Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Cars fly, trees fight back and a mysterious elf comes to warn Harry Potter at the start of the second year of his amazing journey into the world of wizardry. This year at Hogwarts, spiders talk, letters scold and Harry’s own unsettling ability to speak to snakes turns his friends against him. From dueling clubs to rogue Bludgers, it’s a year of adventure and danger when bloody writing on a wall announces: The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. To save Hogwarts will require all of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s magical abilities and courage in this spellbinding adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s second book. Get ready to be amused and petrified as Harry Potter shows he’s more than a wizard, he’s a hero!

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Latest News

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Release Dates

Release Dates

North America

Canada – November 15, 2002
Mexico – November 29, 2002
Panama – November 29, 2002
United States – November 15, 2002


United Kingdom – November 15, 2002
– November 14, 2002
– November 20, 2002
– November 22, 2002
– November 14, 2002
– November 22, 2002
– December 4, 2002
– November 22, 2002
– December 6, 2002
– November 21, 2002
– November 22, 2002
– December 24, 2002
– November 22, 2002
Czech Republic
– December 12, 2002
– November 29, 2002
– December 12, 2002
– November 29, 2002
– January 1, 2003
– December 5, 2002
– December 6, 2002
– December 20, 2002
– December 5, 2002
– November 8, 2002
–December 19, 2002
– November 29, 2002
– November 14, 2002


Kuwait –December 4, 2002
Israel – November 21, 2002
Kazakhstan –December 26, 2002
Turkey –November 29, 2002
Hong Kong –December 19, 2002
Malaysia – November 14, 2002
Taiwan – November 15, 2002
India –April 25, 2003
Japan – November 23, 2002
China –January 24, 2003
Singapore – November 16, 2002
Philippines – November 13, 2002

South America

Argentina – November 28, 2002
Chile – November 22, 2002
– December 5, 2002

Brazil – November 22, 2002
Columbia – November 22, 2002
Venezuela – February 26, 2003


Egypt – January 15, 2003


Australia – November 28, 2002
New Zealand – November 28, 2002



  • Awards Won
  • Nominations

BAFTA Awards

Kids’ Vote

BMI Film & TV Awards

BMI Film Music Award
John Williams

Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards

Best Composer
John Williams

Best Family Film – Live Action

Empire Awards

The “Harry Potter” films for outstanding contribution to British cinema.
Won along with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

London Critics Circle Film Awards

British Supporting Actor of the Year
Kenneth Branagh

Mainichi Film Concours

Best Foreign Language Film
Chris Columbus

Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards

Best Performance by a Youth in a Leading or Supporting Role – Female
Emma Watson

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films

Best DVD Special Edition Release
Best Costumes
Lindy Hemming

Best Director
Chris Columbus

Best Fantasy Film

Best Make-Up
Nick Dudman and Amanda Knight

Best Performance by a Younger Actor
Daniel Radcliffe

Best Special Effects
Jim Mitchell, Nick Davis, John Richardson, Bill George

Amanda Awards

Best Foreign Feature Film
Chris Columbus

Awards of the Japanese Academy

Best Foreign Film

BAFTA Awards

Best Feature Film, Children’s
David Heyman, Chris Columbus, Steve Kloves

Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects
Jim Mitchell, Nick Davis, John Richardson, Bill George, Nick Dudman

Best Production Design
Stuart Craig

Best Sound
Randy Thom, Dennis Leonard, John Midgley, Ray Merrin, Graham Daniel, Rick Kline

BMI Film & TV Awards

BMI Film Music Award
John Williams

Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards

Best Digital Acting Performance

DVD Exclusive Awards

Best Games and Interactivities
Jennifer Jones, Paul Hemstreet, Jamal Green

Best Overall DVD, New Movie (Including All Extra Features)
Paul Hemstreet, Jennifer Jones, Jeffrey Lerner

Golden Trailer Awards

Best Animation/Family

Grammy Awards

Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media
John Williams

Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards

Best Special Makeup Effects – Feature
Amanda Knight, Jane Royle, Clare Le Vesconte

Hugo Awards

Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

Favorite Movie
Robert Legato, Nick Davis, Roger Guyett

MTV Movie Awards

Best Virtual Performance

Motion Picture Sound Editors

Best Sound Editing in Foreign Features
Randy Thom (supervising sound editor), Dennis Leonard (supervising sound editor), Derek Trigg (supervising foley editor), Martin Cantwell (sound editor), Andy Kennedy (sound editor), Colin Ritchie (sound editor), Nick Lowe (sound editor)

