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MuggleCast 124 Transcript

Show Intro

[Music begins]

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Mason: You're wrong, Andrew. The blogcast economy package is just $4.49 a month for 12 months!

Andrew: That's a deal! And I perfect way to get your own website blog, or podcast started.

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[Intro music begins]

Micah: Because apparently the co-workers are listening, this is MuggleCast Episode 124 for December 18th, 2007.

[Intro music continues to play]

Andrew: This is going to be one of our biggest shows in awhile, I think, because we have a lot to discuss. There are problems with the DVD that leave me infuriated, and Eric's back.

Eric: Hello, people.

Andrew: Eric's leaving for America tomorrow.

Eric: That's right.

Andrew: You excited?

Eric: Yeah, U.S. of A. Can't wait to be home. Drive my car on the left side of the - no the right side of the road. God, which side of the road is it?

Andrew: Uh oh.

Eric: Left side of the car, right side of the road. Yes, indeed.

Andy: Right, right.

Andrew: Yes.

Eric: I have my car waiting for me, prepped in the garage.

Micah: How do you know?

Eric: How do I know?

Micah: You're sure it's still there?

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Why Micah?

Micah: What if your mom decided to sell it?

Eric: You...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Plus, you haven't been there for a year, so...

Eric: Yeah, I know. I'm worried that it won't start up, but...

Andrew: Wow, Eric. Before you get to America, we have a big show.

Eric: Wooo!

Andrew: To - Owww! My god, that blew my ears out.

Eric: Almost popped there. Thank God because...

Andrew: That you did...

Eric: Anti popping procedures, yes.

Andrew: You didn't pop, you just exploded. That sounds dirty. I'm Andrew Sims.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: I'm Matt Britton.

Andy: And I'm Andy McCray.

[Intro music continues to play]

News Discussion: Beedle The Bard

Andrew: You know it's been relatively less than exciting - well actually, I take that back. It's been an exciting news week. There's only been a few stories, but they've been pretty big. A lot of them have focused around Beedle the Bard. Beedle the Bard was put on auction Thursday, December 13th. And the winning bid was placed by none other than for a staggering 3.98 million U.S. which equaled £1,950,000 in England. So it was an unbelievable bid. This far surpassed the bids that were predicted. They were - Sotheby's was predicting somewhere around £50,000 to £100,000, and then this bid by Amazon was just unbelievable. We didn't immediately know that Amazon was the winning bidder. However, they did release a press release later on. And they have plans for this book. What they're going to do is they're going to - they want to take it on tour to let kids read it and check it out. Isn't that a great idea?

Eric: I think it's cool.

Matt: It's awesome.

Andy: I think that's probably the best buyer we could have hoped for.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, definitely. But, I wonder, what is Amazon's business model behind this?

Eric: Good question, Andrew. Because - well, then again, how much money do you think they've made from selling Harry Potter? [laughs]

Andrew: Oh, more than $4 million.

Eric: [laughs] So, it's...

Micah: Well, I wonder are they going to charge? They're taking this thing on tour.

Andrew: No.

Micah: But are they going to charge people to...

Eric: Well...

Micah: Go and see it?

Matt: Well, it may be on display in a museum and you have to pay to get in there.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: Possibly, yeah.

Andrew: But I mean, if Amazon's going to charge people to see this, I think the money's going to go to charity. There's no way they're going to profit off of people reading this. That just wouldn't be right.

Micah: Yeah. That's they other thing. I think for it's a huge PR push for them.

Andy: Exactly.

Micah: They just donated $4 million to the Children's Voice. Which, around the holiday season, you know, looks really good for them.

Andy: I'm sure it's even a dent in their profit anyway.

Andrew: Oh yeah.

Eric: It's still a nice gesture.

Andrew: Jeff [mispronounces]Bezos? Bezos, founder and CEO is quoted as saying:

"Even before establishing her charity, J.K. Rowling had done the world a rare and immeasurably valuable service - enlarging forever our concept of the way books can touch people, and in particular children, in modern times. When we deliver 'Harry Potter', kids are camped out at the post box, and the drivers get hugs."

