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MuggleCast 132 Transcript (continued)

Snape Sends Them to the Forbidden Forest

Andrew: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. Next thing: Snape sends them to well, like we were just going to say, Snape sends them to Hagrid for a punishment, and it's just to the Forbidden Forest. Originally, when you're first reading this, you don't know what Snape's done. But then of course they do find out. Now Matt, did you think this was a clue for something?

Matt: When I read it, I definitely thought - because I was still on the fence if Snape was good or bad, and I thought since, I mean, since Snape is like the big representation of the Death Eater supposedly in Hogwarts, wouldn't he do something worse than just send them to Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest? I mean, it just seemed like that was kind of a clue to where Snape's loyalty did lie, because he knew that if he sent them to Hagrid they'd be - they wouldn't get a bad punishment.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: They would probably just be over there feeding Buckbeak or something.

Andrew: So, yeah, I do think that's an interesting little thing to note.

Micah: Which surprised me why Ron would get so upset about it, because if anyone knows - being with Hagrid is a safe place to be, even if it is in a place like the Forbidden Forest. That was kind of weird, but, I guess, again, it was the Horcrux around his neck.

Matt: I think it was definitely the Horcrux who blew it out of proportion. And yet also, you know, it is Ron does kind of has a little hesitation with Hagrid and the Forbidden Forest because of Grawp and the spiders.

Andrew: Right, right.

Matt: Yeah, I think it was definitely the Horcrux.

The Sword is a Fake

Andrew: And then another big holy bleep moment was that the goblins revealed that the sword at Hogwarts is a fake! And they were all proud and excited. They were like, "Pshhh, waste of time because it's a fake."

Matt: Yeah, why are they so happy it's a fake? I mean, they don't even know where the original one is.

Andrew: Well, I think they were so happy about it because the goblins think they own the sword. Well, they technically do. So they were happy that theirs - the real one - didn't get stolen. Right?

Matt: I guess. Yeah.

Trio Discovers how to Destroy Horcruxes with the Sword

Andrew: And then the biggest development in this chapter is that they finally figure out how to destroy the Horcruxes with the Gryffindor Sword. This was revealed by Phineas Nigellus. [struggles with pronunciation] Nigellus? Phineas Nigellus?

Matt: Just say Phineas.

Andrew: Phineas. This was revealed by Phineas, of course, in the portrait. And this was a really exciting moment for two out of the three of the trio.

Matt: Yeah. I mean, it described Harry punching - well, what is punching the air? I mean, is it when you do a boxing move, when you start hitting just plain dead air?

Andrew: It's when you go - I wish it was a video-cast right now, you go, "Yeaaah!" You just - like Mario. Like in some of the newer Mario games. He sort of - it's just when you throw your fist up into the air.

Matt: Oh, okay.

Andrew: Just pretend like...

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: ...there's a balloon right above you and you're just dying to hit it. So, you just look up and you punch it.

Matt: Okay.

Andrew: That's what punching the air is, only there is no balloon. Try it. Try it sometime.

Matt: And Hermione also says that not only is it made of Goblin armor, which only gets stronger as it gets beaten down - is that what it says? But also there's Basilisk venom that's pregnated into the metal.

Ron is Worried

Andrew: Yeah. Okay, so, let's see, moving along here. So Harry and Hermione become very excited about this new discovery, because now they know how to destroy the Horcrux, which, let's be honest, it's a big development even if they don't know where the sword is. This is the next step in the puzzle, I guess you would say. Ron, Hermione, and Harry get into a heated argument because Ron is very concerned that something else has happened to his family, because the people in the camp next to their camp were talking about, "Oh, the Weasleys don't need another injury," blah, blah, blah. So Ron - this worries Ron. And, you know, it should. I mean...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: ...any human would be worried that more of his family is hurt. So Ron explodes. Not literary. He just, you know...

[Matt laughs]

Andrew: He metaphorically explodes. And do you think it was right, Matt, for Harry to not be concerned for Ginny, Neville, and Luna, first of all? First let's get to...

Matt: Well, I don't think he wasn't unconcerned or anything. He was relieved more than anything. But he showed more excitement for the fact that they finally got a great piece of information that they've been looking for, that both Ron and Hermione have been - they've been... Shoot!

Andrew: They needed to know.

Matt: Yeah! Well, that they've been waiting for too. I mean...

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: ...they were all - they - I don't know the word. I'm sorry.

