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Rowling’s Goblin Problem?

With the opening of an exhibition, “Jews, Money, Myth”, at the Jewish Museum London, Dr. Beatrice Groves ponders whether the depiction of goblins in “Harry Potter” is anti-Semitic.


Here Be Dragons (And Phoenixes) – Part 2

When Albus Dumbledore recovers the vial containing the blood pact with Gellert Grindelwald, he moves closer to their eventual confrontation. The symbolism of phoenixes and dragons, drawn from a long history of beast mythology, foreshadows the movement of their story from 1927 to 1945.


Here Be Dragons (And Phoenixes) – Part 1

In the second “Fantastic Beasts” installment, J.K. Rowling brings Grindelwald to the foreground, emphasizing, in his characterization, his inner beast: the dragon. From his distinctive eye to his ability to envision the future, he has much in common with the dragons of universal myth.