When I read I sort of interpreted that as this is the way they're thanking J.K. Rowling for the business... [laughs]

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: ...that she's brought Amazon. But it's very nice, it came out of nowhere. Nobody really would have predicted that Amazon would have done this. Would have come from some anonymous buyer that would have kept it for themselves. Here's the Amazon spin on things. They're going to be reviewing each of the five tales in the book, which is a fantastic idea. Very Amazon-like, because they post reviews for all the books that they sell on their website. The bad news for some people is that there - well, people were asking on Amazon's message boards, "Duh, are they going to, uh, reprint this? Because, uh, I want to buy it." No, they don't have the rights to the book and they made that clear. Yeah, we're not going to be seeing this, we're just going to be getting teased by Amazon.

Eric: [laughs] Repeatedly.

Andrew: Yes. And more pictures will be coming from Amazon. So, look forward to reading that - or reading more of the reports.

Announcements: Portus 2008

Andrew: Let's move onto some announcements and then we'll jump right into some DVD discussion, because The Order of the Phoenix DVD came out here in the U.S. We're going to be at Portus 2008, We don't have any new updates yet, but we'll update you as soon as we can. We're going to be at the Potter Podcast Palooza. And there it will be a night of Potter podcast things, hosted by several Harry Potter podcasts, and then one podcast at the end where all the hosts will be gathered and host one panel about Harry Potter podcasting. So we look forward to going to that., go there and register for Potter Palooza and also Portus so you can be there and check us out live.

Eric: It's in Texas, right Andrew?

Andrew: It's in Texas, it's in Dallas, TX. Eric, are you going to come?

Eric: Yep, absolutely.

Andrew: Micah, you're going to come?

Micah: Yep, if I can, you know...

Andrew: Get off work?

Micah: Make it, yeah. [laughs] They actually are much more persistent now in finding out more about this podcast. Apparently this news broke in my office and now more people know that I do this show...

[Matt laughs]

Micah: ...than originally.

Eric: And you're getting business cards, and people come up to you, and they say "Can you sign this, Micah?"

Micah: No, they literally walk down the hall, and they're like, "Ha, ha, what's buggin' Micah?"

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Wow

Matt: That's awesome.

Andrew: That is awesome.

Micah: Which is a segment that hasn't been used in I don't even know how many episodes.

Andrew: So what's buggin' you? Maybe as a prank I could like bring a copy of it and we could play it through the office and everyone could listen to you complain.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: You would be so embarrassed.

Micah: Could also be played at the holiday party.

Andrew: Yeah, there you go. Or Micah's retirement going away party.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: Ah.

Andrew: Ah. Funny.

Eric: Geez.

Announcements: Holiday Show

Andrew: Anyway, moving on to more announcements. We're gearing up for our holiday show, which is going to be next week, and then the week following that will be our New Year's show. They're going to be two really fun episodes, so for the holiday show next week we want everyone to mail in some holiday greetings, maybe some poems and messages related to MuggleCast/Harry Potter. If you've listened to our holiday episodes in the past, you'll know that they're lighthearted and kind of corny, but at the same time just very holiday-ish and full of holiday cheer and mistletoe and stuff. So send in your holiday greetings, poems, any messages you want to relate to fans and listeners to mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com this week. You could also send in songs, if you want to make a song, known in the fandom as filks.

Micah: We're not promising to sing, though.

Andrew: Oh, no, no, no. I wasn't talking about singing, I was talking about we'll play someone's song.

Micah: Okay.

Andrew: I'll sing something.

[Matt laughs]

Micah: Yeah. Go for it.

Andrew: Send a - create a filk for me to sing. Give me like a karaoke track, and I'll sing it. Or if you want someone else to sing it, you know?

Eric: Do you guys remember the "Night Before MuggleCast," or something, where we all did that?

Andrew: Right, yeah, that was nice.

Eric: Yeah, that was absolutely brilliant. I forget who wrote it, but it was really brilliant, and we all did that.

Announcements: iTunes Names MuggleCast 'Best of 2007'

Andrew: Micah, we were honored by iTunes this week, right?

Micah: Yeah, it's kind of cool. They put together a collection of podcasts that are "the Best of 2007," and according to your post here, Andrew, they put us on the list of classic podcasts that are still going strong.

Andrew: We're a classic. We're a podcasting classic. [laughs] I love it.

Micah: You know, it's interesting, because I was thinking about this the other day. We started in the summer of 2005, so going into next year we'll have spanned four years. I know we haven't been around for four years.

