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MuggleCast 133 Transcript

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Micah: Because Laura may be walking the plank, this is MuggleCast Episode 133 for February 23rd, 2008.

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Andrew: So last week we got a few complaints that we only had three people on the show, and nobody is appreciative anymore of the hard effort we put into MuggleCast these days anymore. So, we said, "You know what? Okay. All right, you listeners are cranky, you're bugging, you want more." This week, we've got six people on the show, and a new host.

Laura: Ooo.

Elysa: Hello.

Andrew: I would like to welcome on behalf of everyone, Elysa Montfort to the show. Round of applause.

Elysa: Hey, guys!

Laura: Yay!

Andrew: Now Elysa has connections to MuggleNet. You...

Matt: She's a girl.

Andrew: What do you do, Elysa?

Elysa: I'm [laughs] True that.

Andrew: She's a girl, too. Imagine that, yeah.

Elysa: I'm one of the Head Moderators for MuggleNet Fan Fiction.

Andrew: Sweet. MuggleNet Fan Fiction has been around for what?

Elysa: Oh God. Three and a half years. Yeah.

Andrew: Wow.

Elysa: It began in October, 2004.

Andrew: Ha. Wow.

Eric: Newbie.

[Andrew and Elysa laugh]

Laura: Shut up, Eric.

Eric: Newbie.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Five and one quarter years here. Yeah.

Andrew: So, Elysa, we are very excited to have you on. You're a friend of all of ours.

Elysa: Thank you. Thanks.

Andrew: Are you excited? You said you were a little nervous.

Elysa: I was a little nervous at first, but I think I'm good. I mean, yeah. I'm pretty comfortable now.

Andrew: Okay, good. All right, we're confident you are going to be a good on the show. I'm Andrew Sims.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: [Automated voice] I'm Matt Britton.

Elysa: [laughs] And I'm Elysa Montfort.

[Show music continues to play]


Andrew: Micah Tannenbaum's in the MuggleCast News Center with this week's top Harry Potter news stories. Hey, Micah.

Micah: All right, thanks, Andrew. As if anyone needed to tell us this, MTV published an article on Friday about research concluding that the Harry Potter series can in fact be addicting. The story notes:

In a just-finished study that's being submitted to the Journal of General Psychology, Psych professor Dr. Jeffrey Rudski and two of his undergrad students at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, report that they found characteristics of addiction in at least ten percent of the 4,000 Potter fans they polled online.

While the doctor discusses that the end of the series did have serious withdrawal symptoms for some, likening it to going off a drug "cold turkey," he also said he chose to do the study on the end of the boy wizard's saga over the conclusion of the hit series The Sopranos, because of his 15-year old daughter and the things she's taken from it:

"She's picked up guitar because she wants to be in a wizard rock band," he said. "She's studying Latin because she wants to better understand J.K. Rowling's choices of names for her characters. She started reading Stephen King and John Irving because they spoke with Rowling at Radio City two summers ago." If that's being an addict, he's down with it.

David Barron has revealed to the Herald Sun that a new scene has been added to the upcoming Half-Blood Prince film in order to remind moviegoers that nowhere is safe. Having J.K. Rowling's approval of the scene, Barron is confident that people will like it. He says:

"But this was brought in because Jo [Rowling] was able throughout the quite lengthy book to keep dropping little snippets of what was happening in the outside world. There'd be people reading newspapers and talking about how somebody's parents had been killed, or somebody had been withdrawn from school because their parents didn't think it was safe. And we're making aware that the Muggle world is also experiencing these disasters, but thinks they are disasters rather than the work of Voldemort. The book is peppered with those moments, but we couldn't do that quite so easily in the film. So the extra scene comes in the middle of the film and it just reminds us the world is no longer a safe place. Even in what would normally be considered the safe haven of the Burrow, nobody's safe."

Lois Lowry, a children's book writer, has updated her online blog with information about The Giver movie. She had hoped Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince director David Yates would be able to direct The Giver. However, he has just decided he wants to do the final Harry Potter first, thereby postponing The Giver by several years. While this is not confirmed by Warner Brothers yet, it appears to be a pretty reliable source.

And a new MTV Movies blog entry comments on the Deathly Hallows rumors. MTV says that a source at Warner Brothers told them an announcement was coming within the next week or two, but we've learned that MTV may have not been told this at all.

Finally, reports have emerged online that two new actors have been cast forHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. David Legeno will play the role of the werewolf Fenrir Greyback, and Ralph Ineson has been cast for the part of Death Eater Amycus Carrow.