Online Film Critics Society Awards

Best Visual Effects
John Richardson

Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards

Best Acting Ensemble
Kenneth Branagh, John Cleese, Robbie Coltrane, Warwick Davis, Richard Griffiths, Rupert Grint, Richard Harris, Jason Isaacs, Daniel Radcliffe, Alan Rickman, Fiona Shaw, Maggie Smith, Julie Walters, Emma Watson

Visual Effects Society Awards

Best Character Animation in a Live Action Motion Picture
David Andrews, Steve Rawlins, Frank Gravatt, Douglas Smythe (For “Dobby’s Face”)



Note: These are NOT differences between the movie and the book. These are just mistakes from the movie.

  • At the beginning of the movie Harry talks to Hedwig, apologizing that he can’t let her out of her cage because he isn’t allowed to do magic outside of school. What happened to opening the cage with a key – which just happened to be in the lock!?
  • While Harry is talking to Dobby in his room, the flag on his wall is pinned slightly toward the center so that a bit of the end is hanging. Later in the scene, the flag is perfectly pinned to the end.
  • Also, when Harry is talking to Dobby, if you look carefully, you can see the green ball on a stick, used to guide Daniel Radcliffe for talking to the computer-animated Dobby, in the reflection of his glasses. – Thanks to Walter for this one.
  • When Dobby explains to Harry why he hid his letters, you can see the dresser drawers behind him are neatly closed (with the exception of the bottom one, which is slightly open). However, in the next shot, when Dobby runs out the door with Harry chasing, if you look closely, you see all the drawers are slightly and unevenly open.
  • As Harry chases Dobby into the hallway, he lands behind Dobby with knees bent, one hand stretched forward and the other back. The shot then changes and focuses on Dobby. But when it returns to Harry, his stance is completely opposite his previous one.
  • When Ron is beside the window, we can hear his voice clearly, even though the window is closed. Shouldn’t it be muffled? – Thanks to Greta for this one.
  • In the beginning of Chamber of Secrets when Fred, George, and Ron pull the bars from Harry’s window, the bars fall near the bush under his window. However, when Vernon falls from the window, the bars are gone.
  • Also, when Ron, Fred, and George are rescuing Harry, the bars are sealed to the wall but when the bars are pulled off, the window is broken. They weren’t attached to the window. – Thanks to Greta for this one.
  • In the first movie, Harry gets a Nimbus Two Thousand, which also appears in CoS when he’s playing Quidditch. So why is it that Harry doesn’t put a broom in the Ford Anglia on the way to the Burrow, isn’t carrying a broom on his trolley en route to the platform, and the Ford Anglia doesn’t throw out a broom after the car is beaten up by the Whomping Willow?
  • When Ron and Harry land near the Burrow, they go past a shed, but when the shot changes, they are driving by the shed again.
  • In the same shots described above, we can see a shadow to the southwest of the car. In the next shot, more of the shadow is under the car.
  • When George, Fred, Ron, and Harry return to the Burrow, look closely at the Weasley clock: You’ll see that Molly’s, Percy’s and Ginny’s hands are on garden. Yet when we first see Percy and Ginny, they appear in their pajamas (Ginny coming from upstairs) as if they had just woken up.
  • When Harry arrives at the Weasleys’ house, we see a shot of the fireplace he is going to travel through. There is no pot of Floo Powder or the bracket to hold it that is later visible when they’re about to travel to Diagon Alley.
  • When Errol brings the Hogwarts letters to the Burrow, Percy takes them and hands everyone one. When the camera cuts, you see Fred/George passing another letter to George/Fred after he already got one.
  • When Ron steps into the fireplace to use Floo Powder, he supposedly takes a handful of the powder, but if you look closely, you’ll see no powder slipping out; he simply crinkles his hand. But in the next scene, he somehow has the powder, dropping it into the fire.
  • When Harry and the Weasleys are going to Diagon Alley, Mrs. Weasley urges Harry into the fireplace. As she does this, she holds the Floo Powder can out with one hand, and you see her other hand at her side. Then there is a close-up of the can, and she is shown holding it with both hands.
  • When Harry slides out of the fireplace into the dark shop, he quickly exits through the front door. Just before he walks out, you can see a bright and shiny sidewalk outside, nothing like the dark and dingy surroundings that he walks out to in the ensuing shot.
  • Not only does Dobby block Platform 9 3/4, but after impact and during a cut-scene, Hedwig’s cage is closed despite having been blown open on impact.
