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Spy on Spartz

Andrew: Now moving along, let's get to our weekly segments that we bring to you all the time here on MuggleCast.

Kevin: Every week.

Andrew: Every week. You could say that.

Kevin: Hence weekly.

Andrew: No "Spy on Spartz"... No excuse me, no Jamie's "British Joke of the Day" this week because Jamie is not here. The reason he hasn't been on recent episodes is because he is off at school once again.

Kevin: He's very ill, very ill. No... [Laughs]

Andrew: He's got schoolacitis. Hahaha.

Laura: Yep.

Kevin: Yeah. He actually has to do some work.

Andrew: Yeah. I haven't seen him around much, but he has a hard time flying out here when he's back in school, so we'll get him back on. Next week maybe. I don't know. He really likes doing it though.

Kevin: He does.

Andrew: And then also "Spy on Spartz." A disappointing loss last week for Notre Dame and for that exact reason, Emerson is in a bad mood today.

Laura: Yeah. I'm just...

Andrew: Did anyone see the game? Well, it was really disappointing.

Micah: Yeah.

Laura: I'm not even going to bother IMing him. I'm just going to leave him alone.

Andrew: Go Irish! Yay!

[Micah and Laura laugh]

Laura: I don't want to die today.

Andrew: So that pretty much sums up "Spy on Spartz."

Andrew's Listener Challenge

Andrew: Now for "Andrew's Listener Challenge." Last week, we asked you, "Where should Ben and I podcast from up in New York City?" We're going to be there and we're going to be podcasting from as many places as we can by setting new standards and records in podcasting. Let me just go through a couple of the submissions that were sent in right now. Many people, among them Drew, Tim, Danielle, and Hannah all said we should do it from the top of the Empire State Building, which we will be doing because we are allowed to bring up recording devices. It's only $13.50 to get up there. So, we are going to be doing that. The middle of the Times Square - that was sent in by a couple of people. This one I really like, we should look into this - Melissa Anelli's Family Mob Meeting. That was sent in by Sam.

[All laugh]

Andrew: I'd really like to report from there. Then also Carrie suggested we show up at the "Today Show." Victoria said we should go from Macy's or New York University. Greg said we should podcast from Trump Tower or Yankee Stadium. I am a big fan of Trump and I know Trump Tower is open to the public.

Eric: I've been to Trump Tower.

Andrew: Yeah. It's nice.

Eric: Yeah. Trump Tower is awesome.

Andrew: So, we will probably go in there.

Eric: They have those science exhibits.

Andrew: Interview The Donald. Just run up the stairs. Avoid all security. The Ferris Wheel in Toys 'R Us or a taxi or maybe the Hans Christian Anderson Statue in Central Park. That was sent in by Hannah. The N.H.S. Band e-mailed us and it is a group of kids, so I have to put them in there. They suggested KFC, New York Metro System, Lewison Stadium, Statue of Liberty (of course), Radio City, and Central Park. They would also like to thank Mr. Nicols, their band teacher, for letting them use his laptop early in the morning. That is from Casey, Joe, BeatBox, Cube, Sam, Candace, Stephanie, and Lacie. [Laughs]

Laura: Thank you, Mr. Nicols.

Andrew: Some sweet names.

Laura: That was very nice of you.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: You share because you care. You can keep sending in your ideas to challenge at staff dot mugglenet dot com, and then we also have my Remix Challenge, which was fulfilled with three or four. We are going to air one or two of those at the end of the show and then we will air more next week. So, basically a remix to make me dance that we can stick in at the end of the show. You can still continue to create them yourselves with using quotes from our show and hot dance beats by making them with whatever audio editing program you have and then sending those in to challenge at staff dot mugglenet dot com. And then also Ben's request was to draw a picture of me and him podcasting from a bathroom in Barnes & Noble. And, I am sorry to say...

Eric: I got ten of those a day.

Andrew: ...that there were three or four people who did send those in. And, I will be posting those up with a link in the show notes.

Kevin: Well, if we do get a wireless microphone, we could just walk in there during the main podcast.

