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MuggleCast 100 Transcript

Show Intro

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[Show music starts]

Nearly two years, over fifty thousand fans, and exactly 99 episodes later, this is MuggleCast Episode 100 for July 21st, 2007.

Hagrid: Oh, are we live there? Are we live? Hello everybody, how are you? Okay? So you're all ready to go be beemed around the world and be on TV in front of at least a million people, are you? Yes? I think that's wonderful. Well, hello! Now my name's Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of grounds and keys at Hogwarts. But you knew that anyway, didn't you? Did you? Do we have any witches amongst us, do we? Hands up if you're a witch. Anybody a witch over here? Oh that's nice. There's quite a few of ‘em, that's lovely. Hands up if your mother is a witch? Okay, I see a few married ones here, so we ought to say hands up if your mother-in-law is a witch. We've got a few. It's nice to see you. We're having a wonderful time tonight. Having a lie-down in a dark room. And get ready to see the fate of Rubeus Hagrid. But there's a problem. There is a thief in the audience, everybody! And someone has stolen this man's hair.

[Audience laughs]

He spent all morning doing his hair and then he came out without it, didn't you? Well nice to see you, my friend, and thanks for coming tonight. And all these people in the front row, you must be the rich people, are you? I'm glad we're all tuned in together, everybody! You're great, great people over here. Now, would you like to meet the MuggleNet panel, everybody? Yes?

[Audience claps]

Okay. Now I'm not sure just if we're actually going live now or not, but anyway, I don't give a monkey's ear, everybody. But let's just see how loud every single person can clap their hands at the same time. Clap!

[Audience claps]

Now that's – that was absolutely rubbish, everybody. Now you see, you have got to show some enthusiasm. But not just cheer, don't cheer, just clap! Clap! Okay, that's better. Now you've got to cheer. Cheer! Now you're going to clap your hands and cheer at the same time. Go! Okay, so when I say every each one of their individual names, that's the sort of reaction we want from each of them because they're absolutely nervous. They've drunk all sorts of muggle juice while they're waiting in the wings. So, first of all – we have a wonderful guy by the name of Jamie!


Jamie: Thank you very much.

Hagrid: There's our lovely Jamie, nice to see you, Jamie. And then an even bigger cheer now you've warmed up for Andrew!


Hello, Andrew. Nice to see you.

Andrew: Nice to see you too.

Hagrid: Oh dear. Now then. Can you cheer for our Eric?


We want love, don't we, everybody? But nobody ever loves me, do they? It's not fair, is it? I know, I know - what about Laura?


Chase me, Laura, chase me! Oh, come on. Oh, she's got a lovely dress, everybody! Bless you. You look lovely. Give her a big cheer. That's our girl, Laura.


Hagrid: Should we introduce you as well? What do you think?

Kevin: I guess.

Hagrid: I think, I guess, well okay then. Well, ladies and gentlemen, to introduce the last but not least, shall we? The last one of all – give him a great big cheer, and all you people in the back, you're going to go wild for the one and only Kevin!


Come on, Kevin! Big hugs, big love, Kevin! Nice to see you. Now listen over here - I'm going to go on one of them computers and watch this from the big screen. So for me, Rubeus Hagrid, I'll leave you with the panel now. Have a wonderful time tonight, and I'm sure we'll see you lot throughout the night. I'll see you later on. Bye bye everybody! Good luck, guys!


Andrew: Thank you, Hagrid. Round of applause for Hagrid, everybody!


Ben would be very jealous. I'm sure one of his life-long dreams is to become a real-life Hagrid. Welcome, everyone, to the live MuggleCast podcast Episode 100!

[Audience cheers]

Oh my gosh, you know, it was two years ago in August when – er, okay! I can't hear what you're saying. Hi, everyone in the back! Hello, everyone on the fifth floor! You know what? Actually, it's this camera over here, hello everyone on the fifth floor. Hey – they're cheering upstairs. All right! So it was two years ago when we decided to start this little podcast, and who listened from August 2005 on?