That's all the news for this February 23rd, 2008 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.


Andrew: Okay, thank you, Micah.

Micah: You're welcome, Andrew.

Andrew: You want to do a little competition this week, you were saying?

Micah: Yeah, I'm feeling in a giving mood this week. So I figured what better way than to give somebody out there a chance to read the news on MuggleCast? And the way we're going to run this little competition is anybody out there who listens to the show, send in a thirty second spot to mugglecastnews at gmail dot com. And what we're going to do is we're going to go through and we're going to pick out the top five, and then on next week's show we're going to play the top five. And we'll put up a poll on, and all the fans can vote to see who they think is the top news anchor there. And the following week we'll have that person on the show to record the news, and that's it.

Andrew: Cool, cool. That's a great idea. I think everyone will enjoy that.

Eric: I have to say it's one of the most innovative, I think, competitions we've had here on the show.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: I think it's great. It's also, you know, competition is always welcome, but I'm thinking this late in the game, we haven't had one of those for awhile, and this is just a brand new idea. It's shaking things up. I like it.

Andrew: Yup.

Micah: So that'll be, what, Episode 135?

Andrew: Yeah. That sounds right.

Micah: We'll play the news for whoever wins, and hopefully it's a good competition.

Andrew: Yeah. Can I enter? Can any of us enter?

Laura: Do you really want to do that much extra work? I mean, isn't that kind of what Micah's trying to do anyway? He's trying to get a week off the news?

Andrew: That's true, that's true.

Eric: Well, he'll still have to script it, won't he? Or will these people be in charge of scripting and...

Micah: No, it's their whole responsibility.

Andrew: They do it all? They have the MuggleCast News Center for the weekend?

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: They do.

Eric: Cool.

Micah: It's all theirs.

Laura: They get to go to Micah's house.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: All expenses paid.

Eric: He'll lock you in his basement.

Andrew: Except for flight, hotel, car...

Eric: Yeah. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean the transcript dungeon. He'll lock you down there.

News Discussion: The Giver and Deathly Hallows

Andrew: Speaking of news, a couple new developments this week involving the movies. Firstly, reliable source reveals David Yates is directing Deathly Hallows. This is a little leak that I'm sure Warner Brothers is not very happy about. Lois Lowry, a children's book writer, updated her blog online with information about The Giver movie. She has a book called The Giver. Has anyone read it?

Laura: Yes, and it's so good.

Elysa: I love that book.

Laura: Oh my gosh, yeah.

Andrew: Would it be a good movie?

Laura: If they do it right, yeah.

Elysa: Yeah.

Andrew: Would David Yates be a good director?

Laura: Yes. Absolutely. I think he would be, but it doesn't look like he's going to get to.

Andrew: Well, not yet. She updated her blog and said that David Yates has just "decided he wants to do the final Harry Potter film first, thereby postponing The Giver by several years." That's an exact quote. So this is the nail in the coffin, if you ask me, in terms of director rumors. Right?

Matt: Yeah. Well, it is kind of, but it's not totally official or anything. I mean, heck, I decided I want to do the final Harry Potter movie, but you don't see it being official for me, either.

Andrew: Right. Well, what I'm saying is it looks like Lois Lowry and David Yates talked to each other a few times, because apparently David Yates has planed on doing The Giver, but in my head, I see a phone conversation going down where they're calling each other up, whether it's on Skype or, you know, they got their numbers through Facebook or whatever.

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: And they're calling each other up and David Yates is like, "Sorry, Lois. I mean, I'm going to do the Potter film first."

Eric: And then she proceeded to de-friend him on Facebook.

Andrew: Yes.

Eric: She wrote a nasty note about him, tagged him in it, and then de-friended him, because all of them have Facebook. But no, I think this is pretty reliable source. To be honest, though, I'm relieved, because obviously it is reliable because he was going to adapt her book, she's a respectable author. And I would jump the gun. I would take this as official, or at least I would be very relieved because, to be honest, I think David Yates is very capable, and I'm really relieved if this is true. If he's doing the seventh movie, I'm really happy with that.

Andrew: Elysa and Laura, what is this book about, The Giver? Just out of curiosity.

Laura: Well, I read it in like eighth grade, and it's basically - Elysa can probably give a better summary of it than I can, but it's about a world in which people are assigned their working roles. Like certain women are assigned as birth mothers, and you're assigned to work at a specific area, and you're assigned a family unit. And in this, one boy is assigned the role of being the Giver, and he can see in color, when no one else can see in color, and he just has all this knowledge that no one else has, and it's a very, very tragic story. Really, really sad, but really good.

