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MuggleCast 143 Transcript

Show Intro

[Intro music begins]

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[Harry Potter theme starts]

Jim Dale: [as Professor McGonagall] "This is Professor McGonagall welcoming you all to MuggleCast hoping you all enjoyed - Dobby! Dobby, come here! Here! Dobby!" [as Dobby] "Yes, I'd just like to say how very pleased I am to introduce MuggleCast to all of you! Thank you! Thank you!"

[Show music begins]

Micah: Because point four will never be discussed, this is MuggleCast Episode 143 for April 27th, 2008.

[Show music continues to play]

Andrew: All right, guys. Well, I think we have a brand new Wall of Fame entry this week. Episode 142; people loved the episode!

Laura: Yeah, they did. We got so many good e-mails about the show. It was just like phenomenal the way people received it.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: It was great. It's a great feeling seeing all of this, and, I mean, for someone like Matt, who wasn't even on, I'm sure he's very happy for us...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: ...doing such a fine job.

Matt: Yeah, I'm really happy for you guys. You guys did an excellent job.

Andrew: You're not jealous at all.

Matt: No, I'm not jealous at all. Just because you guys wouldn't wait an extra hour until I got back and everything and you guys just wanted to do it without me, that's fine. You know, I have no hard feelings at all.

Eric: Dude, wasn't your computer, like, at the shop?

Matt: Well, yeah, I broke it, but...

Eric: Oh, oh.

Laura: Yeah, Matt. It's not our fault that you spilled water on your keyboard.

Eric: Yeah, seriously.

Matt: It was tea! It was not water.

Eric: Tea is far more damaging.

Laura: And that makes all the difference.

Matt: It's not my fault. I was watching Sweeney Todd, and, you know, when you watch it you just have to jump up and dance.

Andrew: Oh, way to get the sympathy vote.

[Matt fake cries]

Andrew: But...

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: We also got some negative feedback, too. We won't sit here and gloat. I mean, we got some negative feedback about the show. Some people disagreed with our opinions, but the majority of people did like it, so we'll cover all that this week. We've got some news to get through and a little more trial discussion. I'm Andrew Sims.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: I'm Matthew Britton.

Elysa: And I'm Elysa Montford.

[Show music continues to play]

News: J.K. Rowling Documentary

Andrew: A full show this week. Micah? What's in the news this week, buddy?

Micah: Well, the first thing I wanted to talk about before we got into the trial was that ABC News is going to be doing a documentary on J.K. Rowling, and the description reads that it's an in-depth profile which will air this November and includes several interviews, the book tour for the final Harry Potter installment, and a tour of locations that inspired her characters. It even hints to what the future holds for Harry and his friends. So this is a little bit different, I think, than the one we saw a couple months back on ITV in the U.K., and then it was re-aired in Canada. What are your guys' thoughts on this?

Andrew: It's about time. I mean, you know, everyone's been wondering where this U.K. documentary - when it's finally going to show up in the U.S., and I remember I made the call out on the show, actually, I guess, five to ten episodes ago now, asking for people to send along the torrent and we did get the torrent. And then a lot of people...

[Matt laughs]

Andrew: ...asked me for the torrent and I didn't pass it on to them...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: ...but it's good. I hope they reuse some of the clips because that documentary...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: ...was beautifully shot.

Matt: It was...

Eric: Hm. So they're using most of these clips?

Andrew: No, we don't know that for sure.

Eric: Oh, oh, okay. Well then, I mean, because it sounds to me like it'll be completely different. But also with new information - like they're hinting at like, you know, the future of Harry Potter is all hinted at in here. So it sounds like - it sounds like Jo, who's now, you know - you know, this trial aside, who's comfortable sort of writing something else at the moment is able to say, "Yeah, you know, in about a year or two I'll be doing this. It'll be like this," you know sort of kind of thinking about the future now, which is cool.

Andrew: I think the whole "Future of Harry Potter" thing is just an overused teaser because...

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: ...that's what really everyone will ask her about these days and...