Andrew: Wait, you mean three?

Eric: Three, Micah. Eight minus five. Three.

Micah: Well, 2005, '06, '07, 08.

Eric: Oh, yeah. I see what you're saying.

Micah: So, I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were on that. I think it's a pretty cool honor.

Andrew: It's something to be proud of, yeah. I mean, especially, they put us on the front page. I think, what, it looks like maybe twenty podcasts, fifteen to twenty podcasts, in each category are posted on the front page of this list, and then there are like 30 or 40 others that are on a secondary page. When I saw this on iTunes, I clicked the button and I started scrolling down. I was like, "Come on, come on, come on." I was on the phone with Matt, actually, while I was looking at this. I was like, "Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on," and then I saw it, and then Matt, what did I say?

Matt: Yeah, you pretty much blew the speaker out on my phone, too.

Andrew: I was yelling, "F yeah, f yeah!" I was just really excited.

Matt: Yeah, he said some other things too, but that's not really appropriate for the show, is it?

Andrew: It was just exciting. I had an off-air excited moment. Because, you know, it's cool, being called the "Best of 2007" by iTunes. That's a big honor.

Matt: Mhm.

Eric: Yeah, I agree. Yeah.

Andrew: So we thank iTunes for that.

MuggleCast to Change Formats in April 2008

Micah: So Andrew, with being the 'Best of 2007...'

Andrew: Funny we should be honored by iTunes in this way, as even iTunes saying that we're still going strong, which is true. I do completely agree that we're still going strong and will till our very end [coughs] a few months.

[Matt laughs]

Andrew: We have decided after some discussion and long, long emails back and forth to one another and several months of consideration that we are going to come up with a final plan for this show, where we're going to take this show in the next few months. And we have decided that April 6th, tentatively, Episode 140, will be our final regular weekly episode of MuggleCast. Now I know what I'm hearing from listeners. "No!" [cries] We have decided that Episode 140 will be our final episode of MuggleCast. This isn't a joke. We're dead serious about this. We decided that it was time to come up with a plan for the show, where we're going to take it. Because right now, you know, we're doing Chapter-by-Chapter and still going strong, we still have tons of listeners, everyone is still enjoying the show, but we can't just continue to run around in the dark with our hands tied behind our backs. We need a plan. We need to know what we're doing, how long we're going to last.

Eric: Right. It's - yeah.

Andrew: So, Eric do you want to comment on this?

Eric: Yeah. I mean, it's really important to us that you guys know that we know where we're going, and it is important to set a finite date to the show because that way we get to plan around the content and sort of organize everything, and make the last, what do we got, 16 episodes? The last 16 episodes count. So it's counting down.

Andrew: That's scary.

Eric: Yeah, it means only sixteen episodes left.

Andrew: Sixteen feels like nothing at all! [laughs]

Eric: It does feel like nothing Andrew, it does.

Andrew: But this won't be the end of us doing podcasting and hosting podcasts.

Eric: Not at all.

Andrew: We want to do other shows, we're all for that.

Eric: And we will.

Andrew: And we will, yeah. Absolutely. Probably as soon as MuggleCast is over. We want to take you guys, the listeners, over to whatever we do in the future.

Matt: We're taking you to the next level.

Andrew: Exactly.

Eric: And, we will still do MuggleCast, just not weekly.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Things like events, the movie premieres, things like that, if we can still get in, if they still recognize us.

Andrew: Oh absolutely. I mean, listen, MuggleNet is not going anywhere, that's for sure. That's a powerhouse and always will be. MuggleCast is a podcasting powerhouse too. We won't be disappearing, you know, the MuggleCast site will still be online, all the episodes will be available, the feed will still be available. You know, we'll still blog from time to time, and we will do the podcast like Eric was saying, and of course we're still going to be at Portus, doing a fantastic live show there.

Eric: Whoo!

Andrew: We just plan on ending our regular weekly live shows come the first week of April. That should be, if all goes according to schedule, Episode 140. So you're wondering, there's 36 chapters and we've only done 4, the plan after this week's episode, is to do two chapters a week. Then we'll finish with Episode 139, and then Episode 140 will be a goodbye show.

