Video Feature of the Day: “Awkward Voldemort Moments”


The Harry Potter fandom is in consensus about one thing - Ralph Fiennes played an excellent Lord Voldemort in WB's epic film series. That said, however, most fans also agree that there were some strange moments within those movies where the Fiennes-version of Voldemort did some pretty weird things. Read More »

“Harry Potter” paintings go on display in Chichester Library


Terry Greenwall, a portrait artist living in Chichester has painted a series of oil paint portraits of several of the Harry Potter characters. During the week, these paintings will be on display at the Chichester Library on Tower Street. Read More »

“Potter” filming locations are top choice among tourists traveling within the UK


From Platform 9 3/4, to the Great Hall, to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, the locations of the Harry Potter films have become celebrities in their own rights, complete with screaming fans and insane queues. Not surprisingly, Yahoo! Movies reports that Harry Potter tours for visitors rank at the top of the UK's popular attractions. Read More »

Watch this “Harry Potter” themed fan video remix to Matisyahu’s “One Day”

Jesus Christ and Harry Potter

This video gave me the chills (in a cool way) so I thought it would be a good idea to share it with the world via MuggleNet. Submitted to us by YouTube user Eli Neiman, this Harry Potter themed remix creates a collage of scenes from all eight of the magical films while Matisyahu's "One Day" plays in the background. Read More »

See Hermione take on a class of underprivileged students in this video


In my experience surfing the web, CollegeHumor videos are among some of the funniest, especially when they're tied back to Harry Potter. See what happens in this video, "Dangerous Wands," when one teacher from out of town tries to convince a group of underprivileged witches and wizards that they too can be great at magic. Read More »

Father builds complete “Harry Potter” themed kitchen for daughter

harry potter kitchen

As hardcore fans, when someone gets you a 'Harry Potter' themed gift of some sort you can't help but get excited - especially when that person makes the gift for you. Today we are featuring a fan named Ellison who has built a kitchen for his daughter. Read More »

Need a date this Valentine’s Day? Try these magical pick-up lines!


Here at MuggleNet, we are huge fans of love, because every Harry Potter fan knows that deep down - at its core - that's exactly what J.K. Rowling's book series is really about. So why not find your valentine today using a little Harry Potter magic? We've found some pick-up lines that might do the trick! Read More »

Gamer builds Hogwarts castle in “Minecraft”

Hogwarts minecraft

Minecraft, is an online interactive game where players work together to build the landscape of the game itself and then fight off monsters and go on adventures within that environment. Today we are featuring gamer and 'Potter' fan SamCordingley, who has opted to model his Minecraft landscape after Hogwarts castle. Read More »

Severus Snape makes short appearance in recent “Simpsons” episode


During the recent Valentine's Day episode of The Simpsons on network television, the wildly popular Benedict Cumberbatch pulled off two iconic British movie voice-over representations. Read More »

Check out this magical twist on Peter Jackson’s, “The Hobbit”

HP 3 TRL 3 (1 51) Surround 1876.tif

Many Harry Potter (who also happened to be Hobbit fans) gathered in cinemas around the world when Peter Jackson's prequel to J. R. R. Tolkien's epic series, "The Lord of the Rings" appeared in theaters last December. While some Potter fans may have truly enjoyed this movie, I was not a huge fan, and found it lacking just a little magic. Read More »

CinemaSins finds everything wrong with “Harry Potter” (in 3 minutes or less)


Are the Harry Potter movies awesome? Clearly. But according to the folks running the popular YouTube channel CinemaSins, the films are not free of sin! Yesterday they released a video assessing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and came up with a grand total of 43 mistakes in the film. Read More »

Learn how YOU can be Daniel Radcliffe in this hilarious new video

Bad Teeth Daniel Radcliffe

Ever wondered what it was like to be Daniel Radcliffe? Or, perhaps, you want to have a career just like his? Well, Dan decided it was time to help those of you who do, in fact, want to be just like him. Read More »

Watch this “Harry Potter” animation made from 1,800 index cards

harry potter animation

A warning: this video may make you tear up a bit. Yesterday, I received a link to this video from Potter fan and YouTube animator Kristina - read here what she had this to say about it. Read More »

Harry and Hagrid spotted on a bus in Sweden!


Just yesterday, a redditor riding on a bus in Gavle, Sweden found something very strange. Reddit user Inphobiuz1 snapped this photograph of two people sitting ahead who look startlingly similar to Harry Potter and Rubeus Hagrid. Read More »

Watch this epic fan video – “Harry Potter: This is War”

battlehogwarts is no stranger to the fan video. This video created by agentofCHAOS13x has got to be one of the most epic Harry Potter film montages this news poster has ever had the privilege to see. Read More »

VIDEO: Ohio State University now offers “Harry Potter” fitness class


College courses exploring the text of Harry Potter have become more and more common in recent years, but Ohio State University might be the first to offer a Hogwarts-themed fitness class! Read More »

Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall visit Platform 9 3/4

Prince of Wales Duchess of Cornwall platform 934

It's a good thing Platform 9 3/4 is sealed from Muggles, or else Hogwarts could be receiving two new visitors as Prince Charles and Camilla stopped for a photoshoot at King's Cross station in London. Read More »

Fan makes “Potter” song parody of “Cups” by Anna Kendrick

Kate Parkin

Her new video parody today presents a rewrite of "Cups" - the song made popular by Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick. In the video Weasley Sweaters sings completely a cappella while creating a rhythm using a cup against the table, just as Kendrick does in the movie. Read More »

Take a magical trip with HP Fan Trips this summer – choose from three amazing packages


Are you looking to experience the magical places seen within the Harry Potter films with other Potter fans? Then book your vacations this summer to enjoy one of the brilliant tours with HP Fan TripsTM today. Read More »

Father builds authentic Weasley clock to keep track of his family


Today we're featuring a clock one fan has manufactured to keep watch on his family, which looks and functions almost exactly like Molly Weasley's magical clock in J.K. Rowling's fantasy series. The "Harry Potter Wherabouts Clock" is nearly identical to the Burrow clock in every respect, in fact, except it doesn't use magic to locate family members - it uses Twitter. Read More »