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MuggleCast 107 Transcript

Show Intro

[Intro music begins]

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Laura: Dot com.

Andrew: Today's MuggleNet podcast is brought to you by Borders. In May, thousands of Harry Potter fans descended upon New Orleans for the Phoenix Rising Conference. Borders was there to take in the sites and share a lively discussion of the series that has bewitched the world with some of Harry's most dedicated fans. Listen in and watch the action yourself. Check out the Phoenix Rising Borders Book Club discussion at or click on the Borders banner at the top of the MuggleNet page.

[Show music begins]

Micah: Because we're going to have a good time tonight, this is MuggleCast Episode 107 for September 1st, 2007.

["Celebrate Good Times" by Kool And The Gang starts playing]

Andrew: Oh, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the show! We are back for our first in studio recording in a long time and we have got a good panel today. I was going to say great but I realized it's not that great.

Laura: Aww.

Andrew: We have Eric here.

Eric: Hello!

Andrew: Laura.

Laura: Yay!

Andrew: And Micah.

Micah: Hey.

Andrew: All the regulars. And we also have an English guy here. And I know what you're thinking. You think it's Jamie. Well, you're wrong. Jerry Cook is here today!

Jerry: Hello, everyone.

Andrew: And we are celebrating.

Eric: What are we celebrating, Andrew?

Laura: What?

Andrew: We are celebrating being back in the studio...

Eric: Yes.

Andrew: ...and making it through the summer without a scratch or a mark or a hickey.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Everything's good here. I have to ask though, is anyone sad about the summer being over?

Laura: I am.

Andrew: About the summer of Potter? You are, Laura?

Laura: Yeah, it really hit me. Like I'm in college now sitting in my dorm right now and it was like, wow, it all went by really fast. It felt like it was just yesterday we were all in L.A. for the premiere, and now it's like back to school. So it's kind of depressing. But exciting as well because college is awesome.

Andrew: Good. Well, I'm moving in tomorrow. Eric? Eric, are you in college now?

Eric: Yeah, that's what I'm doing over here. I've been in New Zealand since February.

Andrew: Oh really? Oh.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: I was just kidding.

Eric: [laughs] No, I was just letting you know. You know.

Micah: Are you sick, Eric?

Eric: No.

Andrew: You sound a little deeper, Eric.

Micah: Oh. Your voice sounds a little - yeah.

Eric: Yeah. Oh, I think...

Andrew: Eric, have little changes been going on in your body?

Eric: ...what Book 7 did for me - I'm growing up now and so I'm hitting puberty and going through all those changes. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! But yeah.

Andrew: We're not aware of that word here on this show. But anyway, let's see. Micah, how's school going for you?

Micah: Oh great, absolutely. Just a great, great time. Even though it ended almost two years ago, but that's okay.

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: Oh I'm sorry. I didn't realize. Didn't realize. All right, so [laughs] we have a great show today for everyone. I am personally ready. I'm excited to be back. I got my hair cut today, so I am set.

Eric: I could use a haircut.

Jerry: Yeah, me too.

Andrew: I'm Andrew...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: I'm Andrew Sims.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Jerry: I'm Jerry Cook.


Andrew: Micah Tannenbaum is in the MuggleCast News Center with the past couple of weeks' top Harry Potter news stories.

[Show music begins playing]

Micah: All right. Thanks, Andrew. According to The Wilkshire Times, filming for Half-Blood Prince will take place in the village and in the cloisters at Lacock Abbey in Wilkshire, England. This location will be used for multiple night scenes from the sixth Potter book. Shooting will last four days in October between 5:00 PM and 5:00 AM. A sum of 30,000 pounds will be given to the village in exchange, and, in addition, each resident will receive a sum of 200 pounds and a secure parking service.

At a recent lecture in the U.S., John Williams, former composer of the Harry Potter movies soundtrack, was asked if he was hoping to score the last Harry Potter film. He said with confidence that he thinks he will be back for Deathly Hallows, and then added that he hopes he is. As previously reported, Nicholas Hooper will be scoring Half-Blood Prince.

