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MuggleCast 111 Transcript

Listener Challenge: Different Ways of Saying "Mikey B!"

["Rock the Casbah" by The Clash plays]

Andrew: Welcome back to the show, everybody! Rock the cash bar, whatever it's called.

Laura: Casbah.

Andrew: Casbah.

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Jamie: Rock the cash bar?

Andrew: See, because here's the thing. Let's turn it up for a second.

[Andrew turns up the music]

Andrew: Okay, I was going to say it sounds like he's saying, "Rock the cash bar," but I guess not. Anyway, welcome back to MuggleCast! It's 6:14 here on the East Coast. We're six hours into this live show, entering our seventh hour.

Jamie: Oh my God! Oh my God!

Andrew: I'm Andrew Sims.

Jamie: I'm Jamie Lawrence.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Mikey: And I'm Mikey B!

[Everyone laughs]

Jamie: Mikey, I was going to be very unhappy if you said "Mikey Bouchereau."

Andrew: There are...

Mikey: I'm Mikey B! Mikey B!

Jamie: [imitating Mikey] Mikey B!

Mikey: Yeah, I know. It's the Mikey B thing, what can I say?

Jamie: Oh, Mikey, if anyone - we forgot to say if anyone had any very traditional authentic new original way to say "Mikey B"...

Mikey: I don't even - did we even release that episode?

Jamie: I don't think we did, no.

Mikey: Yeah.

Andrew: What's that? Oh no, we'll do that for Pickle Packers or something.

Mikey: Well, can we explain what it was, at least? No?

Andrew: Yeah, go ahead. Yeah.

Mikey: Yeah, so we recorded - who was it? It was just me...

Andrew: Kevin, Jamie, and me.

Mikey: Yeah, it was me, Kevin, Jamie, and Andrew, and we recorded a little half-an-hour show. And we never released it because we were talking about this thing being twenty-four hours instead of twelve, and it was the whole thing. And we had a listener challenge but it never got released.

Andrew: What was it?

Mikey: And the listener challenge was to e-mail me, mikey at staff dot mugglenet dot com, a recording of yourself saying "Mikey B" in any different way. Whether it be like... [says different variations of "Mikey B"]

Jamie: [imitating Mikey] Mikey B!

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: There are so many.

Mikey: And I said the top five, but I think if it does happen, if people e-mail me, I'll do like the top ten versions of "Mikey B!"

Jamie: We're looking for originality, aren't we, Mikey?

Mikey: Yes, we're looking for originality so if it's just "Mikey B" you're probably not going to get picked. It doesn't mean it's...

Jamie: You don't have a chance!

Mikey: Yeah, you really don't have a chance, especially when you have Jamie here going, "Mikey B!" and you've got me going, "I'm Mikey B!" and you've got Brandon and you've got - all of us, we all do the "Mikey B!"

Jamie: Yeah. Because you've got to understand...

Mikey: Yeah.

Jamie: ...quite a bit of the tour when we got bored was just coming out with new ways of saying "Mikey B."

Mikey: [laughs] Yeah.

Jamie: So we've done them all, we think we've heard them all. If you can prove us wrong, then mikey at staff.

Mikey: Yeah, mikey at staff and I will go ahead and if you guys could - oh, someone in the chat says they're going to do a beatbox of "Mikey B."

Andrew: Oh, I like that.

Jamie: [laughs] Ooh.

Mikey: So honestly, be creative. Someone's like, a Jamaican accent.

Eric: [in a Jamaican accent] Aye! Mikey B!

Mikey: [in a Jamaican accent] It's a Mikey B, man. Right down by the beach girl!

[Laura laughs]

Mikey: [in a Jamaican accent] We down by the beach! Mikey B! Yeah!

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Mikey, you're really good at that.

Mikey: I have dreads now! I haven't posted a picture, I think.

Andrew: Dreads?