[Some Audience Members cheer]

A select few. Not everybody was very sure about the podcast. Everyone was like, "What's a podcast?" And people still ask us, "What's a podcast?" Well just listen, how about that? So we're here now and we're celebrating our hundredth episode and what a better place to be than here in Waterstone's, the largest bookstore in England, if I'm correct. Is that right? Audience: In Europe.

Jamie: I think so, yeah.

Andrew: In Europe! In Europe, England – same thing.

[Audience laughs]

Or not – I don't know my geography. So, of course we're all here. Ben and Emerson are in Chicago reporting for us and Micah's in New York City. So, there are a few things that we'd like to talk about obviously. We need to warn you first: No spoilers, okay? Nobody spoil us or anyone else in the audience because that's the last thing we want to hear. We're so close!


There was a terrible, terrible leak that happened a few days ago, and then just the other day the New York Times posted their review, and even Jo commented on it, so that wasn't very good. We'll talk about that in a minute. So no spoilers, seriously. We're three hours and forty-four minutes until the big release, so we can all wait. There's more cheering from upstairs!

Early Readers

Andrew: All right, so, Jamie – how did this whole thing start for you back in – did you start reading back in '97 or was your teacher...

Jamie: I was in – wow, that sounds weird, hearing my voice so loud.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: I started back in highschool – secondary school, for all you Americans out there and I know there are some...


Jamie: Good.

Andrew: Who's been reading the books since '97? Or, who started reading in '97? Yeah, a few people, a few people. Now – what's that?

Jamie: I started – yeah, when I was in secondary school, our teacher came in and she brought the book and you know – when you're in your first year of secondary school, you're like, "Storytime? That's so last year," and everything like that. So everyone was like, "I don't want to listen to this teacher read this book." And teachers think they're so good at doing impressions and they're not at all. But even though my teacher couldn't do it at all, I really enjoyed the book. So we read the first chapter, and the next day, we read the second chapter, third chapter, fourth chapter, and I got hooked as did everyone else in my class. So then I went and bought the second one, third one, fourth one, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Andrew: Yeah. Laura, how about you?

Laura: I actually received the first three books for my eleventh birthday in 1999. So, I thought that was very fitting, that it was age eleven. At that time, I really didn't read as much as I should have and I think that's one thing that Harry Potter has really done for me and a lot of people, it's really made us enjoy literature. I burned through those books in the space of a week and for an eleven-year-old, I think that's fairly astonishing.

Andrew: Yeah. Eric, how about you?

Eric: I was actually, at first, a little bit skeptical about the books. I, like Laura, didn't really read too much at the time.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: But I went with a friend and his mother who took me to see the first movie when it came out in November of 2001.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: So, I've not nearly been a fan as long as some other people. But the movie is what did it for me. Afterwards I said, "What was that?"

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Eric: Because it was amazing and I was hooked. So I got the movie when it came out and then I leeched off my friends for the books - the first three books. And then I bought my own set of the first four books the day Goblet of Fire came out in paperback.

Andrew: Eric, I hate to put you on the spot, but you in the blue, can you stand up please? Can you stand up for just a second?

Eric: Oh no, oh no...

Andrew: Eric, I think, has the same exact shirt.

Eric: Oh gosh.

Andrew: And he bought it for the podcast in LA in October and we said, "Eric, isn't that a women's shirt?" because it was really tight against his body.

[Audience laughs]

And we're like, "Eric, are you just trying to show off your little muscle area here?" But now we see it is a women's shirt. Thank you.

Eric: Well, I think it's – to be fair I think it was a youth size, because I...

Andrew: But it was a women's shirt. Right? Let's just...

Eric: I'm pretty sure it was unisex.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: You don't understand though. By tight, we don't mean tight. We mean like it was spray-painted onto his body. It was unbelievable how tight this thing was.

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: Kevin, lastly, how did you get into the books?