  • When Harry falls out of the Ford Anglia and is holding on to Ron, on a shot toward the end of the scene, packages suddenly appear behind the seat. These magical packages also manage to not fall out of the car.
  • When Harry and Ron fly over the lake to Hogwarts in the Ford Anglia, there is no reflection of the car on the lake.
  • When Ron’s wand breaks in the car, you see him toss it into the back seat. When the Ford Anglia chucks everyone and everything out, the wand is not shown being thrown out. But Ron has his wand again later anyway.
  • When Harry and Ron land in the Whomping Willow, one shot from inside the car shows a branch coming through the rear window, then pulling right out again. In the next shot from outside the car, the branch is still coming out.
  • When a branch from the Whomping Willow breaks into the back window of the car, you can see a little bit of Hedwig’s cage. Even though it’s tipped over, you can still see enough of it to tell that Hedwig isn’t in it.
  • While the Ford Anglia gets beaten to a pulp by the Whomping Willow, Hedwig isn’t moving at all.
  • When the Ford Anglia falls out of the Womping Willow and drives a little bit away with Harry and Ron, it leaves no tracks: There are marks from the wheels only when it drives away on its own.
  • After the car chucks out Harry and Ron, it drives away, and Ron and Harry give chase. If you look closely, you can see the shadow of someone driving the car.
  • When the flying car throws Harry and Ron out and Harry is lying on the grass, he starts getting up, but in the next, wider shot, he starts getting up again.
  • When the Ford Anglia begins to drive off, its trunk is open. You then see Ron and Harry running after it and when the shot turns back on the Ford Anglia, the trunk is closed.
  • When Snape tells off Harry and Ron and shows them the Daily Prophet with the picture of the Ford Anglia in the London sky, you can hear the car’s engine. Magical pictures move, but they don’t make sounds. – Thanks to Béné for this one!
  • When Snape is talking to Harry and Ron about their driving the Ford Anglia, Filch’s arms are crossed and he’s holding Mrs. Norris. When the scene changes, he is supporting her head with his right hand.
  • The entire Herbology class should have fainted at the sound of the Mandrakes. Seamus and Sprout have an entire conversation with the earmuffs.
  • When Errol delivers the Howler, landing on his back on the Gryffindor table, you can clearly see the Howler’s seal is broken. The next scene shows Ron picking up the Howler which he still has to break open. – Thanks to Lesia for this.
  • When Errol flies away after delivering the Howler, his wing hits Hermione’s head.
  • When Lockhart lets the pixies out, you can clearly tell that Hermione knocks the books off the desk on purpose.
  • In the same scene, two of the pixies pull Neville up by his ears and hang him on a chandelier. Because the pixies are computer-animated, the moviemakers had to put clips behind Neville’s ears to make it look like as though he were being lifted by the pixies. After he is dropped onto the chandelier by the pixies, his ears are still stretched because of the clips.
  • When Oliver Wood and the team are walking to the Quidditch pitch to practice and they see the Slytherin team, in the left side of the screen, Hermione puts her book on the bench. When the shot cuts completely to her and Ron, she puts the book down again.
  • The writing on the wall about the Chamber having been opened was far above Harry’s and Filch’s head. So how did Ginny grow tall enough to write it?
  • If you look closely at the Potions book with the Polyjuice Potion that Hermione shows Harry and Ron, you’ll see that on the bottom of the first paragraph is written “…Into the form of an another.” There is an extra “an.”
  • In the same book, you can see pictures of all kinds of animals, but how are they relevant to the Polyjuice? You’re not supposed to use it to change into an animal.
  • During the scene in the Transfiguration classroom, the students’ positions in the class are constantly changing. For example, in one shot, a blonde girl is sitting in the middle of the class next to a girl who looks, from the back, like Hermione. But in another shot, the girl is in a corner, and Neville has taken her place next to Hermione.
  • “One, two, three, ferreverto.” Too bad the words aren’t written on the blackboard in back of McGonagall when she’s teaching. Instead, very strange figures that are actually backward (the film reel was flipped over for better picture) are what’s there. This could also explain a later mistake regarding Harry’s wand in his left hand.