Elysa: Yeah, yeah. The premise of it is sort of that humans aren't capable of handling all the emotions and senses that come with being human, which, like Laura said, includes seeing in color, but also hearing certain things, and other things like that, and so there's only one person in this society at any given time that experiences all these emotions, including emotions like love, and even laughter and hatred, and the Giver is the only one who's capable of doing that. And so every time the Giver sort of retires, a new Giver is chosen. And so the story is following this one boy who is chosen to be the next Giver, but just his trials and tribulations and whatnot. It has a really awesome ending, but I'd be excited to see the movie.

Andrew: Well, cool.

Matt: Sounds like fun.

Andrew: It's too bad we're going to have to wait four or five years now.

Laura: Yeah. [laughs]

Andrew: Probably longer.

Matt: Ten or twelve.

[Elysa laughs]

Eric: David Yates is blowing her off here.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Well, is he still directing it or are they going to choose a different director?

Eric: Well, they could do that, too, but I think I would want David Yates. I think it's worth waiting a few years if he had really sort of committed to do it, maybe.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I mean, I think the author has said, well, it'll be delayed a few years.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: 'Cause I think she really wants him to...

Andrew: Right, that's how it seems. That's the impression I got, Eric, just that...

Matt: Well, they seem to have a pretty good relationship between each other.

Andrew: Exactly. So.

Elysa: Well, since he'll probably be directing the next Spiderwick Chronicles movie I'm sure he'll be busy for the next ten years, too.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Uh, Elysa, you can go on your Spiderwick spiel slash jokes in a second, they're very funny.

Matt: Rant. Yes. Please do it.

Micah: So, Andrew.

Andrew: Yes?

Micah: The question begs, if you were a betting man, would you say that David Yates will be directing Deathly Hallows?

Andrew: If I was a - Micah, I wouldn't be a betting man in this situation.

Micah: Awww.

Matt: He'd be a cheating man.

News Discussion: Director Announcement

Andrew: My betting skills are not on par for this news item. However, another item that we're going to discuss in a second I can be the betting man. But another story that came out the following day was - well, MTV picked this up and went to Warner Brothers asking for confirmation, and MTV quotes Warner Brothers as saying an announcement should be coming in one to two weeks about the director, and I would assume at this point it seems like they're going to make the director and movie split announcement at the same time, right?

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I mean, 'cause both of these stories are floating around...

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: ...and, you know, we heard the director split announcement is going to come in the not too distant future, and this now is in one to two weeks so it seems like, you know.

Micah: It would make sense.

Andrew: It would.

Eric: I find that very interesting.

Andrew: Yeah, this is - frankly, I'm very intrigued by all these, you know, developments and rumors going around. So apparently we're going to be seeing official word about this within one to two weeks.

Matt: You think so?

Andrew: [laughs] MTV thinks so. However, when I went to Warner Brothers and asked if this was true, one to two weeks, I heard that they told MTV they cannot confirm or deny. So, you know, whatever. It's a guessing game.

Eric: Well, I think the bubble is ready to burst.

Andrew: Yeah, exactly.

Eric: You know, either way. I think it's just so many - I mean, how long has this rumor been going around unconfirmed or un-denied by Warner Brothers about splitting Book 7 into two movies?

Andrew: Right. It's been a while.

Matt: At least a week.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: [laughs] Since I last podcasted.

News Discussion: New Scene Added to Half-Blood Prince

Andrew: Yeah. And then we found out Thursday that a new scene, a brand new scene, was going to be added to Half-Blood Prince. And what do you guys think of this? I mean, this is interesting, this is the first time Warner Brothers has actually ever added a scene.

Eric: Oh, I wouldn't say it's the first time.

Andrew: Oh, it's the first time.

Eric: I can't - Well, it's the first time they've actually...

Andrew: A major scene.

Eric: Well yeah, a substantial - I think a substantial enough thing where they had to go to Jo about it and say, well. But listen for their reason for doing it. I mean, when we had seen David Yates' - there was a David Yates interview, it was audio only, where he was talking about how he was going to make Book 6 into a really sort of teenage film about the romance, and here they are saying that the book has all these moments about showing what's going on in the outside world that we couldn't do that easily, didn't really translate that well to film, so they've written this scene to, you know, make up for it. I think that's a novel idea. I would love to see whatever scene they have to offer.

Micah: Well, the problem I have with this is that to me, this says that they're cutting out chapter one from Deathly Hallows. Not Deathly Hallows, Half Blood Prince.

