What Can Timeturners Teach Us?


By Paige Crawley Timeturners present a number of conundrums. Many fans have spent huge amounts of time trying to decode the exact inner workings of the timeturner, or deciding whether or not they support linear or circular time theory. Underneath the physical aspect of this device, we can look at the literary significance of the timeturner, and what we can learn from the events surrounding them. The first question to ask is, ‘How on earth did a thirteen year old girl get one of these?” In the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione warns Harry that misusing timeturners can have disastrous repercussions and she also mentions that it is incredibly difficult to procure one. Therefore, one can assume that using a timeturner simply to take more classes is rather out of the ordinary. Anyone who went through the trouble to get one must have immense trust in the intended recipient, and in this case, it’s Professor McGonagall. McGonagall has always shown a special interest in Hermione, perhaps due to her exceptional skill in Transfiguration, or, maybe, McGonagall sees herself in Hermione. This is likely, since McGonagall goes to great lengths to help Hermione. Without the timeturner, it would be much harder to ... Read More »

August “Quibbler” Contest winner: Accio learning!


Hogwarts is a good school because the curriculum is so hands-on. Learning how to use magic is like learning how to use technology. Students learn exactly what they need to learn to be successful in the adult wizarding world. Students learn reading and writing skills through studying the different branches of magic, so they are just as academically skilled as a Muggle graduate. Read More »

“What Is Canon?” – Part 2: The books or not the books – that is the question

Harry Potter book series

Part 2 of our "What Is Canon?" editorial is now available for your reading pleasure. We look forward to reading your respectful comments. Read More »

“What Is Canon?” – Part 1: It’s all in J.K. Rowling’s head


Since the release of the last "Harry Potter" novel and the invention of Pottermore, there has been a great debate bubbling and brewing within the "Harry Potter" fandom: canon - and what exactly it envelopes. So we decided to argue both sides of the coin, and then let you decide for yourself. Read More »

July Quibbler contest winner: Slytherin pride!


This editorial is the winning entry for the Defending Your House contest. by Daisy Jesson Read More »

In Defense of Ravenclaw


by Nolan Lately, I have had to endure multiple verbal attacks on the honor of my house.  To provide myself with support to combat these detractors, I visited sites on the internet to ally myself with ideas from other Ravenclaws.  What I found, however, did not buttress my arguments, but rather fulfilled the insults I had to endure.  It was clear that members of my own house did not understand our motto and purpose, and continued to perpetuate the stereotypes that non-members began.  So I would like to describe what a true Ravenclaw should be, and how the Ravenclaw mentality affects the entire wizarding and muggle community. First of all, I must give a run-down of the basic trait of each house.  Gryffindor house is known for their bravery, Hufflepuffs are loyal, Ravenclaws are smart, and Slytherins crave power.  Each house carries its own stigma or exaggeration.  Hufflepuffs are useless (because that house takes in anyone who does not fit in anywhere), Gryffindors are reckless, Slytherins are evil, and Ravenclaws are arrogant, socially awkward, and just plain boring.  While I could defend each house, for they all need it, I will stick to my own house for this essay. J.K. ... Read More »

Emma Watson’s next magical role: Kelsea in “The Queen of the Tearling”


Emma Watson committed to co-producing and starring in "The Queen of the Tearling" before the book was even published - here's a look at how the young actress may adapt to her second big fantasy role. Read More »

When Are You Going to Outgrow Harry Potter?