  • When McGonagall is talking in her classroom about the Chamber of Secrets and she mentions that Salazar Slytherin wanted to admit only purebloods to Hogwarts, Hermione and Draco look at each other (meaning that Draco had to look completely the other way from McGonagall), but in the next cut Draco is looking at McGonagall.
  • In the Quidditch scene, the goal posts’ shadows keep changing direction.
  • When Harry is hit with the Bludger, it knocks off his arm guard, and leaves a sort of glove (that reaches his elbow), which is tucked into his sleeve. After Harry falls, the glove is over his sleeve; after Hermione destroys the Bludger, the glove suddenly (magically?) shortens, and you see only his sleeve where the rest of the glove sleeve was.
  • When Harry falls off his broom onto the powder, he is holding onto his broom with the arm the Bludger broke. – Thanks to Brittney for this.
  • In the Quidditch scene, when Harry breaks his right arm, he leans on it for a moment to help himself sit up to avoid the Bludger.
  • When Dobby visits Harry in the hospital, he bashes himself on the head with the Skele-Gro bottle, which Harry yanks from Dobby’s and puts on the table at the foot of the bed. After Dobby disappears and the shot changes, the bottle is back in its original place on the side-table at the head of the bed; the table at the foot of the bed is empty.
  • When Harry jumps onto his bed in the hospital wing after Dobby disappeared, we see him jump on top of the covers. Half a moment later, the covers are over him. There is no way Harry can get under the covers three seconds after having landed on them.
  • In the Duel scene, Snape casts his spell against Lockhart. Lockhart flies through the air, wand in hand. The movie then cuts to a shot of Lockhart’s wand flying out of his hand and through the air; then it cuts again to a shot of Lockhart landing, wand in hand; finally, we get a shot of Lockhart getting up without his wand.
  • When Harry curses Draco during their duel, Draco falls to the floor, his hair messed up. When he gets back up, his hair is slicked back again.
  • After Harry talks to the snake, and Justin says, “What are you playing at?” to Harry, Susan Bones is about three feet from Justin. But when the scene cuts to Harry and back to Justin, she is standing right next to him.
  • When Crabbe and Goyle reach for the cakes Harry levitated, look at Ron and Harry in the background: It’s clearly not Ron. The double is several inches shorter, and his hair is floppy. In the next shot, it is the real Ron, and when they go back to Crabbe and Goyle, it’s the double again.
  • In the scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermione are drinking the Polyjuice Potion, Harry leans toward the mirror and starts to gag. You can see his shirt is half-unbuttoned. In the next shot, a wide shot, we see Harry’s shirt is buttoned up neatly.
  • During the scene where Harry, Ron, and Hermione have just taken the Polyjuice Potion, after Hermione and Ron run into the stalls, Harry is doubled over in the same sink where the potion cauldron was, and you see a distant shot of smoke rising from the cauldron. Seconds later, in a close shot on Harry, smoke is no longer rising. – Thanks to Eloise for this!
  • When Harry and Ron are in the girls’ bathroom and find Tom’s diary, it is night. Right before they go into the bathroom, it’s daytime – you can see the sunlight coming through the windows.
  • The one tap at the sink opening for the Chamber of Secrets is overflowing when Myrtle cries, but when Harry, Lockhart and Ron go back later, the top does not work. You can see and hear Harry turning the tap, and no water comes out.
  • When Harry and Ron are in the restroom, after they’ve just run through the puddle on the floor, their shoes are not wet.
  • In the scene in Hagrid’s hut, a member of the crew can be seen on the shot. – Thanks to Roza for this.
  • In the scene where Harry and Ron are talking to the giant spider in the Dark Forest, Fang keeps changing places. One second he’s about two feet from Harry and one second later, he’s right next to Harry.
  • After Harry and Ron find the piece of paper in Hermione’s hand, they start walking along a corridor as Harry reads the note aloud. They walk toward the camera as the shot changes and Harry says, “Spiders flee before it.” The movement of his lips doesn’t match what he says.
  • When Harry, Ron, and Lockhart are in the bathroom, having just discovered the entrance to the chamber, Ron asks Harry to say something in Parseltongue and there is a distance shot of this, with Ron looking at Harry. However, when the camera zooms in on the next shot, Ron is now looking at the sink. – Thanks to Eloise for this!
  • Lockhart takes a few seconds to fall to the bottom of the Chamber of Secrets. Harry and Ron take much longer.
