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MuggleCast 100 Transcript (continued)

Bellatrix, Lucius, Neville and Death Eaters

Audience Member: Bellatrix.

Andrew: I thought - oh, Bellatrix. Oh man, she was nuts, wasn't she? There's a couple of Bellatrix in the queues down there. Sorry, I was going to say lines, but I have to say queue.

Kevin: Was she at the LA premiere?

Andrew: Bellatrix. No, she was only at the England premiere.

Kevin: Because at the UK premiere - she's just as wild in person as she is on screen.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah, she had this crazy dress on.

Kevin: She looks crazy.

Andrew: Crazy.

Kevin: You're afraid to walk up to the woman.

Andrew: Yeah.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: You got to give them a lot of credit when they show up to the premiere in character. [laughs]

Kevin: In character.

Andrew: Yeah, she was a nut job.

Eric: Helena Bonham Carter is really good in the movies that she does. And I was worried at first that, you know, Bellatrix was going to take away from some - I mean she's obviously a very figurehead of the Death Eaters. But I also like Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy in that movie.

[Audience cheers]

Eric: And I felt they gave him a sufficient enough role as well, so that Bellatrix and Lucius - you really got the sense of the Death Eaters by playing up his role as well as her's.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: And it was just - and also, paying attention to Neville's backstory Audience: Yeah.

Eric: In the movie was very nice.

Jamie: I've just got to say, though, I didn't like those masks. The Death Eater masks. Everyone: No.

Jamie: They, ugh.

[Comment from Audience Member]

Jamie: Huh? Exactly. They looked like rabbits.

Andrew: Each Death Eater had their own individual design.

Laura: That was the point of them.

Andrew:I guess they just thought it was cool.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I guess maybe to separate the Death Eaters, I don't know, but...

Audience Member: They changed them from the last film.

Andrew: Yeah, they did change them. I do want to say one thing about Helena. She was quoted, she did an interview, I think it was a few days ago, about the film. And she was actually upset with the way that her character ended up in the movie. She said that she wanted to have that pink hair but they wanted to change it. The directors decided to change it to not confuse her with Umbridge. And, I don't think that would have confused, makes her too much...

Eric: Tonks?

Andrew: What?

Laura: I would think they wouldn't want to confuse her with Tonks, not Umbridge.

Jamie: I can't think of any two characters that are less alike, really.

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: Maybe I'm thinking about the wrong interview. But, either way, either way - maybe it was Tonks. She was upset that - the hair. Whatever. I'm lost now.

Eric: Just quickly speaking of the Death Eaters. The way that they flew in kind of, in the dark shroud. Like I wasn't sure exactly how I felt about that until the Order made their entrance. Pure, white light. "Get your hands off my godson." Uh! You know. That was - I loved that so. It was very well done.

Andrew: The other line I loved. I loved, I loved, you could totally appreciate. Is when - oh god, what's his name?

Audience Member: Sirius.

Andrew: No, not Sirius. Sorry, get back to me in a minute. I'll think of it. I'm totally blanking now.

Half-Blood Prince Movie

Jamie: Why don't we talk a bit about Movie 6? Because we haven't discussed that. And say...

Andrew: Oh, yeah.

Jamie: Obviously Book 7 is coming out soon. And do you think that - that's going to be dark, obviously. It's going to be a bloodbath, she said. So do you think that Movie 6 is going to be affected by that?

Andrew: I'm very happy that Yates will be on for Half Blood Prince.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: He's very excited about that, he said himself. But there's something - I think it really makes a difference when a director directs two films in a row. We've only seen that with Chris Columbus, of course. And I thought he did a good job carrying Movie 1 into Movie 2. So, I'm looking forward - although, Laura's like, "Oh but Movie 1 and Movie 2 sucked."

Laura: No, no, no. I do think the first two movies sucked. Sorry, but I will not deny that Movie 1 led in very well into Movie 2.

