Nighy to start filming next week

Earlier this month, Bill Nighy confirmed his role as Rufus Scrimgeour for the final Potter movies. In an interview with BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat, he revealed that scenes with his character as the newest Minister of Magic will begin in the next week. “I start filming next week and I've been in for costume fittings and things. I can't tell you too much about it because they do literally, I think they kill me or take my house or something if I tell you anything too much. And for good reasons, so that it all comes as a bit of a surprise.” Read More »

G-Force beats out Half-Blood Prince at box office

The Associated Press is reporting that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came in second at the U.S box office this weekend, behind Disney's G-Force. The sixth installment in the Harry Potter franchise has now made $222 million total, which is $14 million ahead of where part five, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” was after 12 days in theaters in 2007. And this week, “Half-Blood Prince” will start showing on 166 IMAX screens, which the last “Harry Potter” movie did from the start. Half-Blood Prince opens in IMAX July 29. Read More »

Yates talks Potter series, finale with Vanity Fair

Director David Yates recently spoke with Vanity Fair, where he discusses the decision to split Deathly Hallows, the challenge of adding an additional scene in Half-Blood Prince, as well as the series in general. When asked about the task of having to please millions of fans: “It’s a very difficult juggling act but you just do your very best to make the film as in-the-moment as possible and you have to make certain choices, which are difficult at times, which just make that adaptation fit more into that cinematic experience in the theater.” On knowing he will have directed the majority of Potter films: “I’m really cool about that. It sort of raises the bar somewhat when I leave Potter and I move on and start doing other stuff.” Thanks to Tom for sending this in! Read More »

Nicholas Hooper will not compose Deathly Hallows

You may remember earlier this month there were rumors that Nicholas Hooper would not return to compose Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and we can now confirm that he, in fact, is stepping down. iF: After two POTTER movies, and I imagine the next two, do you hope to bring your own wealth of themes to Harry that will be as memorable as the music that started it all? HOOPER: I have made the decision not to do the next two HARRY POTTER films. I’ll be handing the baton on to another composer. It has been a roller coaster ride, and, I feel, an enormous privilege to have the opportunity to have scored such great films and such a fantastic story. Read More »

Early look at the Wizarding World theme park?

Well, not exactly. Actually, I found the most hilarious bootleg Harry Potter ride I've ever seen at my local fair. Check it out: “Raiders of Hogwarts U” Harry riding a centaur Harry making a potion using his copy of “Hogwarts U Book on Potions” Read More »

Malcom Gladwell totally looks like Prof. Trelawney

Mediate matches 30 news anchors, talk show hosts, and other “media muggles” with their Harry Potter equivalents. It's like a Harry Potter edition of Totally Looks Like, except with personality included. Funny stuff: Anderson Cooper: Fleur Delacour (“That silvery hair…those bewitching eyes…how could you not be transfixed?”) Chris Matthews: Mad-Eye Moody (“He barks. He blurts. He sometimes seems a little nuts. Need we say more?”) Bill O'Reilly: Draco Malfoy Martha Stewart: Molly Weasley Brian Williams: Gilderoy Lockhart Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Fred and George Weasley Go read the rest! Read More »

More Deathly Hallows cast updates

Several actors have confirmed their return in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in recent days and here's a quick summary: * Stanislav Ianevski (Viktor Krum) * Joshua Herdman (Gregory Goyle) * Louis Cordice (Blaise Zabini) * Angelica Mandy (Gabrielle Delacour) * Katie Leung (Cho Chang) Speculate away! And make sure to check out our Deathly Hallows movie section for the latest news. Many thanks to Snitch Seeker! Read More »

Happy birthday Dan Radcliffe!

Dan Radcliffe is celebrating his 20th birthday today! All of us here at MuggleNet would like to wish him a very happy birthday! Leave him your birthday wishes in the comments. Read More »

LA Times blog: The Making of Fenrir Greyback

In a new The Los Angeles Times blog post, special makeup designer Nick Dudman discusses his work on werewolf Fenrir Greyback. He notes that it was difficult since actor David Legeno was cast late in the process and that 10 people were assigned just to this project. “For Greyback, Dudman's team spent seven months stockpiling a supply of multi-piece silicone makeup to be applied to the actor's head and chest, with each bit of goat hair individually punched into the makeup.” It took about 5 1/2 days to apply the hairs for one set of makeup that would be used for only one day of shooting. Read More »

Harry Potter and Generation Y

The New York Times has posted a new article on Harry Potter's importance to Generation Y. Here's an excerpt: The continuing pull of all things Potter is a testament to the franchise’s enduring sway. But it also seems like something else: the advent of Generation Y nostalgia. … Let the boomers have their 40th anniversary of Woodstock. Let Generation X commemorate the 15 years since Kurt Cobain shot himself. For Generation Y – those born roughly between 1980 and 2003 – it’s the pop culture of the late ’90s and early 2000s that makes them wistful. What do you think? Is Harry Potter our Peter Pan? Read More »

