Ingredient: food coloring


Fizzing Whizbees

Sierra decided to try her hand at creating this Honeydukes featured candy after finding no real-life models that matched the description in the novels.


Golden Snitch Cakes

You’ll want to catch these Snitches just like how Harry caught his first Snitch in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, with your mouth.


Golden Snitch Cake Pops

Golden Snitch cake pops are perfect for a party! All of the supplies we used can be found at your local craft store in the cake decorating section. You will need to plan for two sessions to complete these cake pops and 24 hours of dry time for the wings.


Fever Fudge by S.M. Radtke

Inspired by the inventions of the Weasley twins in the “Harry Potter” books, these two-sided confections are the perfect blend of hot and cool.


Edible Magic Wands

Natasha Feldman and Julianna Strickland, directors, producers, and hosts of “Cinema & Spice”. They created this recipe themselves since they were inspired by the wands in “Harry Potter” and a favorite childhood treat of chocolate-dipped pretzels!


Scabbers Cakes by Bethany

Bethany gave us a great recipe, Scabbers cakes. It is so good that it may even be able to redeem Scabbers as a character!