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MuggleCast 106 Transcript

Show Intro

[Intro music plays]

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Andrew: Today's MuggleNet podcast is brought to you by Borders. In May, thousands of Harry Potter fans descended upon New Orleans for the Phoenix Rising Conference. Borders was there to take in the sites and share a lively discussion of the series that has bewitched the world with some of Harry's most dedicated fans. Listen in and watch the action yourself. Check our The Phoenix Rising Borders Book Club discussion at, or click on the Borders banner at the top of the MuggleNet page.

[Show music plays]

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: Oh-ho-ho! Hey! Wow!

Mikey: Hey, thanks! Welcome!

Andrew: Geez! Oh man, guys, geez, wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you. [laughs]

Mikey: All right!

Andrew: What a big surprise! Hi, everyone, welcome to MuggleCast Live in Pittsburgh!

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: Thank you, everyone, for coming out. You're in store for some good Deathly Hallows discussion and some awesome Wizard Rock from The Remus Lupins.

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: [laughs] We're also celebrating a couple of birthdays today! Does everyone know? Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling! Brandon, can you do me a favor? Can you give me that Target bag over there? We were just at Target shopping for birthday supplies, and there's a few birthdays today. Thank you. Would anyone like some hats or some streamers?

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: Well, we have one little bag. We didn't really buy for everyone. I was sort of addressing the panel.

[Murmur from the audience]

Mikey: It's her birthday.

Andrew: It's her birthday? What's your name? Oh, it's not? Oh, okay. Is there someone named Zoe here? Zoe? Is that you? Can you come on up?

Jamie: Andrew, why don't you card her just to make sure, because everyone's saying it's their birthday now.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can we see some identification, please?

Audience Member: I have my student I.D.

Andrew: No, no, no! I trust you, I trust you, I trust you! I've been talking with your mom. You didn't know that, but I was. [laughs]

Audience Member: No way!

Andrew: Yeah, way! I have her number! We call each other all the time! [laughs] Anyway, it's Zoe's birthday today! It's also Harry Potter's birthday today. It's also J.K. Rowling's birthday today. So to kick off the show why don't we have a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday? I'm sure we'll do it again later with The Remus Lupins, okay? So on three, guys.

Jamie: What are we doing?

Andrew: Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday song. Is it in the U.K.?

Mikey: This is going to be bad.

Jamie: No, I've never heard of it!

Emerson: I'll do it!

Andrew: We'll teach you.

Mikey: We can't sing.

Andrew: Okay, we'll all do it!

Emerson: Okay, good.

Andrew: Okay, on three. One, two, three.

MuggleCasters: [singing] Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear...

Andrew: Zoe, J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter!

Mikey: Harry Potter!

[Audience cheers]

MuggleCasters: [singing] Happy Birthday to you!

Andrew and Mikey: Yay!

[Audience cheers]

Mikey: Party hats, everybody! Whoo!

Andrew: Wonderful! Wonderful! I guess.

Mikey: Fine, Emerson, just take my party hat.

Andrew: There we go. Yes! Okay, anyway, we'll get to the rest of the party stuff later, but has everyone read Deathly Hallows, first of all?

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: All right. That's good.

Audience Member: No spoilers allowed!

Andrew: I'm sorry.

Emerson: We're going to spoil the heck out of you if you stay here.

Andrew: We're going to be discussing the book today.

Emerson: So...

Andrew: We're going to be talking Deathly Hallows today because the book's been out for like a week now.

[Audience laughs]

Andrew: We can't speculate anymore. There we go. I said a week! Sorry, a week. Seven days. Something like that. Anyway...

Emerson: It came out on the 21st, guys.

Ben: I'd say a week and a half.

Andrew: A week and a half.

Mikey: Ten days.

Andrew: Sorry!

Mikey: Came out on the 21st, it's the 31st...

Andrew: Sorry, sorry, everyone.

Mikey: I can count.