Matt: It does look that way. Well, didn't they say that, Micah?

Eric: You did hit the nail on the head there, Micah.

Micah: No, no, they don't...

Andrew: They said this is going to be in the middle of the film.

Micah: They don't say that, they say this is in the middle of the film, which leads me to believe that the, you know, the whole scene with the Muggle Prime Minister, and Scrimgeour, and Fudge is going to be cut and essentially replaced by this scene that they're making to show what exactly is taking place in the Muggle world.

Eric: Though to be terribly honest, if you think about it, the fun in the first chapter is more sort of what has happened in the past, because not only are we getting with the Prime Minister - what's happening with the Prime Minister now, but remember she then goes in that chapter of Book 6 back to sort of all the previous times that Fudge had visited the Muggle Prime Minister, which, you know, was to tell Sirius Black escaped, that sort of thing. So she was able to do sort of several visitations of the two Ministers in that chapter, and that really, I guess, wouldn't translate well to film. Especially in the beginning of the film people would be lost.

Andrew: But wait, who's to say that...

Micah: Well, no.

Andrew: Who's to say that this new scene is involving the outside world?

Micah: He says it. He said, "we're making aware that the Muggle world is also experiencing these disasters, but thinks they are disasters rather than the work of Voldemort." So...

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: I have to read this.

Micah: Those are his words. Those are David Barron's words.

Eric: Yeah, and then he says, "the book is peppered with those moments but we couldn't do that quite so easily in the film, so the extra scene comes in the middle of the film and it just reminds us that the world is no longer a safe place. Even in what normally would be considered the safe haven of the Burrow," you know.

Micah: Well, they could have done it quite easily if they just followed the first chapter of the book.

Matt: Yeah, but that would've been too easy.

Eric: Right especially - well, especially talking about the bridge collapse and all those kinds of things, they could have done that.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: I don't know.

Laura: Elysa, you have pretty strong opinions on how the movies should be directed. What do you think of this?

Elysa: Oh man, I mean, honestly, we're not going to know if it works or not until we see it, but I sort of think that the whole premise of it trying to make up for other areas that they can't portray - I think that's a little - I don't know. I'm not quite sure that I buy that. Because, I mean, a lot of the things that were in the books that were showing what was going on outside in the Muggle world were the Daily Prophet, the newspapers, and then of course Harry seeing names that he recognized in these articles and stuff. And they've used the Daily Prophet - I mean just in the last movie, you saw a bunch of newspaper articles coming up on the screen, and they used that last time. I don't know why they couldn't use...

Eric: It gets old.

Elysa: this time as well.

Andrew: Because I didn't like it.

Elysa: I mean. [laughs]

Laura: I thought it was awesome.

Eric: Andrew Sims, see he was on set.

Elysa: [laughs] Okay, fair enough.

Eric: This is the whole story behind the additional scene. Andrew Sims went on set, and they were talking about using that to pass time...

Andrew: I said no.

Eric: ...and Andrew says...

Andrew: No, no. I said no.

Eric: ...No, I didn't like that in movie five, dudes, you're just going to have to write another scene. J.K.R. will approve it.

Andrew: But wait, we're missing one huge thing here. He says - David Baron says, "even in what would normally be considered the safe haven of the Burrow, nobody is safe." I think this scene happens in the Burrow.

Eric: Has to do something with the Burrow, which is what I thought he was alluding to just now.

Andrew: I think it happens in the Burrow, I don't think it has anything to do with the outside world.

Laura: But...

Andrew: I think the purpose of this scene is to just show nobody's safe, but the scene's going to be in the wizarding world.

Eric: Quit picking on the Weasleys.

Andrew: I don't know. I don't know. I'm just a betting man. I don't know.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: Yeah, but if something happens to the Weasleys, it doesn't really emphasize the danger in the Muggle world.

Andrew: Right, but what if you're just reading into it too hard and it has nothing to do with the Muggle world?

Micah: He said it does.

Eric: That's exactly the whole...

Andrew: No, he doesn't say it does. He just says Jo's scenes show what happened in the Muggle world.

Eric: Yeah, and we weren't able to portray that, so we wrote this scene. So if this scene doesn't really make up for that, then it's just a crap-added scene and I'll be very upset. Anyway...

Matt: He does tend to make his own scenes though, too. Because what he did in Order of the Phoenix when he wanted to make a chase through London with the flight of the Order. When...

Eric: Yeah, that was potentially hazardous to the... [laughs] Yeah.

Matt: It was stupid was what it was.

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: I'm sorry.