Speaking of movie news, according to a new report released by several British film and tourism bodies, the location of scenes shot in the Harry Potter movies are amongst several recent films responsible for the boost in U.K. tourism. Chief Executive of the U.K. Film Council, John Woodward, said, "British films and television programs play a powerful role in showcasing the U.K. to the rest of the world and boosting tourism. There are countless examples of visitors flocking to locations they've seen in films or on TV, and the effect can last for years." The report also listed several other non-Potter films including The Da Vinci Code, Gosford Park, and Pride and Prejudice.

And various details concerning the upcoming Order of the Phoenix DVD release are slowly starting to emerge. The Movie Informer has received what looks to be the front and back cover of the two-disc special edition DVD. As for a release date, rumors are currently circulating that we can expect to see it in mid-November, many sites reporting November 12th in the U.K.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix walked away with the surfboard for Choice Summer Movie Drama/Action/Adventure at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards. Other movies in the category included Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Live Free or Die Hard, Transformers, and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Last week, The Sunday Mirror reported that a Harry Potter themed musical is currently in the works to open in London's West End. The article says producers are working on several script ideas and believe it has huge potential. More on that later in the show. Finally, the author of the Harry Potter novels, J.K. Rowling, and the actress that brings Hermione to life on the movie screen, Emma Watson, have been selected as two of 100 women Premiere has chosen because of their impact on the film industry in 2007. That's all the news for this September 2nd, 2007 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show. That's all the news for this September 1st, 2007 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Andrew: All right. Thank you, Micah.

Micah: Welcome. It's been a long time.

Micah's Birthday

Andrew: Hey! Yeah, and you just celebrated a birthday the other day, didn't you?

Micah: I did.

Andrew: By the other day, I mean last week. By last week, I mean - I'm not sure exactly when.

Micah: Laura knows.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: August 17th because I am...

Andrew: Oh, yes.

Laura: ...awesome, and I remember people's birthdays.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Jerry: Two weeks ago.

Andrew: Well, see, because I tried to look on Micah's "About Us" profile, but there's no birthday. It's just 24.

Jerry: Sneaky.

Andrew: Just now updated. But Happy Birthday, Micah!

Micah: Thanks.

Andrew: We - what did you do for your birthday?

Micah: I actually went to another friend's surprise birthday party. So...

[Andrew and Jerry laugh]

Andrew: Oh, okay. Cool, cool. And it was also Ben's birthday. Unfortunately, he cannot be here today. He has some stuff to do. And then Jerry...

Jerry: Yeah.

Andrew: None of the listeners know you yet, but it's also - it was also your birthday recently, right?

Jerry: Yep, August 17th, same as Micah.

Micah: Oh, really?

Andrew: Oh.

Jerry: Coincidentally, yeah.

Micah: How old were you?

Andrew: So, why didn't you guys...

Jerry: 21.

Andrew: coordinate a little party?

Micah: Oh.

Jerry: Yeah.

Andrew: 21, you said?

Jerry: Yeah.

Eric: Wow.

Andrew: Oh man, big time. That means nothing over...

Jerry: Of course you're younger than I am. Yeah, it means nothing here.

Andrew: That means nothing over in the U.K. though, does it? Yeah.

Jerry: No.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jerry: Boring.

Andrew: Interesting.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: 18 is the big age over there.

Jerry: Yeah.

Andrew: So, Happy Birthday to you three, and...

Jerry: Thank you.

Andrew: ...who's the next birthday coming up?

Laura: Should be Jamie, right?

Andrew: I'm May.

Laura: December 7th?

Andrew: Oh yeah, Jamie's December. Yeah.

Eric: Jamie's December?

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Oh. Well, I turn 19 and a half on October 23rd.

Andrew: Well, see, Eric, that doesn't count.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: We don't count half birthdays on the show here.

Eric: Oh. Okay. Sorry.

Andrew: Because I wanted to encourage people to start sending birthday gifts in if it was me, but it's not me. So, forget about it, and...

[Andrew and Jerry laugh]

Andrew: ...anyway, so moving on to some news. Lately, there hasn't been much in the news. After the book came out it was pretty much downhill.

Eric: It's depressing.

Laura: Yeah, it really is depressing. Like, how many times has MuggleNet been updated since the book came out? Like twice? [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, you can probably count them on one hand.

Micah: Yeah.

News Discussion: Order of the Phoenix DVD Release Date?

Andrew: I just posted today about the DVD information. That's - I guess there's some information there. Rumored release date right now of November 12th in the U.K.