Andrew: Okay, so anyway, let's get on track here. We've been having a main discussion at all these shows that we've done. We've talked about Snape, Dumbledore, Voldemort, Ron, Hermione. So who better to talk about today than Harry Potter?

Jamie: I agree.

Mikey: Woo!

[Audience cheers]

Jamie: But before we get there, I just want to say that after doing...

Audience Member: Let's talk about Fudge.

Andrew: No.

Jamie: No.

Audience Member: That'd be so cool. I dress up as him.

Jamie: I just wanted to say that after we've been to all these Borders and all these libraries, this is such a nice change for doing a podcast inside one of these things. This is very cool, don't you agree?

Ben: We do like the outdoor...

Jamie: We do like the outdoor.

Mikey: It's very pretty. It's pretty.

Main Discussion: Harry Potter

Jamie: But on to the main discussion. As Andrew said, we've been taking one character for each stop on our podcast tour. We've covered Snape, Dumbledore, Hermione, Ron, and I think someone else who I can't remember.

Mikey: Voldemort.

Jamie: Yeah, Voldemort. So now we're going to take everything to its culmination and discuss Harry, since, obviously, Harry Potter and everything - he's the main character. So, what we wanted to talk about is how he's changed in the first six books and then how the seventh book has completely changed our perceptions of him, whether we think he's more angsty, more brave, all those kind of things, or not. So, why don't we start with a few points here from the panel.

Harry's Growth

Andrew: Mikey?

Mikey: Well, I think Harry definitely kind of grew up in Book 7. Definitely. He kind of figured things out. Hermione was - louder? Stand up for people to see us as we talk. Okay. Anyway, Harry definitely...

[Andrew laughs and audience applauds]

Mikey: ...grew up quite a bit during Book 7.

Andrew: We [unintelligible] book tour-ish.

Mikey: Yeah. It's been a book tour, so we've been sitting down in the lounge area relaxing and talking about books. But Harry grew up in Book 7, I think, especially when it came down to he realized he had to kind of die, which was nice. Yeah? Maybe? But he came up and he realized - he grew up there, versus Book 5, The Order of the Phoenix, where it was all caps Harry, very angsty and angry, like: "I'M ANGRY AT YOU!"

Jamie: But, Mikey, I'd like to disagree and say that Harry hasn't grown up because you keep making the point that any grown mature man would not jump into a pool of icy cold water with a Horcrux around his neck.

Emerson: Completely naked.

Jamie: Completely naked, yeah.

Mikey: You speak for yourself, sir. You speak for yourself!

Jamie: I personally would.

Emerson: Mikey, just because you're a nudist doesn't mean all rational people do that.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: Ah, you know...

Emerson: See, you mysteriously find Godric Gryffindor's sword laying at the bottom of this ice freezing cold pool...

Jamie: No, no, but it could not be a sword as well. He thinks it's his sword, but he could be wrong.

Emerson: This is after chasing this mystical, ghostly animal through the forest. You see this sword at the bottom of this freezing cold pool. So what do you do? You strip naked and jump in.

[Audience laughs]

Emerson: No, you go back, you tell Hermione what happened, you let Hermione, the adult, figure it out, sort it out, be rational.

[Audience chatter]

Jamie: I'm sure there's a spell he could have used.

Mikey: You know, I think he just wanted to take a dip. He was kind of hot.

[Audience laughs]

Mikey: Just cool himself off. He saw something in the water. Who knows?

Jamie: That's very true.

Harry's Narrow Escapes

Mikey: Anyway, Jamie, what do you think about Harry?

Jamie: What do I think about Harry?

Mikey: Has he grown?

Jamie: I think he's grown up a bit, but I think he's realized what he can and can't do now. So he isn't clever like Hermione, and he's actually pretty dumb, to be honest, isn't he?

Mikey: [in high-pitched voice] I'm Harry Potter!