Mikey: Yeah, I dreaded my hair, so I do have dreads right now because my hair was really, really long. But yeah, so if you guys can come up with something creative, record it and e-mail it to me. And if it's a really big file, upload it somewhere, and then send me a link.

Eric: It just occurred to me. I just occurred to me that it would be awesome if Frank Oz listened to our podcast...

Mikey: Oh wow.

Eric: ...because then he could do an accurate Yoda impression of him saying "Mikey B."

Mikey: He'd be like, [imitating Yoda] "Urrr."

Eric: [imitating Yoda] Ooh! Mikey B!

[Laura laughs]

Mikey: You don't understand, that would be my ringtone, my everything, if Frank Oz did it, because you realize I have Yoda tattooed on my leg also.

Andrew: Yeah, you're...

Eric: Oh, that's pretty sweet.

Mikey: So be creative and e-mail us - or e-mail me, I guess - and the top ten that I receive, I will edit together all ten of them with a "one" to "ten" and I will send them all to Andrew.

Jamie: Yeah!

Mikey: And he can broadcast it for us, I think. Maybe by the end of the show or maybe another day, we'll figure it out.

Andrew: Yeah. Hey, I just posted the links to the fantastic...

[Mikey's audio lags]

Andrew: Whoa, Mikey. Is it just me or is Mikey laggy? Just me or is Mikey laggy?

[Everyone's audio lags]

Andrew: We're stalling. We're crashing here really quick. Everyone here now?

[Mikey's audio lags]

Jamie: Andrew?

Andrew: What, Jamie?

Jamie: Can I do my laggy impressions?

Andrew: Yeah, hold on, let's - oh, and we're losing everyone right now. Mikey? Laura? Laura? Mikey?

Mikey: I'm here, I'm here!

Laura: I'm here.

Andrew: Okay. Something happened.

Laura: Hello?

Andrew: Yeah, we're good, I think.

[Mikey's audio lags]

Andrew: We're losing everyone! My internet is crashing. Hold on.

Laura: I'm here.

Andrew: Okay. We're at six and a half hours - I know that but you guys are lagging.

Mikey: I can't hear you either, I don't hear your mic at all.

Andrew: I hear you, Mikey. Laura, talk.

Mikey: Call me back.

Andrew: Okay.

Laura: I'm here.

Eric: Are we on?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Are we on still?

Andrew: Eric, you there?

Eric: Because Cyberdime is very upsetting.

Jamie: Hey.

Eric: Yeah, it's Skynet. Skynet taking over the world.

Andrew: Laura?

Laura: Yeah?

Andrew: Okay. Mikey?

Mikey: Yeah? No?

Andrew: Okay. No, we're good now. Something happened there. We've been rocking this Skype chat for six and a half hours now. [laughs] I'm very impressed by Skype. I've never seen...

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Andrew: Even when we record for an hour and a half, it can't hold up as well.

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: So it's a shame. Well, actually no, it's not a shame. We've been doing great. I was - I can't AIM and talk at the same time. But anyway, like I was saying, I posted the listener challenge winners and the great drawings that Andrea made, over on The links are right there, very top of the top post. Okay? So let's see, we are going to get Alex on now, and I believe have to call Matt's screen-name, Mikey?

Mikey: Yeah, Matt's screen-name.

Jamie: I'm just going to mix things up a bit...

Andrew: Go ahead.

Jamie: ...because I'm going to announce the vegetable now instead of later. The vegetable for this hour is broccoli.

Mikey: Ewww.

Andrew: Broccoli.

Eric: Oh, that's foreshadowing. This is going to be a bad, sour hour.

Mikey: Awww.

Jamie: Say "sour hour."

Eric: Sour hour.

Jamie: Sour hour.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Not that broccoli is sour.

Interview: Alex Carpenter

Andrew: Alex, are you there or is this Matt?

Matt: What? Hello?

Andrew: Yeah, Matt, I called you for Alex.

Matt: Yeah, I know. Alex is coming right now.