Eric: And that's give or take a few weeks. I mean it's not, you know, finite. But...

Andrew: Yeah it could change, but that's what we're aiming for right now.

Eric: Yeah, yes.

Micah: And I think... Well no I just want people to realize what you were saying before, that this is not necessarily and easy decision, but it was a decision that all of us sort of weighed in on like you were talking about before, via e-mail and instant message. And we just decided that we needed to do this because, you know, we don't want to drag it out and make it into something that it hasn't been. You know, it's been tremendously successful...

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Right.

Micah: People have enjoyed it, and they've stuck with us, and we want to make sure that we're giving you guys something that you continue to enjoy. We don't want to just drag it out for as long as possible.

Eric: It has got to be quality. Setting this date allows us to prevent ramble casts...

Andrew: Exactly.

Eric: ...and things that other podcasts are doing just to stay in there. You know, with this date, we have a finite set of, you know, what we can expect. And, also Andrew, you had said in your e-mail, the quite lovely thing you said in your e-mail was that that way we know that we've given Book 7 enough time if we complete Chapter-by-Chapter with it, we've given Book 7 enough as opposed to ending the show right when it came out, which as you know and as we know, MuggleCast spiked. There were all these new listeners with Book 7, so we want to give those listeners enough discussion about Book 7, because most of our podcast was all, you know, post-Book 6, and leading up to it. So, we wanted to make sure we cover the book and covered pretty much everything like, in the future, on a weekly basis, until the end.

Andrew: Right. And one other thing I want to add to this is that I used to say a long time ago, I'm not sure if I said this publically, I probably did, that we'll keep doing shows until, you know, we have one listener left. But, in hindsight, the truth of the matter is we want to end it, like Micah and Eric were both saying, on a high note. We want to end it when we're up high, when we have tons of listeners, when people still enjoy us. We don't want to end the show because we have nobody listening left, and we're completely out of content. We want to end on a good note so we can look back in 10 years and say, "Oh my god, we did 140 episodes of that show, that's fantastic, we were so successful, I love myself." Not to sound arrogant.

Eric: I think Andrew, though; I think just 150 episodes sounds better personally.

Andrew: We'll get to 150 eventually.

Eric: Because it's an episode for every one of the original Pokémon, you know?

Andrew: Oh that's true, that's a very crucial part of this show.

Eric: Yeah, you know? So...

Andrew: We'll get to do 150 episodes, just not on a weekly basis.

Eric: Yeah, which is fine, which is totally fine.

Andrew: So, that's our plan. Now you guys know what we're doing and where we are going with the show so we will not be wasting your time with each new episode that comes out between now and April because we have a plan. We have a good plan and we are going to stick with it.

Eric: With that said, with that said, let's get some freaking MuggleCasting going on, eh?

Andrew: Yeah, well we are still going to still bring the funny every week, you can guarantee that.

[Eric and Andrew make funny sounds]

Andrew: Funny! Okay, maybe we should end this sooner.

[Matt and Andrew laugh]

Order of the Phoenix DVD Discussion

Eric: DVD discussion. [laughs]

Andrew: [laughs] Yes, let's move on to some DVD discussion.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Order of the Phoenix DVD came out this week in the United States. It's been out in England and Australia for a month now...

Eric: And New Zealand.

Andrew: And New Zealand. Pretty much everywhere else. The U.S. had to wait for once, and it's here, we have it now. And I want to star off by making one complaint and I saw people complaining about this so far. It is a great DVD. It really is, it is my favorite movie watching it again. But, the first 15 minutes of it, and the last half hour of it are pixilated on mine. It is rough, grainy quality. There must have been a compression issue.

Eric: What?

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: What? What?

Andrew: I can not believe it. It is very annoying, it fixes itself about 15 minutes in but about a half-hour before it ends, it starts up again so it must have been a compression problem. I bought this at Wal-Mart and if anyone else has a problem let me know. Email in to andrew at staff dot mugglenet dot com, let me know where you bought it from, that is important too because my theory is that a batch of them went out to say, Wal-Mart and got screwed up so let me know we can go to Warner Brothers and who know, maybe we can be able to get refund copies. We'll see.

Eric: Okay. The U.S. waited how much longer than Australia, New Zealand and the UK to get this DVD.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: And then it has a grainy picture quality?