Emerson: I think Harry Potter is innately talented, but I think - and I've made this point a couple times before - Harry is given this quest by Dumbledore in the sixth book where he has to track down all these Horcruxes and ultimately kill the greatest wizard alive. And so what does Harry do in his free time? He just kind of sits around and goes with the flow, whereas Hermione uses all her time and energy to read books and to further her skills, and learn more magic, and Harry just takes everything completely for granted, and he gets lucky over and over and over, and I love the kid. We really do. We love Harry Potter. We run a Harry Potter website. But if it weren't for Hermione saving his butt over and over and over again in that last book...

Jamie: He'd be dead by now, so easily.

Emerson: Yeah.

Jamie: And we've been talking about - throughout every stop, we've been talking about...

Mikey: These are fun.

[Horn sounds]

Jamie: We've been talking about how Harry will wake up completely not knowing where he is - probably camping again - and there will be Hermione standing next to him all bushy haired saying, "Wow, Harry! That was a close one again."

Emerson: Yeah, he has a near-death experience every three pages in that book.

Andrew: Well, that was the thing we were talking about. One of the things we sort of speculated about in the first 100 episodes of MuggleCast. I mean, Harry has made so many narrow escapes. I just said now it's time for him to bite the dust. I mean, he's missed out too many times. And J.K. Rowling has even said that she has considered having the trio - one member of the trio dying. So it's not that absurd of a statement to make.

Harry Did Not Die

Jamie: Well, he kind of died, didn't he?

[Horn sounds]

Jamie: Or did he?

Emerson: No! [sighs] No, I've been making - this is another one of those points I've been making. Harry Potter did not die in that book. He absolutely did not die. You cannot die and come back to life. J.K. Rowling has been very, very clear about that in the past. She said in the interview that we did, or - sorry - the transcript on Monday that Harry was not dead. She said he was in a limbo between life and death, and we had a theory before, which was confirmed, and she said that the fact when Harry, when he was having this - when he was lost in his mind somewhere, and he's at King's Cross Station, that was sort of the purgatory when he has to decide whether, you know, which direction to go, to get on the train or not to get on the train, to choose between living or dying.

Jamie: Okay, but...

Ben: He kind of died. He kind of died though. Sort of.

Emerson: No, you can't kind of die!

Andrew: Well, okay, but...

Emerson: You're either alive or you're dead.

Andrew: Yeah, J.K. Rowling said he was in limbo.

Emerson: Yeah, limbo. But you can't be half dead.

Andrew: So...

Mikey: Guys, guys.

Andrew: I think the answer is...

Emerson: Harry Potter is not Jesus.

Andrew: Emerson, I think the answer is he wasn't alive, he wasn't dead, he was just in limbo. He was sort of between the two.

Emerson: He didn't die, though. Because in order to die he would have actually had to get on that - to choose death - he would have had to get on the train...

Andrew: Right.

Emerson: ...and he would've had to choose to end his life. Because in so many interviews, J.K. Rowling has made it very clear that when a wizard is dead he does not come back. And Harry Potter was clearly alive at the end of that book.

Jamie: Who was Dumbledore then?

Emerson: Thus he did not die.

Jamie: Who was Dumbledore at King's Cross? Was he a real Dumbledore come back to talk to him or was he just a part of Harry's brain telling him things he already knew?

Emerson: It was probably - well, he was in limbo, so somehow Spiritual Dumbledore, who was already dead, was able to communicate with Harry while he was in that kind of purgatory.

Jamie: I think that's pretty good.

Andrew: Fair enough.

Mikey: Maybe, maybe. We'll see.

Andrew: Anything else you want to address about Harry before we call up the audience members up?

Mikey: Well, what about Ben Schoen? I haven't heard from him yet.

Andrew: Ben?

Ben: It's really hot in here.

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Mikey: "I'm Ben Schoen. I'm hot."

Ben: I don't know. The rest of them pretty much covered it. I think that he's still kind of an idiot, even after seven books, but he started to figure out a little bit more, which is more than you could say for most people, so...

Jamie: But has he really though?