Jerry: Really?

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Hmm.

Andrew: For the DVD.

[Jerry says something unintelligible and laughs]

Andrew: Yeah, you know, I guess it's good news. Nobody really cares. Another interesting piece of information was the list of deleted scenes, and back at the L.A. premiere, Emerson and I posed that question to David Yates, the director. We said, "What deleted scenes are we going to be seeing on the DVD?" And one of them he talked about that is also listed here: Trelawney eating. And apparently, according to the...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: ...what is this again? The British Board of Film Classification web site, their web site - it's a two and a half minute clip of Trelawney eating. At least that's the title. And apparently, David Yates said that - I'm forgetting the actress. Who plays Trelawney?

Eric: Who, Emma Thompson?

Laura: Oh, Emma Thompson.

Andrew: Yeah, Emma Thompson. Eric says it like I'm out of my mind.

Eric: No, no, that's fine. I forgot the...

Andrew: "Emma Thompson!?"

Laura: You are out of your mind; she's a fabulous actress.

Eric: Sorry, I think I actually am developing some kind of a cold, so I'm sounding...

Andrew: Oh, that's not just - I'm just...

Jerry: She's more of a big deal over here...

Andrew: Yeah. I'm just messing with you, buddy.

Jerry: we remember her name.

Andrew: But yeah, apparently it was a clip where Emma Thompson sort of just winged it and was just eating, and I can't remember what exactly was said.

Micah: Well, see, Andrew, if it was going to be a deleted scene, I would expect that it would have been Professor Trelawney drinking, not eating, but that's a different story.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Yeah. Jerry, sorry to put you on the spot here, but what is the British Board of Film Classification? Do you know what that is? Like...

Jerry: Yeah, they're the people who give it, you know, the eighteen certificate or fifteen certificate.

Eric: Yeah.

Jerry: They watch it and say...

Andrew: Oh!

Jerry: ...children can't see that; it's too strong.

Eric: It's like in America, the MPAA.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Motion Picture...

Andrew: Okay. Because I didn't understand why this was posted on their web site, but I guess it's because they just rate the deleted scenes?

Jerry: Yeah, I guess so.

Eric: Well, it's just like on DVDs you get those disclaimers that say the rights or the views expressed on this do not affect studio thoughts or whatever. Things like that.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Eric: You know, this - I don't even know how they've been able to release all these unrated DVDs, just because the MPAA and stuff regulate that kind of stuff.

Andrew: Right, yeah. Yeah. And usually in the U.S. it says, "This bonus DVD is not rated" or something like that.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, exactly. But a lot of the things, like to put them out, the MPAA - it's like a law. I mean, you do have to get rated. At least to be a movie in a theater, you have to get rated.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: So...

Andrew: Right.

Jerry: I think it's about public display, isn't it?

Eric: It really is, yeah.

Jerry: If there's no public display, they don't have to rate it, but...

Eric: Children. Protecting the ears and minds of children.

News Discussion: Ian Rankin - Rowling Working on Crime Novel?

Andrew: So some other news: J.K. Rowling - well, okay, this is a very interesting story. Ian - Ian...

Jerry: Rankin.

Laura: Rankin.

Andrew: Ian - yeah, I'm turning up the story. Ian Rankin said - was quoted as saying that J.K. Rowling was working on a crime novel. And, of course, being the Harry Potter fandom that we are, all the fan sites posted about it, and everyone was like, "Oh, man, she's writing another novel!" And it wasn't that surprising because she's said in interviews before that she probably would work on a - she enjoys writing and reading crime novels, right?

Eric: Yup.

Laura: Yeah, I think I read something about that, but...

Andrew: Yeah. So, then as it turns out, Ian Rankin comes back a few days later and he says, "it was a joke that got out of hand."

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: So...

Jerry: That's hilarious.

Andrew: ...personally, I don't believe that. [laughs]

Laura: I know, it's a really lame excuse, isn't it? Like, "Oh, I was just kidding!" Like, who kids about that kind of thing? Like...

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: is that funny?

Andrew: He said there were six hundred people in the audience and only one person didn't laugh.

[Jerry says something unintelligible]

Eric: Yeah. How could you hear...

Andrew: I don't see...

Eric: How could you hear that one person not laughing? How could you tell? [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. Good point, yeah.