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: ...what everyone puts in their stories.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: "So where does Harry go from here?" You know?

Laura: And we already know. She told us pretty much everything.

Andrew: [laughs] Right.

Laura: So...

Matt: In the book.

Laura: It's like, "Surprise!"

[Matt laughs]

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Well, this is a much bigger sort of stage to be doing a documentary on in terms of who's going to be doing it. I mean, I think the guy's name was James Runcie, who did the first one.

Matt: Mhm.

Micah: And the - you know, I think he's sort of an independent film person as opposed to, you know, ABC doing this on 20/20. Barbara Walters will probably be involved somehow and the report actually said that it was coming off of a documentary they did on the Royal Family and the Queen of England. The success that they had with that was the reason why they decided to go and do something on J.K. Rowling.

Matt: Mhm.

Micah: So...

Andrew: Hmm.

Eric: The second Queen of England...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: ...or, you know, Scotland.

Andrew: Yeah, really, or at least richer than the Queen. One thing worth noting is that last year Barbara Walters did her Ten Most Fascinating People, or however many it was, and J.K. Rowling, I guess, was number one, but they had no new interview with Jo. But in the meantime they had Barbara Walters interview all these other people. You know, Hannah Montana and...

Matt: Hannah Montana?

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: ...all these people that were big in 2007. Yeah, she was fascinating...

Eric: Hannah Montana made that list? How credible is that?

Andrew: Well, yeah - well...

Matt: Hm.

Andrew: ...that could be argued, but it's interesting, I think. We'll see. Like if they couldn't score an interview with Jo then, what...

Matt: Well, what...

Andrew: ...I don't know.

Matt: seems like to me in this interview that may be different from the other one is just - this one's going to be to a broader audience, to more a generic audience that doesn't necessarily know Harry Potter or familiar with it, but is just a fan of watching the behind-the-scenes, like the 20/20, 60 Minutes kind of shows. The one that was in the U.K. and Canada that aired, it seemed more like a personal interview. It was mostly about Jo, and it just seems what they're saying about this new interview is that it's mainly going to center around, you know, the Harry Potter series and about where Jo, you know, created him and all the places that sparked all the characters, and it was in the last interview too, but it did delve a lot into the biography of J.K. Rowling and not necessarily just the final book itself.

Eric: I think that's what I meant, too, when I was talking about the future of Harry Potter. I think they're hinting at what's going to happen next as far as books. I think that's - or what Jo's going to do about the future. Like I wasn't talking about the future in the story because we do know that, but I think that the interview is...

Matt: Like her encyclopedia?

Eric: Well, exactly. Like, they're going to ask her like, "Can you give us a date?" or something, or a general idea, ball park, some. Or maybe they'll be asking more about - maybe the interview will feature the theme park, or something like that. You know, it's kind of cool like that. I think if they're going behind the scenes with like places that inspired characters there will still be plenty in it for the Harry Potter fan, but like you said, Matt, it's also like - as it's an ABC 20/20 thing, it will be really also for a broader audience, which will appreciate it just the same.

Andrew: What else is going on, Micah?

News: Court Trial Transcripts

Micah: Well, the next thing we can talk about is the transcripts from the court trial were released earlier this week, and some interesting stuff. I mean, I didn't have a chance to go through all of them. There's three days' worth...

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: ...that are there, and literally, there must be over a thousand pages, if not more, of court documents, so...

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: It is really huge.

Eric: Thanks to Stanford for providing that.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. How does that work? Is it a representative from - I think it was Harvard.

Micah: No, it was Stanford.

Andrew: How - what is it, like a student from Stanford was there doing the transcriptions, or what?

Micah: Well, it seemed like the person was actually at the trial.

Andrew: Right, but I'm just saying - because at every court trial they have a woman sitting there on a type...

Micah: Well, they have a stenographer.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Right.

Andrew: So was she an intern from Stanford? I mean, I guess we don't know the answer.

Eric: Well, I - don't question your blessings here, Andrew. I mean, we provided these - these are great.

Micah: Yeah, I'm not sure how it works, yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: that's interesting.