Andrew: Eh, no thank you!

Kevin: Interview some people.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Yeah...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: So, you can check all those out in the show notes. There's a link there. And then this week's challenge - are you ready for this? I'm giving you a week ahead. It's not a hard challenge. I think most people can fulfill it. Halloween is right around the corner, so you can either (this is my challenge to you, the listener), you can either dress up as one of us... [Laughs]

Laura: Oh cool!

Eric: Oh God!

Kevin: Oh geez!

Andrew: ...or...Laura you want do it? Or dress... Laura, you want to dress up as Laura?

[All laugh]

Laura: No.

Andrew: I'm going to dress up as Andrew.

[All laugh]

Laura: I'm going to dress up as Eric.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: Or you can dress up as a Harry Potter character and then send those, send your pictures in to challenge at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Now of course, you don't have to send them in until Halloween or afterwards. No big rush, but we would like to see what people come up with.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: If you dress up as one of us, I'll...and take a picture of it...

Kevin: How do you...

Andrew: I'm sorry that I ruined your entire Halloween.

Eric: Oh God!

[All laugh]

Andrew: Because nobody is going to know who you are.

Eric: It's like a look-a-like contest, but with us. So...

Andrew: Right. So, that is it for the challenge this week.

Kevin: This is going to be bad.

Andrew: Tune in next week for another exciting edition of "Andrew's Listener Challenge."

Eric: Wow!

Andrew: "Spy on Spartz," possibly Jamie's "British Joke of the Day."

Kevin: Hopefully.

Andrew: And maybe more.

Eric: We're going to have a whole army of Bens marching down the street on Halloween.

[All laugh]

Laura: Oh man. That would... Talk about scary.

Andrew: Now, let's move on... Yeah. Now, let's move on to our final segment, which is...

Eric: Voicemails!

Andrew: What else? The voicemails. Yeah!

[Eric makes noise]

Andrew: Let's take this first!

Voicemail - Dumbledore's Fear

[Audio]: Hi! I'm Zina, a 41-year old MuggleCast fan! I have a question about the chapter called "The Cave" in Half-Blood Prince. What do you think that Dumbledore is seeing when he's drinking the potion to get to the Horcrux? It seems like he is seeing something or reliving something. He says things like, "It's all my fault," and "I know I did wrong," and "Don't hurt them, hurt me instead," and finally, "No, not that. I'll do anything. I want to die." Do you think he is seeing his students being harmed? Was that Dumbledore's greatest fear?

Andrew: Oh! Good question.

Kevin: It is a good question.

Laura: That is.

Kevin: What did Dumbledore fear?

Andrew: What could Dumbledore fear?

Laura: Yeah. That's... Wow!

Kevin: I think she was right on with her guess. I think that his fear would be either him somehow helping Voldemort or him putting his students in harm's way.

Laura: Yeah. I think the Voldemort suggestion is more likely because, maybe I am wrong, but I seem to remember him saying, "Let me die. Let it end." And I don't think if his students were in harm's way he'd want to die. He would want to help them.

Kevin: Yeah. That's true.

Eric: He'd want to defend them. Right.

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: That's a very good question.

Laura: Yeah. I am stuck.

[All laugh]

Eric: What would Dumbledore fear? I guess it's because she wouldn't tell us... Remember in Book 1 when Harry asked him what he sees when he looks in the Mirror of Erised? And he wouldn't answer and he said, "Socks."

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: And he didn't know if that was true. I think it goes hand-in-hand with that. I still think there is something, a part of Dumbledore that has to be revealed even after Book 6 as far as did he ever... I mean whenever Harry asked him about Snape, he was dead serious. Like dead certain. If there was one thing that Dumbledore was sure of it was that Snape was loyal, but you really wonder if he ever did question that. Among himself, if he just didn't share it with Harry. But, you wonder if he questioned loyalty and I wonder if that might be what he is fearing - so many people not being loyal to him or something, more people on the bad side than the good.