Dumbledore's Death

by Amy Luder When I was younger, Harry was my best friend. We were conveniently the same age at the same time, so we effectively grew up together. Harry was my solace and my confidant. I knew that no matter how bad my day had been, I could always rely on Harry and his friends to cheer me up. We had many similarities (with the exception that a Dark Lord didn’t try and kill me every year), I really felt like I could relate to Harry in ways I couldn’t relate to my ‘real life’ friends. I naturally decorated my bedroom and school books in dedication to the Harry Potter series and attentively followed the fandom sites so that I could have my daily dose of Potter. I attended midnight showings and queued to get the books the minute that they were released. I ensured that I read the new books within a day so that I couldn’t stumble upon any spoilers. The Deathly Hallows was released when I was sixteen. I felt as if part of me had died and I went through a mourning process. It was then that I started being told I would outgrow Harry Potter, ... Read More »

May Quibbler Contest Winner: Mrs. Arabella Doreen Figg

Mrs. Figg

This editorial is the winning entry for the Forgotten Characters contest.  by Hannah Wegg I have always been very fond of Mrs. Figg, even before her true identity was revealed. I always got the impression that there was something mischievous about her. Just the notion of Harry having to visit this “…mad old lady” (Philosopher’s Stone, ch.2, p.22, 1997 paperback UK edition) every year and endure a whole day of looking at cat photos and eating moldy chocolate cake – I imagined J K Rowling chuckling to herself as she wrote it. The descriptions of Mrs. Figg are not very detailed, she is not portrayed as an important character and we don’t know very much about her, but I would like to explore that and to see if, actually, she may have been more crucial to the story then we would at first believe. Mrs. Figg is first mentioned in chapter two of Philosopher’s Stone. It is Dudley’s eleventh birthday and the Dursleys are looking to get rid of Harry for the day so they can go out and have a nice time without him. We are told that, usually, Harry would be sent to Mrs. Figg’s, but this year ... Read More »

Should ‘Fantastic Beasts’ be directed by Alfonso Cuarón? We battle it out here!

Alfonso Cuaron White Background

A heated debate as to whether or not Alfonso Cuarón should be the one chosen to direct 'Fantastic Beasts' can be found right here in the MuggleNet Editorials. Share with us your opinion on the subject in our comment section below the article. Read More »

The Five Crucial Problems of Harry Potter


by Spenser Milo Originally posted as an article on Based on Nothing Ah yes, the wizarding world of the Harry Potter franchise. The books, the games, the fanfiction! All of these hve their place in pop culture, particularly in the last ten years. Back in 1997, when author J.K. Rowling wrote the first book, she wrote “there won’t be a child in our world who doesn’t know his name,” and now, well, who doesn’t know at least a little about Harry Potter? Thanks to the immense popularity and brilliancy of her writing, the books became movies and then more people were exposed to Rowling’s novels as both the film franchise and books were being released. It’s just too bad the movies aren’t very good. Now hold on, hear me out here! If the movies were indeed any good as a whole, wouldn’t they be able to stand on their own? The fact that most of the films require a friend sitting next to you who has read all the books to fill you in on just who the hell some of these characters are and why certain characters are acting the way they are doesn’t equate to a good film. Instead, it ... Read More »

How I left MuggleNet and escaped the depths of life crisis to find a startup company doing something amazing, a hilarious web series, and my way back home (to MuggleNet)


Hey, guys! My name is Noah Fried, and this past summer after graduating from college I left MuggleNet to pursue a career in New York City. And now I’m back. To be honest, I really had no intention of coming back to the site. Don't get me wrong - I had a blast working at MuggleNet for six years and was proud of the experience. But as fate would have it, a series of events and successes would slowly bring me back... Read More »

The Battle of the Women: A Critical Look at the Molly/Bellatrix Duel

Molly Weasley

By: Sophie_atHogwarts Let me begin by stating what is bound to become the obvious to everyone reading this entire essay: I do not like the Molly/Bellatrix duel and probably never will. Why? The main reason is because it clearly illustrates a more old fashioned side of the Harry Potter books. Let me also start with a disclaimer: I sincerely believe Rowling created many strong female characters which defy stereotypes. This cannot be emphasized enough. The HP books are full of positive messages and themes and the characters created are vivid and complex. In this case though, Rowling reduces both characters involved to old fashioned tropes and reinforces stereotypes. How do I believe she is doing that? Is she doing that? Now that the unpleasantness is out of the way and my own subjectivity out in the open it is possible to begin an analysis of this duel and the reactions it has received. It seems as though the duel has polarized the fandom and everyone has an opinion about it. You either like it or you don’t, you were either cheering when reading it or going “WTF, where’s Neville?” The fandom is spilt into fans loving the scene, skeptics which ... Read More »