Micah: Well, I think you're looking at two completely different types of people. Or maybe - I think Hermione and Harry are a little bit closer in the type of person that they are. Ron is somebody who's probably never been away from home very much.

Matt: That's also what he says! He said that in the book!

Micah: He never has been separated from his family. Yeah.

Matt: He singled Harry and Hermione out because they - what did he say, exactly?

Micah: Well, there was a part in the chapter where he was really eager to know if Harry was seeing anything through Voldemort about his family, which - if you think about it, is kind of stupid, because if he is seeing anything about his family through Voldemort, it's probably not the best thing in the world for the Weasleys. So I think he was just trying to get any piece of information he possibly could. And with his family being in trouble - there was that one point where I forget what he says to Harry, but Harry talks about his parents and the fact that they're dead.

Matt: Yeah. Actually, let me go to that.

Micah: If we could get the exact quote. I don't remember exactly what he said.

Andrew: Oh yeah, right here. On pg. 309 of the U.S. edition, Ron says, "Oh, you're sure, are you? Right then, well, I won't bother myself about them. It's all right for you two, isn't it, with your parents safely out of the way?" This is Ron, and then Harry yells, "My parents are dead!" In italics, Harry bellowed. "And mine could be going the same way!" yelled Ron, which is a good comeback, I think. Score one for Ron. And then Harry goes, "Then GO!...Go back to them, pretend you've got over your spattergroit and Mummy'll be able to feed you up and..." And then they both draw their wands and are about to fight, but then Hermione yells, "Protego!" and, you know, blocks the spells, whatever they were going...

Micah: Yeah, I mean...

Andrew: fire at each other.

Micah: ...that's a pretty ignorant comment on the part of Ron, you know, what he said.

Andrew: That they're "out of the way." Yeah. I mean, I think the point Ron is trying to make is that they don't have to worry about their parents. I mean, whether they're dead or in Australia or not, they don't have to worry about them, so Ron has something else to worry about. He's got this - he has people to worry about that are not with him.

Matt: He does have more to lose in that kind of aspect.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Yeah, but so does Harry, I think, in a way...

Matt: Well Harry has...

Micah: ...because...

Matt: ...a huge weight on his shoulder, but you got to think from Ron's point of - from Ron's perspective.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: He's had a huge family that has been very close, and he is really...

Micah: Yeah, well, maybe they shouldn't be in the Order.

Matt: They are.

Micah: They put themselves in that position.

Andrew: Right, but still...

Micah: In all honesty.

Andrew: But still, you still have family you have to worry about. It doesn't matter, you know, what position they're in, whether they're, you know, whether they're in the Order or they're just not in the Order. It doesn't make a difference. You still have to be protective. It's like the motherly protection we've talked about so many times on this show. Ron's got a family protection.

Matt: And he's feeling...

Micah: Well...

Matt: ...upset because he's been sitting for a few weeks not actually getting anything done in this whole time. You know, he's worrying about what his family is - what's happening to his family right now, does he even have a family anymore? I mean, he doesn't know anything, so he's getting very anxious.

Andrew: Right. So it is justified.

Micah: Yeah. Not in the way that he does it, though. I mean, he's essentially blaming Harry for all this and if you think about it, yes, it is his fault, but Ron also agreed to go and do this. So he's got to realize that he made the conscious decision to go along with Harry, and that he's in this position because he chose to do that, going back to the whole idea of choices. And I think Harry, for as, you know, nasty as the shots that he takes are, you know, saying, "Go back to Mummy," blah, blah, blah, it's true, because that's the type of person that Ron is. And he doesn't realize it until he goes back just how spoiled, in a way, he is.

Matt: Mhm. It also - I mean, I think the locket really just exaggerates and amplifies every emotion that you have, and he may not really be - he may be thinking this, but I don't think it's as blatant as he put it out when he argued with Harry.

Andrew: I don't think so either. Do you guys think that if Ron took the locket off it would have made much of a difference? I really don't think so.

Micah: No, I don't think so either, and...

Matt: No.

Micah: ...I think Harry recognizes that in the chapter too. He says, "No, this is the truth, this is what's been waiting to..."

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: "...come out for a while now."

Matt: But he also - I mean, not to go ahead in the book, but it took a while for it to wear off. I mean, he started to realize - I mean, after Ron left, he started to realize what happened, so...

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: And he realized all the things that he said and that's not really what he was about.

Andrew: Right.

Micah: Well, and I think the end of the chapter is relevant, too, because I'm sure that probably plays a role, and we see it later on with the Horcrux when it materializes more with Harry and Hermione, and the fact that Hermione chose to stay with Harry...