Kevin: Well, I don't think that he'd fear that. I mean, either way, he'd be fighting Voldemort. You know? I would think that his worst fear would be giving something to Voldemort that would endanger his cause, like enabling... You know what I mean?

Eric: I know what you mean. Does it have to be Voldemort? Could it just be hate in general, like bad...

Kevin: Well, I think that it would be specifically Voldemort because that is one of Dumbledore's purposes. He has always been the one to fight Voldemort.

Andrew: Could Dumbledore have made a mistake that the juice brought him back to? That, that is his fear?

Kevin: It's possible.

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: And if you read what was written, some of the quotes were pretty intense, you would think he was reliving one of his worst times.

Eric: They were intense. What if he had something else to do with the prophecy? We've seen what Snape did when he heard the prophecy and we've obviously seen what Voldemort did when he heard the prophecy, but Dumbledore was the one that the prophecy was told to, so what exactly did he do about that? We're told...

Kevin: I'm sure he didn't scream though.

[Kevin and Laura laugh]

Eric: No, but in Book 6 he tells us there was like a year or a year-and-a-half... If Harry was a year old and it said "and the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord does approach and will be born in July," that means there was like a year-and-a-half before the night actually happened. So, what did Dumbledore do with that knowledge? He had plenty of time to stop Snape from doing anything. So, I am wondering if he had anything to do with the night of Harry's parents' murder or something like that, that he holds himself responsible for.

Kevin: Yeah, but at the same time, it was a prophecy and he said that not all prophecies have to come true.

Laura: Yeah. It's only if they want them to.

Kevin: But, at the same time there's only so much you can do to prevent.

Laura: I think it's...

Eric: And the more you do try and prevent, the more...

Kevin: I don't think that Dumbledore is the type of person to blame himself for that.

Eric: Hmmm.

Laura: I think it is not really an "if" situation with that, I think it was just "when."

Kevin: Exactly.

Laura: They said, "as the seventh month dies." Well, that could be the seventh month of any year. So, I mean...

Kevin: Well, and not to mention, is that prophecy necessarily a bad prophecy?

Laura: No.

Kevin: It's a very good prophecy. In terms of somebody who has been fighting a war with a wizard that has not been able to have been destroyed, you get this prophecy saying that somebody is going to come along, a baby, an infant that is going to be able to destroy Voldemort. Is that necessarily a bad prophecy?

Eric: No, it's not.

Kevin: Dumbledore, at the time, had no idea of the cost of that. He had no idea that the Potters would die in that carrying out.

Eric: True.

Kevin: So, I don't think that he would be fearful of that or regretful of that in any way. He did everything he could.

Eric: Well, that is a good point, but remember they...

Kevin: I think it would be something along the lines of him and Tom Riddle, where something he did had an effect or put something in Tom Riddle's mind. Sort of like the mention of Horcruxes and stuff.

Eric: Something like Slughorn and the mention of Horcruxes.

Kevin: Exactly.

Eric: Yeah. My intrigue with that though was the fact that Dumbledore was going to be the Secret-Keeper, but then James said, "No, Dumbledore. Let Sirius do it." And then eventually they changed to Pettigrew. That was what I was trying to get at just because it is an interesting point that Dumbledore could have had an even more important kind of responsibility as far as directly with the Potters hiding towards the time of their death.

Kevin: One thing...

Eric: I don't think he regrets that. I think you're right, Kevin, but I don't know if he had anything else to do.

Kevin: Another thing I was thinking is remember in the end of, I think it was Book 5 when he said that he had failed Harry because he hadn't told him the truth and stuff like that?

Eric: Yeah.

Kevin: Is it possible that he, that was one of his worst moments where he realized that what he was doing was leaving Harry out and it was not the correct thing to do? You know?

Eric: It was the complete opposite. I like that.

Kevin: So, that's possible as well. Okay, so I think we killed that question.

Andrew: Possibilities.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: We talked about that as much as we did Draco.

Kevin: I know.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Next voicemail. Quick!

[All laugh]

Andrew: Practically.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Next voicemail.