Eric: So his credibility - I don't know, maybe J.K.R. is doing a crime novel. Maybe she just didn't want that publicity out there, you know, this soon. She's not going to confirm or deny. She's just put out a whopper and she doesn't want to be...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: ...thinking about the future.

Laura: Didn't she say, though, that the one thing she was looking forward to writing most after Book 7 was that political fairy tale that she talked about? Like it was a children's book...

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: ...meant for a younger crowd than Harry Potter.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: But, I mean, that doesn't mean that she couldn't be writing something else.

Andrew: Right.

Laura: Because if, you know, she got interested in something else, of course she'd write it. But I mean, I think it should be treated as speculation for now. But we shouldn't rule it out because we know from just the basic premise of Harry Potter there's so much mystery in those books that she loves to write that kind of thing, so...

Eric: Yeah, absolutely.

Laura: ...I think it's entirely plausible.

Andrew: Speaking of that children's book, she had said at the charity reading back in August 2006 that it was halfway complete. And I imagine she hasn't been working on it while working on Book 7 at the same time.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: But if it's halfway complete, we should probably see it in a couple of years.

Eric: "I just killed Fred..."

Jerry: It might be like a bit on the side, won't it?

Eric: "I'm going to go write my children's book now."

Andrew: Why's that? I don't get it.

Eric: It's just her writing at the same time as Book 7, sorry.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Eric: "I just exploded Hedwig! What better time to write about the gum drop fairy!" You know, or whatever.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Jerry: But you know what? It could be relaxation technique, couldn't it? Something she enjoys doing and therefore does it as an aside to take the stress away from writing.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Exploding Hedwig or writing children's books?

Laura: Mhm.

Andrew: Isn't it a...

Jerry: [laugh] Writing children's books.

Eric: Oh, yeah.

Laura: Yes, because we often blow up peoples' pet birds to release stress, Eric. Do they do that in New Zealand?

Eric: Yes, they do - well, I do. I don't know about the [unintelligible]. My kiwi neighbors.

Laura: Okay, just checking.

Andrew: Harry Potter the musical. The Sunday Mirror broke this story. Jerry, not a very reliable source, right? In the U.K.

Jerry: No. They are a tabloid. They're not one of the most lying of tabloids, but they're up there.

Andrew: Okay.

Jerry: If it was the Guardian, or the Independent, then I'd take notice. But I'd take with a pinch of salt, yeah.

News Discission: Harry Potter, The Musical?

Andrew: So apparently they have a source that said that there are producers already working on several script ideas and believe it has huge potential. And I quote the article; it says::

"The difficulty is condensing the seven books into a manageable show. They are exploring various ideas. One possibility is to tell the whole story. Another is to just take a single plot."

Personally, I think both ideas are bad. [laughs]

Laura: Yeah. I just have this visual, and I know that - I mean it says it's a musical, but I just have this visual of Harry and Ron going across the stage in ballerina shoes and tights and everything. And I'm just like, no.

Andrew: Well...

Laura: Because when I think musical, I think of extremely artistic, ballet, dancing, songs...

Eric: The Harry Potter Ballet.

Laura: You know, it's like, oh my gosh, no.

Andrew: Well, I'm not sure what musicals you've seen, but...

Micah: Yeah, really, Laura.

Andrew: Not every musical is just ballerinas. [laughs]

Laura: No, not every musical is bad, but what are they going to do with Harry Potter?

Andrew: No, no, ballerinas, ballerinas.

Eric: Ballet.

Laura: I know!

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: But, I mean, Andrew, seriously, it's not going to be like, We Will Rock You, or any of that other stuff you like.

Andrew: Well, I...

Jerry: But if it was... [laughs]

Laura: They're going to have Snape sing some really obnoxiously depressing ballad or something. It's like, no please!

Eric: Yeah, Myrtle's Moan. Myrtle's Moan will be the show stopping number.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: Okay, well...

Eric: No, no.

Micah: ...don't - well, okay.

Eric: No, don't worry about it.

Andrew: Oh, don't, wait a second. I'm actually glad you guys brought this up because after I posted this story, a MuggleNet staff member approached me - I'll keep her nameless for now - and she said - well, she basically encouraged me and said I could possibly have a role in this musical. And I gave it some thought, and I think I want to try out for this. So, Jerry, if you could sort of keep an eye out - if you hear anything, could you let me know?