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Now, on my PAL DVD, I mean the first 15 minutes are rather dark.

Andrew: Really?

Eric: So, things like caption pictures I have been using and stuff, haven't been that clear. You know, that sort of thing because it's so dark, but there has been nothing grainy or pixilated or anything lower quality necessarily. But I am under the impression that NTSC quality is better than PAL anyway from the screen caps that I have done so you guys shouldn't be having any problems.

Andrew: Yeah. Well frame rate-wise it is better, I don't know if the picture quality is actually, literally looks better it is just the frame rate - I don't know. I'm not too sure.

Matt: I don't think it is a large amount of people who have it because if it was, the DVD has been out for about three days now and if there was a large scale of DVDs that were tampered with they would have something on the news or something about it.

Issues For Macs

Andrew: Probably, but I mean I have seen a couple comments on MuggleNet, so I know I am not the only one. So, we'll see what happened with that. Moving along, and a few of us that have a problem with this DVD being that we're on Macs is that a lot of the features you are not able to use. For example, the Half-Blood Prince sneak peek, the Timeline, and the downloadable copy, all of that is only available on Windows, you have to use the Interactual Player, which is crap in and of itself.

Eric: Yeah, I never liked that crap.

Matt: Yeah. Its crap.

Eric: It is crap.

Half-Blood Prince Sneak Peek

Andrew: But, while we are on the topic, did you guys see this new Half-Blood Prince sneak peek? It did go on YouTube and surprisingly WB has not taken it down yet.

Matt: I think it is cool. Yeah.

Andy: I think it is really good because it is a lot more revealing than the last one we saw.

Matt: Yeah, it didn't show more than half of the production in the first ten months...

Eric: Nice. So it shows what they have been doing.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. I mean, to be fair the one that came out a month ago, they probably didn't have that much to film, I mean they have had a lot more to film and just like the UK and Australia copies, this preview you also had to be online. It wasn't on the actual DVD and that is so they have more time to put it together.

Micah: I was just going to say, I know we had talked about on an earlier show, why the DVD waited so long to come out here and I still don't see Half-Blood scenes being a possible reason. I know they are different for the U.S. and I am still not sure why they waited this long for the DVD to come out here.

Eric: Begs the question.

Andrew: Yeah, I know but I mean really it is in the past we don't really have to worry about it now that it is out.

Micah: But we don't want to rehash the old wounds.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Micah: Is that what you are saying?

Andrew: So this new sneak peak has a bunch of interviews with Matthew Lewis, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Dan Radcliffe, David Yates...

Eric: Ralph Fiennes.

Andrew: Ralph Fiennes is in here?

Eric: He was in The Secrets of Harry Potter thing.

Andy: I don't think so.

Andrew: Oh, I wasn't I was talking about...

Micah: He was talking about the...

Eric: Oh do you mean Half-Blood Prince? I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Yeah. Sorry.

Andrew: So far it is a good preview. Oh and then David Yates is in this, as well. Or, sorry, yeah, David Yates.

Eric: Sweet.

DVD Deleted Scenes

Andrew: Moving along, deleted scenes...

Eric: Hmmm. Or additional scenes.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: As they are called.

Andrew: Extended.

Micah: Horrible.

Andrew: Horrible, Micah?

Eric: What?

Micah: Horrible.

Andrew: Why?

Eric: What?

Micah: Other than Trelawney eating, okay?

Eric: Oh, come on. Trelawney eating was dumb.

[Matt laughs]

Matt: I kind of agree there.

Andrew: Trelawney eating...

Micah: Okay.

Andrew: But...

Eric: It was funny, but how would they have spliced that into the film?

Andy: Yeah.

Eric: It was worth seeing.

Micah: Yeah.

Eric: As a scene, it was worth seeing, but they...

Micah: But what else was there? Other than that, there was nothing of any value that was in the deleted scenes.

Matt: Oh, come on!

Micah: Nothing.

Matt: What about when Harry went into Dumbledore's office? That was frigging awesome!

Eric: Exactly, I agree with Matt.

Matt: That was like the epitome of all the flashbacks in the movie.

Eric: Yeah, totally.

Andrew: Yeah, um...

Eric: And all the whirring, whizzing things that they spent so much time building just for that scene.

Andrew: Yeah, now Matt.

