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MuggleCast EP10 Transcript

Show Intro

Ben [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast - Episode 10 for October 09, 2005.

Andrew: Ben... Ben... Ben...

Ben: Yeah?

Andrew: It's 1:15 AM. It's Sunday night. Just, just get on with it.

Ben: I know. I want to go to bed too. This is my first time editing. This has taken ALL day.

Andrew: What is wrong with you?

Ben: I don't know.

Andrew: I'm falling asleep right here.

Ben: Me too.

Andrew: The music is running out. Quick, hurry!

[Both laugh]

Ben: Oh, geez. Okay. This is Episode 10. Please enjoy!

Welcome to MuggleCast everybody! This is a milestone episode - Episode 10! I'm Ben Schoen!

Andrew: A to the Andrew Sims!

Kevin: I'm Kevin Steck.

Ben: Yeah, so this is our Tenth Episode. We've been around for ten weeks now. Our first episode was back on August 7th.

Kevin: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I forgot, it's only three of us today. I should have said, "And I'm Kevin Steck."

Andrew: Oh, because we're going for that classic appeal.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah.

Ben: Yeah. There's no Jamie Lawrence. No Eric Scull. No Laura Thompson. They were all unable to make it, so this is a throwback episode.

Andrew: I like this.


Ben: Before we get into too much reminiscing, let's go to Micah for this past week's news.

Micah: All right, Ben.

On Thursday, thanks to Warner Bros., MuggleNet fans were given special access to a Mad-Eye Moody website. More of these on different characters are expected in the weeks to come. has been updated with additional pictures and biographies for all the main characters in the movie.

And, Electronic Arts released a website for the Goblet of Fire video game. In order to have complete access to all of the site's features, you'll have to work your way through a few challenges.

On Friday, it was reported the latest issue of Xpose Magazine would contain a huge feature on the Goblet Of Fire movie including interviews with Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, James and Oliver Phelps, and David Heyman amongst others. There are also additional interviews posted on MuggleNet’s Main Page with JK Rowling (whoses book series just eclipsed the 300 million sales mark) and Ralph Fiennes, the actor portrays Lord Voldemort.

Wrapping up the movie news, on the morning of October 29th, Kids WB is set to air "Spellbinding Secrets Saturday". This program will detail how certain special effects in the first three movies were created. Possible additional scenes from the upcoming film may be revealed.

Of course there are plenty of screen shots, videos, poster scans, and calendar scans over on MuggleNet’s Main Page.

Finally, at the release of the German translation of Half-Blood Prince last Saturday in Hanover Railway station, an overeager 24-year-old man couldn't bear to wait in line, so he made off with six copies of the book down the crowded platform. An officer claimed the man said, “he couldn’t wait to find out who the Half-Blood Prince is.” First of all buddy, the book has been out for almost four months. If you could wait that long, you could wait 30 minutes to get your own copy. And six copies? Wouldn’t it have been easier to just steal one? Geez!

That’s all the news from our News center in New York for this October 09, 2005 edition of MuggleCast. Back to you guys!

Ben: Thanks for that wonderful insight on this past week's news, Micah.

Reaching A Milestone

Ben: So guys. This is our Tenth Episode. We have come quite a long way. We've been No. 1 on iTunes. We've been getting 50,000 plus downloads.

Andrew: A week!

Ben: Andrew, what are your thoughts?

Andrew: My thoughts. Oh, they are great thoughts! We started this on August 7th. We've grown so much. You want to hear a fun fact? This is going to make you have fun. If you look at this iTunes list, right now I think we are, it looks like we are No. 28. There is not one podcast ahead of us that has not been promoted on the main page. So basically, we're No. 1. That's what I am trying to say. The No. 1 non-promoted podcast.

Ben: Pretty much. That's pretty much it.

Andrew: Yeah. So whatever Adam Curry.

Kevin: It's true. They just won't give us...

Andrew: Take that Al Franken. Whatever Family Guy.

Ben: Yeah.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: I think Steve Jobs is out to get us.

Andrew: Yeah, probably.

Kevin: I'm still very surprised that they didn't promote us when they released the Harry Potter iPod.

Ben: That, too.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: That was very disappointing.

Ben: Oh well.

Kevin: Steve Jobs, I'm a Windows person.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Kevin: I don't like you.

Ben: Whoa! You trying to get us thrown off the iTunes Music Store?

[Kevin laughs]

Ben: Yeah. Quite a few things have happened since we started this show. For example, the time we really did get thrown off the iTunes Music Store.

[All laugh]

Kevin: It's true. That is true.

Ben: Yeah. That was kind of mysterious and strange, and then...

Kevin: Yeah. We worked it out.

