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How do I download episodes of MuggleCast that are not available on the iTunes feed?

To save on bandwidth, MuggleCast has had to limit the number of episodes on the podcast feed. Because of this, only the 10 most recent shows are on the feed.

To download episodes that are no longer on the feed, visit the Episodes page. Find the episodes you would like to download and right-click on them. Choose "Save Target As.." then save it to the desktop. Once the file has completed downloading, drag-and-drop the file into your iTunes library.

To get the episodes organized into the Podcasts section of your iTunes/iPod with the episodes from the feed, first right click the downloaded episode(s) and select 'Get Info'. Then select the 'Options' tab. Under the 'Media Kind' drop down menu, select 'Podcast'. Next, go back to the 'Info' tab and in the 'Album' box type 'MuggleCast: the Harry Potter podcast'.

Once these steps are complete, click OK. They will then be put into the Podcasts section with the rest of your episodes!

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