Voicemail - House-Elf Loyalty

[Audio]: Hey guys! My name is Jia and I am listening from Jersey. I wanted to say that your show is awesome and that I got loads of my friends to start listening to you too. My question was about house-elves. I forgot where, but I remember it said in one of the books that house-elves have very powerful and unique magical powers and then in Half-Blood Prince, it says that "If Harry ever needed help, Kreacher would have to save him." So, I was wondering if house-elves have such powerful magic, what kept them from using it against their own owners? I'm guessing there is some sort of magical contract, but I wanted to hear what you guys thought. Again, I love your show!

Laura: I think it is a lifestyle that is all they have ever known and when people, or creatures in this case, are denied a certain knowledge, they are not really going to know that they have that choice really.

Andrew: Isn't it like...

Kevin: A matter of honor. I was...

Andrew: Right. Once the house-elf becomes connected to a wizard, don't... What could happen if they ran away? Or was that already explained?

Eric: They are really compelled to do it is the thing. I think they have, I mean it is more than just loyalty. I think and we've seen when Hermione I believe in Book 4 with S.P.E.W. tries to tell the house-elves that they have to be free.

Kevin: It's insulting.

Eric: And they have to ask for... It's insulting. If they were violent people, they would flip out on her.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Because it is not just bringing into question what they do because they want, it is bringing into question what they do because they've always done, and I think as a species, house-elves have always been servants of wizards. And I think it's just something that is built in and I think they really couldn't...I mean, we've seen they could disobey, like Dobby had to go see Harry and warn him, but at the same time, I think it is like a contract and kind of like a blood contract, I would say. It has something to do with the actual species.

Kevin: Well, the thing is, is that I think most house-elves enjoy working for their owners.

Andrew: And the reason for that is that they were probably raised to...

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: To enjoy...

Laura: Exactly.

Andrew: Not just enjoy it...

Eric: Except for Kreacher.

Andrew: It doesn't have to be, I don't think they were even raised to enjoy, but they have to do it.

Laura: They don't know any different.

Kevin: Yep.

Andrew: It's their... Right. Right.

Kevin: They've been brought up in that situation and now they feel that it is a matter of honor and dignity to respect your owner and not to harm them in any way.

Eric: And that is really interesting because we are seeing the complete (I don't know what the word I am looking for is), but the complete example is Kreacher because he grew up serving Mrs. Black and the Noble Black Family. And now with Sirius moved in, rather Harry as his owner, he is completely flipping out. He doesn't want to be any part of it.

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: So, I guess we have seen that house-elves probably can't self-annihilate to a point, but Kreacher is really like, he was brought up not even if it was necessarily to enjoy working for the Blacks, he did enjoy working for the Blacks. And now he's completely not enjoying working for Harry or Sirius the blood-traitor. So, they really adopt their owners’ morals too. I think.

Micah: But, it is something Kreacher has to do. He doesn't have a choice.

Eric: Yeah.

Micah: Which kind of goes back to the question.

Eric: Which is another thing.

Micah: So, there has to be something there that forces them to almost be subservient to these people.

Eric: You know what? That's true too. That's interesting.

Laura: Mhm.

Eric: That made me think of the Ministry, actually.

Laura: I'm sure there is some magical contract connected to it, you know? Depending on the family you are born into.

Andrew: And house-elves are house-elves. They are elves.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: They are not human, so they have a completely different mind set on everything in the first place.

Laura: And, in Chamber of Secrets, it was Ron who said that Mrs. Weasley had always wanted one, but they only came with large manors and stuff. Something like that.

Eric: That's interesting. Buy a large manor and you get a free house-elf!

[Laura and Micah laugh]

Laura: Well, I am wondering if it' it not so much the family as it is the house?

Eric: That's cool!

Laura: That's a good question.

Eric: Well, that's... A relation would be...

Andrew: The bigger the house? Or the older the house?

Kevin: I would think the older.

Laura: Yeah, probably.

Eric: No. Remember it does say "The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black." It is the House of Black. So, it is the Black House, but is it also the family? He is also loyal to the family, but there is a big connection between the family and the actual house they live in.