Eric: And when it got taken out, and Dumbledore's like, "Harry come in."

Micah: But it was cut short though, too. That's what I thought with a lot of these. There wasn't a little bit more too them where there probably could have been. Like that scene that you are talking about in particular. They didn't have any discussion whatsoever after that point.

Matt: No, I'm not saying the scene was good. No, I thought it was horrible, but I thought the beginning part of it was really nice, just the music and just the tone of everything. You got to see the sword of Gryffindor. You got to see the sorting hat, and then you got to see Dumbledore with - I think Fawkes in the background - but I just, I like it.

Eric: Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

Matt: For some reason, I liked the way Michael Gambon was in that scene. The way he just called to Harry was very sincere and a little bit like Dumbledore, which we don't see much of his character.

Eric: But most of the scenes, some of them were just additional few seconds.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Inter-spliced in between the other ones, such as - yeah, those were interesting.

Andrew: Those weren't as exciting.

Matt: How many were there? There weren't even that many this time.

Eric: I - four or five small ones.

Andrew: You know?

Eric: There was one right after where Ron asks everyone, "Has anyone else got a problem with Harry?" And then he goes up, and it was right after the fight with Seamus and the camera pans over to Neville, and Neville says, "My Gran says it's the 'Prophet' that's rubbish. We cancelled our subscription."

Matt: Why did...

Eric: Why did they cut that?

Matt: I know. The shortest movie, they could have kept twenty seconds in.

Micah: Yeah. I thought that was kind of interesting...

Eric: It wasn't even 20.

Micah: ...that they didn't keep that part in.

Eric: It's just like, hmm, but it was interesting. I am glad they included that for us.

Andy: Also in that scene you see Neville's plant.

[Matt laughs]

Andy: In the other behind the scenes thing they show them making that and it looks like it would have taken so long to make it.

[Matt laughs]

Andy: And then it is just sort of cut.

Andrew: Right.

Andy: You never see it.

Andrew: Yeah. It had it's own remote control. That must have taken a while to build. That poor guy ho built that, when he heard that it must have got cut, he must have been so mad.

Eric: Are you kidding? If he built it, he got to take it home with him and he plays with it.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Well, that's true.

[Eric laughs]

Eric: He could build another one and just...

Micah: I was kind of happy too that they left out the scene with Crabbe and Goyle beating up...

Eric: The kid!

Micah: of the kids, because that...

Eric: Because Filch had, yeah.

Micah: had no place. She never really did that in the book.

Matt: It didn't make sense!

Eric: Right.

Micah: She would have to be that mean of a person to kind of let that stuff go on.

Eric: It does. Oh, that reminded me. What about the scene where Umbridge comes out of the Great Hall smoking?

Micah: That was funny.

[Matt laughs]

Eric: And her hair is smoking, and Filch leans in everso slightly and blows the smoke. [laughs]. It was all right. I wonder what David Bradley does on the set though, because obviously he's got - I mean we have seen Natalie Tena's makeup process and stuff, and they still dress up David Bradley. He has done this five times. He has these wonderful quirky scenes where he is dancing with his cat and stuff, and you know he must have a ball on the set.

Andrew: But at the same time I think he is one of the characters that gets cut the most.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: He does funny stuff in the movies, but it just ends up getting cut, because his character does nothing in the movies to advance the plot except for in Chamber of Secrets.

Eric: Right.

Andrew: So why not cut his stuff. I don't know if David Bradley cares. I know he was quoted in the interview saying that his grand kids or his kids wanted him to do the role.

Eric: Are just happy to see him.

Andrew: Right.

Matt: Well, his character in the book, doesn't do much for the plot anyway either.

Andrew: Well that is what I am saying.

Eric: That's true. What does Filch do in Book 7? I mean, we don't know.

Andrew: Yeah. Nothing.

Eric: Do we see him in Book 7?

Andrew: I think we do. You have got to imagine Jo...

Eric: We'll find out.

Andrew: We'll find out when we read it, yeah.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Eric: For the first time!

Trailing Tonks

Andrew: Yeah. Another big feature on the bonus disc was trailing Tonks. Now I have to say that this was funny. This was original. Natalia Tena was perfect for this idea.

Matt: Mhm.

Eric: I agree.