Andrew: Yeah, but Yates is going to be able to carry this darkness from Order of the Phoenix into Half Blood Prince. And when there's more continuity, which I think there will be. The only one thing affecting this is that Goldenberg will not be screenwriting it.

Laura: Yeah, you know I wish he was. I thought he was fabulous.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Really, I mean, I think for the first time we really got a script that was true to the books, true to the characters. Especially Ron. I mean, we actually saw Ron as he should be in this film. Not because of Rupert Grint. Because I mean, Rupert is fabulous. He's been fabulous in all the films. But we really saw a script that did him justice. So, I was very glad about that.

Jamie: Are we talking loud enough? In the back? Okay, good. Sorry, I'm being paranoid.

Andrew: Okay, Eric?

Voldemort on the Platform

Eric: Flashbacks in Movie 5, I thought were handled well. Because it really got - especially the scenes, well with the Mirror of Erised were kind of creepy with Voldemort and...

Jamie: Apart from when Harry's at Platform 9 3/4 and Voldemort's standing there in a suit.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: Because everyone else is walking past - do you know what it's like? It's like on aeroplanes when you look at the pictures of the people putting on the oxygen masks on and they're smiling. You know?

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: Because normally when they drop down you aren't going to be happy. And it's just like that. All these people are walking Voldemort, completely ignoring him. Whereas Harry was like, "Oh no."

Andrew: Harry was just having a vision, I guess. It was a mirage.

Jamie: No, but I mean, he must have realized he was having that because everyone else - you know, if Lord Voldemort materialized and you've feared him for 15 years, you don't just hurry up and catch your train.

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: Right. But he just gets in the zone. Because just imagine you're standing right here and Voldemort show up right there. What are you going to do? You're not going to be like, "Does everyone see him?" Or are you just going to stare at him and be like...

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: You wouldn't just walk past him carrying your suitcase, you'd be like...

Andrew: No, no, no. I'm saying if you, personally, saw Voldemort standing right there. What would you do? Would you be like, "Hold up everyone, do you see him?" Or at first be like...

Jamie: I'd check myself into a hospital immediately. Because he's a fictional character, so I'd be very worried.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Good point.

Jamie: Thank you.

Laura: I thought it was somewhat of a commentary on the fact that nobody believed that Voldemort was back. That he could sort of just be standing there at the train station. And everyone would walk past him and not have the slightest clue. That's what I thought it was.

Eric: Brilliant. Brilliant. It was absolutely brilliant, yeah.

Andrew: I think from a director's stand point it was also just because to get Voldemort in there early. To start scaring people early in the movie.

Eric: Oh especially, some of the sequences where he was just running down the corridor and going, "Rawr!" right at the screen, it was really good. And with Movie 6 I felt, since Movie 5 paid attention to the same recurring actors for Lily and James and all of those flashbacks, I actually have immense trust in them doing the Voldemort childhood whole backstory. And I think it will be interesting to see how that plays into the rest of what's going on in the movie. But I wouldn't pick a better team.

The Lack of Marauders

Kevin: I was disappointed in, and probably all of you were. The Marauders. Where are the Marauders? You know, you're sitting there thinking - it's a pretty pivotal piece of information, at least for Harry. He needs to know who his father's friends were.

Andrew: Right.

Kevin: And they never included it.

Laura: And you didn't even really see Lily, did you? No she didn't appear.

Female Audience Member: They cast it. They shot it.

Andrew: Exactly.

Female Audience Member: It must be a deleted scene or something.

Andrew: Yeah.

Female Audience Member: They have to put it in. It was like two seconds.

Andrew: People really got their hopes up because we had...

Female Audience Member: It's my favorite chapter in the entire series.

Andrew: And these pictures leaked online. We were like, "Check out these scenes!"

Female Audience Member: Yeah.

Andrew: From the flashbacks. It was like, "Cool. We're going to..."

Female Audience Member: They cast Lily. There's a picture of her yelling at James.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, yeah. And those scenes were just very quick, anyways.

