MuggleCast #169: A Vision From Benlawney

The Japanese Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer made its way online this morning, and MuggleCast was LIVE on Ustream with over 500 listeners to discuss our thoughts. – We attempt to hit 10,000 members on MuggleSpace while on the air. – Have Michael Gambon and Emma Watson changed their tune for this film? – Live callers tell us what their favorite parts of the trailer are. – We give the MPAA a call to see why it was rated PG. – Hagrid calls in to ask Laura a serious question. – When will the next trailer be out? Ben has a vision. Special thanks to Ustream and Lucas, Jeremy, Sam, and Milan for modding the chat room. To download for free, we recommend subscribing through Apple iTunes. Just CLICK HERE and then press “Subscribe” to the right of our album art. (Already subscribed? Refresh your feed!) No iPod or MP3 player needed! You can also visit the MuggleCast website to listen right within your browser, or to download the MP3 file to your desktop. Enjoy! Read More »

Japanese Half-Blood Prince trailer now online

The Half-Blood Prince trailer that we told you about on Sunday has made its way online in video form (finally!) via YouTube. You can check it out at the “read more” link below! The video still has the Japanese narration, so don't expect the wonderful quality of the officially released trailers. You can view it right here. Thanks to Chris and Penny for the tip! TRANSLATION: Are you fluent in the Japanese language? We're looking for a translation of the voice over in the trailer. If you can write one for us, send it in to tips at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Thanks! UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who sent in a translation! Overall most of you had similar translations, so here is the culmination of what you've sent in. Thanks to Sana, Cassia, Shona, Kristi, and Yukina! Read More »

Follow-up: the Half-Blood Prince trailer with Inkheart

Earlier this week we told you about a new Japanese Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince trailer and rumors that a new trailer was slated for release with Inkheart tomorrow. At this point, we're going to place our bets on the trailer with Inkheart NOT being a new one. We've heard from two movie theater employees that have helped us figure this out. One, a manager at a large theater chain, tells us that Warner Brothers has attached the trailer that premiered with Twilight a couple of months ago. The other theater employee tells us that the trailer is attached to the Inkheart reel itself – which may suggest it's new. However, no official word from WB leaves us doubtful. In related news, six more images have surfaced online from the Japanese Half-Blood Prince trailer. You can see those right here on Oclumencia. Thanks to Sam, Kime, and Rob for the tips! Read More »

Italian Half-Blood Prince release date set

Warner Brothers Italy has announced that the Italian release date for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is set for July 15th, 2009. You can read the press release right here on Thanks to Snitch Seeker and Sam W. for the tip! Read More »

Emma reveals DH test shooting begins this Monday

The official website of Emma Watson has been updated with a new message from the Hermione Granger actress. In it, she talks about an upcoming SAT test for American universities and notes that she'll be doing test shoots for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this Monday: On Monday I go in for test shoots for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1). I am quite excited to be back actually. I don't think I have seen Dan since the summer since he left for NY and Rupert since Autumn. I think I have a couple of costume fittings and a hair appointment to make my hair a bit browner. Not sure whether we have a couple rehearsals as well. Excited to see if they have cast anyone yet… Read her full diary entry right here. This is the first we've heard of the test shoots, and we'll let you know if we hear anything else! Thanks to Tasha for the tip. Read More »

Rupert fears kiss with Emma in Deathly Hallows

In a new interview with The Telegraph, Rupert Grint looks ahead to his upcoming kiss scene with Emma Watson in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: “As I've known Emma for so long, I reckon it will be 10 times worse,” says the 20-year-old actor, who plays Ron Weasley. “I really love the seventh book, but there is no way it will be tame with the Hermione stuff.” The kiss, which is due to be filmed next month, should have been a walk in the park for Grint after his graphic performance opposite Kimberley Nixon, a 23-year-old Welsh actress, in the forthcoming film Cherrybomb. You can read the full interview right here! Thanks to Sam, Evan, and Emily for the tip. Read More »

New HBP trailer in Japan – hitting US theaters Friday?

Japanese Potter fansite Pottermania has posted photos from what appears to be a brand new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In them (no video… yet), we see several new scenes: Harry and Slughorn enjoying a party, Harry and Dumbledore in the cave, Bellatrix attacking Hagrid's Hut, and Snape on the Astronomy tower with Harry. What's more, is reporting that the last full trailer for Half-Blood Prince is expected to premiere in the US this Friday in front of Inkheart. Could this Japanese trailer be one we'll see? Please note that this is just a rumor for now, but we're currently trying to confirm with Warner Brothers. We'll keep you updated! Thanks to Peyton for the tip. Read More »

MuggleCast #168: LIVE and Rated PG

Recorded earlier tonight with close to 900 people listening live (amid our technical problems – sorry about that! We know why it happened.. we'll be sure there's no problem next time), the latest episode of our Harry Potter podcast is now available! – Eric, having already seen the film, tells us if HBP's PG rating is justified. – Nick points out that the HBP trailers in the UK are rated 12A. – What does this mean for the film's UK rating? – Main discussion: What to expect for 2009? – Will we see Jo's encyclopedia or at least get news on it? – Are COS and POA anniversary editions coming this year? – Live calls! Special thanks to Ustream and Lucas, Jeremy, Terrance, and Stephanie for modding the chat room. To download for free, we recommend subscribing through Apple iTunes. Just CLICK HERE and then press “Subscribe” to the right of our album art. (Already subscribed? Refresh your feed!) No iPod or MP3 player needed! You can also visit the MuggleCast website to listen right within your browser, or to download the MP3 file to your desktop. Enjoy! Read More »