Andrew: It's strange, but I'm not a fan of reading Courier Post font documents, so...

[Everyone laughs]

Matt: Jeez.

Andrew: I didn't really get through this.

Eric: What annoyed me were the numbers dictating the lines on the side, because they can't be transferred. Like I wanted to post it to a big giant Word doc, and it was like a hundred pages, and with those numbers it was like really hard to manage. So, yeah, but it was - still, those transcripts are really informational, really helpful, and, as you guys know, it's been a week, and there's still no verdict. It's almost the end of - it's almost the end of - it's almost been seven days since, you know, the trial itself, the testimony, ended.

Micah: Well, I think you get a pretty good feeling for what went on, even if you only read maybe the first twenty or thirty pages of this, and the pages are pretty short. But having sat on a jury at the beginning of the year, I mean, you're thinking about J.K. Rowling sitting up there and having a judge talk to her just like he would talk to anybody else, and, you know, to see somebody who you hold in that high regard and that position basically saying - and judges, they can look like the nicest people in the world, but when they want an answer to the question, they're pretty forceful in the sense of saying, "Just answer the question," and it's interesting to think of J.K. Rowling being in that kind of a position.

Eric: Well, you know...

Micah: And kind of what she was going through at the time.

Eric: I'm sure it isn't as bad, though, if J.K.R. took this court on Judge Judy, or something, you know? I mean, Judge Judy always kicks down the, you know. But, I mean, there are no misgivings that judges aren't necessarily going to lay down. I mean, they're very forceful people, Micah, and you're right, because I've seen Judge Judy.

Matt: Well, good for you, Eric. [laughs]

Micah: Okay.

Andrew: I think we should get a book printed out of all this.

Eric: Of all the transcripts?

Micah: And sell it?

Andrew: And sell it!

Eric: Micah threatened to do that last week...

Micah: No.

Eric: ...and you said you'd set the lawyers on him, Andrew.

Matt: Well, no, we'll only copy about ninety...

Andrew: No, I suggested we do a book analyzing the trial.

Matt: Oh.

Eric: Oh, oh, oh, I thought you meant the transcripts.

Andrew: Because we can do an analysis. I'm looking through these text documents and I don't see a single copyright on here. This is public domain.

Matt: Well, we'll only copy like ninety-five percent of all of it, then we'll just put some other stuff in it.

Andrew: That, too. By the way, while we're on this, real quick, I just want to say, I don't know if you guys seen this, but there's a brand new site out called the Maxicon - just

Eric: Don't, don't, don't promote that.

Andrew: No, I'm going to promote it. I'll tell you why. It's a - it's the Harry Potter Lexicon, completely copied and pasted onto a new site, and the guy changed the graphics, so instead of saying the "Harry Potter Lexicon" it says the "Harry Potter Maxicon," and it's basically to stick it to Steve saying, how do you like it? I'm not saying I support it, I just think it's very interesting. M-A-X Icon dot org.

Micah: How did you come across that?

Andrew: Twitter.

Micah: Oh.

Andrew: Twitter.

Eric: Twitter. Sounds like somebody's tweet on Twitter.

Micah: Twitter.

Andrew: Exactly.

Micah: It is kind of a stick it to you.

Laura: Despite where you fall on the issue, it's interesting to see how the fandom is reacting to the whole court trial.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Well, it's pretty obvious what - what the fandom - who they support.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Not everyone though. I mean, there are quite a few people who - who are still calling Jo greedy, still, but...

Matt: Well, I'm not saying - I mean, just the majority.

Eric: Well, I think after last week's show - I think after last week's show we did clear up quite a bit. At least to show - I mean, when we were talking about the Fair Use Doctrine, we - we - we showed, I think, definitively how it was actually sort of a close call legally.

Andrew: No we did.

Eric: We really did do that. We did it, you know, quite a bit of justice. We received lots of praise for that.

Matt: Now, I think you gave the listeners a good enough insight on it to give them their own - give them the choice to give their own certain...

Eric: Right.

Matt: know, their own opinion on the matter.