Kevin: I was actually given the books by my friend. She gave me books 1 through 3 right before the release of Goblet of Fire, so I blew through those right before the release. I think it was one week and I went through all three.

Jamie: You know what's weird? When people talk about how long it takes them to read the book, it starts off really high and then when they find out that everyone else has read it quicker than them, it suddenly comes down and down and down and down.

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: So, I'm sure when it first started, I read it in like three weeks and now I read it in four hours or something like that.

Andrew: Yeah, and there was that time that you may have heard about on the show that Jamie went on the BBC, and you said you read it – you were planning on reading the book Order of the Phoenix, the longest book in the series, in, how much time?

Jamie: Four hours, and I think I didn't even start for four hours, because we went to Burger King afterwards instead. So...

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: So what's everyone's plan? As soon as you get the book, what are you doing? Audience: Reading...

Andrew: No, I mean – [laughs] obviously.

Jamie: That's an awful idea.

Andrew: Are you reading together? I mean what's happening with us is that we're going to get the book here and of course we're going to run back to the hotel room and all read together. And actually read through it – we're not going to stop. And then once we're done, we're going to record a little episode of MuggleCast of initial reactions and then throw that up.

Jamie: And then we might sleep. At some point. Actually no, no, no.

Three Questions

Andrew: Yeah, I've been napping all day to make up for tonight. But okay – so there are a few things we're going to talk about here. We do want to talk about the book. A few last minute theories – I know all of you have them in your minds. We do want to go through a couple of questions first, hand-raising, to see how many people think – three questions. Go!

Jamie: The thing about these questions is since it's so close to the book people have been speculating over these things for months, years, so we just want to find out what everyone thinks on these three questions. Three very, very important questions and then we'll see in three hours and fourteen minutes if you're right or not.

Andrew: [to panel] And you guys raise your hands too. [to audience] First of all, Snape – good or bad? I'm sorry, Snape good, raise your hands. Okay that's a lot of people. Hopefully you didn't read the spoilers. Not that I know, but – Snape bad? Okay, so we have a Snape good majority here, I assume it's the same on the fifth floor.

Jamie: I'm going to plead the fifth on this – I'm not going to answer these questions now. I'll abstain.

Andrew: Okay. Harry – live or die? Harry live? I'm bad at this. Okay, this might be a split. Harry die? Are some people not raising their hands?

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay. Undeclared, I guess we'll go for. Harry and Ginny getting together. Together? Not together? [laughs] Ha, Kevin! All right, interesting. Any other questions? "Yes or no" questions.

Jamie: No, I was just going to say that those three questions are always sort of pivotal to the book. Those are the three things that everyone asks. Is Harry going to die? Is Snape good or bad? Are Harry and Ginny going to get together?

Kevin: Will one of the trio die?

Andrew: Will one of the trio die?

Kevin: Yes.

Andrew: Yeah, that's true too. Will anyone die? Obviously.

Jamie: Jo's finally realized she hates death, doesn't want to write about anyone dying, so it is a fairytale now. Everyone lives happily ever after. That's the ending.

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: So we're going to talk a few theories and then at the end of the show, we're going to get you guys to voice your own theories. Laura has one we'll start with. She triple checked this with us because she though it might be a little out-there – she didn't want to sound like a fool. So...

Jamie: Yeah.

The Night at Godric's Hollow

Laura: I thought it might be a bit stupid, but hopefully, you guys like it. So one of the big questions that everybody has had is, "Who was at Godric's Hollow the night the Potters were killed?" Now, I was thinking it would be a complete twist if it was Dumbledore. Not because he's evil - I just saw several eyes go very wide.

[Audience laughs]

Not because he's evil at all, but because he knew the prophecy was self-fulfilling and knew there was nothing he could do to stop their death, but that perhaps he could be there to help aid Harry in any way.

Andrew: If you agree with that theory, hand in the air. Or think it's feasible.

Jamie: Or think it's possible.

Andrew: Or a little possible. Or I want to give Laura a chance so I'll put my hand up.