Eric: But I liked the rest of the movie. I did like so much of the rest of the movie. I completely see past the whole non-invisible people flying through London. Though, to be fair, if they weren't visible, you couldn't watch them flying through London.

Andrew: It was just a cool, fast-paced scene. I mean, they didn't feel like explaining why they were all visible.

Matt: Yeah, I know.

Eric: But you're right. It was bad.

Micah: Who knows, maybe chapter one will be in there, but when I read it for the first time, that was what I thought of. I thought that they were essentially creating their own scene to replace the Muggle and the wizard Prime Minister meeting.

Eric: The Other Minister. Do you know what else - and this is just my final thought on it - is that we're kind of complaining that they aren't getting the first chapter, and I agree with that, and that's a problem for me, but wait a minute. I kind of like the idea, if you can't do it right don't do it, in a way. I like that, and I like the idea that we're going to still have some really good scenes in the books that were never translated to film. I agree that the film should be accurate representations of the books, but there are some things that are always going to be better read, and I think maybe chapter one of Book 6 will be one of those moments where it's just you love reading the book even though there's a movie out to supplement.

Matt: I kind of agree with Eric.

Elysa: Yeah, I don't really think that inventing a completely new scene is that big of a deal if it's just portraying what we already know is happening in the books anyway. It's not like they're inventing huge major plot points. They're not saying Aberforth was the Giant Squid in animagus form or something. They're not like putting something completely random in there.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: But if he were, can you imagine a giant squid and goat.

Elysa: [laughs] Wow. No, actually. I can't. I'm sorry. [laughs]

Matt: Gross.

Eric: Well, you said it.

Andrew: Um, yeah.

Eric: So you're a fan-fic editor. Have you never read that before?

Elysa: Oh, you would be...

Eric: Have you never read...

Laura: Oh my gosh, Elysa...

Elysa: Oh, my God. You would be terrified with the things I've read. Let me put it to you this way, okay? There are - inanimate objects do not go well in NC17 fics.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Like turkey legs? I remember reading that one.

Elysa: Like turkey legs, no. Turkey legs, McGonagall do not match up. I will...

Eric: The turkey leg always happens to stand out, doesn't it? We have to cut all of that out.

[Matt and Micah laugh]

Eric: Okay, I'm sorry for all your non-virgin eyes and ears.

[Laura laughs]

Eric: I'm sorry, but I just figured that - well, you said the Giant Squid thing, and I just thought that you'd read that somewhere.

Elysa: No, actually, though, I have read plenty of Giant Squid and Tonks. I'm not kidding.

Laura: Do you remember that one that was Giant Squid and Ron?

Elysa: Yes.

[Eric laughs]

Elysa: That was terrible.

Laura: Oh, my gosh. It was so disturbing.

Elysa: You'd be surprised how creative these people get. Like Tonks and Giant Squid. Obviously, we do not accept that on MuggleNet, but...

[Everyone laughs]

Elysa:'d be surprised if you go and Google that. I'm not suggesting this. I mean, beware, but...

Eric: So don't Google it.

Elysa: No, don't, but you'd be surprised at how many people write that kind of stuff.

Eric: Well, 'shipping anything with Giant Squid really brings a whole new meaning to sucking face.

[Elysa laughs]

Laura: Oh God, Eric.

Elysa: Oh, wow.

Andrew: We're interested to hear all the listeners' feedback about the new scene. Personally, I think it's going to be at the Burrow, but I don't know. Betting man? I don't know. Whatever.

Spiderwick Chronicles: Review

Andrew: So Spiderwick Chronicles came out this week as well. Actually, last week. And we wanted to do a little movie review. Laura, Elysa, Matt, and I all went out on a quadruple date and saw the movie, and made out during the dark scenes. And we...

Matt: Where was I?

[Elysa laughs]

Andrew: Oh, that wasn't - oh...

Laura: Uh-oh.

Elysa: Uh-oh.

Andrew: Who was that sitting next to me then? Whatever. So we wanted to talk about it briefly. Let me just start and say I enjoyed it. I thought it was good.

Laura: Yeah, it was a cute movie.

Andrew: Now, Laura, Elysa, and Matt you guys talk about how you thought it sucked, and...

Laura: No!

Elysa: No! I did not think it sucked.

Laura: I thought it was really cute. There's definitely a lot of Harry Potter inspiration in the film. I don't know if the books are that way, but you could tell that this was definitely made as something to appeal to Harry Potter fans.

Matt: How so, Laura? How so?

Laura: Well, you know there was that thing that looked exactly like Buckbeak.

