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MuggleCast EP12 Transcript


Andrew [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast - Episode 12 for October 24, 2005. Hey everyone! Welcome to the show! I am Andrew Sims!

Kevin: I'm Kevin Steck.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Cristin: And I'm Cristin Atkins.

Andrew: Cristin Atkins - welcome to your first MuggleCast appearance. You're here because you won the "101 Ways to Kill Off Voldemort Contest". You got First Place and our promise was that the First Place Winner would be able to come on to the show. So, welcome!

Cristin: Thank you. I even had to e-mail Eric back because he didn't mention it when I first spoke with him. [Laughs]

Andrew: Oh!

Laura: Awww!

Andrew: Well, he's kind of forgetful like that. The first...

Cristin: I said I would hold him to it because that is what you all said to do.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah especially with Eric. But, before we get to anything else, let's go to Micah with the past week's top stories in the Harry Potter world.


Micah: All right, Andrew. Glad to see you have recovered after what happened at the end of last week's episode.

Imelda Staunton appeared Wednesday on ITV's "This Morning" show and confirmed that she will play the part of Professor Dolores Umbridge in Order of the Phoenix. She has yet to receive a script, but said she will begin work on the film early next year.

Keeping with the movie news, it was reported on Tuesday that from November 18th through the 20th, James and Oliver Phelps (the actors who portray Fred and George Weasley) will be at the Hollywood Boulevard Theatre in Woodridge, Illinois, for a meet and greet. They will be there to sign autographs and speak with fans throughout the day.

And, Collectormania GMEX kicks off in Manchester, England, in February 2006! The line-up promises to be massive, as both the actors who play Cedric Diggory and Viktor Krum will be on hand.

Newsround reports that the fourth Harry Potter movie has been given a 12A rating by the British Board of Film Classification. According to a BBFC spokeswoman: "Examiners decided that the 12A was the most suitable category, as younger or more sensitive viewers could be frightened by some of the more intense scenes." For those of you wondering, 12A would be roughly the same as the PG-13 rating which Goblet of Fire received here in the US.

Of course, there are plenty of movie photos, scans, banners, clips and a new Goblet of Fire TV Spot available for download on MuggleNetís Main Page. And, thanks to Extra!, there is a special behind-the-scenes look and interview with Dan Radcliffe on the upcoming film. Plus, both and the official UK Harry Potter website have been updated.

Finally, we end with Rocco, the Brazilian Harry Potter publisher, who has revealed the title of the sixth book, which translates as "Harry Potter and the Enigma of the Prince". JK Rowling was presented with a number of titles and chose this one herself. The book is due out on November 26th.

Thatís all the news from our News center in New York for this October 23, 2005 edition of MuggleCast. Back to you guys!

Andrew: Thank you, Micah.


Andrew: Is he not there?

Laura: I don't think so.

Kevin: I don't think he is.

Andrew: No? Okay. I don't want...

Laura: I think he's locked up in the Transcript Dungeon this time.

Andrew: I don't want him to surprise me EVER again.

Kevin: Yeah, he had fun with that last transcript.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Yes. Yes, he did.

Meet Contest Winner - Cristin Atkins

Andrew: So, before we move on to anything else, - first, Cristin, would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

Cristin: Sure! I am currently a substitute teacher at Hoffmann Lane Elementary School and I have substituted from Kindergarten all the way up to 8th Grade, and I am fixing to start a short-term position in computers for Kindergarten through 6th Grade. So, I am really excited. [Laughs]

Andrew: That's great! And you are really in to Harry Potter, too?

Cristin: Yes. I first started reading it because I have a younger cousin - he's about eight years younger than me, and he didn't have anybody who would read it with him and he got a game for Christmas. So, I started reading it so that I could play the game with him and I really enjoyed it, and then I went out and got one of those Wizarding World Press books and started reading through it and figured out it is a lot more than just a kid's book. She goes into such detail that you can really read it tons of times and still find something interesting and new.

Andrew: Yeah. That's so true. So, thanks for coming on today and we're sure you'll do a great job.


Andrew: Now, let's move on to a couple of announcements first. You might notice that once again Ben is not with us this week.

Kevin: Yeah.

Laura: Ohhh. I am...

Kevin: What a shame!

Laura: I am so disappointed.

Andrew: So...

Kevin: Yep.

Andrew: Yeah. I guess we... Okay!

Kevin: On to other things.