Ben: We've had quite a few people on the show. I don't have an exact count, but I would just like to the time right now to thank everyone who has participated including all of our listeners and everyone who has ever sent us a question, sent us suggestions. [Somebody claps] I'd like to encourage people to keep sending us your comments, questions, anything, because we like constructive criticism. We want to keep this show and make it progressively better. And when we make an error, please call us out on it.

Andrew: Yeah. We apologize for last week's episode. We had one or two errors. Not many.

Kevin: Definitely.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: But, I was adding up the stats last week, seeing how many downloads we've had. We've had close to half-a-million downloads of all the shows combined.

Kevin: Wow!

Andrew: Yeah. If you think about it, I mean we only have the stats starting from, I think, Episode 6.

Ben: Yeah. The beginning of September about.

Andrew: Yeah. We've been getting... Oh, it's just been great! Super! Over... Close to half-a-million.

Ben: Yeah.

Kevin: Well, to put it into perspective, we've had to get a separate media service just for the podcast, just to host it because it was killing us.

Ben: Yeah. And we originally used another...

Andrew: Our Media.

Ben: delivery place. Yeah. It was completely free.

Kevin: Yep.

Ben: For what it was, I'd like to thank them too because, for what it was, it was actually pretty good.

Kevin: It was excellent.

Ben: It was excellent, but it wasn't...

Kevin: They just couldn't support the amount of users we had.

Ben: Yeah!

Andrew: Well, the problem was the speed was...

Ben: They didn't throw us off or anything. Yeah. And the downloads were taking quite a while. Yeah, things have changed since the very first episode. For example, in the First Episode we used a program to record everyone at once, and then we found a way to make the audio a better quality. How we were converting it. Turning up the volume. So, I think that everyone would agree, that even though sometimes the content has been a bit shaky, that progressively from the First Episode to even last week's episode, the audio has been actually getting better.

Andrew: Which is...

Kevin: Until this week's episode when you edit.

Ben: Yeah. This week Andrew is taking a break. He's going to be down at the Shore.

Andrew: Thank you, Ben!

Ben: So, last week when he said that he never gets a break, he's lying! I'm giving him a break this week.

Andrew: This is my first show! I think I have edited twelve shows together total.

Ben: Mhm.

Kevin: Twelve?

Andrew: So, it's well overdue.

Kevin: Yeah. Between the special episodes and the normal podcasts. You've been editing quite a bit.

Ben and Andrew's Premiere Journey

Andrew: When Ben is here, we're either... I don't know if we're going to do a behind-the-scenes on an actual video of how we make it or if it's just going to be an audio version. I think people would appreciate a video version.

Kevin: What Ben is doing?

Ben: I will be at Andrew's house on November 9th. So, those who want to greet us, meet us at Philadelphia International Airport!

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. Let's have a meet-up!

Ben: On November 9th. At 6:30 PM. Let's do a meet-up right there.

Andrew: I'll be wearing... I'll wear my... Oh, geez! Forget it! Just look for my face!

[Andrew laughs]

Kevin: What will you wear? Your T-shirt?

Ben: I'll wear my broken MuggleNet T-shirt. The one my Mom destroyed in the washing machine. For you guys.

Kevin: Your broken one?

Ben: Yeah. My Mom washed it. Messed it up. I'm not really surprised.

Kevin: How did she mess it up?

Ben: The emblem on the front is all smeared.

Kevin: Oh, warm water or something like that?

Ben: Yeah. Something like that.

Kevin: It bled?

Ben: So, guys... Yeah.

Kevin: I know nothing about wash.

Ben: So, once again our ideas were that we were going to make "Ben and Andrew's Premiere Journey."

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: And make a little podcast.

Andrew: Okay. Can I just go over this real quick?

Ben: And actually...

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: We are going to set...

Ben: Andrew, take it away.

Andrew: We are going to set some new standards in podcasting.

Kevin: Uh oh!

Andrew: We will be the first to podcast from Philadelphia International. We will be the first to podcast from a train going from Trenton, New Jersey, to New York City. But, we will not be the first...

Kevin: Now, are they going to allow you to videotape?

Andrew: Oh, no. We're just podcasting. I'm going to by an iTalk for the iPod.

Kevin: Oh! Podcast.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Oh! At the airport?

Andrew: Oh. Will security?

Kevin: For the airport as well?

Andrew: They won't care! Whatever.

Kevin: Yeah. See that's what I am wondering. I'm wondering if security will let you do it.

Andrew: It's a music player.

Kevin: I'm sure if you get permission, they'll let you.

Andrew: It doesn't matter! We're going to be in the terminal, or whatever.

Kevin: Yeah. I'd check.

