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MuggleCast 109 Transcript

Matt's Birthday Party

Andrew: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to MuggleCast Live. We're entering our third hour here on MuggleCast and let's see, it's 2:05 PM here on the East Coast. A beautiful sunny day in Medford, New Jersey. Jamie, how are you doing?

Jamie: I'm very, very good. The kettle is just boiling. I'm going to make a lovely cup of tea, and sit back and get back to what I enjoy the most: podcasting.

Andrew: Isn't that adorable?

[Jamie laughs]

Laura: Awww, that sounds lovely.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay, we're trying to get - well, sort of, not really. We're trying to get a couple of MuggleNet staff members involved here in today's show program...

Laura: Oh, I know...

Andrew: ...thing.

Laura: ...who this is.

Andrew: And someone...

Matt: Hi!

Andrew: Hey! Matthew Britton, a MuggleCast transcriber.

[Jamie gasps]

Andrew: And...

Laura: Hey, Matt!

Jamie: Matthew, Matthew, Matthew.

Andrew: How's it going, Matt?

Matt: Jamie! I'm good. How are you guys doing?

Andrew: We're good. You had a big birthday party last night. I'm kind of upset...

Matt: Yes.

Andrew: ...I wasn't there.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: How did that go?

Matt: It was a lot of fun.

Andrew: Yeah?

Matt: A lot of - well, let's see, who came?

Andrew: Well, Mikey was there. [laughs] Do you remember?

Matt: Mikey? Oh, Mike. [laughs]

[Laura laughs]

Matt: Yeah, I forgot Mikey went. Yeah, Mikey was here, so was Alex Carpenter and a whole bunch of our Harry Potter peeps.

Laura: Awww.

Andrew: Matt, you are such a celebrity! You had Alex Carpenter at your birthday party? I'm so jealous!

Matt: Yeah, it's LA, dude.

Andrew: [laughs] No, but at your [emphasis on "your"] birthday party. [laughs]

Matt: Oh, yeah.

Jamie: Matt, I asked him to come to mine and he moaned about something called the ocean.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: I was like, "Come on, Alex."

[Laura laughs]

Matt: Yeah.

Jamie: "Come on, come on, you're..."

Matt: You can't really drive across the ocean this fast.

Jamie: No, but you can swim and that is a lack of dedication from him, I think.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: If he can road tour cross-country, he can swim the ocean, I think.

Jamie: Yeah. Awww poor, very poor.

Andrew: And then brand new Go-Daddy [laughs] girl, Lauren was also there.

Matt: Oh yeah, Go-Daddy girl was here.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: She just left though.

Andrew: Awww.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: And I hear Go-Daddy guy was invited, but turned it down.

Matt: Yes, our Go-Daddy guy did not come because apparently Arizona and California is still kind of a long drive.

Andrew: If I was in Arizona, I would have went. It's not that far.

Matt: Well, [unintelligible] Arizona, I would have actually driven and dragged you back.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: There you go.

Andrew: Well - yeah, there you go. Cool. Well, I hear you guys are on - well, by hear, I mean you told me - you guys are running off to another party tonight. So that's what the MuggleCast transcribers do... [laughs]

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: ...if you are wondering where the transcripts are. [unintelligible]

Laura: Yeah, big party. It's all work for the hosts.

Jamie: What else is on...

Matt: What?!

Jamie: ...your mind, Matt?

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Matt: Laura, I did not just hear that from you.

[Laura and Matt laugh]

Andrew: In all seriousness, the transcribers do put a lot of work into the...

Laura: Yes...

Andrew: ...MuggleCast transcripts.

Laura: ...they do.

Matt: Yeah, they do.

Andrew: Although, I got an IM from Sam earlier saying you've been a little slow on the upkeep. Any comment on that? [laughs]

Matt: Umm, I kind of have a life, Andrew. And...

Andrew: Oh, okay! [laughs]

Matt: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: Perfectly understandable.

Matt: I'm not saying that the other transcribers don't have lives because I - oh my God, they're going to kill me.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: But to be fair, you are the only guy. Or are you not?

Matt: Yeah, I have been - well, technically the only guy.

Jamie: [laughs] Technically?

Andrew: [laughs] What is that?

Matt: No. I mean, Micah is still doing it, isn't he?

Andrew: Well...

Jamie: Yeah.

Matt: Yes.

Jamie: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah. Micah, you're still doing it, right?

Andrew: He's not here.

Jamie: "Technically," Matt, is something you aren't meant to say...

Matt: No, I know he's not here. I'm not that stupid.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: Well, he doesn't actually transcribe. Or...

Matt: No...

Andrew: I the only one who knew that?

Matt: ...he just posts it.

