“Harry Potter” fan proposes with a Golden Snitch


Having been part of this fandom for years, we've all heard about fans getting hitched at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, at movie release parties, or even at King's Cross station. But on the Quidditch pitch? Read More »

International Movie Festival in Beijing to host “Harry Potter” Movie Marathon

harry potter chinese

Warner Brothers has confirmed to us that at the International Movie Festival in Beijing, China, they will be playing all eight Harry Potter films back to back. Read More »

Add a little magic to your breakfast with these “Harry Potter” cereals!


Sean Clark - art-maker, comic illustrator, and eagle scout according to his Tumblr page - has created a variety of Potterized cereal boxes for your viewing pleasure. Read More » questions “What Would a Rational Gryffindor Read?”


Measure of Doubt is a website dedicated to theoretical discussions and evaluating brain puzzles about philosophy, math and the sciences, but recently they have turned their analytical gaze to Harry Potter. The topic? What would a rational Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin read? Read More »

Fall River, MA library hosts “Harry Potter Night”


The days of midnight book releases for Harry Potter may be over, but one library in Massachusetts is keeping the spirit alive by hosting Harry Potter Night. On April 18, Fall River Public Library will host an event geared towards fans of the boy wizard. Read More »

The woman who brought “Potter” to Alnwick Castle honored at “Royal Television Awards”


The Production Service Manager for Northern Film & Media was heralded as an 'unsung hero' to Northern English production services with her work bringing countless film and television production companies to the area, providing local jobs and placing the North East on the global stage for film and television production. Read More »

Fandom Crossover: “Harry Potter” meets “Men in Black”


Distinguished head of the Auror Office - Harry Potter - has recently issued a change of attire for all employed aurors of the Ministry of Magic, which closely parallels the dress of the Men in Black - yet another fighting force (first seen in the late 90s) that is dedicated to preserving peace between the humans of Earth and the aliens that live among them. Read More »

Enter to win a collectible “Harry Potter” prize pack!


The National Entertainment & Collectibles Association (NECA) - one of the world leaders in high end toys and collectibles manufacturing - is now running a giveaway just for Harry Potter fans. Read More »

“Potter” stars to attend MCM Birmingham Comic Con and Memorabilia


The MCM Birmingham Comic Con & Memorabilia is just around the corner, taking place on March 16 and 17. Tons of special guests are lined up for the two-day event, including a few Potter stars. Read More »

Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army to hold 2nd Annual “Harry Potter Skating Night” in April


The Los Angeles Dumbledore’s Army, the second largest Harry Potter fan group in the United States, has once again teamed up with Moonlight Rollerway located at 5110 San Fernando Road in Glendale, CA, to create an unforgettable evening for Harry Potter fans of all ages. Read More »

Fan creates detailed Hogwarts castle in Sims 3


Today we're featuring a video from YouTube user wisteriabrayan who has built Hogwarts within Sims 3, a popular video game which allows users to build every part of the virtual landscape. Read More »

Check out our friends at BiblioFiend – A comprehensive Young and New Adult Fiction website


If you are like most Harry Potter fans, you are also a huge fan of Young and New Adult Fiction books and film adaptations that are circulating in the world's mainstream today. Now, some of the MuggleNet staff members and other individuals have come together to provide you the new website BiblioFiend. Read More »

See “Potter” fan Luca lament over his Post Potter Depression

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

It's been happening to all of us, but ever since the Harry Potter series ended sadness has gripped the fandom, as if a pack of Dementors had been let free on the entire Harry Potter nation. Then again, if Harry Potter was truly over, you probably wouldn't be frequenting this website. Read More »

“9 Reasons Harry Potter Wipes the Floor with Lord of The Rings” – A fan rebuttal


Last week, MuggleNet ran a story covering a certain post that originated on about how Harry Potter was a better book series than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, written by J.R.R Tolkien years ago. After publishing that story, we expected a strong response from the Harry Potter fandom - and you guys didn't disappoint. Read More »

Fan builds complete LEGO Hogwarts out of 400,000 bricks


It happened last October, but the details are only just being released now about the Harry Potter-themed LEGO build that took home both the "People's Choice" and "Best in Show" awards at BrickCon2012. Read More »

Featured Video of the Day: “Movie mistakes of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”

Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone

We all know the Harry Potter movies aren't perfect - occasionally camera-workers appear in the background, or Harry's scar mysteriously disappears - but have you ever tried to compile a list of all the mistakes you've found in a single list? Read More »

Take a listen: “Harry Potter and the Half-Dub Remix”

Harry And Hedwig

It's Saturday, and for some that means a breather from the work week with a night of lighthearted fun! But if you're having a party - or even just hanging out with friends - why not bring some Harry Potter magic into your night's playlist? Read More »

tessaROXX lists “100 Harry Potter Things To Do When You’re Not At Hogwarts”


In today's featured video, YouTube celeb tessaRoxx comes up with 100 things Potter fans can do in spite of not being able to go to Hogwarts, submitting such gems as "Ride an imaginary hippogriff" and "Randomly have a spaz-attack and clutch your forehead." Read More »

Beetle bears uncanny resemblance to Golden Snitch


It's almost as if Professor McGonagall transfigured the Snitch into a beetle! The U.K.'s Daily Mail has recently noted a resemblance between the Golden Tortoise Beetle and Quidditch's most sought-after prize. Read More »

Video Feature of the Day: “Awkward Voldemort Moments”


The Harry Potter fandom is in consensus about one thing - Ralph Fiennes played an excellent Lord Voldemort in WB's epic film series. That said, however, most fans also agree that there were some strange moments within those movies where the Fiennes-version of Voldemort did some pretty weird things. Read More »