Andrew: And her singing voice! Oh my god!

Eric: Isn't it lovely?

Andrew: I get chills every time I hear it. It's fantastic. Oh my god!

Eric: I know, right?

Andrew: [sighs] So good! So good!

Eric: She needs to do rock. She needs to do Wizard Rock. Absolutely. I'm not...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Well, she's in a band.

Eric: Oh, she is?

Andrew: She's in a band and she's a singer and she also plays - in the band she plays the accordion.

Eric: Oooh.

Andrew: As well as sing.

Andy: Interesting.

Matt: The accordion? Who plays the accordion?

Eric: Weird Al Yanchovic plays the accordion.

Matt: Yeah, and that guy's weird.

Andrew: Dan Federichi of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band plays the accordion, thank you very much.

Eric: That's incredible.

Matt: That was weird that you knew that right off the bat.

Andrew: She's in the band...

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, because, I mean, anyway, she's in the band Nat Jenkin. I think it's just a little, you know, garage band, perhaps, because they don't have a Wikipedia entry so they can't be big.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: We have a Wikipedia entry, so...

Eric: Yeah, but it's a bio of living persons, so it gets maintained very, very, very closely.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: True.

Eric: No jokes. So, yeah, Trailing Tonks was really neat in a way. It didn't - yeah. It was neat.

Matt: Well, it was made by her and her brother, that was it.

Eric: I know. And I think they helped - Warner Brothers had to help with the Marauder's Map thing.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Like putting the Marauder's Map in once it was done. But yeah, basically when the credits roll, you see "Nat, Tina, Nat, Tina, Nat, Tina, Nat's brother, Nat, Tina, Nat, Tina..."

Andrew: Yeah, I thought that was a joke at first, but then I realized, "Oh..."

Eric: But then I'm thinking - did Warner Brothers rip off Nat and Tina because they didn't have enough content for their DVDs? So, they have Nat fooling around on set and they're like, "Oh!" But yeah, I really liked it. I thought it was interesting.

Matt: I really liked the concept of that.

Andrew: Me too.

Matt: It was really fun.

Andrew: And I wonder if she came to Warner Brothers or Warner Brothers went to her or maybe her brother...

Eric: Well, that was where they film it. Oh, do you mean about acquiring the...

Matt: I think it was her...

Andrew: I'm saying just doing that idea in the first place.

Matt: She just seems like the kind of person who would want to just do that on her down time, because she seems really energetic.

Andrew: Yeah, I agree.

Matt: And it just seems like she'd be like, you know, [impersonating Natalia Tena] "I just want to do something...I'm going to get my brother and ask Warner Brothers if I could go behind the scenes and sing for it and plug myself and so I could..."

Eric: And feed food to people.

Matt: That was funny.

Andy: The was funny.

Andrew: That was so funny. That was good.

Eric: The was funny. He was, "More beans. No, no, more than just a few."

Andrew: And that one guy who didn't want it.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Yeah, he was like, "I don't want to get the can out." But what always impresses me about the props departments and things like that, is when they do have props from the previous films that, like, for instance, the Gringott's Vault door, like, they still had that.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: Oh, they keep everything.

Eric: Did you see that?

Andrew: They keep everything. They keep everything.

Eric: I know they do. Well, what doesn't get striked and taken down gets pretty much saved, but they still had that and I thought, well, that would be wonderful for in the seventh...

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: You know, in the seventh movie, you know? Just again. But they have all of that. They have Dobby. Did you see the mark up of Dobby? I thought that was awkward, I didn't think they ever planned on having him in any of the future movies so why would they even...

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Did anybody see the Wizard cereal on the board, where all the...

Andrew: In the... Yeah, yeah.

Eric: Yeah! The graphic design - they have everything! There were candy bar wrappers and everything.

Andrew: That must be a fun job.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: That's got to be fun.

Matt: That's awesome.

Andy: What about when she tries to bounce the prophecy?

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: They were just like, "No." That guy was straight up annoyed. He did not want her there.

Matt: She obviously overstayed her welcome in that room.

Eric: Yeah, totally. The sound guys - she was just quiet around. We didn't really learn about sound editing. But then we have the other features.

Andrew: Well, the thing about that is she didn't actually go into a sound room. She was on the set. That was right...

Eric: Oh, yeah.

