Half-Blood Prince set report from contest winner

UPDATE: An English translation has been posted at the link at the bottom of the post. BIG thanks to Sept19, who's translation we're using. Thanks also goes to everyone else who translated: Dennis, Cristina, Kate, Mery, Penélope, Alli, Wilmer, Maria, Ljane, and Diego! A news channel in Mexico recently awarded a lucky Potter fan the chance to visit Leavesden Studios last month. She did just that, and recently posted a small set report online. One interesting tidbit: there is already a small portrait hanging for Dumbledore in his office. This seconds what was said in this report from London Taxi Tours, stating the Dumbledore death scenes have been shot. The report was written in Spanish and accompanied by a picture of Matt Lewis, Katie Leung, and a couple contest winners in the Great Hall. A full translation can be found at the link below. Read More »

London Taxi Tours provides HBP filming updates

The infamous London Taxi Tours has updated with some news concerning filming for Half-Blood Prince: We know they have filmed Dumbledore’s death and the Quidditch has also been filmed, which might explain why the cranes are now gone. We also know that the Malfoy’s house is under construction. A few new pictures of a huge set outside of Leavesden Studios are also available on their website. Thanks to The Portkey for the tip! Read More »

Rowling honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Earlier this evening author J.K. Rowling attended the Galaxy British Book Awards in London where she received the Lifetime Achievement Award. According to the site, the award “recognizes an enduringly popular author whose books have made an outstanding contribution to contemporary literature.” Prime Minister Gordon Brown had nothing but praise for Rowling: “She has joined a distinguished line of British authors whose work has got the whole country reading. Her books will be read for many years to come by successive generations.” Thanks to HPANA and everyone who e-mailed for the tip! Read More »

Amazon offers chance to read Beedle the Bard

Back in December, Amazon purchased JK Rowling's Tales of Beedle the Bard for $3.98 million in a charity auction. The online retailer promised they would work on some plans, and today they've announced a new contest that will let you fly to London and read the tales yourself! For more details on how to enter (you must be 13 or older), click here! Good luck to everyone who enters, and thanks to everyone who e-mailed with the tip! Read More »

Equus on Broadway to begin September 5th

Back in November we told you that Equus, a very mature play featuring Dan Radcliffe (Harry) and Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon), will be coming to Broadway. We've now learned that the play will commence previews on September 5th, with opening night falling on September 25th. It will run for 22 weeks, ending on February 8th (just under two years from when Dan made his Equus debut). Thanks to everyone who e-mailed with the tip! Read More »

Dan Radcliffe fans: Help wish Dan a Happy 19th!

Our friends at have kicked off a new fundraiser for the Demelza Children's Hospice Fund in celebration of Dan's 19th birthday. Each year, Dan asks his fans to donate to Demelza instead of sending him gifts. has a fun new way to do it for 2008: Rather than just send in your wishes once you donate, we'd like you to get a little creative. Think of your favourite line from any film, or think of a line that most reminds you of Daniel. Send it in along with your name and country and be included in our Reel Love production right here for everyone to see! To participate in their Reel Love 19th Birthday Project, click here! Read More »

Prince Charles Birthday Book to include DH extract

Last week we told you about a piece of work appearing in The Birthday Book to mark Prince Charles' 60th birthday. Now, is reporting that the piece of work will be an extract from Deathly Hallows. What's more, it will be illustrated by British cartoonist and illustrator Quentin Blake. Thanks to Pruneau for the tip! Read More »

Regulus Black actor talks Half-Blood Prince filming

Potterish has a new interview with Tom Moorcroft, the actor who will be playing Regulus Black in Half-Blood Prince. In it, they talk about the scene Moorcroft filmed, his relationship with David Yates, and a possible role in Deathly Hallows: Do you have any information about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, where your character has a big role during the books? No information as of yet, I gather that right now they’re concentrating on the Half Blood Prince. It would make sense to use the same actor again to save confusion, but I personally have no idea. I would like to get called back though. See the full interview right here. Thanks again to Potterish! Read More »

OOTP costumes on display at LA Costume Design Exhibition

UPDATE: Kneazle sent in a very detailed report of her visit, having seen us report about it here. Check it out on the “Read More…” link below! Thanks to MuggleNet reader Rose for letting us know that the 16th Annual Art of Motion Picture Costume Design Exhibition is ending on April 12th, and may be of interest to Potter fans. On display from Order of the Phoenix are Tonks’ final battle outfit, Umbridge’s pink skirt/suit outfit, Lucius Malfoy’s outfit, a Death Eater outfit, and Voldemort’s cloak. The display is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is free to the public. Several costumes from other films are also on display, including Sweeney Todd, Beowulf, Enchanted, and Hairspray. Find more information at their website! Thanks again to Rose for the tip. Read More »

Third photo from Emma Watson photo shoot online

The third and final photo from Emma Watson's Warner Brothers photo shoot is now online. Check it out here! Thanks to everyone who e-mailed with the tip. Read More »

Second photo from new Emma shoot online

The second photo from a recent official Warner Bros. photoshoot with Emma Watson is now online at Check it out here in our gallery! Read More »

Piece by JKR to appear in Prince Charles birthday book

The London Times reports today that “writing by Anthony Horowitz, Philip Pullman and J. K. Rowling will appear in The Birthday Book, to be published by The Prince’s Foundation for Children & the Arts to mark the Prince of Wales’s 60th birthday.” We'll let you know as soon as we have more information. Thanks to those who emailed! Read More »