Harry is Only Human

Andrew: Someone was kind of angry at Jo at the web-chat. During the web-chat, someone said to Jo, "Well, why on earth did you have him use the Cruciatus Curse? Why would you make him do that? He's Harry, he wouldn't do that." And Jo said he's just as - I can't remember the exact words she said...

Ben: He's human, so he's mortal, basically...

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Like the rest of us, like Dumbledore.

Andrew: Right.

Ben: He has his own set of problems. And it was an...

Jamie: He has weaknesses.

Ben: ...extreme circumstance, too. I mean, he needed to do it in order to control the situation, so it wasn't like he just did it out of cold-blood and trying to hurt somebody. He did it because he had to.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah. Harry's not perfect, and Jo said that. So his two biggest fallacies is his anger and kind of his pride at certain times.

Harry was Helped

Jamie: But do you think he won because of himself, or do you think the entire battle was won because of Hermione and his friends and the people who helped him?

Mikey: I think it was Harry himself. Like I said, Harry, I think, matured a little bit. He realized he had to die, and by him giving up himself for his friends and family, that was still - actually, there was no family left anymore - but for his friends, it kind of put it so that way he grew up, and it was him that gave them the extra protection and everything.

Jamie: But he got so much help throughout the entire books; Dumbledore telling him what to do, Snape then led him.

Mikey: Oh yeah.

Jamie: Without these people, Harry would not have had any idea where to go for the Horcruxes or anything like that.

Emerson: Is everybody able to understand - like, follow all of this - understand what we're saying? Because I'm hearing a lot of feedback, and I'm just not sure if you guys in the back can hear us okay. So give me some heads or some...

Mikey: Yeah? No?

Jamie: Okay, good.

Mikey: Thumbs up? All right!

Andrew: We're good, Emerson. We're good, Spartzy. So you want to open it up now for feedback?

Jamie: We can talk about it there, yeah.

Andrew: Does anyone have any thoughts about Harry, say, like any problems you have? Raise your hand if you do.

Jamie: We've got people right here.

Mikey: Or favorite scenes with Harry. You know.

Andrew: Any thoughts?

Mikey: Did he say something funny? Come on up here and say your name.

Andrew: Harry Potter had two semi-naked scenes in the book.

Jamie: Yeah!

Andrew: And someone came up to me yesterday and was like, "I think I know exactly why Jo did that." And I said, "I think I know, too." It's probably because J.K. Rowling went to see Dan Radcliffe in the flesh again...

[Audience cheers and laughs]

Andrew: Exactly what I was thinking.

Jamie: Did she say that? Did this girl say that?

Andrew: Yes.

Jamie: Oh, wow.

Harry's Ability to Speak Parseltongue

Andrew: So anyway, what's your name? Where are you from?

Audience Member: Kate, from Pittsburgh. When the part of Voldemort that was in Harry got killed, did Harry lose his ability to speak Parseltongue? Did he lose...

Ben: Yeah, she said that.

Audience Member: ...any greatness that he had? So he's just the dumb guy he would have been without Voldemort to begin with?

Jamie: Yup.

Audience Member: So he's even worse than through the seven books?

Mikey: Yes.

Ben: I wouldn't say he's even worse. I mean...

Mikey: Well, no, he just doesn't have the powers...

Ben: He just doesn't have the ability to speak Parseltongue anymore. I mean, it was never really explicitly stated in the books what powers Harry - there wasn't a list of powers that Harry got from Voldemort. I'm sure he's still pretty adept magically. I don't think you have to worry about that.

Mikey: Plus I'm sure Harry's happy not to be able to talk to snakes anymore. It's kind of something from his past he doesn't want to bring up. I don't know, I just would - I don't picture Harry wishing he still had the capability to talk to snakes later on in his life.

Andrew: Yeah, he'd just want to move on.

Mikey: Move on, touch his scar, go, "It's not hurting anymore."

Andrew: Any other thoughts? Questions?

Mikey: Anybody want to come up and tell us about Harry?