Matt: Yeah, but it was a griffith. Totally H.P. unrelated.

Laura: Right.

Eric: I mean, where else is that actor supposed to get work? That actor that plays Buckbeak. They have to make roles for it, so...

Laura: No, but actually - first of all I want to say that Freddie Highmore is such a great actor, and I think he is one of the most adorable people I have ever seen in my life. He's so cute.

Andrew: He did play twins and as we discussed in the interview, they do a thing where the camera makes the same exact movements twice, and they digitally merge the shots together so there's two Freddies. And it's just really cool. He did a perfect job pulling off acting like he was talking to himself.

Elysa: He did. I agree.

Andrew: You couldn't tell. It was like he had a twin. Even the two other girls we went with, they were like, "Oh my god. He's not actually a set of twins? He's actually one actor?" Remember that when we were walking out?

Elysa: Yeah.

Eric: So what's the movie actually about?

Laura: Well basically, it's about a family that moves into this house that belonged to - what - their great uncle or something. His name was Spiderwick, and he basically gained the sight to see all things that humans can't see like goblins, and that type of thing. And he chronicled all of the secrets of these creatures into a book, and basically the book was not supposed to be opened. It was supposed to stay in the house and be protected. And Freddie Highmore and his family move into the house, and of course he finds the book, and he opens it, and there is this giant goblin that wants it so that he can kill everything. And i's basically about them trying to figure out how to destroy him and how to keep the book safe.

Eric: Okay, so how much of this movie is going to remind me of the last Freddie Highmore movie that I saw, Arthur and the Invisibles?

Laura: I haven't seen that, so I couldn't tell you.

Elysa: Neither have I.

Eric: Because that also had a very similar - from what you guys are telling me - a very similar in that the house - I think it was his father I think or grandfather that he had to rescue, and he had to open and figure out how to enter the world of the Minimoys. Except that movie had David Bowie, so that was pretty cool.

Andrew: Well, at any rate, it has been getting good reviews. It's fair to say that we all enjoyed it. Elysa, do you want to tell as story about what you said once the credits started rolling?

Elysa: Oh, the credits started rolling, and I said, "directed by Alfonso Cuaron."

[Andrew laughs]

Elysa: Because it was pretty much - it was pretty much - I mean the first five Harry Potter books rolled in one. What really got me - what really got me - I was so confused - what really got me was I guess because I hadn't read the book - and don't get me wrong. I really enjoyed it and I thought that Freddie Highmore did a great acting job actually - but I was so confused by the allergy season crap that was all over the place.

[Laura laughs]

Elysa: It honestly seemed to me that it was a promotion for Claritin Clear.

[Two hosts laughs]

Elysa: I was expecting it to say, "symptoms may include bloody nose, saggy jowls, death by nuclear radiation."

[Andrew laughs]

Elysa: I was so confused, and you know what? But it was good. It was good, though. I enjoyed it. I guess just - you know.

Eric: Who has asthma?

Elysa: Who has asthma? [laughs]

Laura: Through the whole movie it looked like a Claritin commercial. The sky was bright blue and there would always little dandelions flying around, so it really did look like a Claritin commercial.

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: Wow. I...

Matt: It was also a promotion for Campbell's Tomato Soup and honey.

Elysa: And honey.

[Elysa and Laura laugh]

Elysa: Yeah.

Andrew: See, I liked that though. I enjoyed the little things that - the one little creature that lived in Spiderwick's house; he needed honey to calm him down.

Elysa: Thimbletag right?

Andrew: Was that the...

Matt: Humbletack? Thumbtack?

[Andrew laughs]

Elysa: I am pretty sure it was Thimbletag.

Laura: Dobby? Was that his name?

Andrew: Dobby?

[Elysa laughs]

Andrew: Dobby.

Matt: It was like a Dobby/Kreacher hybrid or something.

Andrew: The one thing that really got us was when they were all flying on the griffin.

Matt: [laughs] I just remember when we saw that scene I turned over to Andrew, and I said, "I could have sworn I've seen this scene before." [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

[Elysa laughs]

Andrew: It was very reminiscent, but at any rate, we're just playing around, having fun. It was a good movie. I would recommend you would see it. I'm sure all of us do.

Elysa: Yeah.

Laura: Oh yeah, definitely. It's very enjoyable.

News Discussion: Casting

Andrew: Yeah. Micah, one other thing you wanted to bring up this week is some casting news.