Jamie: Or perhaps in a separate universe, it might happen occasionally once in a while. Put your hand up for that one.

Andrew: Come on. Anyone want to second her theory up here on the panel? Jamie? Eric? Kevin?

Jamie: I think it's good.

Andrew: I think it's a good idea, yeah.

Eric: Well, Jo did say on her website it's very important why Dumbledore had James' invisibility cloak. Because he returned it to Harry, as we all know, in the first book with a message that said, "Your father left this in my possession before he died." But as we know, or as we've heard from JKR, Dumbledore can turn invisible without a cloak, so why was he with it?

Andrew: Yeah, good point. Eric, you got anymore crackpot theories while we're on this subject?

Eric: Not for this part of the show.

Andrew: Okay. All right. So we'll get to more theories later unless anyone – we'll just discuss everyone else's. We do want to talk a little bit about Movie 5 since we haven't talked about it enough - not.

Eric: Well, some of us haven't.

Order of the Phoenix Movie Talk

Andrew: Yeah. Some of us haven't, that's true. Who here – everyone's seen the fifth film, right? Order of the Phoenix? Oh, I see you heding out over here? No? Uh-oh, Pickle Pack member has not seen the fifth film. Oh geez. [laughs] Okay so, everyone happy with it?

Audience: Yeah!

Andrew: Round of applause for the fifth film? Anything?


It was good, it was pretty good. Let's hear from people who...

Audience Member: Who is Nigel? Who's Nigel?

Andrew: Who's Nigel?

Audience Member: Yeah, who is the character Nigel? He's pointless. He's not even in the books.

Andrew: People are questioning...

Eric: He's cute.

Andrew: Yeah they made their token "cute little child."

Jamie: Do you know what happens? In these cases when you see someone and you don't know who they are and their acting is questionable, you usually find out that they've got the same last name of one of the producer or director...

Andrew: Good point, good point.

Jamie: I saw in Star Wars, there was this Star Wars episode – what was it? Three. When Anakin Skywalker is killing all of the young ones, there's this guy, this kid who comes up to him and he's like, "Oh no. What are we going to do?"

[Audience laughs]

And I didn't check it, but I'm 100 percent sure that his name is John Lucas or something like that.

[Audience laughs]

Audience Member: It's not even that his acting was bad, it was the fact that there was no character named Nigel in the book. And there were so many other characters that they could have used instead of having someone called Nigel. Who is Nigel?

Andrew: Yeah. He was the cute little kid in Dumbledore's Army, give him a break.

[Audience Member laughs]

Andrew: See, he's listening to this podcast now – he's here in the audience and now he's walking out down the elevator crying. Thank you, ma'am, thank you. Anyway...

[Audience laughs]

Audience Member: Sorry, Nigel!

Eric: In those cases, though, I think it seems to be the storytelling aspects of the movie. The directors are making the choice to convert some characters, obviously, into one character. Yes, it's true that there is no Nigel in the books, but when I saw the movie, I tried to focus more on the storytelling. I knew longest book into shortest movie – there were going to be plenty of things wrong with it and I originally went into the movie thinking it was going to be bad and I loved it because I just focused on the storytelling and tried to see it as a movie and unlike all the other movies, I really, really, truly liked it.

Audience Member: It's my favorite as well.

Jamie: I want to talk about...

Eric: Really?

Audience Member: Yeah, it's my least favorite book but I really liked the film.

Michael Gambon

Jamie: I wantto talk about one person, because every person I speak to says, "Oh, I didn't like this character, I've never liked him," but I think Michael Gambon, to me, is Dumbledore. Does anyone agree with that?

[Mixed reaction from audience]

Andrew: I used to think so and I've said on the show numerous times that I "love Michael Gambon, he's an angry Dumbledore, it's great." But now in the fifth film, I can't appreciate it as much.

Jamie: What you're talking about, that one thing you're talking about is that horrible line...

Andrew: No, I'm not talking about that.