In case you didn't realize it by now, we decided to spend the day coming up with lots of fun news stories that could probably happen in the Wizarding World (Yes, including sex scandals, alcohol abuse, and steroid use). Thanks goes out to Emerson, Micah, and Matt for writing these stories. Also, for all of you MuggleCast listeners, the announcement that we'd be putting Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia discussions into our show was a prank. We fooled lots of you, and we feel bad for those people who e-mailed us lengthly explanations for why it was a really good/bad idea. We'd NEVER bore you with those other books. We hope you enjoyed all of the stories for this year's April Fools, not to mention Fred and George's birthday! Read More »

WB announces animated Potter television series

With Half-Blood Prince premiering this Fall and a two part Deathly Hallows film scheduled to be released by 2011, Warner Brothers has announced today that JK Rowling's upcoming Harry Potter Encyclopedia is in the works to become a possible three season animated series. Producer David Heyman noted, “We have one last opportunity to do Potter justice, and we are going to spend plenty of time on this one to make sure we leave this franchise satisfied. We chose animation to keep the Wizarding World just as limitless as in the books.” The WB publicity department was quick to note that this is not one last money making opportunity. Rather, the movie studio is very well aware that fans will not be ready to give up Potter once the second part of Deathly Hallows is released. “With that in mind,” notes one publicist (name not given), “we want everyone to get a Potter filling for years to come.” While no details are official, insiders tell us the series will be a collage of scenes inspired by facts revealed in Rowling's Encyclopedia. Season 1 is slated to be released between late 2012 and early 2013. Read More »

Ginny Weasley exposes steroid use in Quidditch

After retiring from the world of Quidditch as one of most respected and celebrated players in the history of the sport, Ginny Weasley has written a book exposing the rampant use of wizarding growth hormone in the professional Quidditch world. She gave us a sneak peak at the tell-all exposé: “WGH is being used to strengthen beaters so they have a better aim at their targets and make sure they take a good fall. Widespread WGH use is responsible for the increasing rate and horrifying severity of injuries sustained on the field.” When asked if any well-known professional Quidditch players are implicated in the scandal, Weasley, the Daily Prophet's Senior Wizarding Sports Correspondent, remains conspiscuously silent, promising only to expect surprises. Read More »

Aberforth Dumbledore arrested for illegal goat trafficking

The younger brother of world-renowned wizard Albus Dumbledore was arrested this morning outside the Hog’s Head for his involvement in an underground illegal goat trafficking ring. Madam Rosmerta noticed an alarming number of goats walking limply around Hogsmeade one afternoon and decided to alert the Ministry. It was later discovered that the goats who failed to show Aberforth considerable attention were fated to enter an outside pen, which served a holding area until they were taken underground at night and had various charms performed on them. The Ministry seized what looked to be plans for an undeground goat fighting league. A rather irritated Aberforth said it was his way of showing them “tough love” and the animals spoke to him in a way humans never could. Read More »

Shake ups in the Wizard Rock world

On top of all of the news we've been bringing you today out of the wizarding world, it's time to highlight a big part of our fandom that looks to be crumbling apart quickly. Several Wizard Rock bands have announced major changes to their bands. Here are a few of them: – Harry and the Potters have announced they will be breaking up and releasing solo albums. – The Remus Lupins have announced they will be changing to The Snapes. Additionally, Alex will no longer give hugs. – The Whomping Willows, who is made up of solely one person (Matt), will be breaking up. No word yet on how one person splits up his own band, or a reunion. – Draco and the Malfoys have announced that they are actually the Original Harry and the Potters. If any more disturbing announcements occur, we'll let you know here. Update: The Whomping Willows have announced that the earlier announcement was, in fact, an April Fools joke designed to draw attention to their real news: Warner Brothers has signed Matt on to an exclusive recording contract and will be setting him up as the “Official Band of Wizard Rock.” His new name will ... Read More »

Apple announces WiPhone, an all-in-one Wizard device

Apple, Inc. today introduced WiPhone, combining four products – a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a breakthrough Internet communications device, and a first-class spell encyclopedia. WiPhone introduces an entirely new user interface based on a large multi-touch display and wand recognition system allowing the user to control the device based on finger and wand movement. “WiPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile Wizarding phone,” says Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. “Wizards are all born with two ultimate pointing devices – their fingers and their wands – and iPhone uses them both to create the most revolutionary user interface since the Accio spell.” WiPhone, to be released June 29th, 2008, will cost 103 galleons, 8 sickles, and 12 knuts. It will be available at Apple's two recently opened Wizard stores located in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley. Read More »

Hogwarts groundskeeper a smash hit on FOX reality show

After years of tending to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, everyone’s favorite half-giant is making a name for himself on television. Are You Smarter Than Rubeus Hagrid? airs every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on FOX. Host Jeff Foxworthy said the show is a great success and is nearing the viewership of hit reality TV show American Idol. While the contestants tend to outwit Hagrid on the Q&A section, the hands-on portion of the show where they are asked to tame a Blast-Ended Skrewt, usually show that Rubeus ain’t as dumb as he looks. Read More »

Trelawney recovers from alcohol addiction

Following the fall of Voldemort, Professor Sibyl Trelawney has given up the bottle. Known for her occasional sherry drinking episodes while teaching Divination at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Trelawney has now been dry for many years. “It hasn't been easy, but one must understand the pressure of possessing the inner eye. Around the time of the Dark Lord, so many thoughts were running rampant through my mind. It drove me to indulge in the special sauce a little too much.” Trelawney's sponsor, who requested to remain anonymous, says that she has been known to still have the occasional outburst. “From time to time, Sibyl will have a vision that disturbs her to the point of running to the alcohol closet in hopes of drinking [visions] away.” The picture above depicts Sibyl recently attempting to get her hands on a bottle of Grey Goose. Thankfully, Professor McGonagall was present to hold back Sibyl when she had a vision, so no damage was done. Our thoughts are with Trelawney as she continues to make a full recovery. Read More »