Andrew: Yeah, there you go. [laughs]

Jamie: Andrew, Andrew, I have a new idea for transcribing. Do you know those programs that you sort of speak into them and then it writes it down? What we should do is hook those up to microphones that then plays MuggleCast over, and then the program can just write down whatever you want to say. Would that work?

Andrew: No, probably not. It'll probably be flawed because...

Jamie: I think we should try.

Matt: Yeah, it doesn't really work because I tried it.

Andrew: And...

Jamie: Really?

Matt: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: Did you really? [laughs]

Matt: [laughs] Yeah, I did.

Jamie: That's awesome.

Laura: What a cop out.

Jamie: Well, that's a great idea. It shows...

Laura: That's a terrible thing, Matt.

Jamie: ...initiative and drive. I love it.

Matt: It's all good.

Andrew: Matt wins points for being clever.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: So your birthday was the other day. Happy Birthday, by the way.

Matt: Oh, thank you.

Andrew: And yeah...

Jamie: The big 22.

Andrew: 22.

Laura: You're not old. You were complaining to me about how you were old.

Matt: Awww. Well...

Jamie: No, Matt. I disagree, Matt. You're old.

Matt: I'm older than a lot of you guys.

Jamie: Yeah.

Matt: That's sad.

Andrew: Yeah, we're a bunch of teenagers.

Matt: Yeah...

Laura: We love you.

Matt: ...shut up, Andrew.

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: We're young and hip.

[Laura and Matt laugh]

Andrew: Although - yeah. So - and Go-Daddy girl and I called you the other day, and that was fun. [laughs] For a birthday song.

Matt: Yeah, that was interesting. That was so nice.

Andrew: We sang like...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: ...dumb people. It was...

Matt: Yeah, you guys - and you sang pretty loud, too. My roommate could hear it across the room. He was like, "Who is singing to you?"

Andrew: Okay. Well, it was supposed to be joyous, so we had to sing loud...

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: ...and proud.

Matt: You guys were laughing. I could barely hear what you guys were saying for the first three minutes.

Andrew: Yeah.

Jamie: Ooh, it's all coming out now, Laura. Listen to it.

Andrew: Okay. Well, you know what? Whatever, okay? So...

Matt: Okay.

Andrew: Yeah. And you're welcome for coming on...

Matt: Oh.

Andrew: show, okay?

[Jamie laughs]

Matt: Your show?

Andrew: My show.

Laura: Oh, it's your show now, Andrew?

Andrew: Yeah, it's my show.

Jamie: God, Laura, it's his ticket to the...

Laura: Yeah, really.

Jamie: He thinks it's his show?

Laura: You know what? I quit, I quit.

[Jamie and Matt laugh]

Laura: I've had enough of this. This is ridiculous.

Matt: Awww.

Andrew: Anyway, let's get back to my show here. So...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: So Matt, I announced to everyone that I secured tickets to Kelly Clarkson.

[Matt gasps]

Andrew: And you happen to be one of the people going.

Matt: Are you serious? Oh.

Andrew: You knew that, didn't you?

Matt: Are you serious? Am I actually going to Kelly Clarkson?

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Let me look at my chat here. Yeah, yeah, you are actually going to Kelly Clarkson. [laughs]

[Matt sighs]

Andrew: What's the problem? Wait, wait, wait, what's the problem here?

Laura: I don't think that was a problem.

Jamie: No, I think it was a "Ahhh, yeah!"

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Matt: Oh, yeah.

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah, I accidentally muted myself. You didn't hear me scream out, "Yay!"

Andrew: [laughs] Okay, this is kind of weird now. I wasn't aware you weren't a fan of Kelly Clarkson. But anyway - hey, is there anything...

Matt: Yes...

Andrew: ...Harry Potter...

Matt: did!

Andrew: want to talk about? Huh? What?! What?! [laughs]

Matt: Yes, you freaking did.

Andrew: [starts singing] "Since you've been gone."

[Matt laughs]

Andrew: So Matt, anything Harry Potter you want to talk about? Because...

Matt: Let's see. I'm in a house full of Harry Potter stuff, let me look.

Andrew: Oh, whose house are you ñ oh, you're at Tasha's?

Matt: Tasha Carter, yeah.

[Tasha says "Hi" in the background]

Andrew: I was just going to say, why hasn't she yelled into your microphone yet? [laughs]

Matt: Yeah. Well...

Andrew: Tell Tasha I said hi. Or we said hi.

Matt: Yeah. Alex was about to yell in it but he...

Andrew: Oh, wait a second, Alex is here? Alex is still there?

Matt: Yes. He's asleep.

Andrew: Oh.

Matt: I don't want to wake him up.

Laura: Oh, who cares?

Andrew: I was going to say, heck with you on the microphone. I want to talk to Alex. He's a real star.

Matt: Oh geez. It's my - okay, it's my computer.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: I do whatever - it's your show but I can disconnect at any time, so dude...