Andrew: Those little sound cart, those little sound - mobile sound - you know, whatever you want to call them, that's right off stage.

Eric: So wait.

Andrew: So, they're filming, they have to be quiet.

Eric: Andrew, you told me - did you - when you went on the set visit, did you see that set? Did you see...

Andrew: Yeah, you know, I think...

Eric: Were you with the bicycles?

Andrew: Yeah, well, it's funny. The bicycles are right in the front - well, first of all, that Marauder's Map that they have, that is not how the studio's laid out at all.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: Like, that's completely, that couldn't be further from the truth. I don't know why they set it up that way. But the bikes are right at the entrance of Leavesden, and you know, I didn't even see people riding around on the bikes. I saw golf carts. There's a lot of golf carts going around.

Eric: Oh.

Andrew: Which I guess might be easier because you don't have to actually physically do something. But yeah, that was there, what was the original question? Yeah, that set was the Veil, I think. I think they were right behind the veil.

Eric: Oooh!

Andrew: Because I sort of recognized that area. She didn't cover as much as she probably could've. The Great Hall is awesome.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Going to the prop... Maybe there's got reasons why they didn't go to some areas. The prop area, like we were saying before - you were saying how they keep everything. They keep everything. There's this huge gated area that just has all the props and you feel like you're in a Harry Potter time machine. They have all the...

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: The two Ford Anglias, they got the signs from Diagon Alley, they just have everything, it's unbelievable.

Andy: Cool.

Eric: Cool.

Matt: Oh!

Eric: What about thos - oh, what?

Matt: And we found out what Fang's real name is.

Eric: Yes.

Matt: It's Monkey.

Eric: Monkey.

Micah: Monkey.

Andrew: [laughs] Monkey.

Eric: Well, actually, just Fang from movies three, four, and five.

Matt: I think it was just four and five...

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Wasn't it?

Eric: Well, yeah, she said the past two, so I don't know if she's including five in that.

Andrew: Oh.

Matt: She says she has one more movie and then he'll be retired.

Eric: He'll retire, so if Fang is in movie seven then...

Matt: It's kind of weird, I've never really thought about changing Fangs. I didn't think there were that many dogs that look like that.

Eric: Well, it's just like in Free Willy. Free Willy was a whale that unfortunately passed away, and I think...

Andrew: Oh don't remind me...

Eric: And in Air Bud, Air Bud as well.

Matt: Air Bud.

Eric: They've used so many - well, because they make so many damn sequels.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: You know, the dog would get tired of it. If I were the dog I would refuse.

[Matt laughs]

Matt: Mhm. Juststay in my trailer and never leave.

Eric: I've got 33 of these things, I'm not doing a 34th.

Micah: I was just going to say I don't - in particularl those dogs I don't think have very long life spans, mastiffs. Which I think is the type of dog I think Fang is.

Matt: Yeah. Just the way the eyes droop.

Eric: Well, look at how wrinkled they are. That thing's ready for death.

Micah: No, just because of how large they generally grow...

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: ...they tend to have a lot of...

Matt: Complications.

Micah: Diseases and problems. Yeah.

Eric: It's sad.

Andrew: One other thing from Trailing Tonks that I thought was good was Matt Lewis and Alfred Enoch.

Matt: Alfie.

Eric: Enoch.

Andrew: What?

Matt: I think it's Alfie.

Eric: Alfie Enoch?

Andrew: Oh, I don't know, that's why we have it on the MuggleNet cast page. They were out behind the...

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: The studios.

Andrew: Yeah, but they were right by the Privet Drive.

Matt: Oh really?

Andrew: Did you see the background were the...

Eric: Oh yeah.

Andrew: Were the backs of Privet Drive? They were just sitting there playing cricket, or whatever that crazy U.K. sport is. That was pretty funny. Seeing how they just shoot the breeze and relax.

Eric: And they should be doing homework.

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Because all of them - they all get schooled pretty much on set, or they used to. Yeah, because of all the...

Andrew: I think they just have so much time on their hands it just...

Eric: Certainly. But then I realized that when they were going through this too, and about how many films they made, and this is actually the fifth movie set they've been on, but for periods of three and four months at a time, you know? Like, that's got to be pretty intense, like, doing this, and they've still got two full movies to go.

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