Matt: Mmhm.

Micah: ...instead of coming with Ron.

Matt: Well, she said it too. She goes - she says that, "I chose to stay with Harry, and that's what I'm going to do."

Micah: Yeah. Yep.

Matt: What does she say... "Are you staying or what?" She goes, "Yes. Yes, I'm staying, Ron. We said we'd go with Harry, we said we'd help." And then he goes, "I get it, you choose him." Then there's this love triangle that doesn't really exist.

Andrew: But I thought this was really interesting because during this part you really see Hermione's love for Ron. It's - you can tell that she's losing, what's the best way to put - her love interest, I guess? It's just the way that she left him.

Matt: Yeah. It does show what her feelings are for Ron in respect as her feelings for Harry as a friend.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Because you wouldn't see - I don't think you would have Hermione screaming after Harry if he did that.

Andrew: Right. I agree.

Matt: At least not crying.

Andrew: Mhm.

Matt: Because then she started bawling when she came back in the tent.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: And I looked up the stuff on the sword. I can't find a reason as to why they tried to steal it. So, if somebody knows, e-mail us.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Perhaps, perhaps there was - well, e-mail us if your name begins with one of the letters of the first half of the alphabet. That'll help cut down a lot of e-mails. Seriously, though.

The Rain

Andrew: Okay, the last part we wanted to talk about in this chapter was the rain. The rain in this chapter is so movie-like. The rain begins with a soft pitter-patter. And then the argument slowly starts, then the rain gets heavier, and the argument gets heavier. Then the rain is pouring down, it's raining cats and dogs, and they're arguing like cats and dogs who don't like cats and dogs. And it's just bad and - you know, it's great storytelling but it's also very movie-like with how...

Matt: It's very theatrical.

Andrew: I'm no film major, but I'll tell you what. I've seen enough films to tell you in these movies - yes, very theatrical. The rain will start, you know, it will be cloudy and there's sort of something ominous going on, and then it will start raining, and then something terrible happens. So, very good illustration of what's going on. And I hope it's carried over in the movie.

Matt: I think so. Especially with emotional scenes. And especially with rain. They will put it in. It's just a lot easier, even for the actors. Because if they really can't pull of that argument the rain will help bring out the feeling of the scene.

Andrew: The emotion, yeah.

Quote Quiz

Andrew: All right, so that's it, I think. It's time for Quote Quiz! Quiz...quiz...quiz...quiz...

Matt: Quiz quiz quiz quiz quiz quiz quiz quiz.

Andrew: Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's like a boomerang Quote Quiz. This week's quote is: "Isn't that a Death Eater idea? Why is that there?" Hmmm? That's from my Chapter 16.

Matt: Why is it there? I don't know!

Andrew: [laughs] We'll discuss next week. Next week's chapter is "Godric's Hollow." So, that will bring a tear to my eye. [fake sobs] Wow! Weird!

Least Favorites

Andrew: So, as I mentioned in the beginning of the show, we're going to put a new spin on two segments we've been doing for a while. I'm really excited about this because they get a nice little refresh. The first one is Favorites. We've been doing Favorites for a while now. Gosh, I would say in the 60s. The episodes in the 60s we started the segment, and I could be totally wrong. So, we've always been talking about our most favorite, so this week we're going to play Least Favorites, where we talk about what our least favorite of something was. And this week we're going to talk about an e-mail sent in from Emily, 14, of Arlington, Texas. She actually gave us this idea. She says:

"Hi! I'm a big fan of HP but not a fan of the movies. I was just wondering what you guys' least favorite HP movie is. Thanks. P.S. You guys are doing a great job."

Ummm, who wants to start? What is your least favorite movie? Micah or Matt?

Micah: I'll go first. I want to give a pass to the first two just because they needed to be the way that they were, kind of more light-hearted and childish in a way.

Andrew: Yeah, I agree.

Micah: Because it was about them being introduced to the Wizarding World. Of the other three, I have to say - and Laura would disagree - Prisoner of Azkaban. I was a big fan of the book. And while I know Alfonso did a lot of good things with the movie, the fact that the Marauders were left out and not explained kind of ruined it for me. If you were a non-book reader, you probably had a lot of questions at the end of this movie. As far as who these people were and how Lupin knew any of them - although, it was kind of explained at the end. That would be my answer.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Matt, your least favorite?

Matt: Well, I kind of agree with Micah saying that we should leave the first two - leave them alone...