Andrew: Okay. Well, why - your time's over, buddy.

Eric: Hi, Matt!

Matt: It's my computer!

Laura: Hi, Matt!

Mikey: Happy Birthday, Matt! You should come down and hang out with me today sometime. You and Tasha.

Matt: You were just here last night.

Mikey: I know, but...

Eric: [laughs] We've had enough of you, Mikey B!

[Audio lags]

Eric: That's what it sounded like. I actually mean that, nobody can ever have enough of you.

Andrew: Okay. Alex, you here?

Alex Carpenter: Yeah, hey.

Andrew: All right. Sweet.

Jamie: Hey.

Andrew: Alex Carpenter is back, ringmaster of The Remus Lupins.

Alex: [laughs] I'm so much more awake now.

Andrew: [laughs] Good.

Alex: Than I was earlier.

[Laura laughs]

Jamie: Does Red Bull help?

Alex: We just got back from Denny's and let me tell you something about Denny's: it is never a good idea.

Mikey: [laughs] Awww.

Eric: What, going to Denny's? [laughs]

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: Except for when it's like 3:00 AM and you really want some good food fast.

Jamie: And you're starving, yeah.

Alex: Daytime Denny's is...

Mikey: Hey, Alex?

Alex: Yeah?

Mikey: Remember how I left last night at like 5:00 in the morning?

Alex: You didn't go to Denny's, did you?

Mikey: [laughs] I thought about it. I passed a Denny's and I was like, "Oh, I should get Denny's." And then I ended up saying no. I just went home and watched TV and went to bed. I watched Food Network, though.

[Eric laughs]

Mikey: An episode of Iron Chef was on and I was pretty entertained with that.

Andrew: So...

Mikey: The special ingredient was... [audio lags]

Andrew: We're having internet problems here. We're going to have to restart this conversation.

Laura: Yeah.

Mikey: I think you are.

Andrew: Okay, you know what? Let me stop for a second and everyone will still hear me, so - actually, nobody is going to hear me. Okay, everyone bear with us for one second. Let's restart the convo.

[Prolonged silence]

Andrew: It was Alex's...

Mikey: Oh right.

Andrew: It was Jamie's bad joke.

Jamie: It wasn't bad, it was terrible.

Andrew: Okay, so now that I think we're all here and ready to go, we want to talk about wizard rock for a little bit because wizard rock is really a large part of the fandom, if I may say so myself. And Alex...

Alex: It's mostly thanks to you and your rapping skills, Andrew, I have to say.

Andrew: Well, thank you.

[Jamie and Laura laugh]

Andrew: That's very flattering. I'm sure you feel that way. So, Alex, tell me, when did The Remus Lupins start up? When did you start up, basically? [laughs]

Alex: Wow. [laughs] I started when I was born. I don't know. The Remus Lupins started, I guess, two Thanksgivings ago, so...

Andrew: Oh wow.

Alex: Whenever the summer was before Goblet of Fire came out was when that band started.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Eric: '99? Oh, you mean the movie?

Alex: [laughs] '99?

Eric: Oh. [laughs] I was like, "The book or the movie?"

Alex: Like two years ago.

Eric: Yeah, you guys were...

Andrew: And when was it that you decided you needed a full band?

Alex: I don't know. I think that The Remus Lupins [laughs] have always wanted to be like a rock band. The music always kind of pushed for that.

Andrew: Oh.

Alex: It didn't really feel acoustic. So it was just a matter of waiting to have the right people around.

Jamie: Alex, I'm sure you get asked this question all the time - and you've told me, I know - but why did you pick "The Remus Lupins" as your name?

Alex: [laughs] I'm sorry that I'm laughing so much. I'll answer in a second, Jamie, because everybody here is like - so many obscenities are being said.

Jamie: [laughs] Oh really?

Alex: Yeah. I'm trying to shield you from them.

Andrew: Tell them this is a serious program.