Behind-the-scenes of Knockturn Alley

Access Hollywood was on the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince during the filming of the Knockturn Alley scene, where the trio spy on Malfoy and his mother. Check them out a deleted scene and cast interviews here and here. Read More »

Notes from Azkatraz

Book critic Lev Grossman made a hilarious blog post on, describing his Azkatraz visit for everyone who did not have the chance to attend the convention this past week. Here are some of his comments: Harry Potter fans are really nice and friendly and clever. They also stay up too late and drink way too much. Chris Rankin was here, who plays Percy Weasley in the movies. He is in fact a nice and regular dude, who hung out in the evenings despite the incessant squeeing from fangirls. He also did a karaoke performance of “Summer Lovin'” from Grease. UPDATE: Here's video of said performance. Thanks to Ronbon! Read More »

Quidditch hits colleges recently featured a recent trend in colleges around the country–Muggle Quidditch. The article focuses on two crafty college students who figured out ways to play the game, despite the setbacks of being non-magical, and wrote a book entitled “Intercollegiate Quidditch Rules and Guide-Book.” “If you have opened this book, chances are you are least partly interested in playing Quidditch. And anyone who is at least partly interested can all too easily become as passionate about it as I am.” “Quidditch is something that makes people undeniably happy,” the intro continues. “The childlike freedom that comes with playing and watching it is something unprecedented.” Check out the rest of the story here. Read More »

Harry Potter: The Exhibition headed to Boston

The Boston Globe is reporting this morning the next stop for Harry Potter: The Exhibition will be at the Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. Opening day is set for October 25 and tickets can be purchased online. The exhibit will remain at The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago until September 27. If you're looking for more on the exhibit itself, be sure to check out our report from MuggleNet staff member Eric Scull or listen to his review on Episode 174 of MuggleCast. UPDATE: You can now see some pictures from the press conference below: – Museum's Boston President makes announcement to local Potter fans – Boston Exhibition Poster – Museum's Senior Curator with Sigmund (Museum's Great Horned Owl) Read More »

Half-Blood Prince nominated for Teen Choice Award

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been nominated in the category of Summer: Movie-Action Adventure at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. The sixth film is up against the likes of Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and X Men Origins: Wolverine. Fans ages 13-19 are allowed to cast their vote every day. So head on over to their site and get voting! Make sure to click on the “Summer” tab to take you to the page with Half-Blood Prince. The 2009 Teen Choice Awards air Monday, August 10 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. Thanks to Stacey for the tip! Read More »

WB rolls out Half-Blood Prince on Twitter

For all of you with Twitter accounts out there, Warner Bros. has developed a new application for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where you can send some magic to your followers. Check it out right here! Read More »

Waylett ordered to do community service

A few days ago, Jamie Waylett pleaded guilty to growing 10 cannabis plants in his home. Today, the BBC is reporting that the actor has been sentenced to 120 hours of community service. Waylett made a statement as he left the court: “I extend my sincere apologies to the producers, cast and crew and all at Warners and most especially to all Harry Potter fans.” Read More »

Emma Watson confirms attendance at Brown University


For a long time now, rumors have been swirling concerning where actress Emma Watson will attend school in the United States. She has finally confirmed which school in a new interview with Paste Magazine: Paste: You are off to University in the autumn. Watson: I am-to Brown, which is an Ivy League establishment in the U.S.A. I’ve got a place there to read literature. Paste: Was that a deliberate career choice? Watson: Oh yes, very definitely. I hope to do quite well with my A Levels [she’s being modest-she achieved straight A’s in her chosen subjects, English literature, geography and art, as well as seven A’s and three A* at GCSE level] and they’ve provisionally accepted me, so I’m off to study. Read More »

25% off at WBshop

To celebrate the recently-released Half-Blood Prince movie, Warner Bros. is offering 25% off Harry Potter official merchandise until tonight at midnight! Simply enter coupon code WAND25 on the shopping cart page. Also, free shipping on orders of $60 or more! Read More »

HBP conjures up $396.7 million in five days

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince continues to put up impressive numbers at the box office. The sixth installment has made $159.7 million domestically since its Wednesday night opening, and added another $237 million worldwide. This brings Potter's total to an impressive $396.7 million in just five days. Compared to its predecessor: The sixth movie about the young wizard came in $20 million ahead of the last movie, 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,' which grossed $139.7 million domestically in its first five days two years ago. The film had the second-highest start ever for a movie premiering on Wednesday. Read More »