Eric: I'm not too terribly certain that you can blame Movie 5 for the lack of the Marauders, though. Because they took it out of...

Female Audience Member: They never mentioned it in The Prisoner of Azkaban. And I thought that was such an important part of the film and they completely left it out. They didn't explain it.

Eric: That was such an important part. So, I think, yes I was a little bit disappointed that they turned it into just a quick memory. But that scene did wonders. I thought that Alan Rickman did wonders when he came back and he kicked Harry out. And was just - I mean, yes, I'm disappointed it wasn't a longer scene. But I would say that Movie 3 should have included a lot of the Marauders early on. And now they've just got to keep moving ahead with what they've got to show you.

Back to Half-Blood Prince: Slughorn, Riddle and Other Casting

Andrew: Yeah. So anyway, book - back to Half-Blood Prince, which we were going to be talking about. Two new roles that we want to talk about, Slughorn, who has not been casted yet, and then also Tom Riddle, who - there were open casting calls, and I believe David Heyman said that they did find someone, but the contract wasn't done yet, so they weren't ready to announce. I mean...

Jamie: Also, the thing with Voldemort and Tom Riddle is that he's completely different ages in all different parts of the book.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: So, you need a child one, you need one when he goes and gets the job, one where he's working at Borgin and Burke's and goes see Hepzibah Smith, so you need all different ones, and Christian Coulson now is getting a bit old. Because, you know, he...

Andrew: Yeah, he's definitely out. He's definitely not coming back.

Jamie: You couldn't have an eleven-year-old with a full face of stubble.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: So, it wouldn't work. But, it's going to be interesting to see who they cast, but I know a lot of people want Henry Cavil, is that - no, no, no maybe not. There was this petition, just before Christian Coulson got passed, for this guy. He's a very good - he's a good actor. Has anyone seen The Count of Monte Cristo? The film he plays the - can't remember his name. But, yeah, he'd be good. But Slughorn, I just have no idea. Is...

Audience Member: See, I think that Richard Griffiths could have done it really well and...

Jamie: Yeah. He really could have.

Audience Member: ... he's I think he's the only person I can think of...

Andrew: Yeah, why not? They do that in drama plays.

Audience Member: Yeah, I mean, obviously they didn't know Slughorn when they cast the first movie...

Jamie: Yeah.

Audience Member: ...and they put him as Vernon, but I think he could have done Slughorn better than anyone else.

Andrew: Yeah. Well, if you cut him out of Half-Blood Prince as Dursley.

Audience Member: [laughs] Stick him in different clothes.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly, nobody will know the difference.

Eric: I was reading an article awhile ago where they just did a prediction of, you know, who would make good actors, and whatever, and I saw - I think that Elizabeth Hurley as Bellatrix, which would be interesting, because I would have liked to see Helena Bonham Carter as Merope Gaunt. They've got to cast the Gaunts as well in this film if, you know? But for Slughorn, Bob Hoskins? Does anyone know? Played Smee in Hook.

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: His family is in the audience tonight.

Audience Member: He was on John Ross the same night Jo was, and she was all, like - and he was all, "Haven't you written me a part yet?" And she was like, "Oh no!" because she met him before Book 6. Apparently there's someone in Book 7 that she thinks he could play in the seventh movie.

Andrew: Oooh!

Eric: That's a really good rumor. So, Bob Hoskins - now, he's British, right?

Audience Member: Yeah, oh yeah.

Eric: Yeah?

Audience Member: I'd probably say - I don't know which one she meant.

Audience Member: Yeah, I don't know which one she meant.

Andrew: So, okay, you want to move on now to a segment that we play often on the show?

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: One quick final thought over here.

Audience Member: What about Dame Judi Dench for Helga Hufflepuff or that woman...

Jamie: Hepzibah Smith.

Audience Member: Smith, Hepzibah Smith.