Jamie: Yeah, Alex, tell them this is a serious program.

Mikey: Wait, wait. Question: Who is still with you right now?

Alex: Okay, I've got to tell them. Hold on. You guys, this is a serious program! [laughs] Matt says, "I thought you were on MuggleCast."

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: Wow.

Alex: We're just hanging out with the kids we - get out of here! With the kids we call "The SoCal Order," who are pretty rad kids.

Andrew: The SoCal Order?

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: You're dorks for calling yourselves "The SoCal Order."

Eric: The kids.

[Alex laughs]

Mikey: Hey, hey.

Alex: [laughs] Mikey came up with it, so...

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: I did not come up with that! It's because I like the song "The Order" from you, that was like a demo that almost died, if I didn't keep...

Alex: It almost died. Mikey saved that song.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: Anyway, so Tasha is here, Matt is here, Molly from is here, Chris, Quinn, just a bunch of people who are just hanging out.

Andrew: Cool. So - more like "The Dork Order." Oh!

Alex: The reason that - "The Dork Order"?

Jamie: Ooh!

Andrew: Yeah, I went there.

Alex: Mikey B, you want to handle that?

Andrew: [laughs] Mikey B is not here.

[Alex and Mikey's audio lags]

Andrew: Okay, we need to drop somebody from the conversation, I'm afraid, because this is not working out right now. Who wants to drop out for fifteen minutes?

Eric: I got to go, guys. I got to go to work.

Andrew: Oh, you do?

Eric: You can drop me. I got to go to work.

Andrew: Okay. See you, Eric!

Alex: Bye, Eric!

Andrew: Okay, that was easy.

Laura: Bye, Eric!

Andrew: Hopefully that helps.

Jamie: Press the button! Press the button! Press the button!

Andrew: I did! Oh.

[Andrew presses the Easy Button]

Jamie: Yeah!

Andrew: Okay, so go ahead, Alex.

Alex: Okay, the reason I chose Remus is because he was one of my favorite characters - [audio lags] and I didn't think the band was going to go anywhere, so I just chose a random character and made it plural, because that's what band names are supposed to be.

Jamie: And Alex...

Alex: Yeah?

Jamie: Going on from that, how annoyed do you really get when people are like, "Alex, I just love your band Remus and the Lupins. It's just so good"?

Alex: Well, it's funny because there is another band, actually, now, called Remus and the Lupins, and they are awesome.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Why would you ever admit to that?

Alex: I'm sorry?

Andrew: [laughs] I said, "Why would you ever admit to that?"

Alex: [laughs] Because if you've heard Remus and the Lupins, you'd know.

Andrew: Really?

Alex: They have a song called "Think of Something Happy" [laughs] and it's absurd.

Andrew: Because...

Alex: You'll hear more about them.

Andrew: If there was another podcast called MuggleCast, and they were better than us, I would never say they were good. [laughs]

Alex: I didn't say that Remus and the Lupins was better than The Remus Lupins.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Alex: See, that's the difference with you guys. Wizard rock is all about love. You podcasters, you're all about...

Andrew: It's all about competition, my friend.

Alex: ...fear and competition.

Andrew: It's just one podcast...

Mikey: Guys..

Andrew: ...after another we have to beat.

[Alex laughs]

Andrew: We always do it, but I mean...

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: So anyway...

Jamie: Alex, going from there, if you could describe wizard rock in one sentence, how would you describe it? Is it about love? Because it is a very special meeting.

Alex: I would describe it as the most awesome thing ever.

[Alex and Andrew laugh]

Alex: It's a scene where you'll go to a show, and everyone will be psyched to be there.

Andrew: Yeah.

Alex: I've been to a lot of concerts. I grew up in LA, so I've definitely spent a lot of time...

Jamie: Yeah.

Alex: ...going to shows and...

Mikey: Yeah!

Alex: ...[laughs] the wizard rock show at Prophecy was one of the best show I've ever been to.