Micah: Yeah, we finally started to get a little bit more information about two characters. Fenrir Greyback and Amycus Carrow both have been cast for Half-Blood Prince. I think one of the concerns that people have are more on the side of Fenrir Greyback being in the movie as opposed to Amycus Carrow. Don't know if many people really care if - we knew the Death Eaters by name, but I was kind of getting concerned. It still begs the question, is there more casting information to come?

Matt: I'm getting really scared. They're not even still casting the new Minister yet.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: We haven't heard who the new - who Scrimgeour is played by?

Matt: No, we have not.

Andrew: I guess the one thing that could be holding them up is just that they haven't started filming with the actor yet, so I mean, you know...

Eric: So it's not relevant to know who the actor is going to be?

Andrew: I guess. I don't know. I mean they have a reason for everything.

Eric: They've got their reasons.

Andrew: They're not the best reasons, but they have reasons.

Eric: Maybe he is cut out. I don't think they will cut him out of Movie 7, so, you know. It just kind of happens.

Micah: Well, when will we get - is there a time that Warner Brothers releases a full cast report for a movie? Is that something that they would do?

Andrew: I would think by the first teaser trailer they would have all the casting out. I mean that just makes sense for me because that's just when they're starting to kick off the publicity.

Matt: Yeah. That's when they're done with principle photography and everything.

Andrew: Well, is that true? Teaser trailers come out before that.

Eric: Teaser trailers can be - no, teaser trailers can be out for anything. If you recall, even the new Indiana Jones trailer, it has a - it has some from the upcoming movie, but most of it is the previous three movies. So they can do those kinds of teasers, which just go back into those sorts of things. And I mean if you remember in the original Harry Potter trailer, which you may or may not, it was more or less, you know, Vernon Dursley going, "There's no such thing as magic.," and slapping the trap, and it was like this really cool, sort of - you know, teaser trailers - no, you don't need to have the whole movie completed to do that.

Matt: They kind of tease you a little bit.

Eric: They just tease you a little bit.

Andrew: I guess that would make sense why they call them teaser trailers.

Laura: Yeah.

Eric: Why do they call them trailers at all? Okay, so moving on. Announcements.


Andrew: Okay, so moving on to announcements. This sort of is relevant to our first news item that we were talking about. It comes from Lucas. I was planning on talking about it anyway, but Lucas read my mind as I e-mailed him. It's Lucas, 16, from Chicago. He's been on the show a couple times when he calls in during the live shows. He writes:

"I think that you guys should have one more live show that lasts for a couple hours. You haven't had one in a while and I noticed that tons of people would love it." And then he talks about some other podcast we're doing in the future. But yeah, so I think what we should do - we should do another live podcast. I'm personally itching to do another one because they are a lot of fun. Are you guys - Would you guys be up for doing one?

Laura: Yeah. I'd be all for it.

Andrew: Yeah, I think we should do one when they make the announcement - the director and split into two announcement, so then maybe we'll step off Chapter-by-Chapter for that live show and we'll just...

Matt: Talk?

Andrew: Yeah, well, we'll talk about the official announcements, and we'll have people call in, and we'll discuss what their thoughts are on the movie being split in two, and the new director.

Matt: Okay.

Andrew: So...

Laura: Sounds good.

Andrew: I think it would be a timely - I'm just saying ahead of time, we're going to set some ground rules this time. First of all, no shout outs. They're fun, they're fun. We all laugh. We all LOL on the chat.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: But...

Laura: Until the point when every person that calls in doesn't have anything to say.

Andrew: Yeah, such as a shout out.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: We need to stop that. It slows the show down.

Matt: They do that, really?

Eric: Yeah, and no gack, no gack unless you're like from Nickelodeon, okay?

Andrew: Or unless you're actually choking on something then you can... Andrew and

Eric: Gack.

Andrew: Or gag.

Eric: And anyway, anyway. Yeah.

Andrew: So, yeah. Keep an eye out. Whenever there's an official announcement we'll try to do a live show as quickly as possible. It seems one's coming in the next one to two weeks, and that lines up with when I was sort of thinking we could do a live show anyway. So we'll just wait for that announcement. Hopefully, it's not during the week. It could be between Thursday and Saturday. Most likely it's going to be made - the announcement's going to be a Monday morning or something terrible. So I don't know, we'll see. But we will do a live show soon for all of you who are looking forward to one, so plan it out. Most people - a lot of people get upset about when we announce them last minute because then they don't have time to plan ahead and tune in, so we're giving your warning ahead of time. So that's really the only announcement we have this week. Let's move on to Muggle Mail now.