Andrew: I agree with that too.

Matt: ...even though I really did not like the second movie at all. But I'll let Chris Columbus go with that. I would have to say that my least favorite so far is Movie 5. Only really because it's my favorite book. And I think that happens with a lot of people. Like, their favorite book, they have such high expectations. And they're usually let down with that, especially with the Harry Potter books. Like, every single person I know whose favorite book is usually their least favorite because they left out so many of their favorite moments. And that is no exception to me. I did not like Movie 5 very much because it left out a lot of things that I really wanted to see. And they left in - oh, they just left out so much crap!

Andrew: Yeah. I think this is a hard decision. After listening to you guys, I still don't know. But I think I agree with Matt that Order of the Phoenix - well, I did love it. I really did love Order of the Phoenix. I just think it was biggest letdown in terms of what to expect. With just - the build-up of that film with the trailers. It was my favorite book, too. And I loved it, but at the same time, I didn't like some of the transitions with going through the newspapers. And the flashbacks were just - all the flashbacks were just a real turn-off to me. And the scene at the end with Dumbledore and Voldemort fighting - I was so looking forward to - I was...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: ...really, truly believing that was going to be the most amazing scene in a Harry Potter film thus far. And it was just a letdown.

Matt: Well, they left off so many things in that scene. They left off...

Andrew: Right.

Matt: ...the statues coming to life. They left off Fawkes coming to Dumbledore's aid, which was my favorite part of that entire scene. And [sighs] and they really messed up the whole Harry being - when Voldemort came into Harry, when he was being possessed.

Andrew: Yeah!

Matt: There was nothing like...

Andrew: It was just so different from the books. It's like, ugh! What are you doing?!

Micah: Yeah, and I guess the one that we really haven't touched on at all would be Movie 4. I just thought that with the way they cut it down, they did a good job with Goblet of Fire.

Andrew: They did!

Micah: I mean, Mike Newell did a really good job - we talked about this last week.

Matt: Hindsight, they did, yeah.

Micah: You know, basically the first hundred pages of the book going by in about five minutes.

Andrew: Yes, that was the thing! They did a great job compressing that darn movie down to...

Micah: They did.

Andrew: ...something that covered everything. But it got the job done.

Matt: Mhm. I mean, granted, they took out a few characters, but they knew what characters they really needed to keep. And, yeah, I didn't like Goblet of Fire after I saw it. But then after I saw it a few times, it starts to grow on you. But so far, Order of the Phoenix hasn't grown on me at all.

Andrew: Yeah, same here.

Micah: Yeah, I think in Goblet of Fire, the other thing I would say was, they went a little bit overboard with the whole trying to make sure the audience knew that Moody wasn't really Moody. Just, they dropped way too many hints...

Matt: They did.

Micah: ...throughout the course of the film.

Matt: And they didn't kill Barty Crouch Jr. at the end with the Dementors. So, most of the fans...

Micah: Right.

Matt: ...think that he's still alive. Pretty much.

Andrew: Yeah. Don't get me wrong, I do love Umbridge. Like, I loved her in the book. But...

Matt: Well, she made the movie.

Andrew: Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Without her that - yeah, totally. Did a fantastic acting job. If you have an idea for Least Favorites, maybe we'll try to do Favorites and Least Favorites. But with different subjects each week. To really mix things up. Let us know. Send in some Least Favorites. Try to come up with something creative, since we're talking about our least favorites. It can't be like least favorite soundtrack song because there's so many, you know? You just...

Micah: Or book.

Andrew: Or least favorite book?

Micah: I guess you could.

Andrew: Yeah, there's lots of these we can do. So, send them in. mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Make it easy for us. Put "Least Favorites" in the subject line, please.

Micah: Least favorite character. That's a good one.

Make the Music Connection

Andrew: Yes. The next segment we're going to put a new spin on this week is Make the Connection. But instead, it's going to be Make the Mu-mu-mu-mu-music Connection! Do you like that intro?

Micah: Sure. That's...

Andrew: I'm going to start animating all of our new segments.

Micah: It's different.

Andrew: I'll do it again for all you at home who don't want to rewind. [clears throat] Make the Mu-mu-mu-mu-music - I'll practice it more.

Matt: Why don't you just add a sound clip? You know, a song that has music in it?

Andrew: Because I don't have that sort of technology yet. Well, I do but...

Matt: You're lazy.

Andrew: Actually, no. Well, yeah, it's partially that. But no, I just like having it all set up for live shows.

Matt: You like to hear yourself.