  • When the snake-bordered door to the Chamber of Secrets opens and Harry approaches Ginny, he’s carrying the wand in his left hand. However, the wand, when thrown down, lands where his wand would have if it had been in his right hand. Apparently, Dan’s right hand would have blocked the snake-door from the camera or something, so he was told to hold it in his left. (His right hand is his wand hand.)
  • In the Chamber, when Tom Riddle is telling the Basilisk to attack Harry, right after the snake crawls, Tom looks it directly in the eye and doesn’t become petrified. (It’s not because he’s not exactly “alive” because Nearly Headless Nick wasn’t alive either, and he was petrified).
  • When Harry stabs Riddle’s diary the first time, ink splatters on the page next to it, but in the immediate cut to a different angle shows a suddenly clean page. Another quick cut, and you see the second page with a lot more ink than at the beginning.
  • When Harry stabs Tom Riddle’s diary, the cut-scene where he closes the diary shows his empty left hand closing it. In the scenes before and after, though, his left hand is raised and has the Basilisk fang in it.
  • When Harry closes the diary to hit it with the Basilisk fang, there is a mistake regarding his wand: After closing the diary, the shot goes back to Tom Riddle, who is holding Harry’s wand. But when Harry stabs the book the first time, and the shot goes to Tom, he is not holding the wand. After Harry stabs the book the second time, he is holding it; after the third stab, he is not.
  • As Harry stabs the diary with the Basilisk fang, you can clearly see the dead Basilisk behind him. However, when Tom Riddle explodes into light and disappears, you can see Harry and Ginny in front of him – and no Basilisk. When the camera returns to a close-up on Harry, the Basilisk has returned to its original place, dead, behind Harry.
  • When Harry plunges the Basilisk fang into the diary, it’s not in the center and it doesn’t go very deep. But when Dumbledore shows the diary to Lucius, it has a hole going through the center of the diary.
  • How exactly does the Chamber open up to the night sky? Fawkes, instead of taking them up a slide, takes them past a rocky cliff, right toward the moon and stars. So everyone is either blind or they just haven’t really searched for the Chamber of Secrets. Oh, that’s just a cliff and a statue of Salazar, nothing to see here … (see False Mistakes and Why)
  • Harry didn’t brush his teeth before he went to bed. It’s clearly nighttime when everyone is pulled from the Chamber by Fawkes, and in Dumbledore’s office in the next scene, it’s clearly a bright, sunny afternoon (see the daylight coming through the window). But Harry’s still as dirty as ever. Is the famous Harry Potter too good to take a bath?
  • In the scene where Lucius visits Dumbledore’s office, the sun reveals Jason Isaacs’s (Lucius’s) true short brown hair, underneath the blonde wig.
  • When Harry, Dumbledore, and Lucius Malfoy are in Dumbledore’s office and Harry says he will always be around to save the day, his face is clean. Later, when Harry gives Lucius the diary, his face is as dirty as it was when he was in the Chamber.
  • At the end of the pixie scene when Harry, Hermione, and Ron are left alone by Lockhart, the timing is off by a few seconds. Harry grabs for a pixie over his shoulder and throws it forward before the pixie is there. – Thanks to Dodges.
  • When Malfoy calls Hermione a Mudblood for the first time, Harry reacts to the word as if he understands what it means – but he later states he does not know what a Mudblood is (this can only be seen in the widescreen version – Harry is cut out in the full-screen version). – Thanks to Dodges.
  • When Harry is transforming into Goyle and he lets the Polyjuice Potion fall to the floor, his Slytherin tie is loose. When you see him again, his face transforming, the Slytherin tie he took from Goyle is neatly tied up nice and neat. – Thanks to anonymous.
  • When Myrtle gets upset and dives into the toilet the water is supposed to splash out of the toilet bowl. Firstly she shouldn’t make a splash in the water. She can go through it. Ghosts can go through walls which are denser than water, but they splash on entering water? – Thanks to Tristan!
  • Percy and Penelope sure do get around a lot. At the end, they’re walking toward the Ravenclaw table, then they’re walking past the Slytherin table.
  • In the scene after Hagrid enters the Great Hall, the doors are closed. Soon after, they’re open again, even though nobody came in.
  • During filming of CoS, Emma Watson broke her wrist. Several times during the movie – especially the Polyjuice Potion scenes – you can see a little bit of her cast showing.
  • In the credits, Hannah Abbot is put down as “Hannah Hufflepuff.” – Thanks to Bénéfor this one!