Jamie: ...where everyone got reduced to tears and punched the TV screen when Dumbledore walked away from Trelwaney being sacked and all the students are around and he says, "Don't you have any studying to do?" And he deserved to be shot for that line. That was atrocious.

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, I just can't get over...

Eric: We aren't advocating that!

Jamie: No, we're not advocating shooting or anything.

[Audience laughs]

No. He deserved something, though, for that.

Andrew: I just couldn't really get over Dumbledore being so angry. I wanted him to be a little calmer. I miss Richard Harris now. I mean, he's - you know?


A lot of people agree with us.

Kevin: I think what it is is that he has a power that Dumbledore is supposed to have but he has none of the quirkiness of Dumbledore. He's not personal in any way.

Audience Member: There's no twinkle in his eye.

Kevin: Exactly.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, there you go. No twinkle.

Kevin: So, you're looking at him going, "Wow, he would be really great if just he would..."

Audience Member: Smile.

[Audience laughs]

Kevin: Smile! Or add a wink or something to show some personal contact.

Audience Member: He's too Gandalf.

Kevin: Exactly.

Andrew: Someone just pointed this out to me: where are the half-moon glasses? Where are the glasses? He doesn't wear glasses.

Kevin: Oh, you're right, yeah.

Jamie: He should have gone to Spec Savers.

Andrew: He should have gone to Spec Savers.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Can I just ask can everyone right in the back hear? No?

Andrew: Can everyone hear?

Jamie: Yes? No?

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: That sounds like a "No."

Andrew: Oh.

Jamie: Can...

Andrew: Can we boost in the back or something? But...

Kevin: You want me to check?

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Just don't know what to check.

The Battle Scene

Andrew: Megaphones! OK, so a few things we want to talk about with the movie. The battle scene.

Jamie: OK, the battle scene I thought was unbelievable. And I've made this comparision so many times. If you listen to the show you will know this comparison, but...

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: I just think it's so good. [laughs] I can't stop saying it. If anyone's seen the first Pokemon film. Has anyone seen it?

[Audience laughs and cheers]

Jamie: There's - Right at the end, Mew versus Mew-Two.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: They're, like, throwing elements at each other. They're, like, throwing water. You know, and that just what the Dumbledore - Voldemort fighting was like. They were throwing things at each other. It was also like, and I've completely lost my - oh yeah! Captain Planet, when they had...

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: The different rings, you know?

Andrew: [sings] Captain Planet, he's our hero...

Female Audience Member: The Avatar.

Jamie: Sorry?

Female Audience Member: The Avatar. They were fighting like the Last Airbender. There are Water Benders and Earth Bending and Fire Benders. That was the exact same thing.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. So that was good. Anyone seen it in IMAX yet? Is it playing in IMAX over here?

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah, it is.

Jamie: Do we even have IMAX's over here?

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Are we that far advanced?

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: We haven't seen in IMAX yet. Nobody's really convincing us to go see it. I mean...

Laura: Oh, I'm going to see it.

Female Audience Memeber: I thought it was amazing in IMAX. I saw it the first time in IMAX and I was blown away. I thought it was amazing.

Andrew: Really? Really? Some people said the effects were a little too digital. They were a little too unrealistic.

Female Audience Member: Oh yeah, the prophecies falling was crap.

Andrew: Really?

[Audience laughs]

Female Audience Member: It was just like all these - it was rubbish.

Andrew: Really?

Female Audience Member: But the rest of it was quite good.

Andrew: Okay.

Jamie: On that note about England, I told Laura a few months ago that we only got electricity in the last five years. And she still doesn't believe me. Can you believe that?

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: It's unbelievable

Andrew: But, any other thoughts on the battle scene? It was good. It didn't follow the book too much, though.

Kevin: Well...

Laura: I thought it was very good.

Kevin: But...

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Well going into - When I first went to see the movie, I was really nervous about the battle scene. Because I knew they had to use a lot of digital effects.

Andrew: Mhm.