Andrew: I do. Make the Mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-music. Okay, so anyway, what we're going to do - well, I'll explain it to you - this was actually sent in by John Curl, 19, of Mendham, New Jersey. I've actually never heard of that town. But this was his idea. He writes:

"I have a cool idea for a new segment. It came to me when I was listening to the latest episode of MuggleCast during the Make the Connection segment. You basically take any song and either, a) Connect it to 'Harry Potter' in some way, or B) Find the spot in either the movies or books where it could be used as a soundtrack. Like, for example, the song 'Bring Me to Life' by Evanescence would be perfect for the 'Final Battle' in DH. Let me know what you think, Andrew. Love the show, and you are my idol."

Awww, that's sweet. From John Curl. So, I actually just realized I didn't even really prepare any.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: But here, I'll do this. Matt, for the final scene in Order of the Phoenix, where Harry and - we'll focus on Order of the Phoenix today. When Harry - oh, sorry, when Dumbledore and Voldemort are dueling. If you had to pick one song to fill that gap, instead of those cheesy sound effects they had in there, what...

Matt: Hmmm, any song?

Andrew: Any song.

Matt: Ummm, oh okay! How about "The Saints are Coming" by U2 and Green Day.

Andrew: [laughs] Okay. All right. [sings] "The saints are com..." See we might have to set this, this is just the test run this week. But...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Maybe we'll set it up so we come up with music ideas ahead of time, then we can play them or something. I don't know. Okay, and, Micah, we'll stick with Order of the Phoenix. If you had to insert a song in the scene where Umbridge gives Harry his first detention, when he starts writing with the special quill, what song would you add there? When - specifically, when Harry's first discovering what it does - what the quill does to his hand.

Micah: Wow, ummm. Oh. I got a good song. I think I do. How about "An Innocent Man" by Billy Joel?

Andrew: Oh, yeah! That'd be good!

Matt: Oh! Yeah, that's pretty good.

Andrew: Yeah. That's good. Well...

Micah: Thanks, guys.

Andrew: ...if you guys have any ideas for Make the Mu-mu-mu-mu-music Connection, just send them on in to mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com. With "Make the Music Connection" in the subject line. And, like John said in his e-mail, you can either: A) Connect it to Harry Potter in some way, or B) Find a spot in either the movies or books where it can be used as a soundtrack. We'll read them here, or we can quiz each other. So, send them in. Thanks, guys.

Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul

Andrew: Let's wrap up the show today with a Chicken Soup...

Matt: .For the MuggleCast...Soul.

Andrew: Are you mocking me?

Matt: No.

Andrew: All right, Mr. Smarty-Party-Pants, why don't you read it from Kristen, 19, of Penn State University.

Matt: This Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul comes from Kristen, 19, from Penn State University, which is in Pennsylvania. She writes:

"Hey MuggleCasters. First off, I love your podcast. I started listening from the beginning but then stopped over the summer. So now I'm catching up since last year. I just wanted to say that I don't know what I would do without the episodes of MuggleCast. I go to Penn State University, which is quite a big campus, making me walk long way to class every day. It's so awesome to listen to you guys talk about 'Harry Potter' on my walks around campus. You guys totally make my day and I think you're great, so keep up the good work. Oh, and I think Eric lives in Reading, right? Well, I live about an hour and a half away! Well, thanks for being my Chicken Soup for the Penn State Student Soul."

Andrew: Yay! Matt and I thank you, Kristen. The reason I picked this was just because Matt and I were actually at Penn State.

Matt: Oh, that's right!

Andrew: Yeah, it was cool.

Matt: Didn't we see her there?

Andrew: Did we? Hopefully not because that would be awkward if we didn't remember.

Micah: Go visit Eric. He'll love to have you over to his house.

Andrew: Well, funny story.

Matt: Ummm... [laughs]

Andrew: I don't know if Eric wants to announce this to everyone yet, but he's not actually in Reading anymore. So... But, I don't know. He can talk about that if he wants to.

Show Close Announcements

Andrew: I think that just about does it for this week's episode of MuggleCast. I just want to say real quick - got a little book update. Or reading update or whatever. Matt and I actually just both bought Twilight today. We've talked about it on the show a couple times. It's going to be turned into a movie. Three books in the series are out right now and the fourth and final one is due out in August. And we haven't started reading it yet, but I'm actually really excited to read it because all we hear is good things about it. Right, Matt?

Matt: Yeah, sure.