Jamie: Yeah.

Alex: Because everyone really genuinely wanted to be there more than anywhere else in the world, and that's what a lot of wizard rock shows - you guys know, when you're out on tour. It's just like such a happy atmosphere there.

Andrew: Yeah.

Alex: It's an exciting atmosphere.

Andrew: And I have to say, the podcast/wizard rock combination - having both those there to do this combined show really worked out very well.

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: Because the podcast listeners and the wizard rock listeners are the same kind of Harry Potter fans, I guess you could say.

Jamie: They are, yeah.

Alex: Awesome, you mean?

Andrew: Well, awesome, yeah. [laughs] And - you love that word, don't you? [laughs]

Alex: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: And they're - yeah, it's just a great group of people who are dedicated to what they love.

Jamie: Alex, how much do you enjoy live shows? Because I've always thought wizard rock is best live.

Mikey: Oh yeah.

Alex: Absolutely.

Mikey: It is.

Alex: And I think that's because we don't know how to record stuff properly.

[Alex and Andrew laugh]

Alex: It's just funny because all of the - I mean, the wizard rock records are all pretty good, and that's - they're fun to listen to in that way, but there's just something that can't be captured...

Andrew: See...

Alex: ...about the live experience at a wizard rock show. And I think it has a lot to do with the people at the show, that there is an energy that the crowd is putting out unlike anything else.

Andrew: Yeah, this is actually a perfect conversation because we're bad at live shows, you're great at live shows. We're great at recorded shows, you're bad at recorded songs.

[Alex laughs]

Andrew: So I mean, we could team up and maybe do something here.

[Laura laughs]

Alex: Yeah.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Those are quite big generalizations, although pretty accurate, yeah.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: Wow.

Andrew: I'm just going off of what Alex just said!

Alex: If you guys do a podcast or something, maybe I could come on it and...

Jamie: I don't know about you - Alex, I like your recorded stuff and...

Andrew: No, no, [laughs] what I'm saying is we're better recorded, they're better live.

[Alex laughs]

Andrew: They admit to being better live, we admit to being better recorded! [laughs]

Alex: No, I see what you're saying. I see what you're saying.

Andrew: So it works out.

Alex: Yeah, definitely. I think it's just there's this energy there.

Jamie: There is a lot of energy. You can tell, yeah. And you can tell that you get really into it as well, which is...

Alex: I get really into it, actually.

Jamie: No, no, it's good. It's good. That's how it should be, passion.

Mikey: Yeah. Well, my thing is you can tell how much Alex actually gets into it. Has anyone ever tried to give him a hug after the show?

Jamie: Oh!

Mikey: He's all sweaty.

Alex: Mikey, I hate you.

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: I don't try, he comes after me! [laughs]

Mikey: I'm just saying, Alex! I love you, man, but those shows...

Andrew: He's working hard. He's working hard.

Mikey: I love you, buddy.

Alex: The best is - so after a show, people come up to me - we'll be talking to people, and I'm like - I guess I have a reputation now for being a good hugger, so people are like, [in a high-pitched voice] "Can I have a hug?"

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: And I'm like, obviously - I've been playing for an hour and a half.

Andrew: Yeah.

Alex: I've been sweating profusely.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: I'm obviously drenched, and then they give me a hug and they're like, [in a high-pitched voice] "You're all wet!"

[Andrew and Mikey laugh]

Andrew: Really?

Jamie: What you need to do is...

Mikey: In that - wait. Guys, you've got to remember, it's in that voice that they say that.

Alex: Yeah.

Mikey: [in a high-pitched voice] "You're all wet!"

Andrew: Yeah.

Alex: [in a high-pitched voice] "You're all wet!" It's Mickey Mouse every time, actually.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: [imitates Mickey Mouse] "Oh boy! Haha!"

[Alex laughs]

Jamie: Even the boys?