Andrew: If you do have something to say...

Mikey: Come on up.

Andrew: ...come up, make a line on either side.

Harry Using the Unforgivable Curses

Mikey: We have somebody right here. Name, where you're from...

Andrew: Come on my side to win...

Audience Member: I'm...

Andrew: ...a free party hat.

Audience Member: ...Zoe. I'm from Pittsburgh.

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: Yes! Yes! Pittsburgh!

Audience Member: And we were talking about Harry using the Unforgivable Curses, but he used - yeah, he used the Imperius Curse, but Griphook told him to, so - yeah, but...

Jamie: So he's even more useless than we thought, first of all. [laughs]

[Everyone laughs]

Audience Member: But Griphook - Griphook...

Jamie: Yeah.

Audience Member: ...told him to, and it was an extreme circumstance because he was going to get killed by the Gringotts people, and yeah. But - and then he did use the Cruciatus Curse. He used it in the sixth book too. He tried to use it on Bellatrix. Or the fifth. The fifth! Sorry! He tried to use it on Bellatrix but it didn't really work. He wasn't mean enough. He didn't mean it. Then he did. Like he took her advice, which is a little weird.

Jamie: Yeah, obviously, there are separate circumstances and when he used the Imperius Curse, I think the war had gone so far then that, you know, everything went. Voldemort would use them. Harry has to beat Voldemort, so Voldemort should have the same powers that - sorry, that - so Harry should have the same Vol - powers that Voldemort has the entire way. So I think everything went by then.

Mikey: Do you want to go on this side?

Jamie: Should we take another point?

Andrew: Yeah. Hi. What's your name where are you from?

Harry's Trust in Neville

Audience Member: I'm Claire from D.C. And I was wondering...

[Audience cheers]

Andrew: D.C., yeah!

Emerson: Wait, did you say, D.C., as in Washington, D.C.?

Audience Member: Yeah, as in Washington, D.C. [laughs]

Emerson: That's...

Mikey: Wow. Five hours?

Audience Member: It's five hours.

Emerson: Five hours? Yeah? Ben and I made that drive...

Jamie: Wow.

Emerson: the middle of the night about a month ago. Lesson - was anybody - did anybody come and see Ben and I when we were here in Pittsburgh?

[A few audience members cheer]

Emerson: About a month ago? Got some hands up. Cool. Cool.

Andrew: MuggleCast brings out the real crowds though...

Mikey: Yep. I think Remus Lupins do. Claire: Okay. So why do you think in the last scene, Harry chose only to talk to Neville? He didn't talk to Ginny, he didn't tell Ron or Hermione where he's going, he didn't tell any of the Weasleys where he's going. He talked to Neville. Why did he trust Neville?

Jamie: Because they shared the connection. It's sort of - it could have been Neville who was in Harry's place, I think. And Harry trusted him because Neville has never ever led him astray. He's shown him loyalty unlike people like Seamus who have once in a while said, "Well, I don't think you're telling the truth." But Neville has always been there for Harry, even through Books 1 - even in the first book he was his friend straight away.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: And he's still his friend now, so that's probably why he trusted him.

Andrew: And Harry saw how much he changed in the book. I mean, Harry - Neville really did a full 180, which is one of the reasons why I sort of assumed he would be one of the people who was going to get knocked off.

Jamie: But instead he knocked off the snake.

Andrew: Mikey?

Mikey: I...

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: ...also think it was kind of convenient that Neville was just right there as he was...

Andrew: Exactly.

Mikey: ...walking away.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: That was the whole thing.

Mikey: So I think that's probably why.

Andrew: Yes.

Mikey: I don't know.

Andrew: Thank you for playing.

Mikey: I was just...

Jamie: So if - so, Mikey, if Voldemort had just been standing there, would he have entrusted it to him?

Mikey: Maybe. It's like, "Hey, Voldy. You need to kill that snake because - yeah."

Andrew: Mikey...

Mikey: Maybe not.

