France Receives the Prettiest Trophy in Quidditch


France has been rewarded for its daring effort over the weekend to become the Champion nation of European Quidditch. Only three of the twelve teams had played a competitive international match, but now they've joined Austrian, Canada, Mexico, and the US as international representatives of Quidditch. Read More »

Major Changes Coming to Muggle Quidditch


New leadership for both UK and US Quidditch, a new strategic plan from US Quidditch (USQ) outlining their goals and priorities for the sports future, and possibly even high school Quidditch leagues in the future! Read on to learn more! Read More »

European Quidditch Games to Be Held July 25 and 26

european games edited

Intense Quidditch matches, live music, costume contests, even a Yule Ball. In less than three weeks the European Quidditch Games will be held in Sarteano, Italy. Learn everything you need to know about this exciting event here! Read More »

US Quidditch Rulebook 9 Release


The ninth edition of Quidditch rules was released Monday night. Find out the major changes here. Read More »

Bookworms and Jocks Come Together at Simon Fraser University

sfu quidditch

The Simon Fraser University (SFU) Marauders are heading into their third season of Quidditch this fall and are helping prove that Muggle Quidditch isn't simply for a bunch of nerds - it is a competitive and physically demanding sport. Read More »

Nominations now open for this year’s USQ membership awards

IQA Quidditch Logo 660

Nominations for this season's US Quidditch membership awards have begun. You can learn more about the various awards and how to vote for your favorite team here! Read More »

UW starts Quidditch with Obscure Sports


Quidditch makes an appearance at UW after months of trying. Read More »

Runaway Bay sees runaway Australian College champions


Over the last three days, in a far quieter venue than Rock Hill, South Carolina, Australia has hosted its National College championships at Runaway Bay Sports Super Centre. Here's how it played out. Read More »

Meet the underdogs of the Quidditch World Cup – the NAU Narwhals!

NAU Narwhals Featured Image

Meet the underdogs of this year's US Quidditch World Cup - Northern Arizona University's Narwhals! Find out more about the team in MuggleNet's interview with their captain, Adam Beller. Read More »

US Quidditch World Cup to be held April 11-12 in Rock Hill, South Carolina!

US Quidditch World Cup 8

US Quidditch World Cup 8 is coming to Rock Hill, South Carolina, on April 11-12! Plus, catch a taste of the action to come at this year's World Cup with an official teaser! Read More »

“Batman’s” Wayne Manor hosts British Quidditch Cup


This past weekend, the British Quidditch Cup was held at Wollaton Hall, known as Wayne Manor in Christopher Nolan's "Batman" films. Read More »

Quidditch Regional Championships come to an end in South, West, and Southwest

Quidditch World Cup 8

It's been an exciting month in the world of Quidditch! The South, West, and Southwest Regional Championships have ended, and the newest qualifiers have been announced. Find out which teams will be headed to the World Cup! Read More »

Quidditch: Sweeping the globe

Muggle Quidditch Pitch

Will Quidditch one day rank the same in popularity as soccer or football? Only time will tell. A Quidditch team in Madrid shows us how they became involved in the sport - check it out here! Read More »

US Quidditch World Cup 8 to stream live in April!

Quidditch World Cup 8

Calling all Quidditch fans! Have you ever wanted to attend a Quidditch match but just can't find a local team or event? This article is for you! Read More »

Quidditch Canada announces regional playoffs dates and locations

Willis Miles IV

Quidditch Canada announces dates and locations of the Regional and National Championships for the 2014-2015 season. Read More »

Quidditch Northeast Regional Championship to be held in Rochester, New York

Northeast Quidditch

This weekend, the top Northeastern Quidditch teams will compete in their regional championship in Rochester, New York. Read More »

Midwest Quidditch Regional Championship to be held this weekend


Want to see some Quidditch in real life? The Midwest Quidditch Regional Championship will be taking place this weekend in Michigan! Will you be attending? Read More »

MuggleNet reviews new Quidditch film “MUDBLOODS”


The film "MUDBLOODS" is set for release on October 14, and MuggleNet has a full review of the documentary of Quidditch and the UCLA Quidditch team. Read More »

Quidditch World Cup semi-finals under way!


The Quidditch World Cup semi-finals began yesterday (July 4), with the first match, which is currently still taking place, between the US and Brazil. The second match sees Bulgaria take on Japan tomorrow! In the run-up to the semi-finals, Ludo Bagman rated each team's chances of winning, highlighting the pros and cons of each team. Read More »

US Quidditch announces 2015 World Cup


US Quidditch has today announced that the 2015 World Cup will be coming to Manchester Meadows in Rock Hill, South Carolina, on April 11-12. The USQ World Cup will now become a North American championship, with teams from Canada, the United States, and Mexico eligible to qualify and compete. Read More »