The pros and cons of Halloween at Hogwarts

Pottermore Halloween

'Tis the season of witches and wizards, and every Potter fan’s mind turns to the beloved Hogwarts. But would we really want to be a student at the school around this time of year? Here’s why that’s probably not going to be the great time you’ve imagined. Read More »

MuggleNet’s editorial contributor hpboy13 reviews “The Cuckoo’s Calling” – spoiler free

The Cuckoo's Calling

Have you had the chance to read The Cuckoo's Calling by author J.K. Rowling... I mean, Robert Galbraith? There have been many reviews online about how wonderfully this mystery novel was written along with exciting character development and plot build within the story that returns us back to Rowling-esque form as compared to The Casual Vacancy. Read More »

My Love/Hate Relationship With Pottermore


I first heard of Pottermore in June 2011; naturally, I was overwhelmed and massively excited. I had no idea of what to expect, yet Pottermore still managed to disappoint me. Read More »

New Quibble – “My Love/Hate Relationship with Pottermore”


Are you one of the thousands of fans of the Harry Potter series who was intensely excited when J.K. Rowling announced the Pottermore interactive website? Many of the staff here at MuggleNet, both past and present, couldn't wait to see what the best technology efforts and collaboration with Sony would add to the overall value of the Hogwarts saga. Read More »

Sirius and Lupin and Queer Readership

Lupin and Sirius

By Hope R. This editorial originally appeared as a blog post. You can check out the rest of Hope’s blog here. First, some critical background: Harry Potter fandom is a many splendored and yet frightening thing— a thing of beauty and of terror. For me, it was the one reliable source of joy and angst throughout adolescence. Although I long ago gave up reading and writing HP fanfiction, I ‘shipped’ the characters of Professor Lupin and Sirius Black for a decade of my life. Second only to my love of Ron/Hermione, they were my favorite couple of the series, and I actively believed that it was a canon ship for almost half of my time on this planet. From 2003 until July 31, 2013, when Pottermore released JKR’s Lupin backstory, I was fairly hardcore about convincing other people that it was intentional subtext, that it added a depth to the Marauders’ backstory, that it was the best and most tragic relationship you could read into the series— sadder even than Grindelwald/Dumbledore. To have been wrong about that is of course not a huge deal in the big scheme of things, but that whole story was a huge part of my ... Read More »

5 Reasons why Universal should build a “Harry Potter” resort hotel!

Hogwarts-at-night-wizarding- World-of-Harry-potter-orlando-mid-size

As many members of the MuggleNet staff were enjoying MISTI-Con last weekend at the lovely Margate Hotel in Laconia, New Hampshire - surrounded by a beautiful lake and picturesque cottages - we couldn't help but wonder this: How awesome would a Hogwarts resort be? Read More »

Putting Things in Perspective

young harry potter

By Harry_Potter_Prince Abstract: Harry Potter has become such a large phenomenon and its fanbase grew to such proportions, it was inevitable that people would eventually compare it to other great pieces of work it undoubtedly joined. The last time I wrote an editorial was disputing a relationship that never came to be, namely that of Neville and Luna. Now, I write one not disputing, but putting things in perspective. The home page of this website reported on none other than a piece by Jacob Saville on why Harry Potter not only beats Lord of the Rings, but wipes the floor with it, a rather bold remark particularly against a well-known, well-loved series, and deservedly so. Before I go further, I must advise all to read the piece before continuing. Now, for those who have read the piece (and for those who decided to ignore it and continue), I have this to say. He is right in a sense, but things must be put into perspective. Ultimately, the better story depends on a variety of personal factors such as taste and flavor but when it comes to which is well written and which has a better storyline universally, we start raising ... Read More »