Andrew: Mikey...

Mikey: Who knows.

Andrew: ...for one more final time...

Mikey: Everybody, let's...

Andrew and Mikey: Give it up for Molly Weasley!

Mikey: Seriously!

[Andrew laughs]

[Audience cheers]

Mikey: cool was that?! How cool was that?! Yeah, Ben Schoen. Yeah. Yeah, Ben Schoen. Molly Weasley everybody. It just - come on. Can you not imagine the movie? You know, you got - you got Hermione, you got Ginny, and you got Luna dueling Bellatrix in like a triangle formation. It's going all cool. And then Bellatrix is like, "Avada Kedavra," and misses Ginny by like just a hair. And Molly Weasley's like, "Get away from my daughter, you witch!"

[Audience laughs]

Mikey: Yes, we replaced the "b" with a "w" on MuggleCast because it's still a kids' show.

Jamie: I love how you act it out...

Mikey: I always...

Jamie: well.

Mikey: ...act it out!

Jamie: It's brilliant.

Mikey: It's amazing! It's just like - it's going to be so cool! I get a little excited...

Jamie: Ben...

Mikey: ...when I talk about books...

Jamie: ...wouldn't you agree that it was Mikey's choice to act it out? And there's one character in the Harry Potter series - okay.

Mikey: So why - why would Molly Weasley do such a thing, Ben Schoen?

Jamie: There is a reason, I'm sure.

Mikey: I'm sure there is.

Jamie: Dum...

Ben: No idea.

Mikey: [laughs] Aww! I think Dumbledore may have said it best, Ben Schoen.

Ben: [as Dumbledore] "It is our choices, Harry, far more than our abilities..."

[Audience cheers]

Ben: "...that determine what we truly are."

Mikey: He goes to work into every show. Ben Schoen, everybody. How amazing is he?

Jamie: We have a lot of questions. Should we send it off?

Andrew: The thing is, though, now that J.K. Rowling has said that "b" word, I think that means we can.

Mikey: I don't know. I feel - that's kind of a potty word.

Ben: So can I call you that on the show? I mean...

Andrew: No.

Ben: that cool?

Andrew: No, that's still offensive, Ben. The Alcatraz shirt on today. Anyway...

Mikey: I'll still call him a witch.

Andrew: Here's a party hat. What's your name? Where are you from?

Mikey: We have people over here.

Andrew: Oh, sorry. Let me give you a mic because that's important.

Ben: Name...

Rowling's Forgotten Character

Audience Member: All right.

Ben: ...age...

Audience Member: I'm Elizabeth.

Ben: ...where you're from.

Audience Member: From Pittsburgh, here. And...

[A few audience members cheer]

Audience Member: ...I...

Mikey: Pittsburgh.

Audience Member: My question is, if you guys have figured out who learned magic later in life. Like, have you...

Ben: She...

Audience Member: ...thought about that before?

Ben: ...brought that up on the web-chat too. She said that - yeah, she forgot about that and just sort of...

Andrew: No, no, no...

Ben: She changed her mind basically.

Mikey: By Book 3 she decided, "Ah, it's over. I don't need to put that in anymore."

Andrew: Yeah. Which doesn't make sense. I mean...

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: Didn't she say that after Book 3, or is that just a quote everyone's been dwelling on?

Mikey: I don't know. She can do whatever she wants. She's Jo Rowling.

Andrew: Yeah. Her excuse is that she said that before Book 3, but then she changed her mind, so whatever. Luckily someone brought that up in the web-chat, because otherwise we would've been like: [speaks nonsense in deliberately clueless voice]

Mikey: I think it was Andrew Sims who got magic, everybody. Anyway, we have some people over here. What's your name, where are you from?

Harry Was a Horcrux

Audience Member: I'm Marissa from Pittsburgh and my question was, do you think the only reason that Harry was going to be sorted into Slytherin was because a piece of Voldemort was in him?