Kevin: Because there's no way you can represent that scene. But I think they pulled it off quite well. I mean, they really nailed it.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: I thought so too. And I have to clarify a little bit. Initially when I saw the film, I really wasn't sure if I liked it. At the LA Podcast I pretty much sat there and was somewhat negative about the film. But I did go and see it again, and I do quite like it now. Still not a fan of the Sirius death scene, but it'll do.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Audience claps]

Sirius' Death

Eric: You know what? I was kind of hoping that maybe Sirius might make an appearance in Book 7. And I guess it's still possible because the books don't necessarily follow the movies, but it is true. Whereas I did like the end battle scene in Movie 5. And the thing again with making movies, the Brain Room and all the other rooms would have been interesting to see. When I was reading the book, and I read the book at that time. So, I was there when it came out. And I thought that alone, the whole Department of Mysteries could be a two-hour movie, easily. And it was interesting, but I really liked it.

Jamie: I thought it was a huge shame that Fawkes didn't come when Dumbledore was fighting Voldemort. Because I thought that underlines their connection completely. You know, and the fact that Fawkes would die for Dumbledore and that kind of stuff. So that was a big shame.

Andrew: Kevin?

Kevin: What I was going to say about the Sirius death scene is that in order to explain the Veil, it would have taken, like Eric said, a long time. Probably ten, twenty minutes out of the film. And the reason why they used Avada Kedavra is it removes any doubt in, someone who hasn't read the book, any doubt in their mind that he's dead.

Andrew: Exactly.

Kevin: Without having to explain what the Veil is. Without having to explain, you know, that he's dying when going through the Veil. It just completely cuts it out.

Andrew: Yeah. They took a lot of shortcuts in the movie.

Jamie: Kevin, Kevin. Is he dead?

Andrew: Yes.

Jamie: No, no. Kevin. Kevin, Kevin, is he dead?

Kevin: I think so.

Jamie: Kevin - I don't think he's dead.

Eric: But talking about Sirius, Gary Oldman in this film I thought did wonderful.

Andrew: Oh, Gary Oldman was great. Whoa, hold on.

Audience cheers.

Andrew: Someone over here disagreed. You don't like Gary Oldman?

Female Audience Member: He's too short.

Andrew: He's what?

Female Audience Member: He's just too short.

Andrew: Too short?

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: Oh, come on now. Come on, that's judging.

Female Audience Member: He should be a little taller.

Eric: Sirius, Sirius is clearly, clearly a few inches taller than Gary Oldman.

Andrew: [laughs] Gary Oldman was great. His performance in Order of the Phoenix I really liked. You didn't like it at all? Or were you like, "Oh wow," you were holding up your tape measure, "I don't like this guy."

Eric: It was like Umbridge in that scene with Flitwick.

Andrew: Yeah. What about it?

Eric: When Umbridge measures Flitwick.

Luna Lovegood

Andrew: Oh yeah. [laughs] Right. Right. Yeah. Another character, Luna Lovegood. Evanna Lynch.

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: Evanna is not here tonight. She's at J.K. Rowling's...

Jamie: Oh.

Andrew: event. The Natural... Audience: History Museum.

Andrew: Yeah. Sorry, I couldn't remember the name. But that's a big event. We've a couple people from MuggleNet going. Jerry right here, just by coincidence, he works for MuggleNet. He got a ticket just by putting your name in the hat right?

Jerry: It can happen.

Andrew: It can happen. [laughs]

Jamie: So if you want his ticket, he'll be outside. So you can mug him after the show.

[Everyone laughs]

Jerry: 2,000, you know?

Andrew: For 2,000?

Jerry: We're hocking outside.

Andrew: But what time do you have to be there?

Jerry: 4:30 in the morning.

Andrew: Yeah, so.

Jerry: There are some at 7am, though. She's signing all night. She's being very generous.

Andrew: And you're going to get, what? The 1200th signature? So, it's going to be like a line.

Jerry: Yeah.