Alex: [laughs] Especially the boys.

Mikey: Yeah, even the boys.

Jamie: [laughs] It's actually the boys, Mikey.

Mikey: [laughs] I know, come on! I'm always there going, "Give me a hug, Alex."

Jamie: Alex, Alex, what you need is like a manager of Axe who just brings a load of them along, and you just spray down right after the show.

Alex: We were considering getting sponsored by apple juice, but if...

[Andrew and Jamie laugh]

Andrew: Apple juice?

Mikey: [laughs] Not a brand in general, just apple juice itself.

Alex: [laughs] The contest of apple juice, actually.

Andrew: You guys love apple juice, don't you, on tour?

Alex: I don't know, we used to. We thought it was going to be a bigger deal on this tour. We had apple juice like twice.

Andrew: Really? I remember Brandon or somebody buying apple juice. I was like, "Dude, do you like apple juice?" He's like, "Yeah." I'm like, "I do, too!"

Alex: People brought it to us, it was pretty cool.

Andrew: Oh. [laughs] People bring us pickles and boxes of Lucky Charms.

Mikey: Remember the pickles that broke in the bag?

Laura: Yeah, I think that we should teach that.

Andrew: Huh?

Mikey: Remember the pickles that broke in the bag and it smelt up the car?

Jamie: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh. Shall we tell that story, real quick?

Mikey: You can tell that story real quick.

Andrew: So we were at Dave & Buster's, everyone's having a good time. Ben goes out to the car...

[Alex laughs]

Andrew: ...takes out this mini suitcase I've had this whole entire tour. And it holds all the Pickle Pack wrist bands, a jar of pickles that a fan gave us, and T-shirts and some other gifts we've received. Ben somehow takes it out and throws it on the ground on the street in the parking lot at Dave & Buster's. So we come out like an hour or two later, and I see it there and there's like stuff coming out of it. It looks like water laying around it.

[Jamie laughs]

Andrew: And as I get closer to it, I can smell pickles. I'm like, "What is this doing just laying here?" I open it up, the pickle jar is smashed open, pickle juice is all over these Pickle Pack wrist bands, the case smells. [laughs] So I like yelled at Ben and then we just left the case there with all the Pickle Pack wrist bands.

Jamie: We should offer them for a higher price, Andrew.

Andrew: I don't have them, they're still laying in the parking lot at Dave & Buster's in Pittsburgh.

Mikey: Did you really leave them there?

Andrew: I left most of them there.

Mikey: Oh yeah, and then the pillow I was using to sleep in the back seat...

Jamie: Oh yeah.

Mikey: ...had pickle juice on it. I was like, "Guys, this stinks really bad. Can we get to where we're going right away?" [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. Thank God that was after the last live show but...

Mikey: Yeah. After Ben had just driven into a big old thing and broke the light on the car.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah. The car was in great condition then.

Jamie: Alex, give us a few details of your tour, because I thought we'd been touring quite a while but you had been touring all summer, haven't you? How have you found it?

Alex: Yeah, it was pretty crazy. I mean, we're home now and we're sort of adjusting to life in the real world again.

[Alex and Andrew laugh]

Alex: Which is really weird.

Jamie: It's sad, I guess.

Alex: It's kind of sad but we made a lot of really good friends, and just like everybody we're trying to keep in contact with...

Jamie: Yeah.

Alex: ...this summer and kind of keep it alive.

Mikey: Hey...

Alex: But tour was just so crazy. [laughs] I don't even know how to put it.

Jamie: Yeah.

Alex: [laughs] We lived in a van for two months, which is out of control.

Mikey: Hey, Alex?

Alex: Yeah?

Mikey: MuggleDog in the chat-room says:

"Alex Carpenter is so dreamy!"

Andrew: Ahhh!

Mikey: I just thought I'd let you know that.

Alex: Let me say really quickly, I appreciate that you guys are all really goofy and Jamie is like a hard-nosed journalist over here. I think it's very funny.