Jerry: Definitely, definitely.

Andrew: Yeah. I'm asking my casting agents to keep an ear out as well. I don't know if you guys want to hear this, but I actually already prepared a song for my audition.

Micah: What character are you going to play? Or are you open to anything?

Andrew: Well... [laughs] ...the song that I composed could really be placed into any character's role.

Eric: Let me guess. It's Tomorrow from Annie.

Andrew: No. No, it's not that. Do you guys mind if I sing a verse?

Laura: No, go for it.

Jerry: Shoot.

Andrew: [clears throat] I get a little nervous. [singing] "Good morning Hogwarts School..."

Laura: Oh my gosh.

Andrew: [still singing] "Every day is like a swim in the pool! Every night is a fantasy! Every sound's like a symphony!"

Laura: You know, Andrew, for some reason I...

Andrew: Sorry, I'm a little nervous so my throat might not be on par today...

Laura: I don't think that there is a - the role of Tracy in this, but...

Andrew: What do you mean? That's - what are you talking about?

Laura: It just sounds very familiar. It just sounds like another musical that's out right now.

Andrew: I don't know what you're talking about, but anyway, do I have a chance? Is - was it good?

Laura: Oh yeah, absolutely. You should go for it.

Jerry: Definitely, yeah.

Laura: Right now.

Andrew: I thought Harry - I could play Harry, because that's what that staff member said I could. Would anyone else like to have a turn and maybe sing a little song to audition for the Harry Potter Musical?

Laura: I don't think so.

Eric: Normally I would jump...

Andrew: Eric?

Eric: ...especially to get our names out, you know, here and now.

Andrew: Eric, I was definitely expecting you to do this.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Well, if you're looking for content that way - no. But I will say, it's just - it's a practical kind of problem for them to do a condensed story of seven years of Hogwarts because Harry starts out as eleven and ends at eighteen. So they would - to rectify that, they would probably have to have either, you know...

Jerry: Seven Harrys. [laughs]

Eric: Well, seven Harrys or an eighteen year-old playing an eleven year-old Harry, or like a fifteen year-old.

Laura: Hey, it could happen.

Eric: Yeah, I'm just wondering how they'd do that. It's just - they'd fix it, you know. It's Broadway. Or would they do it on Broadway, or would they do it on West End? Or what would be the deal?

Andrew: Wasn't it - I think the article...

Eric: It was an American article, right?

Andrew: What, the Harry Potter musical?

Eric: Yeah, they wanted to do the Harry Potter musical.

Andrew: No, no, it's The Sunday Mirror. It's U.K.

Eric: Oh, well, then they should only allow Brits to do it, just like in the movies.

Andrew: Yeah. One thing that does get me about...

Eric: Except - sorry to cut you off - except I did see The Producers on the West End, and I much preferred the American version. So, that's just me.

Andrew: Hmm. One thing that got me about this article that doesn't make it very credible is that the article says at the end that they're hoping to have it in a theater by 2008. By next year.

Eric: That's crap.

Andrew: That's impossible.

Eric: Yeah, that's crap.

Laura: Yeah, that's not going to happen.

Jerry: You'd have to be working on it for two years already.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. I think we would've heard more about now, so... [laughs]

Jerry: Yeah, quite.

Andrew: But it doesn't...

Micah: Can I ask you a question?

Andrew: What?

Micah: Does the West End generally draw more adults, or are there a lot of kids' shows that are in there as well?

Andrew: I think it just depends what's there.

Jerry: Yeah.

Andrew: I mean, look at say, Equus. That would draw a lot of Dan Radcliffe fans. And it's not like the West End is out of London. It's in pretty central London, right, Jerry?

Jerry: Yeah, pretty much.

Andrew: Yeah. It's just a tube ride away, right? You know what I'm saying?

[Jerry laughs]

Eric: Andrew, we stayed like three blocks from it, so...

Andrew: Yeah. It's pretty central...

Eric: Really central. Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. And speaking of musicals in the U.K., I have the record of We Will Rock You. Jerry, have you seen We Will Rock You?

Jerry: I haven't.

Andrew: It's great!

Jerry: I mean, we walked by the theater, didn't we? But I haven't seen it, no.