Jamie: Hepzibah Smith is supposed to be a very large...

Audience Member: Yeah, but I heard she was going to be in "Six." I don't know where I heard or read that, but...

Andrew: I didn't - Judi Dench, is she English? Audience: Yes!

Andrew: Oh, okay, all right.

[Audience yells]

Audience Member: And it's Dame, Dame Judi Dench.

Andrew: I'm sorry! I don't know! Give me a break! Give me a break! Okay, I hit a nerve, I see that. I'm sorry, gee. If I asked you guys who Kelly Ripa is, would you know? Okay, thank you! Everyone knows who Kelly Ripa is in America.

Jamie: It could be like a friend of yours whp no one knows.

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: No! It's not, she's a big T.V. star. Anyway, okay, okay. So, Judi Dench.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: I thought Judi Dench played Madame Hooch, but that's just my own confusing...

Audience Member: No, that was Zoe Wanamaker.

Eric: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Make the Connection

Andrew: Okay, so we're going to play a segment now that we do on the show a lot. It's a pretty recent segment, and everyone seems to like it.

Jamie: I hope everyone likes it.

Andrew: What's it called?

Jamie: Make the Connection? Anyone know it?

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: Live.

Jamie: Okay, now - huh?

Eric: Making the Connection?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah, so we're going to make the connection, and I've been quite harsh on everyone here, since, you know, it's Book 7 and everyone's friends here, so they won't be angry at me for very long. So, Laura, do you want to go first?

Eric: Do you want to explain it first?

Jamie: Okay, yeah, yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Sorry. For everyone who doesn't listen to the show, or doesn't know this section, basically, Making the Connection is you have to make a connection, any connection you like, between Harry Potter and something completely random. It can be absolutely anything. I started off, sort of, doing objects or something like that, and now I've gone into ridiculous acts that I don't know how I thought of in a million years. So, yeah, and it can be incredibly difficult when there's literally no connection at all, and you have to pull one out of somewhere. So, Laura, do you want to go first?

Laura: Yeah, I'll get it over with.

Jamie: Okay.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Jamie: That's a good one, because this one is going to be pretty tough. Okay, Laura, you have to make a connection between Harry Potter and setting a pillow on fire using only friction.

[Audience laughs]

Laura: Okay. Well, I would say that setting a pillow on fire using only friction would be a project that would take a very long time, and it would be quite difficult. And of course, Harry is trying to find the Horcruxes which is also a very long and tedious project.

[Audience cheers]

Jamie: Well done, that was pretty good. Okay, Eric, yours is a Little Mermaid reference. So, you have to make the connection between Harry Potter and using a fork as a hair brush, and you get extra points if you can name what the object was called in the Little Mermaid that - when they used a fork as a hairbrush.

[Audience laughs]

Eric: That object was called a Dinglehopper.

Jamie: No!

Eric: No, no, no, no.

Jamie: I believe the pipe was called a Dinglehopper, when Scuttle had these two objects, the pipe was the Dinglehopper.

Eric: Oh no.

Jamie: In fact, if anyone knows I have a ticket to the VIP party afterwards, so if anyone knows, the first person to shout it out gets a ticket to the VIP party.

[Audience Members shout out]

Andrew: [laughs] Back there.

Jamie: Who was that over there?

Audience Member: The pipe was a Snoreflack, because it takes a really long time...

Jamie: Oh, it was a Dinglehopper!

Eric: Oh, do I get the VIP!?

Andrew: [laughs] Jamie's cleared.

Eric: Do I get the VIP pass?

Jamie: Can we just forget the last two minutes ever happened, please?

[Andrew and audience laugh]

Eric: So, I am...

Jamie: You can have half of the VIP ticket, so you can come for half the time.

Eric: So, I am making the connection?

Jamie: You are, yeah.