Andrew: Mhm. Micah, any other news today?

News: Half-Blood Prince Video Game Underway

Micah: Yeah, the final piece of news is that Electronic Arts, who has made every other Harry Potter video game, announced earlier this week the production of Half-Blood Prince is officially underway.

Andrew: Oh, that's wonderful.

Micah: And I think you even posted an update here, Andrew, that their first review for the Nintendo DS version of the game is now available, but I'm going to defer to you on this one because you've actually talked to these guys. You talked to them last year when the Order of the Phoenix video game came out. What do you think about this?

Andrew: Well, no, I think it's very exciting. They have - they have this new game in the works, and I mean it was expected, it's definitely a big money maker for EA. What failed with Order of the Phoenix, though was the hype. It got lost in the excitement of the movie and the book, and there was just really no - there was no fanfare for it, and it was a shame because with Order of the Phoenix they put so much work into it.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: They were really confident about this game. Jamie and I went to the EA studios - I guess it was in March of last year - and, oh man, these guys are so dedicated. They have an entire floor of people dedicated to Harry Potter. It just seems like the fanfare wasn't up to speed. If you looked at the final reviews, they weren't - they weren't fantastic. Um...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: ...but, you know, with every video game, Potter video game, they're calling this one the best one yet, and I'm sure it will be. They've had more time to develop it.

Eric: Certainly.

Micah: Is it the same people that are going to be working on it you think?

Andrew: Yeah. I recognized this one guy, Harvey Eliot.

Eric: Hm.

Andrew: I'm sure it will be great if you like the Potter games. [laughs] I don't know what else to say.

Eric: I remember listening to your...

Micah: Well, I think...

Eric: Oh, sorry, go, Micah.

Micah: Well, no, I think we're going to say the same thing. It's just that, when listening to it, that those guys seem really into it. They seem like they were fans of the game and they wanted to put so much into it in terms of description and being accurate.

Andrew: Oh, they so - They care so much about this game.

Eric: They do.

Andrew: About Harry Potter. They're huge Harry Potter fans which, you know, it's fantastic! But it, just, the hype is not there for these games and they need something.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: I'm not - I don't even think that's necessarily it, I mean, I think you're right in definitely some respects. If I had to quote, I mean, I think I might - I don't even remember if I did this on MuggleCast, but I did review the game. Or I did buy the game, the PS2 version of the game, and talk about it a little bit. You could totally tell that they had really gone into the books and created certain characters, certain instances, little subtle sort of events that happened in the book would be shown in the game.

Andrew: Yeah, there's a lot of them.

Eric: They did a lot of that back story stuff, but then I think it also got lost in the actual playability of the things. I mean, a lot of the more historical, more factual things could only show up as trivia or wizard cards, and what affected the Order of the Phoenix games, I think, was playability in the end, because every corner of Hogwarts was absolutely utilized. They did a great version of Hogwarts, which was completely accessible using the Marauder's Map as a feature, but every single corner of it was used, and by the end of the game - I mean it was free-roaming but it wasn't very fun to free-roam at the end, and that's such a shame because I remember listening to their report and seeing how psyched these guys were, so...

Andrew: Yeah, that's what they were counting on, this open-ended game play where you can go wherever you want, whether you want to do a mission or not, you can just go walk around the school. At the time it seemed like an amazing feature, and then, you know, it's still cool, and I'm glad they did it. I think it was needed.

Eric: I agree.

Micah: So it had more of a Mario or Legend of Zelda type feel to it? Like more of a role-playing game?

Andrew: They need to switch to Mario. I mean, Mario's a fantastic game.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: And that didn't come from a book. You know. Need to take a page out of Mario's book, do some classic left...

Micah: Well, I mean, it gives you the ability to just go around as you please. Is that what you're saying?

Andrew: Right. Yes. That's exactly what it is.

Matt: There's always going to be a - especially for gamers - a lot of speculation and hesitation on getting a video game that's based off movies because, you know, they're always - I mean that's the general consensus that...

Andrew: They always suck.