Andrew: So, he's not here. And then Eric was also going to be here this week, but he had some recording difficulties.

Kevin: He may still join us. He may get in.

Andrew: But no guarantees.

Kevin: Yes.

Andrew: Don't get your hopes up.

Kevin: I also do want to say something. I got an e-mail from someone, Brian, asking us permission to use the podcast in his English class.

Andrew: No!

Kevin: No? I didn't think so.

Andrew: No.

Kevin: I thought it would be... It's unacceptable!

[All laugh]

Cristin: That's so mean. You should do anything for teaching.

Andrew: No way.

Cristin: Come on.

Andrew: Yes! Absolutely! Sure!

Kevin: So Brian...

Andrew: I shouldn't say that in front of a teacher, should I?

[All laugh]

Kevin: No.

Cristin: Trust me. We've heard it all before.

Kevin: So, Brian Carr - yes you have our permission. Have fun. And, Andrew...

Andrew: What grade does he teach?

Kevin: He teaches 8th Grade Language Arts.

Laura: Nice!

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: Oooh!

Kevin: Must be fun.

Andrew: And what is he going to use our thing for?

Kevin: He doesn't say. He sent in a voice clip asking permission, but I wasn't able to open it.

Andrew: Ohhh!

Kevin: Yeah.

Cristin: Maybe illusions. That's real popular.

Kevin: He does have a class website though. He did mention that.

Andrew: Let's not plug it because I don't want it to be crashed.

Kevin: Yeah. I don't want it to kill the school website.

Laura: Yeah.

Kevin: That would be bad.

Andrew: Maybe say it one time really, really fast so only a few people can get it.

Kevin: Oh, I don't think so because they will slow our voices down.

[All laugh]

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: All right.

Andrew: All right. So, that's great! Sure! Anyone can use our podcast, even you, Cristin.

Cristin: Yeah? Well, thank you.

Andrew: Although... Yeah, anytime!

[Cristin laughs]

Andrew: So, moving on, we also have a New York City update.

Kevin: Yes, we do.

Andrew: Actually, no actually, we really don't.

Kevin: Is it official yet?

Andrew: Oh, yes! We do!

Kevin: Is it official yet that we've moved?

Andrew: Here's something official. Kevin bought his train ticket.

Kevin: Yes. I did.

Andrew: Or whatever you bought.

Kevin: I did.

Andrew: So, we know you're going.

Kevin: Yes. At the cost of what, $53.00?

Cristin: Awesome!

Andrew: Cool! Cool!

Kevin: It is not bad at all.

Cristin: Better than gas.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: $53.00?

Kevin: Yeah. It's cheap!

Andrew: I could take a train for $15.00.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. Thanks a lot Andrew! Make me feel better about myself. Mr. New iPod over there.

[All laugh]

Cristin: I could take a plane ticket for like $750.

Kevin: Well, I was trying to get Andrew to buy my plane ticket, but he wouldn't have it.

Cristin: Hmmm.

Kevin: He said flying from Connecticut to New York...

Laura: Yeah. God, Andrew!

Cristin: That's so mean!

Laura: You're so cheap!

Kevin: He is!

Laura: God!

Andrew: No comment. Also here's the real announcement. Nobody cares that you're coming down there. Give me a break.

[All laugh]

Laura: Oh! That was mean. That was mean. Sure they care.

Cristin: Nobody would care if I was coming. They probably would care if you were coming.

Andrew: I'm sorry. Okay. But, I'll say, here's...

Kevin: But, see the thing is, I am bigger than you, Andrew.

[Laura laughs]

Kevin: And I am going to be seeing you live in New York.

Laura: Exactly.

Cristin: Oooh!

Kevin: But, if the fans won't see you after will I see you is the question?

[Laura laughs]

Kevin: So, the real announcement...

Andrew: You talk like I'm afraid.

Kevin: You should be afraid.

Andrew: The real announcement is that Barnes & Noble, the bookstore that will be hosting us while we are up there, originally we were at, whatever bookstore we were at...

Kevin: 22nd Street.

Andrew: Ah, 22nd Street.

Kevin: It was it? Broadway and 22nd then?

Andrew: Broadway and 22nd. Yeah, but however Barnes & Noble contacted us the other day and told us [makes coughing noise] "We're not going to be able to hold everyone." So, therefore...

Kevin: Really?

Andrew: Yes. Therefore...

Kevin: No surprise.