Laura: Actually, Brittany from Connecticut says that it's my show.

Andrew: What? You mean Laura's show?

Laura: Yes. "Laura, I think it's your show."

Jamie: What has she done for the show?

Matt: Wait, isn't she your roommate?

Laura: No!

Matt: Oh.

Laura: Brittany from Connecticut? No.

Matt: I don't know!

[Laura laughs]

Matt: One of the small states in the East Coast.

Andrew: I think what everyone is forgetting is that all I have to do is hit the power button on my computer and the whole show is gone.

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: So whose show is it now, huh? Whose show?

[Jamie laughs]

Laura: Whatever.

Matt: Ha ha ha.

Andrew: But [laughs] in all seriousness, Matt, let Alex know we want to talk to him later on.

Matt: Okay. No, well, you guys just call me and tell me when you want him on so...

Andrew: Are you hanging out with him today?

Matt: Yeah, we're all going to another birthday party tonight.

Andrew: Oh, I thought ñ okay.

Matt: Dude, Alex goes wherever I go. Come on.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: I have a feeling that's not so true but...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: And then, where's Mikey?

Matt: He left last night because he had to work.

Jamie: Awww.

Andrew: Oh, he left last night?

Matt: Yeah. Well, this morning actually. I think it was like 3:00 AM.

Andrew: Oh. It was really funny, your voicemail that you left me last night - I'm pretty sure it was him. You were talking to me, and then he yells in the background, he's like, "Is that Andrew?!" [laughs] It was just so funny.

Matt: [laughs] Yeah, we made - we were going to make a birthday video for - well, my birthday, but we made a video for everybody and I guess it didn't work, so I was sad.

Andrew: What do you mean? What, for a Blickle? Or...

Matt: Yeah. Or something.

Andrew: Oh. Well...

MuggleCast's East Coast Tour with The Remus Lupins

Matt: Oh hi, Alex. Do you want to say hi?

Andrew: Is Alex ñ yeah, put Alex on and then we'll get on with the show here.

[Sounds of a microphone being moved]

Andrew: Good audio they have over there. Alex!

Alex Carpenter: Hey. Morning.

Laura: Hey, Alex!

Jamie: Hey!

Andrew: What's going on, man? You just woke up. Sorry.

Alex: I just ñ yeah, they just woke me up to come talk to you guys.

Andrew: [laughs] Awesome. We're actually doing a live twelve hour podcast here and...

Alex: I heard you guys are mounting the marathon podcast.

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, we're not messing around. This is all live, and it's going to be sweet.

Jamie: We add twelve hours every week, Alex, so it's going to be twenty-four next week.

[Alex and Andrew laugh]

Jamie: And then forty-eight.

Alex: We were hanging out last night, I was talking to Mikey about things you guys should do on the podcast.

Andrew: Yeah? What were your ideas?

Alex: I'm not going to say them now, because you have a lot of time to fill.

Andrew: Oh. Fair point.

Alex: I'll get back on and...

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Alex: ...give you ideas over the course of the time like, "Hey, you guys should do this."

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Alex: And then you'll have to do it right then.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. Yeah, I think Mikey is supposed to be on later tonight, and then he told me he was going to try and get all you wizard rockers on. But...

Alex: Somebody just handed me a Red Bull. [laughs]

Andrew: Oh, nice.

Alex: It was Tasha. [laughs]

Andrew: Tasha Carter. Hey, we were actually talking about the tour and how much fun it was earlier. I miss you, Alex.

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: It was a lot of fun, man.

Alex: Dude, I miss you too, honestly. I was saying - again to Mikey - that every fourth thing that the guys in my band say to me is like, "We miss the guys from MuggleCast."

Andrew: Awww, really? [laughs]

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: Awww, that's a bummer.

Jamie: Awww.

Andrew: Darn.

Alex: It was the best.

Andrew: It was.

Alex: It was the best part of the summer, man. It was awesome.

Andrew: Definitely, and we're up for doing it again. I'm going to cry too. Let's...

Alex: Awww.

Andrew: East Coast Tour. Let's announce it right now.

Laura: Yeah, I'm jealous now. I want to go on a tour.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: Well, you should have come. Other than Ben Schoen crashing cars and stuff...

Laura: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: Ben Schoen did not crash any cars. [laughs] We tried to have fun one day.

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Alex: And that's what happens.

Andrew: We left a mark on the car, that's all.

[Alex laughs]

Jamie: And by small, you mean massive.

Andrew: It wasn't that big.

Alex: Well, you guys know what happened with our car, right?

Andrew: No, what happened?

Alex: Did you hear anything about that? Okay well, again - so I guess I should say for the people who don't know, my friend Brandon basically coaxed Ben into crashing into a cone, and it left a serious mark on the car.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: On the MuggleCast rental car. And later, the last day of tour, we were driving back from Arizona to California and there were these gorgeous sand dunes.

