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MISTI-Con call for formal programming now open!


MISTI-Con has announced that the call for formal programming is now open. There are over 100 hours to be filled, so make sure you get your wizard thinking caps on now, and submit your proposals. Read More »

Early-bird pricing for MISTI-Con available until September 1!

MISTI-Con 2015 Early Bird Banner

If you've been considering attending MISTI-Con in 2015, now is the time to register! Read More »

Registration now open for MISTI-Con 2015!

MISTI-Con 2015 Registration Banner

Registration for MISTI-Con 2015 is now open! If you've ever wanted to attend an immersive "Harry Potter" convention, you'll want to find out more about this one! Read More »

Poster released for new documentary about real life Quidditch, “Mudbloods”


The first poster has been released for the upcoming documentary about real life Quidditch - "Mudbloods". Check it out here. Read More »

Makers of “The Greater Good” want to bring Marauders to life in new fan film


Have you seen the fan-produced film "The Greater Good"? The creators are now looking to make a new short film called "Severus Snape and the Marauders". Check out their Facebook and Tumblr pages here for more information. Read More »

The MISTI-Con fan convention kicks off its fundraiser campaign


Are you looking forward to another BRILLIANT fan convention filled with the most dedicated "Harry Potter" fans? Want to spend a long weekend with the most devoted cosplayers, trivia gurus, and bookworms on the East Coast? Want to get to know the MuggleNet staff on a more personal level? Or do you just want to have the BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE? Then MISTI-Con is the fan convention for you! Read More »

Release date and new photos from NESCom’s “The Tale of the Three Brothers”

NESCom TotTB Death

Previously, we shared with you the official trailer for "The Tale of the Three Brothers", a special film based off of J.K. Rowling's story and produced by the New England School of Communications. Today, we have some incredible set pictures as well as a release date for the film's premiere! Read More »

Official trailer released for NESCom-produced “The Tale of the Three Brothers”


The first official trailer for the short film "The Tale of the Three Brothers" produced by the New England School of Communications has been released! See it here. Read More »

The Harry Potter Alliance’s “Accio Books!” campaign returns


This week, the Harry Potter Alliance launched its annual "Accio Books!" campaign, which through May 31 will be hosting a variety events across more than 70 of its chapters to support its yearly book drive. Since 2009, the Accio Books! campaign has collected over 100,000 books for underprivileged and underserved readers. This year, they plan to break all prior records with a goal of receiving 30,000 books donated. Read More »

Reminder: Chute 212 discount registration ends tomorrow!


Chute 212, a very exciting Harry Potter conference happening this July, in Santa Clara, CA is offering discounted registrations now through tomorrow. This will be the last chance for guests to register at the lowest available price for the conference. Don't miss out on the "Early Broom discount!" Read More »

MN interviews Chute 212 artistic director


Chute 212 is an upcoming Harry Potter conference scheduled to take place early this July. We have previously reported that the conference is looking for your ideas and how the conference center space will be transformed into an entire wizard town. Now, we would like to provide further information and detail on the town, in the form of an audio interview with Chute's artistic director Sidney Rice. Read More »

Our final word on the failed “Auror’s Tale” fan project

Auror's Tale

The film series Auror's Tale was labeled a fan-made film project and looked so promising from the very beginning. Auror's Tale would tell the tale of Aurors battling dark forces of evil within New York City's dark underground. Even their Kickstarter campaign managed to receive donations in the amount of $20,000, a complete success! Or so we thought. Read More »

Chute 212 wants your ideas for programming!


Last month, we told you about Chute 212, a Harry Potter conference with a focus on theatrics and education, taking place this July in the Bay Area. Luckily all attendees can take part directly in such events because the Call for Programming is now open! Further, Chute 212's directors are asking you to come up with a workshop, lecture, or discussion topic. Read More »

New fan film: “The Gathering Storm”


One of the most popular eras for fans to speculate about is the Marauders' era, with many exploring how the story of Harry Potter came to be. Now, a group of students from Emerson College in Boston, MA are making a fan film based on the story of Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs entitled The Gathering Storm. Find out how you can become a part of this film right here! Read More »

Fan project “The Heirs of Hogwarts”™ coming to the stage in Denver

Heirs of Hogwarts

Can't get enough of fan-made "Potter" parodies? Well, if you're in the Denver area, you're in luck because "The Heirs of Hogwarts: An Improvised Adventure" is returning to the Bovine Metropolis Theater. Read More »

“Harry Potter”: The BEST fandom on the planet?

Harry Potter fandom

A poll has opened up on a website called "Best Things on Earth" to decide the "Best Fandom on Earth." The Harry Potter universe is of course on the list, and at this moment, the fandom ranks in top place. There are not many votes, however, between all of the different fandoms. Read More »

Go behind the scenes of New England School of Communication’s “Three Brothers” adaptation!

The Three Brothers BTS

We posted back in October about NESCom's adaptation of "The Tale of the Three Brothers," and we've got the latest behind-the-scenes videos of their filming here for you now! Read More »

A fandom project funded by fans of “Harry Potter” gets canceled

Auror's Tale

Back in November of this past year, MuggleNet raised awareness to the fandom about a project titled Auror's Tale. It had so much potential in the beginning but had disappeared from sight, although it was never forgotten. Read More »

Fan creates Ministry of Magic website!


Harry Potter fan Andy Brown has brought the Ministry of Magic into the modern era by creating a very official-looking MoM website. Read More »

Message from Andrew Slack: Support the Harry Potter Alliance and the Project for Awesome


From Andrew Slack, CEO of The Harry Potter Alliance: "Right now we need the exceptional talent and energy of MuggleNet readers at the table for Project for Awesome. Nerdfighters and the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck has become one of our organization's key benefactors, but earning a grant requires the entire HPA community pitching in with votes and social media shares." Read More »