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Quidditch World Cup semi-finals under way!


The Quidditch World Cup semi-finals began yesterday (July 4), with the first match, which is currently still taking place, between the US and Brazil. The second match sees Bulgaria take on Japan tomorrow! In the run-up to the semi-finals, Ludo Bagman rated each team's chances of winning, highlighting the pros and cons of each team. Read More »

US Quidditch announces 2015 World Cup


US Quidditch has today announced that the 2015 World Cup will be coming to Manchester Meadows in Rock Hill, South Carolina, on April 11-12. The USQ World Cup will now become a North American championship, with teams from Canada, the United States, and Mexico eligible to qualify and compete. Read More »

Is Muggle Quidditch outgrowing “Harry Potter”?


Over the last few years, the Muggle version of Quidditch has taken off, with the sport becoming more and more popular. There is the annual Quidditch World Cup as well as the annual conference of the International Quidditch Association. In a new article, which explores the future of Quidditch, as well as considering "Harry Potter" sites such as MuggleNet itself, the changes that are ahead for Quidditch are considered. Read More »

Poster released for new documentary about real life Quidditch, “Mudbloods”


The first poster has been released for the upcoming documentary about real life Quidditch - "Mudbloods". Check it out here. Read More »

First four rounds of quarter-finals come to a close at 2014 Quidditch World Cup


As we mentioned previously, the quarter-finals have begun for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup! It was an exciting weekend for Quidditch fans as the first four rounds of the quarter finals went underway. The four teams (United States, Brazil, Japan, and Bulgaria) each played a fierce game. The "Daily Prophet"'s correspondent, Ginny Potter, gave us the highlights. Read More »

Brazil take on Wales in first quarter-final match of 2014 Quidditch World Cup


The first quarter-final match of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup took place today, with Brazil vs. Wales. Find out why the Welsh manager, Gwenog Jones, is now being held in custody and which team came out victorious here. Read More »

Support the US Quidditch team for the 2014 Global Games


Support the US Quidditch team for the 2014 Global Games in Burnaby, Canada, on July 19 with the purchase of one of these fine custom Quidditch jerseys from Row West. For all the details, click here! Read More »

2014 Quidditch World Cup quarter-finals begin June 4 with Brazil vs. Wales


According to the "Pottermore Insider", the Quidditch World Cup quarter-finals will begin this week with Brazil vs. Wales on Wednesday, June 4. Read More »

Ginny Potter’s reports from the 2014 Quidditch World Cup continue


The daily reports from Ginny Potter at the 2014 Qudditch World Cup continue. Find out why Viktor Krum's re-emergence from retirement is causing a stir in the wizarding world and how Team Bulgaria fared against New Zealand. Read More »

Ginny Potter reports on the Liechtenstein vs. Chad match at 2014 Quidditch World Cup


The Liechtenstein vs. Chad match is the latest game to be reported on by the "Daily Prophet"'s Quidditch correspondent, Ginny Potter. Find out why this is the longest match of the tournament so far here. Read More »

Major controversy in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup match between USA and Jamaica


To find out why there are no final results to yesterday's USA vs. Jamaica controversial match at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup in the Patagonian Desert, read our report as well as the "Daily Prophet" article by Ginny Potter. Read More »

MuggleNet Throwback: The 2012 Olympic Quidditch Exhibition has a big announcement


It's an exciting time right now if you follow Muggle Quidditch but even more exciting if you were in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics Quidditch Exhibition, which made a big announcement two years ago this week. It's the subject of this week's MuggleNet Throwback! Read More »

Ginny Potter analyzes the Brazil Vs. Haiti match at the 2014 Quidditch World Cup


Brazil versus Haiti showcased the most exciting play thus far in the tournament as Haitian Keeper Lenelle Paraison displayed skills of another level with some of the saves she made. However, when it was all over, Brazil was victorious. Find out how Brazil won this epic battle right here. Read More »

The 2014 Quidditch World Cup is underway – Norway defeats the Ivory Coast


The 2014 Quidditch World Cup tournament promises to have some fantastic action as the excitement pours out from the Patagonian Desert. Thousands of spectators have joined the action live from the Cup, but for those who are unable to attend this tournament, Ginny Potter will be recapping all of the action with post-game analysis with her special daily reports for the "Daily Prophet". Read her first report right here. Read More »

New Pottermore “Daily Prophet” articles detail Quidditch, magical creatures

Pottermore daily prophet

Pottermore has opened a new location in Diagon Alley: The Daily Prophet! Read our review of the articles posted there. Read More »

J.K. Rowling Posts “LIVE Quidditch Match Reports” on Pottermore


Author J.K. Rowling is continuing to post new writing for Pottermore, the digital platform for "Harry Potter", with a series of "live" reports from the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, to be released on Pottermore.com starting today. Read More »

Southwest DOMINATES at Quidditch World Cup VII – UT flies to championship


Want to learn how to play a dominant game of Muggle Quidditch? Then look no further than the Southwest Region, which has have displayed an incredible presence at this past weekend's Quidditch World Cup VII in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina's brand new sports complex. Read More »

The current IQA set to become US Quidditch ONLY – new IQA will be true International Quidditch Association this summer

IQA Quidditch Logo 660

The current International Quidditch Association is a United States non-profit organization established in 2010 with the purpose of fostering the growth of the magical sport of Quidditch around the world. However, while the growth of Quidditch in the United States has been rapid and powerful, the international growth has struggled. Read More »

Quidditch madness! Enter the Quidditch World Cup’s bracket challenge contest!


You know about March Madness- but this year, bracketology combines with the IQA World Cup! The International Quidditch Association has released its bracket challenge with the teams participating in the Quidditch World Cup VII, which takes place on April 5 and 6 in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. If you are one of the top three entrants to correctly predict the World Cup bracket you will win! Read More »

Countdown to the Cup!


In anticipation of next month's Quidditch World Cup in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we've been obsessed with all things Quidditch, all over the globe. A countdown for the World Cup has been posted on the IQA home page, and a list of the qualifying teams from across the world has been published. We here at MuggleNet will of course will be covering the World Cup in person at the North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex, which will begin early next month. Read More »