Special thanks to: Rachel (Quidditchgal) and Antonio



  • Daniel Radcliffe has said that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is his favorite book.
  • Hugh Grant was originally cast as Gilderoy Lockhart but was forced to withdraw at the last moment because of scheduling conflicts. Alan Cumming was also considered.
  • Zoë Wanamaker does not appear in this film as Hogwarts’ flying instructor, Madam Hooch. Her character was written out.
  • Daniel Radcliffe was initially only offered £125,000 (approximately US$181,500) to film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The Actor’s Union Equity stepped in, however, and negotiated new terms that increased his salary to roughly £2,000,000 (US$3,000,000).
  • Many Harry Potter fans went to see Scooby Doo just to see a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets trailer.
  • Christian Coulson landed the role as Tom Riddle, even though he is 23 and exceeds the 15-17 age group set for auditions.
  • Fourteen Ford Anglias were destroyed to create the scene where Harry and Ron crash into the Whomping Willow.
  • As Hagrid is taking Harry away from Knockturn Alley, we see, in one of the shop windows in the background, an entire set of Harry Potter books.
  • The “Let’s just hope Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day” dialogue (see quotes) was improvised by Radcliffe and Isaacs.
  • During the shoot, the part of Dobby was played by an orange ball on a stick (he was added digitally later, of course).
  • The train station interior used in the film is King’s Cross in North London, whereas the exterior shot is actually St. Pancras. The two stations are adjacent to one another, but not the same building. This was done because the architecture of St. Pancras is much more visually appealing.
  • The punch line for the “Japanese golfer” joke told by Uncle Vernon that Harry ruins is actually quite vulgar and not at all appropriate for young children or mixed company.
  • As Harry enters Professor Dumbledore’s study, a portrait of Gandalf the Grey is included in the collection of the great wizard paintings. It is above the doorframe and slightly to Harry’s right.
  • Harry Taylor reprises his brief role as the Train Station Guard from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone.
  • A cinema manager in Stavanger in Norway reported that the film was making his younger patrons ill. Evidently many children who had overindulged on sweets and popcorn were throwing up when Ron begins vomiting giant slugs. “It is not a particularly fun task for our employees to have to wash away the sick,” he said.
  • Some of the portraits in Hogwarts are actually faces of production designer Stuart Craig and executive producer Mark Radcliffe.
  • While chatting with the Grangers at the bookshop, Mr. Weasley says, “I understand that other Muggles are afraid of you.” This makes little sense unless you know that both Hermione’s parents are dentists.
  • Emma Watson broke her left wrist during filming and you can just about see a cast under her sleeve in some scenes.
  • The script originally said that Hermione would hug Harry and Ron in the final scene. Because Emma Watson was embarrassed about having to hug them in front of the entire cast, Chris Columbus changed the scene. Hermione just hugs Harry, and starts to hug Ron, but the two get embarrassed and shake hands instead.
  • The tapestries hanging in the Gryffindor Common Room are copies of the “Lady and the Unicorn” series, a set of 16th century tapestries that are now displayed in the Cluny Museum in Paris.
  • The title used by the film crew to disguise the shoot (and printed on the clapper boards) was “Incident of 57th Street”.
  • The Weasleys’ car registration number is 7990 TD.
  • All four of director, Chris Columbus’s children appear in this movie. Eleanor Columbus plays Susan Bones (also plays her in the first movie), Brendan Columbus plays a boy in study hall, Violet Columbus plays the little girl with flowers, and Isabella Columbus plays the little girl in the bookstore.
  • When Harry and Ron are called to the dormitory it has been ransacked. As Harry sifts through the pile of books on the floor you briefly see Volume 4 of the Encyclopedia Magica from TSR’s Dungeon and Dragons second edition.
  • Filming began two days after the release of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone.

Information courtesy of IMDb.

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