Muggle Mail: Choosing the Muggle Mail to Read

Laura: Our first Muggle Mail comes from Naomi, 23, of Israel. She writes:

"So what you all are saying is you don't have time to respond to listeners that send you nice, long letters, but you have time to respond to idiots that talk trash and say horrible things to you. That's normal. Who am I kidding? I'm crazy. Wow wow wow."

Eric: Woah.

Laura: "But really, why..."

Andrew: It's actually, "wowowowowow."

Laura: Okay, that's good.

Andrew: Like an Indian.

Laura: Okay, that's nice. "But really, why do you have the need to respond to idiots and not the people that really think before they write? Because idiots that talk like that just rant about everything. They find flaws everywhere."

Matt: That's not true!

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Laura: Actually, it's true.

Eric: [mocking Matt] "You're a liar!"

Matt: We don't just respond to just idiot e-mail and stuff. We respond to stupid ones too.

[Laura laughs]

Laura: Naomi has a point. Every now and then we do like to pick out a ridiculous e-mail to read, but those are just for fun. We don't really take them seriously. Like...

Andrew: Actually - actually, hold on, wait. Actually, what we were saying...

Micah: [unintelligible] ...last week.

Andrew: ...last week was we reply to e-mails that have people complaining about the show and stuff.

Laura: Oh. Well, stop your whining. That's all I have to say.

[Andrew laughs]

Andrew: Well, no...

Laura: It's our show and we'll run it the way we want to.

Matt: Oooo!

Elysa: Damn, Laura.

Eric: Whoa, Laura. We mean for the people

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: That's...

Matt: Momma's going to crack the whip.

Laura: You know - you know what it really bothers me? Is every now and then I'll see an e-mail, and really it's pretty often, and someone will be like, "I think you're doing this wrong. You should do..." And I'm like, you know what? Go make your own podcast. Just do it.

[Andrew laughs]

Elysa: Damn.

Laura: If you don't like the way we run ours, make your own.

Andrew: Yeah. Listen, we do everything for a reason. The reason why we said that we reply to the e-mails that are negative - we reply to the ones that have claims that we're doing something wrong, like, a serious issue. I'm not really talking about, like, hate mail. Like, we don't really reply to hate mail. We just reply to things that - with people that are like - like every so often we'll get a parent whose like, "I can't believe you said this word for my son, blah, blah, blah." So like, you know.

Eric: And then we laugh.

Andrew: To us that's - yeah, I mean, you know - moderate what your kids watch, or listen to. That's all I have to say. But we're family friendly here.

Micah: Yeah, we are, and the other thing I wanted to point out about this was, we do read and respond to people who send in nice things, because we do it on the show. We have a whole section where we sit and we respond to people's rebuttals, we have Chicken Soup, so it's not like we're not taking people's stuff and replying to it. I think everybody probably replies to at least five e-mails a week that are people questioning, "Why can't I download this? Why isn't this working?"

Andrew: Right.

Micah: So we do take the time to - to do that in addition to all the other mail.

Andrew: And we're not trying to be mean here...

Laura: No.

Andrew: We're just saying, you know, we run the show how we do. We can't reply to - you know, most of the e-mails - the majority - I will say the majority of the e-mails we get are theories, so we can't reply back and be like, you know, "Oh, I think this is good because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" you know, it's just - we just can't.

Micah: Yeah. We do - we do read it. That's the point I think we wanted people to get from last week's show...

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: we do read everything.

Andrew: Yeah, that's all.

Micah: But we don't have the time to reply to it.

Andrew: Yeah. Well, let's not dwell on this, 'cause it, you know - people, you know, we made our point clear.

Muggle Mail: Gryffindor's Sword

Andrew: Okay, next e-mail comes from Amanda, 25, of Sunshine Coast in Australia. She actually - a lot of people wrote this response in to our discussion on Gryffindor's sword last week and why Luna, Ginny, and Neville tried to steal it. She writes:

"This is probably one of hundreds of e-mails you received, but Ginny found out that Harry had Gryffindor's sword passed to him when on page 11 of DH, U.K. edition, it states, 'Outside in the garden, over the dinner tables, the three objects Scrimgeour had given them were passed from hand to hand. Everyone exclaimed over the Deluminator and the Tales of Beedle the Bard and lamented the fact Scrimgeour had refused to pass on the sword.' So Ginny would have heard about it then and thought it was a great way to help Harry since she couldn't go with him, and to exact some revenge on Snape, too." So that's a great point.

Matt: Yeah.

Elysa: I would agree.

Andrew: I think that's the explanation we needed.

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