The Sixth Year #QuidditchTurnsTen


The sixth year of Muggle Quidditch saw World Cup IV and more. Read on to join us in the countdown toward #QuidditchTurnsTen! Read More »

The Seventh Year #QuidditchTurnsTen

seventh year

The seventh year saw the last early season World Cup while also showcasing the sport with an exhibition alongside the London Olympics. Read More »

The Eighth Year #QuidditchTurnsTen


2013 was the first year of regional qualifiers that progressed local gameplay among clubs. University of Texas also became just the second team to lift a world cup trophy. Read More »

The Ninth Year #QuidditchTurnsTen


Join us in our countdown for the ten-year anniversary of Muggle Quidditch as we reminisce on the exciting events relating to the beloved sport in 2014! Read More »

The Tenth Year #QuidditchTurns10

Day 1

We're traveling back through the years to see where Quidditch came from and how it's developed in the lead-up to the tenth anniversary of the first match as it's known today on October 9, 2005. This is what's happening now. Read More »

Donte Quinine Succeeds Alicia Radford as USQ’s Executive Director


USQ finds new leadership in Donte Quinine. Read on to learn more! Read More »

USQ 2014-2015 Annual Report Now Available

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 2.52.43 PM

The USQ releases the 2014-2015 annual report! Read on to learn about the accomplishments the organization has had in the past year. Read More »

Muggle Quidditch Gaining Popularity in Canada


Quidditch has been growing in the country of Canada recently - even with a kid friendly version! Read on to learn about how the sport has changed in the past seven years! Read More »

Muggle Quidditch Comes to Bonython Park

bonython park

The Adelaide Augureys take on Quidditch in Bonython Park. Learn more about South Australia's first official Quidditch team! Read More »

2015-16 Quidditch Season Venues Announced

Saluda Shoals Park

Look no further to learn more about the latest news of the biggest Muggle Quidditch event of the year! Read More »

MSNBC Talks Quidditch with USQ’s Katie Stack

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 10.01.26 AM

MSNBC TV talks Muggle Quidditch with USQ's own Katie Stack. To learn about the only gender-integrated, full contact sport in the world, read on! Read More »

French Quidditch Federation Seeking New Leadership


The French Quidditch Federation (FQF) joins QuidditchUK and US Quidditch in the recent search for new leadership. Read More »

New Great Lakes Region, New Logos


US Quidditch revealed two new Quidditch region logos on August 6. The Great Lakes logo was designed by USQ Graphic Design Coordinator Crystal Hutcheson. The Midwest logo was originally designed by Isaac Mitchell and has been adapted and updated by Hutcheson. Read More »

France Receives the Prettiest Trophy in Quidditch


France has been rewarded for its daring effort over the weekend to become the Champion nation of European Quidditch. Only three of the twelve teams had played a competitive international match, but now they've joined Austrian, Canada, Mexico, and the US as international representatives of Quidditch. Read More »

Major Changes Coming to Muggle Quidditch


New leadership for both UK and US Quidditch, a new strategic plan from US Quidditch (USQ) outlining their goals and priorities for the sports future, and possibly even high school Quidditch leagues in the future! Read on to learn more! Read More »

European Quidditch Games to Be Held July 25 and 26

european games edited

Intense Quidditch matches, live music, costume contests, even a Yule Ball. In less than three weeks the European Quidditch Games will be held in Sarteano, Italy. Learn everything you need to know about this exciting event here! Read More »

US Quidditch Rulebook 9 Release


The ninth edition of Quidditch rules was released Monday night. Find out the major changes here. Read More »

Bookworms and Jocks Come Together at Simon Fraser University

sfu quidditch

The Simon Fraser University (SFU) Marauders are heading into their third season of Quidditch this fall and are helping prove that Muggle Quidditch isn't simply for a bunch of nerds - it is a competitive and physically demanding sport. Read More »

Nominations now open for this year’s USQ membership awards

IQA Quidditch Logo 660

Nominations for this season's US Quidditch membership awards have begun. You can learn more about the various awards and how to vote for your favorite team here! Read More »

UW starts Quidditch with Obscure Sports


Quidditch makes an appearance at UW after months of trying. Read More »