Jamie: Yeah, I know! I'm trying to act the big part and everyone is like...

Alex: Jamie...

Mikey: But guys, isn't Alex dreamy? Alex is dreamy though, right?

Alex: That's not hard journalism.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Alex: What I wanted to say was I was hanging out...

Jamie: So, Alex, do tell me...

Alex: [laughs] About the dreaminess.

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: Sorry Alex, I was picking a little.

Alex: [laughs] I was hanging out in the chat-room before I came on and let me tell you, Jamie, the people in there like you a lot, my friend.

Jamie: Awww, isn't that nice?

Alex: They are fans of the Jamie Lawrence.

Jamie: I have noticed that they're telling me to sing, however. I think I'd rather - and then insert something very, very bad here because singing just does not happen on live shows. Singing just doesn't happen, really.

Mikey: Except in the twelfth hour, right?

Jamie: Except in the twelfth hour when we're delirious from tiredness.

Mikey: So everybody, keep listening and maybe you'll hear him sing.

Alex: I'm so excited for that. I'm excited for the end of this show.

Andrew: Me too.

Alex: How you guys are just not even speaking English anymore.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: I'm staying away from the journalism thing.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: Will you one day dedicate a version of "The Weasleys Are Such An Inspiration To Me" to me?

[Everyone laughs]

Mikey: [singing] "Jamie Lawrence..."

Alex: From now on - here, I'm announcing it, okay? To however many people are listening, from now on, from hence forth, all times that The Remus Lupins play "The Weasleys" are dedicated to Jamie Lawrence.

Jamie: Oh, Alex, I love you. I love you.

[Andrew laughs]

Jamie: That's my favorite Remus Lupins song. Awww, I love that song.

Andrew: 841 people just heard that, so...

Alex: You're the witnesses.

Andrew: Yup.

Jamie: Yeah. Are the Weasleys a huge inspiration?

Alex: I changed it. Yeah, absolutely. I love the Weasleys. I think they're an excellent sort of...

Mikey: Are they an inspiration to you?

Alex: They are an inspiration.

Mikey: Okay.

Alex: They inspire me to do better.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: But I changed the lyrics in that song for you guys at the tour.

Andrew: You did? Really?

Alex: Yeah. The lyrics used to be "And think about Molly because she does this," but now it's "Give it up for Molly."

Andrew: Oh yeah!

Jamie: [laughs] Yeah!

Mikey: I remember hearing that and I started laughing about it.

Alex: Yeah.

Mikey: I totally forgot.

Andrew: When I was at your show after the tour in New York City - where was that?

Alex: Yeah.

Andrew: That little bar place? You're sitting there, and you looked at me when you said it. I was like, "Wait a second, did he change the lyrics just for us, or have they always been like that?" [laughs]

Alex: Yeah, I changed it.

Andrew: That's awesome, that's awesome. That's very cool. Well yeah, your shows are a lot of fun to be at, and I...

Jamie: We had an awesome time during it. Absolutely the best eight days of our lives.

Andrew: Yeah. Mhm.

Jamie: I speak for myself, but I'm sure everyone agrees.

Andrew: I agree. And...

Jamie: Apart from Sonic. That is the stupidest fast food place I've ever been to in my life.

Andrew: Sonic is a fantastic restaurant.

Jamie: No, it's not. It's...

Laura: Why do you say that, Jamie? What's wrong with Sonic?

Jamie: I'll tell you why I say that, because [laughs] there's a door that you can walk into where everyone's working...

[Mikey laughs]

Andrew: That's called a kitchen.

Jamie: ...and instead of walking in and being normal and ordering there, you have to speak into a wall, which is just pointless.

Mikey: [laughs] Yeah, but Jamie, Jamie, I think the only reason you were upset with them was because you had to go to the bathroom and they wouldn't let you in the back to see if they had one.