Laura: Yeah.

Micah: Yeah, I think families of power. If you look at all the house-elves, they've all come from houses of power in the magical world. Don't you think?

Laura: Yeah.

Voicemail - Tonks' Patronus

[Audio]: Hi MuggleCast! I have to say I love your show and it's great. I'm Ivy from Sydney in Australia. I read somewhere that Tonks' Patronus turned into a werewolf in the 6th Book. I'm not 100% sure that is was true information. I was wondering what you guys thought about Tonks' Patronus? In the book it just stated that it was a four-legged thing. So, what do you think that the Patronus turned into? Thanks and bye!

Laura: I thought we knew.

Micah: Yeah.

Laura: Isn't it a werewolf? Because of Remus?

Micah: Yeah.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: It's implied as Lupin. I didn't really get that though. I didn't get that whole point of Book 6, to establish...all it did was depress me.

[Micah laughs]

Eric: All the time talking about Tonks and how Harry thought she was upset about Sirius and you know, later found out it was Lupin. I didn't get that. It was depressing. I don't know exactly what we learned besides the fact that Patronuses can change if you know...

Laura: Well, I think it's just the subplot of their romance because I mean, we saw that Remus didn't want to be with her because he thought he was too old.

Eric: Those are the reasons he gave though.

Laura: Yeah, and so I think the war has a lot to do with it. But, girls are very ultra-sensitive and they go all weird. No offense everyone.

Eric: This is Laura Thompson confirming that girls are weird.

Laura: Yeah! I am saying this! [Laughs]

Eric: Girls gone weird!

Laura: I am saying this! [Laughs]

Eric: Wow!

Laura: So, if you want to e-mail me and yell, that's fine.

Eric: We have a girl who will admit it.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Laura, you are awesome.

Laura: They go wacko. It's really, I understood it.

Eric: They go wacko!

Laura: [Laughs] I can't explain it. I understood where she was coming from and why. Just believe me. Trust me on this one.

Eric: So if... Trust you? All right. Okay.

Andrew: So, basically we already knew what it was?

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Kind of. In a... Yeah, we can kind of guess...

Micah: Well, we don't know what it was, we know what it became.

Eric: Yeah, which is an important point, Micah, because as you said, you just read Half-Blood Prince a second time and you said that Snape never said... We heard it from Snape. We weren't introduced to Tonks' Patronus as far as I know before Book 6 and when...and Snape did reference it, but he didn't tell what it was. He just told Tonks, what was it?

Micah: He said that "the new one...

Eric: The new one is weaker?

Micah: Yeah. He said exactly, "the new one looks weak." That he thought she was better off with the old one. But again, we don't know what the old one was.

Laura: Mhm.

Eric: But he didn't say. The question is, what was the old one?

Kevin: No one knows.

Eric: Because aren't they supposed to, aren't the Patronuses supposed to mean, like be who you are? Like Harry is his father and stuff like that. So, for that to change, for Tonks to suddenly be Lupin now or something...

[Everybody makes skeptical, yet agreeable noises]

Eric: I don't know. Next. Next.

[All laugh]

Kevin: Okay, next one.

Andrew: Let's all take a break. Everyone just stretch.

Laura: Let's go take a nap.

Eric: Yawn break.

Kevin: We're almost done, guys.

Eric: Yeah. We're almost done.

Andrew: Everybody take a deep breath now.

[Everyone takes a deep breath]

Laura: Ahhh!

Kevin: Ahhh!

Andrew: 70,000 people on this Earth just all took in oxygen and now we are all out of oxygen.

[All laugh]

Laura: Wow!

Andrew: This world is poisoned with carbon dioxide. We're all dead.

[All laugh]

Eric: That would be an interesting episode of "Twilight Zone."

Kevin: Okay.

Eric: Anyway.

Kevin: Let's stay on topic there, Eric.

Eric: Oh yeah! Sorry, don't want to get off topic. That's never happened.

Laura: Never.

Micah: No comment.

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