New videos of JKR at Beedle launch

New videos of JK Rowling at The Tales of Beedle the Bard release in Edinburgh has been posted on the Bloomsbury website. At the tea party which housed roughly 200 students, she signs copies of Beedle, answers a few questions, and reads an except from the book. The Tales of Beedle the Bard was released on December 4, 2008. Thanks! Read More »

Reminder: MuggleCast LIVE tonight at 8 PM EST

Don't forget, tonight we'll be LIVE on Ustream for an episode of MuggleCast to usher in the new year! The hosts will be discussing what's to come in 2009, the latest Potter news stories (mainly that weird PG rating), and also taking your live calls! This live show will be extra fun as it will feature video of myself and Matt in the MuggleCast studio and visuals related to things we're discussing. The stream will go live at 7:30 PM EST with music, and then the live show will start at 8 PM EST. The link to the stream is right here. See you then! Read More »

The Breaking Dawn LeakyMug Live at Azkatraz 2009

This July 17, MuggleCast and PotterCast will be joining forces once more for, seriously, the nuttiest thing we've ever done: A live LeakyMug at 3 a.m. Why would we do this? Because we'll all be just returning from a midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and what better time to talk about it than when we're delirious (for better or worse) about it? So, put this on your calendar: July 17, 2009 Where: Azkatraz 2009, San Francisco, CA Parc 55 Hotel, 55 Cyril Magnin Street San Francisco, CA 94102 Only registered guests of the conference can get into this show; you can register Read More »

No current plans for Potter musical

Following rumors about the possibility of a Harry Potter musical, JK Rowling's agent has said that “there are no plans for a Harry Potter musical, full stop.” Dan Radcliffe also commented on the rumors, saying that a Potter muscial “wouldn't have [his] blessing.” Thanks to those who emailed! Read More »

HP Fan Trips searching for Summer Internships

Our friends at Fan Trips.Travel are looking for some interns for their upcoming summer tours this July. If you have always wanted to experience an award-winning HP Fan Trip, this is your opportunity to do a little work in exchange for an amazing adventure! For more details, click here. Read More »

Emma Watson in Burberry is showcasing some of Hollywood's “bold and beautiful” hitting the red carpet wearing British brand Burberry. Among the young stars is Emma Watson who was spotted wearing this Burberry outfit. Read More »

MuggleCast kicks off 2009 LIVE this Thursday

What better way to begin a new year of podcasting than to discuss the latest Harry Potter news stories LIVE on Ustream? Join Andrew, Laura, Eric, Penny and myself this Thursday (January 15th) starting at 8 PM EST! The episode will focus on what Harry Potter fans can expect in 2009, your live calls, and a lot more. And for the first time in our 'LIVE' history, we'll be streaming video as well. It may just be Andrew's sweet studio setup, but he promises it will be well done. The stream will begin at 7:30 PM EST at this link with some music and live video of Andrew setting up. Then at 8:00 PM EST, the show will begin. We hope to see you there! And just a reminder that there are only a few hours left to vote for MuggleCast in the Best Podcast category at the 2008 Weblog Awards. We currently trail EconTalk and need your help to pull out the upset! Read More »

MuggleNet Internship Program: join our staff!

Have you ever wanted to volunteer for the most visited Harry Potter fansite online? We've just updated our Job Openings page with four new areas that we're looking to fill: Content Editors, News Editors, Graphic Designers, and Programmers. Content Editors and News Editors will be hired as part of an internship program for a trial period. In that time, you will do different tasks around the site to show us why you'd be an excellent long-term MuggleNet staff member. Once the trial period is over, we will review who the most dedicated interns are and make them official MuggleNet staff members (remember: these are all volunteer positions). If you're on the fence about volunteering for us, we encourage you to check out this new site feature: The Top 7 Reasons to Volunteer for MuggleNet. Please visit the Job Openings page for full details on applying for each position. We hope to see you on the team soon! Read More »

Dan Radcliffe on the Potter franchise, Half-Blood Prince

The Harry Potter actor has given a new interview to The Herald Sun. In it, he speaks about how the fans have grown with the franchise and what to expect in Half-Blood Prince: “I think the thing we certainly tried to do in this one was strike a balance between the darkness,'' Radcliffe says. “I mean, the one thing when I read the script I could always yearn for was more darkness and more of that real intense stuff, because I enjoy doing that more, but hopefully this time we have struck a balance between that darkness and a certain comedy in this film.” Read the rest of the interview right here! Read More »

HBP tops 2009 most anticipated films list

The sixth Harry Potter film made the number one spot on AOL's list of the most anticipated films for 2009: 'Potter' heads were none too pleased when 'Prince' was pushed from fall '08 to summer '09 — and 'Twilight' attempted to fill the void. So this installment — which finds Harry taking one giant step closer to his showdown with Voldemort — probably ranks as the most highly anticipated 'Potter' yet. Thanks to those who wrote in. Read More »

Wizarding World website updates with new poll

The official website of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park has updated with a new poll question: “Which would be your favorite place to shop in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?” The options are Honeydukes, Ollivanders, or Zonko's Joke Shop. Unfortunately, you can't choose more than one (I'd pick all three!). Thanks to Lyana for the tip! Read More »

Broadbent: Slughorn “a decent man, but a weak man”

The LA Times has conducted a new interview with Jim Broadbent, the actor who portrays Horace Slughorn in Half-Blood Prince. Jim discusses what it's like to come into this franchise after five out of seven films are already complete: “In the first one, I'm sure there was a bit of nervousness about whether it would all work, but now it's a unique position to be in, to be making a blockbuster without a lot of nervousness. It's hugely beneficial for the creativity to have a great deal of certainty about the process and the success.” Jim also describes the character of Slughorn, calling him “a good man, a decent man, but a weak man”. Check the full interview out right here. Read More »