[Audience laughs]

Jerry: An "X" and a thumbprint.

Andrew: Seriously, how is she doing that? 1700? Come on. That's a lot.

Eric: Well, she doesn't have anything to write anymore, you know?

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: Well, that's true. [laughs] Good point.

Eric: So she can go all out.

Andrew: Yeah, good point. [laughs] Anyway, Evanna Lynch. She was perfect in this role. I mean she came into this movie as a fan. And everyone has just been so happy with her portrayal. Laura?

Laura: Yeah, you know we were talking about this a little earlier. And amongst ourselves, we all agreed that every time she was on screen with any of the other actors, any of the Trio, she took the screen away from them. She really, really did. She has got a knack. She's fabulous.

Andrew: You were saying, that one scene with the Trio? The one scene with the Trio, you said that she took away from it. I mean, she took away from them.

Laura: No, no, no. I'm saying that every scene that she was in with them, it was just her presence somewhat overwhelmed theirs. Like, I thought she was actually better than them in some of the scenes.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: What I think it was with that is that she nailed the character so much that you see the other characters and you know that they're not Harry and they're not Ron. They're their portrayal. But she nailed Luna. So, you see her and you just can't help but imagine the real Luna from the book.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I thought, also, that the scenes with Luna were Luna's scenes. Not necessarily in Evanna's acting power, which I thought she did do a great job. I thought those scenes, though, were dedicated to introduce the character and to further the character. So, that the audience did know that they were Luna's scenes. So the narrative was focusing on Luna at those moments. But she still did an amazing job as Luna.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah and Jo loved her too and eveyone loves her.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: So, she'll be back for - she told us that she's going to - the Quidditch scenes are back in Half Blood Prince and she's going to be commentating the game. So...

[Audience cheers and claps]

Audience Member: Are they going to have the lion hat?

Andrew: Are they going to have the lion hat?

Eric: They so should.

Andrew: How can they not? Evanna would make it herself, I believe. There was one of those at...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: ...Lumos.

Eric: I definitely want the lion hat.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. At Lumos last year, it's a Harry Potter convention. They're the same people that are doing Prophecy this year. There was some woman walking around in that Luna hat, that you took a picture with. [laughs]

Jamie: Yeah, and the earrings as well. And...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: It roared.

Jamie: And, like the carrot thing.

Eric: It roared. Yeah.

Jamie: Sorry?

Eric: She actually got a roaring lion.

Jamie: Oh, yeah. Yeah. She did. It roared. How do you make one of those?

Eric: Yeah.

Jamie: I have no idea.

Andrew: Time.

Fidelius Charm

Jamie: I was going to say one more thing, which I didn't like about the film. Because it underlined the entire Harry Potter books as a series. Is when Harry went to Grimmauld Place. And the Fidelius Charm, which is a very complex piece of magic. That requires deft skill, you know, concentration, magical power, age, wisdom. And you can't make it happen by tapping a stick once or twice.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: And that reminds me. For anyone who's seen Aladdin, Jaffar. He looked like Jaffar at that point.

Andrew: Yes.

Jamie: And Mad-Eye Moody could not be any further away from Jaffar.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: He isn't an evil sorcerer. He's not. He's not a bad person. You know? He didn't like Jasmine.

Andrew: I was really into Aladdin as a kid. And I had one of those - Well, what was it called acutally?

Eric: A snake staff.

Andrew: Jaffar's staff. Yeah. And it lit up eyes. It was really cool.

Jamie: I was going to say, did you point it at people's eyes and hypnotize them and bring them under your control?

Andrew: I tried to. But it would never work when I was trying to get some food out of the kitchen from my mom.

Jamie: I wonder why.


Andrew: [laughs] Any other scenes we want to talk about? Or portrayals? Kevin?

Kevin: Yeah, Umbridge. Audience: Umbrigde.

Andrew: Umbridge, of course.