Andrew: We did. Yeah, it's great. I highly recommend it. But anyway, let's move on now to more of the show. I have some announcements.

Announcement: Podcast Alley

Andrew: Don't forget to vote for us on Podcast Alley. It's a new month. It's now September. So don't forget to place your vote. You guys have been doing great voting for us without us asking so we really appreciate that.


Andrew: Also, thank you to everyone who came out for the summer tour - to any of the live shows that you were at - all of us here. I wonder if Jerry was at the England one, too. We had a great time at all of the live shows so we would just like to thank everyone for coming out. Hope you enjoyed them. Hope you've enjoyed all of the live shows you've been hearing over the past month, or month and a half, or two months now.

Eric: It was fun to chill with you guys in London. I really - I thought that that was a trip in itself that really went down quite well. And I know you guys went off and you still had a continued amazing summer with the tour and with Prophecy and everything else, but it was just great to see you guys in London. I was very happy for that. And that was really memorable and really cool.

Laura: Yeah. London was really memorable for me just because it was - it was the last book, we were where it all began, sort of - you know, at least we were in the same country. And it was just really, really cool to be there with all of you. I had a really good time with that. I also immensely enjoyed the premiere trip and of course going to Toronto. Best part of Prophecy was the ball, by far, I think. What did everybody think of that?

Andrew: Yes - oh, definitely, definitely.

Laura: [laughs] Oh wait, I think we were the only ones in this group there.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah. Okay.

[Everyone laughs]

Laura: It was really fun though. Yeah, you guys missed out. It was really, really fun.

Andrew: Yeah, it was a good time.

Laura: We danced to the Spice Girls.

Jerry: There's always next year.

Andrew: Jamie had a great time getting removed.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: Oh wow. Did he really?

Jerry: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, he did.

Andrew: Yeah, you didn't hear that?

Eric: Why?

Laura: Oh Jamie.

Andrew: Well, because he's a sport. He was just too good for the dance floor.

[Jerry laughs]

Andrew: So, yeah, it really was a fun time at Prophecy. There was something else. Oh yeah, it was funny when Laura - Jamie and I had just arrived in England and we were in Heathrow waiting for our bags, and I'm also keeping an eye on the escalator to make sure I see Laura coming down because she had just arrived at the same time. And as Laura's coming down the escalator - she doesn't see me yet - Laura, the look on your face was just priceless.

Laura: What do you mean?

Andrew: You just had this big grin on your face.

Laura: Aww!

Andrew: You just slowly go down the escalator and just looking around, taking all the sites in. And I was like, "wow, this girl is happy to be here."

Laura: I was so excited, you have no idea. Like I was even nice to the customs person. Like I went up with this huge smile on my face and he was like, "What are you doing here?" And I was like, "I'm here for the Harry Potter release!" And then he asked me the stupidest question ever. He goes, "Oh, you like Harry Potter?"

[Everyone laughs]

Jerry: No...

Laura: And I'm like, "No, I'm just here for the hell of it." But yeah, I was so excited to be there.

Andrew: I had an awkward moment with a customs guy. When I was leaving Canada I had my Pickle Pack shirt on. And I walk up to him and he just goes under his breath, "The Pickle Pack." And I was just like, "Yeah, it's this thing I do."

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: So it was kind of an awkward moment.

Eric: I bet he wrote it on your passport: "Possible trouble maker. Likes pickles."

Announcement: MuggleCast Ringtones

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. Keep an eye out for pickle jars. Which I broke - never mind. I'll tell that story another time. But hey, moving along now. One thing I've been getting a lot of requests for - and we have a new way of supporting the show - it is MuggleCast ringtones. Have you guys seen these yet? I just put them up last night.

Laura: I did.

Jerry: No. I didn't see them.

Andrew: MuggleCast ringtones. It's just the Wizard Rock - not to come off arrogant - but it's just my Wizard Rock singles for now. The problem is we can't release the MuggleCast background music because it's not ours, so we can't really do that. But anyway, these MuggleCast ringtones - they're five dollars. We get a small cut; we get half. We get two fifty-ish. Not even. I was looking at the thing the other day - or earlier today. And they go to help supporting the show. So if you'd like to have a little piece of MuggleCast on your show. Maybe we'll take clips from the show and throw those on there too?

Eric: Well, are they true-tone or are they polyphonic? Or how are we doing this?

