Alan Rickman Memorial Shield: 2016 – Always

Players involved in the first of the annual fantasy event

The University of Sunshine Coast Dementors, along with other Queensland Association of Quidditch players, have played the first of an annual fantasy Quidditch match in memorial of the late Alan Rickman. Read More »

Austria and Australia National Teams Prepare for Frankfurt

QAT national trial

Both countries began their national Quidditch team selections for the 2016 World Cup on January 16. Read More »

Selection Committee Announced to Create US National Quidditch Team

IQA Quidditch Logo 660

Gather up your broomsticks and Quidditch robes; the International Quidditch Association (IQA) World Cup will be hosted in Frankfurt, Germany, July 23-24, 2016! Read More »

NYE Quidditch Plans

Quidditch Kiss

Some simple, and more in-depth, Quidditch additions to any NYE party you are hosting or attending. Read More »

US Quidditch Cup 9 Regional Recaps

IQA Quidditch Logo 660

Half of the regional championships have now been completed, and we know 33 qualified teams out of the 60 that will compete at the US Quidditch Cup 9, previously known as the Quidditch World Cup. Read More »

Contest Update: Special Advent Giveaway Event BONUS Prize to Be Given Away Tomorrow


MuggleNet and the US Quidditch Association are adding a VERY special prize to tomorrow's Advent Calendar giveaway prize package. You must play to win! Read More »

IQA Announces Host of World Cup 2016!


The organization received impressive bids from three continents this year and faced a difficult deliberating process. The Frankfurt bid was unanimously selected by the IQA Events Committee and Executive Team. Find out why and hear thoughts from key Quidditch personnel. Read More »

Magical Twist to Muggle Quidditch


University College Cork (UCC) Harry Potter Society hosted the first event in the Triwizard Tournament - Muggle Quidditch style. Read More »

USQ Northeast Regional Championship This Weekend


The very first US Quidditch Regional Championship of the season is upon us this weekend! Read More »

Drone Cameras Fly into Muggle Quidditch

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.46.58 PM

The players may not be able to fly in Muggle Quidditch, but at least the cameras can! Read on to find out more. Read More »

Webster University Quidditch Team Hosts First Tournament


This past weekend, Webster Quidditch hosted its first ever Muggle Quidditch tournament! Read More »



It's finally here! Quidditch has now been played for a decade. Grab a broom and run erratically outside, maybe grab a dodgeball or volleyball if one's nearby. Probably don't tuck a yellow sock with a tennis ball down people's pants... unless you get their permission. Read more about the first match of Quidditch ever played. Read More »

The Second Year #QuidditchTurnsTen

quidditch legend

The development of Quidditch's second year was the continuation of Middlebury's league, so we're taking the chance to further explore the contributions of Alex Benepe. Read More »

The Third Year #QuidditchTurnsTen


Muggle Quidditch took flight with the very first intercollegiate Muggle Quidditch match in history in 2007, along with the "traveling circus" of a team. Read on to learn more! Read More »

The Fourth Year #QuidditchTurnsTen


More teams had joined the party this year as Quidditch began to spread across America and into Canada, and Alivan’s Brooms made its first appearance at this World Cup! Read more about the fourth year here! Read More »

The Fifth Year #QuidditchTurnsTen


This year saw Middlebury host its last World Cup. The International Quidditch Association was also founded by Alex Benepe after dissolving the Inter-collegiate Quidditch Association. We're only four days away from the big party, so be sure to catch up on the rest of Quidditch history with us. Read More »

The Sixth Year #QuidditchTurnsTen


The sixth year of Muggle Quidditch saw World Cup IV and more. Read on to join us in the countdown toward #QuidditchTurnsTen! Read More »

The Seventh Year #QuidditchTurnsTen

seventh year

The seventh year saw the last early season World Cup while also showcasing the sport with an exhibition alongside the London Olympics. Read More »

The Eighth Year #QuidditchTurnsTen


2013 was the first year of regional qualifiers that progressed local gameplay among clubs. University of Texas also became just the second team to lift a world cup trophy. Read More »

The Ninth Year #QuidditchTurnsTen


Join us in our countdown for the ten-year anniversary of Muggle Quidditch as we reminisce on the exciting events relating to the beloved sport in 2014! Read More »