Andrew: Umbridge was perfect. Did anyone see - I love this, and I love talking about it. Me and Emerson were on the red carpet in LA, and [laughs] Emerson asked her, "Can you do a quick, 'MuggleNet. Haha.'" thing. Did anyone see that? Anyone watch the video on MuggleNet? Hilarious. I loved that. Sorry. OK. [laughs] So anyway, back to Umbridge. Her portrayal is perfect. I mean, you just hate her.

Kevin: Yeah, you do.

Laura: You just want to hit her by the time the film is done. She disgusted me, but I loved her at the same time.

Jamie: Now we're advocating shooting Dumbledore and hitting Umbridge. Going all out this podcast.

Laura: You know, for some reason Jamie, I think that hitting someone is a little less serious than shooting them.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: It depends - we really shouldn't be getting into this. It's keeping off on a tangent. But it depends where you hit them.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: If you shoot them in the foot and really hard punch to the - like, if Hagrid punched me in the thing, I'd probably die.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: But if you shot me in the foot, I probably wouldn't.

Andrew: Yeah. OK.

Jamie: You need to think outside of the box, you see, in these things.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: But speaking of box, or actually plates. The plates with the kittens on them. In the movie? The cute kittens? I thought that was an extra step that they took in the movie that really sold it for me. Was that they had photo shoots of actual kittens. And they filmed so many of them. And actually, you know put them up against blue screens and who knows what else they did.

Andrew: Yeah, those were all real cats. Those weren't digital effects. They actually got real cats in there and filmed every single one doing something. And - yes?

Jamie: What about the after-party and the toilet?

Andrew: Oh yeah. At the Order of the Phoenix after-party in LA, you would go into the bathroom - someone told me about this before, and so I wasn't really surprised. But, you go into the bathrooms there and the cat portraits are on the wall. And not just that, they actually meow in the bathroom. So, it's like...

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: You're sitting there, doing your thing, and then you just hear, "Meow."

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: That isn't actually true. Andrew just got a bit drunk and stumbled onto the set and tried to take a wee there.

Andrew: I did not. It was an open bar, I didn't go near it. So, Eric any thoughts on Umbridge?

Eric: Oh, what?

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Any thoughts on Umbridge?

Eric: Yes, yes. I'm sorry, I was paying attention.

Andrew: Okay.

Eric: The Umbridge thing - It was brought to my attention - I really liked her in the movie and I really thought it was well done. The only difference between the book and the movie that I recognized was that Umbridge seemed slightly unbalanced and slightly less sane in the movie. In Imelda Staunton's portrayal of her, she seemed really unbalanced. Like, "I don't really like children." You know, and it was a great line and stuff. I was happy that they turned, "I must not tell lies" into a catchphrase in the movie. When Harry says, "Sorry Professor, I must not tell lies."

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, that was really good.

Eric: So, yeah. But with her portrayal of Umbridge, the only difference was that in the books she seemed even more evil. As far as the Ministry and stuff. And they pulled back and made really made it kind of an acutal human more character, I thought, for Imelda there. So...

Laura: You know, I don't know. I thought she was pretty evil. Especially during that one scene when Fred and George are comforting this one child. You know, because his hand is all cut open. And she comes by and she's sort of like, "You know naughty children deserve to be punished." And she just said it in such a way that made you want to punch her. I was apalled at her.

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Punch as opposed to shooting her?

Eric: Laura, just for arguments sake, punch her where?

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Oh, oh. I forgot...

Eric: Because sometimes it can be worse than shooting.

Jamie: And Oldman's too short. So he deserves some sort of punishment as well.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Yep. This is just evil now.

Eric: Stretching.

Jamie: Stretching, yeah.

Andrew: But there was another Umbridge scene when you go into her office for the first time - maybe it wasn't the first time. When Harry was called in to do the lines. It's close-up of her desk and the pens. And one's just a little crooked, so she just takes her finger and slides it just a little bit. It was perfect. Those little touches you can really appreciate with Michael Goldenberg as the screenwriter. So, any other scenes we want to talk about?

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