[Jamie laughs]

Alex: Like Tatooine crazy sand dunes.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: I can see where this is going, Alex.

Alex: Oh yeah. Brandon thought it'd be cool to drive into the dunes. Now, I maintain I said this was a bad idea. Maybe I didn't say it loud enough, but - so he drove off of the road into the sand dune, and we're in a fifteen-passenger van loaded down with gear, and we just sink immediately into the sand.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh my God.

[Jamie laughs]

Laura: Oh my God.

Alex: [laughs] And so we're like twenty feet from the concrete and just stuck in the sand, running late as usual for our show. It was pretty gnarly. It was a good time because we had to push it.

Jamie: That's awesome.

Andrew: How deep did the car sink? Was it like really, or was it just...

Alex: No, no, no, it was like - the tires were probably like a foot and a half deep.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Alex: So we had to keep...

Jamie: That's quite a bit though.

Alex: Yeah. Well, it's a big van too. But we had to keep digging the tires out and pushing the car...

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: ...about a foot forward.

Andrew: Wow.

Alex: Yeah. It was good times.

Andrew: That sucks. [laughs] That's like - did you take pictures or anything?

Alex: Yeah, Matt from The Whomping Willows filmed the whole thing.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh awesome. We've got to see that.

Alex: Yeah, it was great. He didn't help at all.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Matt is a great guy, too. So do you guys - are you on break for a while now in terms of touring?

Alex: Yeah, we're just relaxing a little bit. I was actually recording some new stuff with Toby yesterday.

Andrew: Oh awesome.

Alex: My drummer. And yeah, I mean, we're still working on stuff. There's a lot going on but not in terms of touring.

Andrew: Okay.

Alex: There's a big...

Jamie: Alex, we have some live feedback for you.

Alex: Oh.

Jamie: We have an e-mail from Sarah, from New York, who says in capital letters:


Andrew: What?

[Laura laughs]

Alex: As long as they're color-changing.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Alex: That's my stipulation.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: I agree with that. Fair enough.

Andrew: So you're working on some new songs and...

Alex: You guys ñ I really think that all your shows should be live. I think that's really cool.

Andrew: Yeah.

Alex: Live feedback on MuggleCast.

Andrew: Yeah, it's going well. We can take calls too and stuff. We just need to all be in one place, then we can do a serious radio show. Right now it's just hack - it's a big hack over Skype. But...

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Alex: It is kind of funny that this whole thing is just moving towards what's normal radio already.

Andrew: Yeah.

Alex: [laughs] Like this is so cool for us right now, but people do this all the time.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] Yeah, exactly.

[Alex and Jamie laugh]

Andrew: So next summer...

Alex: I miss you guys. Sorry, I keep saying it.

Andrew: Dude, I miss you too. There's rumors ñ I can't confirm anything, but there's rumors that we're going to be...

Alex: Well, it's just us talking right now. Nobody is listening to this.

Andrew: That's true. There isn't...

[Alex laughs]

Andrew: There isn't 767 people listening right now.

Alex: Hey.

Andrew: But we may be seeing you in, say New Years, for, how do I say...

Jamie: A gathering.

Andrew: ...Vegas? [laughs] Right? Tell me you're going to be there.

Alex: Oh, I didn't hear what you said.

Andrew: Vegas, Las Vegas.

Alex: You mean in a month, or two months?

Andrew: No, no, no, it wouldn't be until - New Years. Vegas, New Years.

Alex: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: Okay, cool.

Alex: You're talking about this year not...

Andrew: Yeah.

Alex: year.

Andrew: Oh no. Yeah, this year.

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: Okay, awesome. [sighs] So I guess I won't see you until then. That's kind of a bummer. But...

Alex: It is.

Jamie: That's sad.

Andrew: Whatever. So - hey, thanks for coming on, and we'll definitely talk to you later on with Mikey or something?

Alex: Yeah. Well, I'm going to think of some trouble for you guys to get into.

Andrew: Okay, cool. And we got a couple of songs cued up for our breaks. We take breaks here on the show.

[Alex laughs]

Andrew: And we're going to play a couple of your songs in between. Are you laughing?

Alex: No.

Andrew: What, you expect us to - sorry, I haven't seen any...

Alex: I thought you guys are a little harder-core than you are.

Andrew: Excuse me? I haven't any twelve-hour concerts out of you guys yet.

[Jamie and Laura laugh]

Alex: That's next.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: Is that a challenge?

Andrew: Yeah, it's a challenge!

[Alex and Andrew laugh]

Alex: All right, guys. Have an awesome time with your marathon.

Andrew: All right. Thanks for calling in.

Jamie: Buh-bye!

Laura: Bye!

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