Ingredient: confectioner's sugar


Scabbers Cakes by Bethany

Bethany gave us a great recipe, Scabbers cakes. It is so good that it may even be able to redeem Scabbers as a character!


Christmas Pudding

What a great way to bring in the holiday cheer on Christmas Eve with this delicious Christmas pudding.


Cinnamon Pull-Apart Breakfast Rolls

To deflect questions about what Ginny was about to tell Harry, Percy (man, he has a guilty conscience) asks for the breakfast rolls. But Ginny was about to tell Harry something much, much more important… good thing Percy interrupted, or she would’ve spoiled the plot.


House Sorting Cupcakes

Made with a cream filling and vanilla buttercream topping, these fun treats are a delicious way to Sort guests into Hogwarts Houses on the fly.


Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Tina, over at Sugar Bean Bakers, drew her inspiration from the staggering and mammoth Christmas trees that lined the Great Hall in “Sorcerer’s Stone”. The visual appeal of these cupcakes makes them a lovely addition to your holiday parties and overall dessert menu!


Peanut Butter Chocolate Frogs by Jamie

If you’ve ventured into the world of “Harry Potter”, then you know about Chocolate Frogs and how you should eat them right away before they get away from you and jump out the window. Also, if you had someone make them for you before, then you know how amazingly delicious they can be.