Jamie: Well, that is annoying, yes, but the point - yeah, but apart from that, you do have to speak into something that is just - and then they walk out and give it to you. You might as well walk in. Anyway, I'm sure they make like a billion pounds per year, so I'm not one to talk.

Andrew: I don't know about pounds...

Laura: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: ...because I don't think they're in the UK, but... [laughs]

Jamie: But Andrew, I can convert it and make it up to pounds.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. Oh man. You want to - I guess we'll take a couple of callers now if anyone has any questions for Alex, or we'll just talk about Harry Potter in general or whatever. Is that okay?

Alex: Yeah, Harry Potter.

Mikey: Are there any other...

Andrew: Yeah, we'll talk about Harry Potter for once.

Mikey: Are there any wizard rockers on that we can give a call to?

Andrew: Yeah, yeah. Have any, Mikey? Or Alex?

Mikey: I'm looking to see if anyone's on. I don't see anyone from The Parselmouths, and I don't see...

Alex: It's early.

Mikey: Yeah.

Alex: It's early for wizard rockers.

[Andrew laughs]

Alex: It's Saturday, you guys.

Andrew: But this is wizard rock hour on MuggleCast. Oh, and you guys all sleep in until like 8:00 PM?

Alex: Yes.

[Andrew laughs]

Mikey: That's what wizard rockers - oh actually, speaking of wizard rock, some of the Mikey B songs and things are coming in. I've gotten a couple. And one of them made me really laugh already, so...

Listener Calls: J.K. Rowling's NYC Reading

Andrew: We have a caller now. Chloe. Hey, Chloe.

Caller: Hi!

Andrew: Chloe, are you mad at me because you didn't win the listener challenge?

[Jamie laughs]

Caller: Not really.

Alex: You should have won that.

Caller: [laughs] I was hoping I would.

Andrew: Sorry. See, I did all the judging last week, because I thought I told everyone just a week, but...

Caller: Oh.

Andrew: Alex, did you see her video?

Alex: [laughs] No, but Facebook told me a lot was going on with it.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly. Yup.

[Alex and Andrew laugh]

Andrew: So anyway, what's going on? Here, let me make it up to you. What can I do for you, Chloe?

Caller: Okay. Well, I have like three things that I've been waiting to say to all you guys.

Andrew: Okay.

Caller: I'm sure I'll stir something up.

Andrew: Okay. Ooh. Uh-oh.

Laura: Uh-oh.

Caller: [laughs] No, it's all good. It's all good.

Andrew: This is going to be like that video.

Caller: [laughs] Oh no, I promise. That video was all good. It was just my love for MuggleCast.

Andrew: That's what they all say when they talk to us face-to-face.

[Caller laughs]

Andrew: Now, let's hear your...

Caller: All right, so first, my boyfriend - his school got chosen for the J.K. Rowling signing.

Andrew: Oh, no way!

Laura: Oh my gosh. He's so lucky!

Caller: I was so upset. [laughs] Yeah, he was bragging all over the place.

Andrew: I bet. Where's this school? What school is it?

Caller: Eagle Rock High School. It's in California.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Alex: Eagle Rock?

Caller: Yeah.

Mikey: Give it up! Eagle Rock, California. Woo woo! California! Sorry, I'm done.

Caller: Yeah, he's going with his best friend.

Andrew: Oh, he's actually going to it? Oh awesome.

Caller: Oh yeah, he got picked.

Andrew: [laughs] Oh wow!

Alex: Whoa.

Caller: Yeah. I was - well, apparently they did a weird picking system.

Andrew: Yeah, they've been doing it differently for every school, I think.

Caller: Yeah, so it was sort of like they just questioned everybody and if you got them all right you got chosen.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Mikey: You had to answer questions.

Caller: But it was really hard questions and stuff. I mean, one of the ones he told me they asked were like, "When does Ron come back in DH?" What page and stuff.

Andrew: Oh okay.

Laura: What page?

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