Eric: All right, well, there are mermaids in the Black Lake, of course, and they even make it into the movie a little bit, so that was quite good. So, I predict that maybe with, the bird's name, Scuttle? Scuttle, right? Scuttle? The mermaids obviously can't communicate to humans especially with Dumbledore gone, because, you know, he was the only one that could speak Mermish. So, now they're going to have to use other means of communication in finding out what's going on in the wizarding world, obviously, now that they can't talk to Dumbledore. So, I think they might enlist the help of Hedwig.

Jamie: I thought that was very good, Eric, but one particular thing that stood out for me was that you referred to the Little Mermaid instead of the actual act of using the fork as a hairbrush.

Eric: The actual act of...

Jamie: Yeah.

Eric: ...using a fork as a hair brush.

Jamie: I mean, don't worry, this isn't really important, but...

Eric: Well, I...

[Audience laughs]

Eric: Well, as you can - what do you think the House-Elves brush their hair with?

[Audience laughs]

Eric: Do you think they have a hairbrush sitting around down underneath the kitchens, or do they have forks?

Jamie: They have forks.

Eric: This causes quite a bit of concern, of course, for some of those students that are eating from those forks.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: Yeah. This is all very true. Kevin, are you ready?

Kevin: I guess. [laughs]

Jamie: For your one, you have to make the connection between Harry Potter and going to Starbucks and finding out that they've run out of espresso.

[Audience laughs]

Kevin: Oh my god. Well, I guess, it would be similar to going to Hogsmeade and finding out they have no Butterbeer.

[Audience claps]

Jamie: Good. Okay, and, Andrew, your one is - and there's a story to tell after he's done this, but your one, Andrew, is Harry Potter and pulling out your iPhone, Apple iPhone...

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: every available opportunity.

Andrew: I don't pull it out...

Jamie: Yes, you do!

Andrew: It's always conveniently with me, that's all.

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: It's just convenient.

Jamie: Go for it.

Andrew: It's worthless over here though, so, I mean, because I don't get the signal. Okay, I - what does it have to do with again?

Jamie: Hurry, stop trying to stall and just do it. Harry Potter and pulling out your Apple iPhone at every available opportunity, emphasis on the "every available." I'm not saying you do this, or anything, but, you know...

Andrew: I got this, I got this. All right. In every available opportunity Percy Weasley, as a Prefect, will always lay the smackdown on students. Yes, no? People aren't happy with that?

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: I thought that was good. He pulls out his...

Jamie: That was okay.

Eric: As a Hogwarts Prefect?

Andrew: Yes, exactly. Sorry.

Eric: Pulls out his badge, Big Head Boy.

Jamie: The backstory...

Andrew: Sorry, I'd like to see you come up with something better. Jerks.

Andrew's iPhone

Jamie: Oh! In fact, there is a challenge we're going to take up in about two minutes, but first of all, this iPhone. Andrew, when he went back home he bought an iPhone.

Andrew: Okay, so I did.

Jamie: Now, I heard about this before I even saw this thing. He brings it out at every opportunity he can.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: So, I'll say to him, "Andrew, what's the time?" "Oh, let me pull out my Apple iPhone, and check for you..."

Andrew: [laughs] No.

Jamie: "...and I'll..."

Andrew: The only reason this joke exists is because we were doing a panel on Book 7 at Enlightening last week, and I had my phone out because I had just gotten it, and so I liked to click it. [laughs]

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: And it rang. It was on the highest ring possible. I was like, "Sorry, that's my Apple iPhone."

Jamie: Yeah. No, no, no, that isn't true. You bring it out all the time. Like, you'll bring it out just to bring it out, and then put it back in your pocket, or...

Andrew: That's not true.

Jamie:'ll pretend you're checking something. So, you'll bring it out, look at it, frown, then put it back in your pocket.

Andrew: That's not true. I do listen to MuggleCast on it, though, I hope everyone else with their iPhones...

Jamie: And he tries to be clever - I'm sorry, Andrew. He tries to be clever because that is obviously a phone as well as an iPod, right? So, what you can do is pick it up and use it as a phone, but he insists on plugging his headphones in and then holding it out like...