Andrew: We are moving everyone to my house. No. Just kidding.

[All laugh[

Cristin: Nice. Did you tell your Mom?

Andrew: We are moving to a bigger Barnes & Noble. Yeah, we've been moved to a bigger Barnes & Noble at 14th Street in Union Square, still in New York City. A few extra blocks, but that is okay. Everyone is taking a cab anyway. It's going to be at a bigger Barnes & Noble. We're going to be able to hold like double or triple the amount of people and we are really happy about this. You know it is a bad sign when Barnes & Noble calls you and says, "Uh. We have to kick you out and move you into a bigger one of our stores."

Cristin: That's a good sign.

Andrew: Yeah. I guess so.

Kevin: Eric is back. So I am going to invite him in now.

Laura: Cross your fingers everyone.

Andrew: This show was going so well.

Kevin: So well. Okay, Eric?

Eric: Yes.

Kevin: Are you with us?

Eric: I am fine.

Kevin: Great!

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: Yay!

Kevin: We were just telling everyone about how Barnes & Noble had to move us because we had too many people coming.

Eric: No kidding?

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: Ahhh!

Andrew: We kid you not! So...

Eric: Where are we now?

Andrew: Once again... Well, I am glad you asked. Once again our new place is at [makes drum roll] 14 Street in Union Square, New York City. There's going to be lots more room. We are going to able to run our voices through the entire store to annoy all the people who are there for actual work, and it is just going to be a great time! And don't forget, you can always RSVP by e-mailing hp live at gmail dot com. However, that does not guarantee you a spot at the show. It just gives us an idea of how many people are coming.

Kevin: And hopefully with this larger venue, we can actually hold quite a bit more of you.

Andrew: It's going to be able to hold about 300-400 we can hold now.

Eric: Wow!

Andrew: And then there's plenty of standing room too.

Kevin: That's good.

Eric: Neat!

Andrew: Yeah. It is nothing. I talk to 70,000 a week.

Kevin: Yeah, right.

[Eric, Cristin, and Laura laugh]

Andrew: So, moving on - we'd also like to cheaply and shamelessly remind you to vote for us at and rate, review, and tag over at Yahoo! Podcasts.

Kevin: And also we have to remind you to not vote for The Leaky Cauldron.

[Laura and Andrew laugh]

Kevin: You know, their podcast is horrible!

[All laugh]

Kevin: They shouldn't be on the air!

[All laugh]

Kevin: And don't even vote for them. Please!

Cristin: Aren't they going to be with you in New York?

Andrew: The reason Kevin brings this up, the reason Kevin brings this up is because they thought they were all cool, that they could use my voice to promote their show by taking my shameless plea for votes last week and turning it into their own. And, actually I have to admit, I do sound a lot better on PotterCast. My voice is a lot more, just a lot better.

Laura: Hey, now! I feel insulted.

Andrew: So, you...

Eric: You go join PotterCast then, Andrew.

Andrew: I think I will.

Laura: Yeah, fine. Traitor!

Eric: But who will be our editor?

Andrew: Uhhh, Kevin!

Kevin: Yeah, I can do the editing.

Eric: Yeah, okay. Balance editing and college.

Kevin: But, I haven't let Andrew know yet so I don't have to do anything.

Lego Contest Announcement

Andrew: And also, it wouldn't be another MuggleCast if we didn't have another Contest and this one is for all of you Lego fans. You might remember that a few shows ago, I sat down with Joe Fulton of, where we discussed the Harry Potter Lego sets, and now we have a big Contest Announcement. So, take a listen.

All right, we are joined once again by Joe Fulton of He made an appearance on the show a couple of episodes ago where you gave us a sneak peak and very good review about the new Harry Potter Lego Sets.

Joe: That's right. And hello again to everybody in the Harry Potter world. Yeah, we got such a great response from your listeners about the reviews and even about the Lego sets that I was contacted by Lego, who asked, "Can you guys do some kind of giveaway for the Lego Sets for the Goblet of Fire Sets?" So, that is why I am back on the show today.

Andrew: Yeah. So, we have a big Contest Announcement! And, this is good timing because a lot of people lately have been asking for a new contest. So, this works out good. Now, what is the Contest all about, Joe?

Joe: All right. The Contest is the "Harry Potter Lego Custom Contest" brought to you by and Here is what you are going to have to do. We want you to recreate and photograph a scene from Book 6: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince using Legos. And, the most creative person will win two different Lego Sets, "The Graveyard Scene" Set and "The Harry and the Hungarian Horntail" Set.

