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July’s Quibbler Contest Winner: A Juggling of Gingers


Maybe it’s their fiery red hair. Maybe it’s their mischievous spirits. Maybe it’s their altogether positive outlook on life. Whatever the reason, the Weasleys are adored by fans all over the world. In the books and films, they each play an important part in the series. But the question still remains: who is the superior Weasley? Read More »

September Quibbler contest winner: When Harry met Salander


This is the winning entry for the Literary Potter Quibbler contest. by Elizabeth Tolbert There is a wonderful quote by Maya Angelou that states, “we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” There are times when we find that those words ring true, and it is usually when we least expect it. Even two people whom we perceive to be polar opposites have more in common than we think. Take, for instance, Harry Potter and Lisbeth Salander (of the Millennium Trilogy, just in case you’re not familiar. In which case, dishonor on you and dishonor on your cow.) Now, you’re probably thinking, “what on earth could the Boy Who Lived have in common with the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?” And the answer to that is a lot more than you or I could possibly have imagined. Let’s start with their backgrounds, shall we? As you know, Harry’s parents died tragically, leaving him in the neglectful and barely-there care of his reluctant aunt and uncle. While Lisbeth is no orphan, her parents were unable to properly care for her, seeing as one is in a permanent care facility and the other is a murderous psychopath. This left her ... Read More »

August “Quibbler” Contest winner: Accio learning!


Hogwarts is a good school because the curriculum is so hands-on. Learning how to use magic is like learning how to use technology. Students learn exactly what they need to learn to be successful in the adult wizarding world. Students learn reading and writing skills through studying the different branches of magic, so they are just as academically skilled as a Muggle graduate. Read More »

July Quibbler contest winner: Slytherin pride!


This editorial is the winning entry for the Defending Your House contest. by Daisy Jesson Read More »