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: ...a businessman on a train, or something like that.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: So, I don't know. I'm...

Andrew: I listen to this song a lot.

Jamie: I like the iPhone - see he's showing off his musical capabilities, now. So...

[Spice World by the Spice Girls plays]

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: Oh. I like it!

[Audience claps]

Jamie: So, anyway...

Andrew: Good song, good song. I'll be there when they're touring.

Jamie: Yeah, me too.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: Okay.

Jamie: We should - we should open for them. We could do like a podcast, and then the Spice Girl could come out.

Andrew: Yeah.

Make the Connection: LIVE

Jamie: Oh, okay. I have two VIP tickets here and we're going to do a Make the Connection live, so we're going to bring two people up, and the person that does the best, we'll vote on it with an audience cheer, wins the tickets. So, who wants to do it? Okay, there, and there. So, you want to come up?

Andrew: Talk into this microphone right here.

[Audience claps]

Andrew: First - yeah, can you come over here? First, say your names and where you're from. Here, hold on, wait a second. I think - yeah, talk into this mic.

Nina: I'm Nina. I'm from Norway.

Andrew: Oh, Norway - oh wait a second, were you one of the people out front here? In the front of the queue?

Nina: Mhm. Not like way in the front, no.

Andrew: Oh, okay. How long have you been - were you waiting in the queue line?

Nina: No. We were standing with people from Norway who were waiting in the queue line.

Andrew: Okay, yeah. There's been people there for three days now. Since Wednesday, at 2 PM?

Eric: Big shout out to people in the queue line right now!

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: And what's your name, and where are you from?

Joe: Hi, I'm Joe, I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Andrew: Glad to see you came dressed up for the event.

Joe: I have my hat there.

Andrew: You had to?

Joe: No, I have my hat.

Andrew: Oh, you have your hat, too. Oh, nice, nice, nice. Okay, Jamie?

Jamie: Okay...

Andrew: Oh, wizard's hat, I see.

Jamie: Okay, so, since we're in a bookstore, okay, and it has to be something to do with books, you have to make the connection between Harry Potter and the Waterstone's Business Strategy book section. Go!

Nina: Well, they're having a lot of Harry Potter fans here, and a lot of media people, and it could be similar to Rufus trying to employ Harry into the Ministry as their poster boy. Yeah, that's my connection.

[Audience claps]

Andrew: Round of applause.

Joe: What is it?

Andrew: Huh? s

Joe: What is...

Jamie: What's what?

Joe: What is like the business thing?

Jamie: [laughs] Oh, that thing there. It's a strategy.

Andrew: Jamie just looked at the closest sign and filled in the blank.

Jamie: Okay, yeah, and your's is, I was standing outside yesterday, just taking a look at the queue, and I saw two people from Sky News, which is like a Satellite T.V. station here, and the camera man had a very nice shirt on, so could you make a connection between Harry Potter and the Sky News camera man's very nice shirt, please?

Joe: Well, business strategies usually help you get money, and money usually makes people happy, and reading the Harry Potter books make people happy, too.

Jamie: I'd have to say that was good, but it wasn't your question.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: There was - do it? I saw a guy with a very nice shirt on, okay? So, it's a connection between Harry Potter and - let's make it a bit easier - Harry Potter and wearing nice clothes.

Joe: Well, everybody likes - everybody likes nice clothes, too.

[Audience laughs]

Jamie: And everyone likes Harry Potter too. Round of applause, please?

[Audience claps]

Jamie: Okay, so, let's judge this thing. If you thought that the first one was the best, cheer it up, please.

[Audience cheers]

Jamie: And if you thought the second one was the best?

[Audience cheers]

Jamie: I think we have a winner. There you go, Nina. Thank you very much. Well done.

Andrew: Thanks for playing. There's a - what's next Jamie?

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