Andrew: Oh, I don't know how it works. It's a service I went through.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: But a few people have been buying them so far and I haven't seen any complaints yet. The only problem is that Verizon customers cannot use these. And it's only U.S., I'm pretty sure.

Jerry: Oh.

Micah: Verizon's always a problem.

Andrew: Verizon is always a problem. Yeah, sorry, Jerry. [laughs]

Jerry: I know.

Micah: I know.

Andrew: Yeah, so visit There's a news post there and we'll put a permanent link around there somewhere. They go to help supporting the show. I know what some of you may be saying - some of you tech-savvy users: "Oh, I can just do that for free! I can just mail myself." Yes, I'm aware of this. But you can - if you want to support the show, this is the way to do it., look around for ringtones, it should be right there.

Announcement: Poll on

Andrew: And lastly - I thought this was very interesting - we put up a poll on, "have you finished reading the book?" 98%, 10,138 people, said "yes, I'm finished." One percent, or I guess it would be a little bit more than one percent, say, "No, I'm still reading." That was 206 people.

Jerry: My God.

Andrew: So, I was wondering, do we even have to use a spoiler warning? It seems kind of pointless to me.

Laura: I really hope that that one percent of people were just being smart. If you really haven't finished the book, what are you doing on the Internet? Like, really.

Andrew: Yeah. And this poll was put up two or three weeks after the book already came out. [laughs]

Eric: I'm inclined to say, if they have been able to navigate the spoilers of the past six or seven episodes of MuggleCast that have been out, you know...

Andrew: I just think they're not listening.

Eric: Well, and that's fair enough, but what are you doing on MuggleCast? But yeah.

Jerry: Maybe shock, horror there. MuggleCast fans who aren't Harry Potter fans just listen to your voices.

Andrew: Maybe!

[Eric laughs]

Main Discussion: Deathly Hallows

Andrew: Our voices are wonderful. So that is that. Let's move on now to our main discussion this week. Of course it's all about Deathly Hallows. We are going to continue our discussion.

Jerry and Micah Share Their Thoughts

Andrew: First, I actually want to start off with Micah and Jerry's thoughts, because we have not yet heard your thoughts on the show yet. Oh, actually - no, we heard Eric's too. Yeah. So, Micah and Jerry.

Micah: Yeah?

Andrew: Your thoughts on Book 7, overall. We'll start off with overall and then we're going to get into some e-mails and get nit-picky.

Micah: Sure. Overall, I think it's kind of consistent with a lot of what people said. I like the book. The epilogue I wasn't too fond of. I thought it was a little weak in certain areas, but I understand that Jo had things that she wanted to answer on her own and leave to interviews afterwards. But I don't know. I just didn't like the epilogue a whole lot. Don't know if it necessarily even needed to be there. But the book overall, I was content with and I didn't have a problem with any of the people, other than Dobby, who kicked the bucket, on either side. But I was satisfied. No real complaints other than the epilogue.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. Jerry?

Jerry: Yeah, I agree. I found it pretty good. The first read through I was a bit disappointed, but I was just so dead from London. But the second read through I was pretty happy. I was fine with the epilogue, even. I think the second read through I was quite happy with it. But I might get shot for saying that.

Andrew: [laughs] Why were you happy with it?

Jerry: I don't know. I think that maybe it's a British thing. I don't know how Jamie found that.

[Everyone laughs]

Jerry: But maybe we're a bit more cheesy than Americans. Maybe we - yeah.

Andrew: Stephen King really enjoyed it too. He described it as being "delicious," didn't he?

Eric: He did.

Micah: Well, he could probably create a mass-murder scene out of it or something.

Eric: Yeah, but Stephen King has said some really nice things about Book 7 and J.K.R. in general. I just love reading - he wrote two or three different articles for, I think it was, Entertainment Weekly or something, completely, completely praising J.K. Rowling. Very well written and very sentimental as well.

Laura: Yeah, you could tell he was a huge fan at the readings for Harry, Carrie, and Garp last summer. Just the way he talked to her you could tell he was such a fan. It thought that was very adorable.

Andrew: Oh yeah, and he was open about it too.

Eric: Oh yeah, and his book reviews at the beginning of some of the books, at least for, I think, Prisoner of Azkaban - there's a quote from him in the U.S. version I think.

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