Andrew: I don't know. I've never flown before.

Ben: Right.

Andrew: I thought you said record, like "radio-wise." I was going to say.

Andrew: No, I'm going to be recording while I walk through the metal detector and going on the plane. Do you think they will allow that? [Laughs] Just kidding!

Ben: [Laughs] Yeah.

[Andrew laughs]

Kevin: Set your iPod on through the metal detector.

Ben: They're going to be like, "What's this going doing talking to himself going on to an airplane?" Maybe he's a bit crazy.

[Kevin laughs]

Andrew: Eh, Ben. The plan was you were going to be there too.

Kevin: Well, you can't go through the metal detector because you're not going on the airplane.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Right.

Kevin: You need a boarding pass.

Ben: But anyway. Andrew, talk about our podcasting precedents some more. Please.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Kevin: Whatever.

Andrew: We will not be the first people to podcast from a New York City subway, although we would like to because the "Dawn and Drew Show" already beat us to that. But, we will find new places to podcast from. This is going to be... We are going to be setting new records.

Kevin: Oh, definitely.

Andrew: You're just going to be blown away.

Kevin: Well, Barnes & Noble.

Andrew's Listener Challenge of the Week

Ben: We will even podcast from the bathroom at Barnes * Noble if we have to.

Andrew: Yeah, whatever. There you go! That's it! That's it! There's "Andrew's Challenge for the Week." Send in the most creative places to podcast from. [Laughs]

Ben: Also... Hold on. Hold on.

[All laugh]

Ben: Really.

Kevin: Andrew has found his moment...

Ben: Also, also, I'd like to send... I'd like to make an additional challenge to visitors.

Andrew: Oh no.

Ben: To draw a picture, a fan art image of Andrew and I in a bathroom recording a podcast.

Andrew: [Laughs] NO! OH MY GOD! NO!

Ben: Yes!

Kevin: Okay. No! No! That would be wrong.

Ben: That would be funny!

Kevin: No! Neh, neh, neh, no!

Ben: Why not?

Andrew: That's so wrong. But, okay.

Ben: Oh. Okay. Whatever guys. I'm leaving this in.

Kevin: It is. It is definitely wrong.

[Andrew laughs]

Goblet of Fire Movie Discussion

Ben: Okay. So, it is just back to the original three this week, what do you guys want to talk about? I'm pretty much open to any type of discussion.

Andrew: Well, there's...

Ben: Well, the first thing I would like to mention is that we've seen about 65 billion, trillion, quadrillion, to the infinitieth power new pictures from the new calendars. The German calendar. The Dutch calendar. The Norwegian calendar. The Czech calendar. No. Not really all those countries.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: There's been calendar pictures everywhere. So, what do you think about what we've seen, Andrew? What do you think, buddy?

Andrew: Actually, have we ever seen this many pictures prior to a movie release?

Ben: I think we actually did with Prisoner of Azkaban. We probably saw more or just as many, at least.

Andrew: Ah, these...

Kevin: I don't think so. I don't think so. Not this quality.

Andrew: Well, quantity.

Kevin: Well, yeah.

Ben: Hmmm. I don't know. I think. I remember one time there were a load of pictures that came in for Prisoner of Azkaban from the calendar, actually. I think it's been pretty even from what I've been able to assess.

Andrew: I think it's overwhelming.

Kevin: Really?

Andrew: Look. We have so many pictures. I was reading the comments in one of the News Posts the other day and people are seeing the whole movie. Everyone knows what the movie is. Why do we need to go see it now?

Ben: Yeah. I understand.

Andrew: What's going on?

Ben: I see what you're saying.

Andrew: No.

Ben: I don't know. Things like the "Lord Voldemort Scene," that's going to be the most exciting thing ever.

Andrew: Yep. We haven't seen any pictures of that yet. Well, not many.

Ben: Yeah, so we have sort of seen the Priori Incantatem thing, but besides that we haven't seen much.

Kevin: Yeah. Actually, in the TV spot, they actually showed a glimpse of that a little longer. I noticed.

Andrew: Which one was that?

Kevin: In the end...

Andrew: TV Spot #1 or TV Spot #2? Because Warner Bros...

Kevin: I believe it was TV Spot #2.

Andrew: Okay.

Kevin: I believe it was TV Spot #2.

Andrew: Because Warner Bros. did release, officially release two TV spots the other day. Great quality now. Originally, we just had scans or people recording it off their TV, which did not turn out as good.

Kevin: Which we appreciated, of course.

Andrew: Eh, I guess.

Kevin: Right. People being ready with recorders.

Andrew: Not only that. Yeah. So, more stuff came out.