Andrew: So, I don't know, maybe we'll talk about it on a future episode. Apparently it's a nice, easy read, so I'm looking forward to it. I just wanted to say that.

Matt: It does have very nice cover art.

Andrew: What's that?

Matt: It does have very nice cover art.

Andrew: It does. I'm very excited to start reading, so see how that goes. Maybe we'll give it a little review. I think that's about it. One other thing I did that I actually want to say was just a quick thank you to everyone who goes on our MySpace and leaves messages for us. Or even if you e-mail us through mugglecast at staff dot mugglecast dot com, or even through our feedback form - I just want to say thank you for taking the time to write to us. Unfortunately, we can't get back to everyone, we can't reply to everyone. Especially on MySpace. We do read the messages that are posted there, but we don't have the time to write back. Especially - MySpace is so complicated with their - everything that they do. It's kind of hard to get to everyone, but...

Micah: Just to reiterate, we do read the messages.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: So if you think you're going to get away with a comment, we usually respond to those people.

Andrew: When people send something negative - yeah, we do feel tempted to respond. But the funny thing is - and let me just say this real quick - you guys who write into us and complain are - complain, complain, I'm not talking about little, like, "Uhhh, show sucks this week." I'm talking about, "You guys are dead in the water! Why do you continue going on!?" Blah, blah, blah. What's funny about these guys is that they're so scared of getting a reply back, they don't even give us their e-mail address. So, if you're going to write to us and complain, at least have the courage to include your e-mail address so we can write back a nice, adult, serious letter. We're not going to post your e-mail address, but come on. You're so scared of our response? That's not cool. If you're going to voice your concerns, at least give us the opportunity to write back with our side of the story. But at any rate, thank you, everyone [laughs] for writing to us.

[Matt laughs]

Andrew: We do read all your messages, and we thank you very, very much for taking the time to write to us. I just feel bad when people write to us and we don't give them a response. We do read them and we do thank you for taking the time to write to us. So, I think that's it for this week's episode. Love MuggleCast. It was a good one. We hope you enjoyed the new segments and our news discussion, and, of course, Chapter-by-Chapter. We'll be back next week with more hosts, hopefully. Laura actually was supposed to be on this week's episode but then she bailed on us last minute because she had school work. [makes a sound]

Matt: Geez, her priorities are so out of order.

Andrew: I know.

Matt: [with English accent] "She needs to sort out her priorities."

Andrew: Ha-ha-ho!

Matt: Ha-ho! Look at that.

Andrew: I love that scene. That's one of my favorite little quips in the movies.

Contact Information

All right, so this does it for us this week. I'm Andrew Sims.

Micah: You didn't close.

Andrew: Oh, shoot, I almost forgot our contact information!

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: Man, I'm getting so old. Well, there are numerous ways to contact us, of course. We'll give you the information now. We have a P.O. Box down in Georgia. The address for that is:

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[Show music begins]

Andrew: If don't prefer that you can also Skype the username "Mugglecast." No matter how you call us just remember to keep your message under a minute, eliminate as much background noise as possible. Send us a question that you have about the books or series, the movie, the fandom, whatever you want. And we'll address those in the up-coming show, if it's a good question.

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Show Close

Andrew: Thank you, everyone, for listening this week. Once again, I'm Andrew Sims.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: And I'm Matthew Britton.

Andrew: We will see you all next week for Episode 133. Bye-bye!

Micah: Bye!

Matt: Bye!

[Show music ends]


Micah: Uh, no.

Andrew:: Yeah, that was Eric's...

Micah: Laura couldn't manage the words to intro me.

Andrew: Intro you.

Micah: the news center, so I just...

Matt: Oh, yeah!

Micah: ...intro-ed myself.

Matt: That's right.

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: Actually, I heard the uncensored version of the bloopers. That was even funnier.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: Yeah, you got to keep it G-rated.

Andrew: Sometimes it goes uncensored accidentally, too.

Matt: How is it that out of all of the hosts on this show, Laura is the only one that gets to actually slide through all the censored versions. And she's the girl.

Andrew: Because I'm so used to hearing her curse...

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: ...that I don't even pick up the bad words. It's just, "Oh, Laura's just saying another word." Like, you know, like the word "the." It's just - you don't pick up on it.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: So.

[Matt laughs]

Micah: And we can pick on Laura because she's not here this week.

Matt: Right, Laura ditched us today, again.

Andrew: She's going to hate me for that.

Matt: Yeah, this is all Andrew telling us to say this, Laura, too.

Written by: The Transcribers