Emerson: Yes, we do, actually, and that brings me to another point, that, yes, I have been making for the past several events, because you have to understand, Ben and I spent the entire summer - every single city we went to - we spent probably about half each trip defending a certain theory that was not popular. Extremely unpopular actually.

Mikey: He's right though.

Emerson: It actually got lots of nasty looks and lots of nasty arguments over, that we were suddenly found to be vindicated over in the seventh book. We proposed that Harry was a Horcrux, and we were laughed at.

Mikey: Over, and over, and over.

Emerson: Over and over.

Mikey: I believed them though.

Emerson: So now we take a moment here to toot our own horns. [blows party horn]

Andrew: He's waiting for an applause, folks, so if you just give it to him, you'll make him happy.

Mikey: Toot our birthday horns for Harry Potter, everybody.

[Audience cheers, horns toot]

Jamie: We also...

Mikey: I'm having fun.

Jamie: We also offered odds that Dobby wasn't going to die at a 100 to 1, so that kind of gets away from that, but I think we did well.

Emerson: Okay, we didn't accurately predict the death of every single one of the thirty-five million characters who died in the book. I apologize for that.

Jamie: Yeah, all thirty-five million. [sighs]

[Audience laughs]

Ben: There's a lot of behind-the-scenes.

Andrew: What were your odds for somebody stabbing him in the chest?

Jamie: Like quite high. If you'd put money on that, you'd be a millionaire by now.

Andrew: Two to one.

Mikey: How sad was Hedwig's death? Really. That was sad.

Ben: A moment of silence for Hedwig, please.

Mikey: It's a bird.

Ben: Okay, that was good.

Andrew: I like how J.K. Rowling explained that, though, in the web-chat. She said that that marked the end of his childhood, which I thought...

Jamie: The symbolism's all there, with the pure, brilliant, white snowy owl and that dying, and the animal symbolism, so I guess that's pretty good.

Andrew: Yeah.

Mikey: I guess that's good, Andrew.

Jamie: Should we take the next question?

Mikey: Let's take another one.

Andrew: Sure. Hi, what's your name and where are you from? Where's the party at? Oops, sorry.

Mikey: I guess that's the better line. They get free gifts when they go to that side. I'm sorry, guys. Andrew doesn't give me stuff.

The Secret-Keeper Discrepancy

Audience Member: I'm Caitlin and I'm from Kane.

Andrew: Yes, Kane. Woo!

Audience Member: That's in Pennsylvania, by the way.

Mikey: Wow, give it up for Kane, Pennsylvania.

[Audience cheers]

Audience Member: Four thousand people in Kane.

Mikey: Yeah!

Audience Member: Going back to the Secret-Keeper thing on her website, the discrepancy, do you think she just changed her mind or did she forget that she wrote that?

Jamie: It's to do with Dumbledore dying and it going into his - do you want to explain it a bit more, because I'm not entirely sure.

Andrew: Yeah, what are you...

Audience Member: On her website she said that when the Secret-Keeper dies, the secret dies with him so no one else can find the place but the people that were in on the secret. But in Deathly Hallows, when the Secret-Keeper dies, everyone in turn becomes a Secret-Keeper. So...

Jamie: I think she probably just...

Ben: I think it makes sense. I think what she said on her website was that the secret dies with him, but if they share the secret with other people, she never specified on her website whether or not that makes them a Secret-Keeper, which is what she cleared up in the book.

Andrew: Wasn't that explained in the book though?

Mikey: No, no, no, what was said on the website, because I actually was reading the website today for some reason. It was actually that the curse, or the protection charm, does not get lifted, but she never explained how it went on beyond that. She said that the charm still exists, and then in Book 7 she explained that everybody who knew who was in on the secret becomes the Secret-Keeper. And now with the thirty-some odd people from the Order and the kids and everyone, and they knew the secret, they all were kind of at risk at revealing their secret. I think so.

Jamie: Sounds about right.

Andrew: Yeah, thank you.

Mikey: Okay, we have some people over here. What is your name?

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