Ben: If you catch any, if you catch any, if you see it on TV, don't hesitate. Even if you think there might be one new clip, please send it in because we can use any video you have. And, send it in any pictures you have, too. Send in any picture.

Kevin: We figure we can piece together the whole movie using...

Andrew: Yeah. We're working on that. [Laughs]

Ben: Yeah.

Kevin: So, we want to be able to have this movie to you.

Ben: [Laughs] Yeah. We're kidding! WB please!

[All laughs]

Kevin: We are joking. Not going to do that.

Ben: Okay.

Andrew: Kevin, you mean that copy of Goblet of Fire you sent me isn't legal?

[All laugh]

Kevin: Right. It was actually in TV Spot #1 that the longer scene was, with Priori Incantatem.

Andrew: Thanks for clearing that up.

Ben: There has been tons of other news too. What about this MuggleNet exclusive Mad-Eye Moody mini-site that we just put up today? That we linked to today. What do you think, Andrew? Kevin? Whomever.

Andrew: Well, not today. By the time somebody listens to it, it's going to be a few days old.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Don't date the show!

Ben: That's true.

Kevin: There are secrets on this site.

Andrew: There are.

Kevin: I know that. So, we need people to be looking around for those.

Andrew: Not many, but some of the things you look at, you'll notice it's kind of suspicious.

Kevin: There has to be secrets.

Andrew: Well, you pointed one out, Kevin.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. With the belt buckle in, what was it, the Download Section?

Andrew: I do not know. I am going back to it right now. But, nothing really happened though, right?

Kevin: Yeah. Maybe it is because they are still setting it up.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Hopefully.

Andrew: Well, you would have thought...the Game Section is still "Coming Soon."

Ben: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: I think what is really weird are those two things that say "Constant Vigilance" on them. When you mouse over each one, it goes back and forth. I think there is something up with those.

Kevin: And then there's a book in one of the sections as well that says that.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah. What's up with that?

Kevin: I don't know.

Andrew [in weird voice]: What's up with that?

Kevin: I don't know.

Ben: I think this site actually looks pretty cool.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Mad-Eye Moody. Speaking of him, we've seen a few posters of him. I think he is really going to fit the part. At first, I didn't like Brendan Gleeson's stature per se, but now I think I actually like the way (of what we've seen in the trailer), the way he portrays Mad-Eye Moody. So, he turned out to be pretty good.

Kevin: Yeah. He does seem to be pretty good, but he's not the way I envisioned him.

Ben: I envisioned him to be a little bit skinnier in my mind.

Kevin: I did too. Actually, yeah. Skinnier and more scarred. I thought his face was a lot more deformed.

Andrew: I think what we've learned from WB so far is that you can't expect the characters to look as they did in the books. Because look at Krum.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: He's got semi-long hair.

Kevin: That's true.

Andrew: In the movie, he's got a shaven head. [Laughs]

Ben: Look at Ron. Ron is supposed to be tall and skinny.

Andrew: Forget him!

Ben: Now, we have this stocky Rupert Grint. Yeah, so. I don't know. I think the actors really do fit their characters pretty well though, and they've chosen some really good people for the movies even though they may not be 100% true to the book, they still fit their characters very, very well.

Andrew: I'm very impressed by Rita Skeeter who is played...

Kevin: Yeah. She looks excellent.

Ben: Very, very well.

Andrew: Oh, what's... Okay.

Kevin: She's one of the only characters that is the way I saw her. That's how I envisioned her.

Andrew: But, that part...

Kevin: I can't say that word today. "Envisioned". Okay. There we go.

Andrew: That part in the trailer, in the TV spot, I believe it is, she asks something to Harry.

Kevin: Yep.

Andrew: That was when I really saw that she was great for the part.

Ben: Well, is there anything else you want to talk about? We've seen quite a bit of news about Goblet of Fire. It's just Goblet of Fire mania everywhere. That's pretty much it. [Laughs]

Kevin: Yeah. Posters. Mini-site. Video gamesite.

Andrew: Yeah, the video game site came out, too.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: There has actually been some confusion. I think is the one to blame here. Everyone's been saying, and I think it is them from Amazon that the Goblet of Fire video game would be coming out on November 15th, when in all reality, this entire time I was told by a representative at WB that it's coming out actually on November 10th. That is the worldwide release date, on-sale date.

Ben: Hmmm.

Kevin: Huh.

Andrew: And the something happened with the soundtrack too. You didn't hear it from me, but the Goblet of Fire is going to be released [whispers] "not in stores" first. You heard it here first. [Laughs]

Ben: Oooh.

Kevin: Oooh. That's right.

Ben: All right. I think that's enough chitchat about Goblet of Fire Let's role the voicemails guys.

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