray versions, an Ultra Violet copy, and the last two installments of the 8-part documentary on the Harry Potter series, “Story” & “Growing Up”. MuggleNet called a few stores in Massachusetts and was told that “select stores will be getting the box-set, and probably only 1-2 copies at most.” These particular Ultimate Editions are not yet listed as being available on Amazon, so at this time it looks like only Target will be carrying the set! Why do you think there was such little ... Read More »

Harry Potter and the Astronomically Priced Box Set


There’s no doubt that Harry Potter fans are some of the most passionate fans in the world; camping out for book releases, midnight movie premieres, and of course, J.K. Rowling tickets… but are they willing to pay $880 for a set of books? We recently reported that there would be an expanded, more comprehensive edition of Harry Potter Film Wizardry releasing next month, but now Amazon UK is listing a box set that is “Worthy of a vault at Gringotts, this amazing limited edition collection features never-before-published art and text chronicling the making of the Harry Potter films”. It also states that the set will be limited to only 3,000 copies worldwide. Of course expanded, limited editions are always welcome in a Potter fans collection (Wizard’s Collection, anyone?), but this box set has a hefty price tag… 552GBP or approximately $880! It will have seven volumes (five directly related to the filmmaking process), a cloth bound copy of Harry Potter: Page to Screen, and a prop replica of The Monsters Book of Monsters. You can read all about the collection right here, on Amazon UK. What do you think of this new collection? Will you be saving up to purchase ... Read More »

‘Wizard’s Collection’ released in UK today – new video clips available here

Wizards Collection Full Map

The most comprehensive collection of Harry Potter merchandise in one package – the Wizard’s Collection – has been released today in the UK. This collection includes hours upon hours of new features including behind-the-scenes footage. To celebrate this monumental box set we have four brand new behind the scenes clips, including an exclusive interview piece with J.K. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe and a behind the scenes clip showing how Rupert Grint just couldn’t stop laughing on set! Three other new video clips are available here: Dan Radcliffe and JKR interview JKR and Steve Kloves – Harry’s Darkness Secrets Revealed! Quidditch: Potter Six MuggleNet has provided two reviews on the collection, which can be read here (Micah in the US) and here (Rosie in the UK). For all of the information we have on the Wizard’s Collection just go right here and click under the “Wizard’s Collection” tab. The set can be purchased online right here! Read More »

MuggleNet reviews ‘Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection’, set on sale in UK tomorrow


The Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection goes on sale tomorrow, September 10, in the UK and MuggleNet staffer Rosie got a chance to review the set! “This set is the most complete Potter movie experience, the only way to make it better would be to put on a screening of the set within the walls of Hogwarts itself. It really is a must have item and with its status as a limited edition, with only 63,000 being made…” The collection went on sale Friday here in the United States and MuggleNet got a sneak peak at the 19 lbs. box set that contains over 37 hours of special features. So take a walk-through of each compartment – some clearly visible, others not so much, and read a brief review of the close to five hours of new content contained on the Bonus Features disc. So go check out both of our reviews (US & UK) get your copy today! The set can be purchased online right here! Read More »

Australian version of ‘Wizard’s Collection’ missing key features – A fan review

Wizards Collection Full Map

If you are like many of the devoted Harry Potter fans that have been collecting the enormous amount of merchandise that Warner Brothers has been putting out over the years, then you are probably also going to be getting the new Wizard’s Collection Blu-ray/DVD set that is being released tomorrow here in the US. One of the main reasons fans are anxious for this collection is to complete one of the most spectacular special features that WB has produced: The 8-part Creating the World of Harry Potter that was only available on the Ultimate Editions collection. The first six parts were wonderfully designed and thoroughly enjoyable and it has made the fans hungry to see the last two parts: “Part 7: The Story” and “Part 8: Growing Up.” In a bold move, Warner Brothers advertised that the full 8-part story would be made available on the Wizard’s Collection, but they never announced the release dates of the final two Ultimate Editions. Many fans speculated that the only way to get these final two parts would be to get the Wizard’s Collection set. This caused fans reactions to be extremely unpleasant as seen in our comments on MuggleNet as well as ... Read More »

Video: New sneak peek of J.K. Rowling and Steve Kloves’ conversation from “Wizard’s Collection”


A new clip of the one-on-one conversation between J.K. Rowling and Steve Kloves from the upcoming Harry Potter Wizard's Collection has been released online. This featurette is part of the documentary, Creating the World of Harry Potter - Part 7: Story, that is included with the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 section of the collection. Read More »

Release date for “Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2” Ultimate Editions now set

deathly hallows poster

Many of you were wondering when the Ultimate Edition DVDs of the final "Potter" films would be released, and we may now have the answer! We're still waiting for confirmation and the artwork for the DVDs, but it looks like the wait is almost over! Read More »

“Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection” Exclusive Clip: Quidditch

wizard's collection

Warner Bros. has released a brand-new exclusive clip from the "Harry Potter Wizard's Collection" that is due out in stores September 7. In it, Tim Burke (VFX Supervisor), director David Yates, and Stephen Woolfenden (Second Unit Director) discuss how Quidditch came to life in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." Read More »

Video: Dan Radcliffe and J.K. Rowling extended clip to be featured on the “Wizard’s Collection”


On the special features of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" Blu-ray/DVD, an interview between Daniel Radcliffe and J.K. Rowling was featured. However, more from the interview will be showcased on the soon-to-be-released "Wizard's Collection" Blu-ray/DVD package, including the segment shown in this video clip. Read More »