Andrew: Excellent! Now, we have some rules.

Joe: You're going to be able to see all the information if you go to and look right there in the center under "Feature Articles," and you will see a link to the page. But, here are the rules.

First, you can enter as many entries as you like. We want people to be creative. So, if you have a bunch of different ideas, put them together and send them.

Second, the photo must be a ".jpg" submitted by e-mail to my e-mail address, which is ldp at along with the "Title of the Picture," and "description of the scene," and "your name." Now again, the e-mail address is on that page so you don't have to sit and memorize it, but please send me a little bit of a description of the scene because I may not know exactly what the photograph is supposed to represent.

Third you must use "Lego bricks," "mini-figures," anything from Lego in the design to qualify for entry. So, something of Lego must be present.

Which brings me to Rule No. 4, which is you are allowed to use other items along with that as long as you use something from Lego in the design.

Fifth, the scene must be specifically from Book 6! Don't try and give me a Goblet of Fire Set or even doing from Book 5. It must be from Book 6!

All the entries are due by November 4th! If you don't get them in before that, you cannot be counted. The winner will be announced right on the MuggleNet podcast Episode 15, which debuts November 13th.

Andrew: Which is also our LIVE podcast.

Joe: Yep.

Andrew: So, we'll be doing it in front of the LIVE audience.

Joe: Yep.

Andrew: Maybe you'll be there. Maybe the winner will be there.

Joe: Oh! Hopefully.

Andrew: That would be cool.

Joe: But, it will be, I think it is a great opportunity for creative Harry Potter fans to really give us something great and they can win some great Lego prizes.

Andrew: All right, Joe. So, once again the deadline is November 4th! The winners will be announced the weekend of the Goblet of Fire domestic premiere, which will probably be November 13th. Thanks for joining us, Joe. And, we'll be talking to you again soon.

Joe: Oh, thanks for having me. And, if you have any questions or anything go to and I assume that MuggleNet will also probably have a link to the article as well.

Andrew: Yes, and the e-mail address.

Joe: Yes.

Andrew: So, all you have to do is go to our "Show Notes" page and we'll have the e-mail address there.

Joe: Great! Good luck to everyone!

Spy on Spartz

Andrew: Now, before we do anything else, let's get to our regular segments that really make this show shine each and every week. Taking the world by storm - "Spy on Spartz!" This week, Emerson Spartz was at home.

Kevin: Oh, where is he?

Laura: Woohoo!

Andrew: That's all I have to say because...

[All laugh]

Eric: This section...

Andrew: He is not online. So, tune in next week for another exciting edition of "Spy on Spartz."

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: I have a feeling that they are like getting worse and worse each week.

Eric: They are getting less exciting.

Laura: [Laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: Ooh! Ooh! Here, I have a "Spy on Spartz" clue or a tidbit thing. [whispers] Emerson's, everyone turn up their microphones because I can't say this too loud because I don't want many people to hear it, Emerson Spartz will be doing a podcast soon. There's my phone.

[Andrew's phone rings]

[All laugh]

Laura: And you were lecturing me to turn mine off!

Andrew: Sorry! [Laughs]

Cristin: Yeah! Hurry up! We don't have that much time. Hurry up!

Eric: Andrew! Andrew!

Andrew: No, I do know who that is.

Eric: You're the reason we're lagging man! You and your cell phone.

Andrew: I know. Sorry! Well, I am leaving anyway.

Andrew's Listener Challenge

Andrew: So, for this week's "Andrew's Listener Challenge" I am still going to pose the same challenge to you, which is to dress up as one of us or a Harry Potter character for Halloween. Extra points if you dress up as one of us because anyone can dress up as a Harry Potter character, but if you dress up as one of us, nobody is going to know who you are. So, you really have to have some strength.

Eric: And, that's the fun part.

Laura: Actually, one girl who e-mailed me said that she was going to wear a sign that says, "I am Laura Thompson from MuggleCast!"

[All laugh]

Kevin: Oh geez! That's genius.

Eric: That's easy.

Laura: I thought that was brilliant!

Andrew: Excellent! We have another extended remix for you this week. It's a little bit longer so we will only air one. And, once again, you can send all of your Challenge Entries to challenge at staff dot mugglenet dot com.

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