Matt: Yeah, they're always a letdown. And, you know, that's not always the case, but that's the majority of when video games are made based on films. It's just a lot of movies aren't made to be made into video games.

Andrew: We can continue this on in another discussion. Probably could be a big debate, but...

Micah: Yeah, that about wraps up the news, since we're not touching on Point 4.

No Discussion on Point 4

Andrew: All right, thank you, Micah. Point 4 will never be discussed on this show.

Laura: Are you sure we don't want to talk about...

Andrew: No, as much as Micah loves Point 4.

[Laura and Micah laugh]

Micah: And probably Ben too.

Andrew: Ben too. Ben IMs me - no, Ben e-mailed all of us, and he and he said he was an expert on Point 4 and would like to come on the show if we ever discussed it.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: However, I don't think...

Micah: Awesome, let's get him on.

Andrew: [laughs] I don't think that's happening.

[Andrew, Laura, and Micah laugh]

Micah: We could discuss the finer points of the...forget it.

Announcements: Podcast Alley and Live Show

Andrew: Yeah, the finer points. Let's move onto announcements now. Thank you, everyone, as always, for voting for us on Podcast Alley. Don't forget, MuggleCast May is coming up, and we have to be number one because it starts with an M just like MuggleCast Mapril and MuggleCast March. Another announcement: last week I said MuggleCast Live would be happening probably May 9th. And then, apparently the trailer, which is the reason we're going to be doing the live show, may not come out May 9th. It may come out the following week with Prince of Caspian...Pr- whatever.

Matt: Prince - It's just The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.

Andrew: Oh, it's chr - right, okay.

Eric: Thank you.

Laura: Prince Caspian, yeah.

Andrew: So it may come out with that. In that case it would be the following week. At any rate, keep an eye on and and we will let you know when a live show - we'll be doing our live show. Whenever a trailer is announced - whenever we get a date - then we'll announce a date for MuggleCast Live.

Matt: Whether the teaser trailer is announced.

Andrew: Teaser trailer, yeah.

Eric: Yeah, yeah. I wonder how good the teaser trailer is going to be content wise as far as us discussing it on the live show. It'll be a fun live show, but the teaser trailer - remember in the past, the teaser trailers, they've always shown clips from previous movies and then just a little bit - that's why they call it a teaser of course, but, you know, I mean. At the same time - so they're no longer doing it in Speed Racer, I guess. People think that it might be Prince Caspian instead of Speed Racer.

Andrew: Right, right, which makes sense. Fantasy.

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: It would - it would have made sense more, though, if they did it in front of Speed Racer since it's the same movie company that's, you know, producing both films.

Andrew: Well, that's the other thing - Chronicles of Narnia isn't WB?

Laura: No, that's Disney.

Matt: It's a Walt Disney film.

Andrew: Oh, it's Disney.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Huh.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, see...

Matt: It's also a Walden Media, though. It's also based off a book, so maybe that's why they probably are going to put the teaser trailer - since it's one fantasy movie trailer...

Andrew: Well, right, that's what I was saying...

Matt: ...since it's the same type of genre of audience that's going to be watching it.

Andrew: Yeah. I don't know. I guess we'll see. But at any rate, just keep an eye on and for details about that. And, Eric, yeah, you raise a good point. I mean, there isn't much in the teaser trailers, but I was figuring with live calls we could go for eight hours.

Matt: It'll still be the top news of that week anyway.

Andrew: Right.

Eric: Well, let's hope. Unless they get a verdict on the trial, but...

Andrew: Oh geez. Oh, please don't happen on the same week.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: It'll be too much to talk about.

Eric: It'll be like a mini Summer '07 all over again.

Andrew: Yeah, we'll have another twelve-hour live show and it won't even be intended. But...

Eric: Geez.

Micah: Well, Warwick Davis is in Prince Caspian.

Andrew: Is he?

Matt: Yes he is.

Andrew: Oh, no wonder the teaser trailer's going to...

Laura: Oh, that makes sense.

Andrew: ...go with that film.

Eric: [laughs] Yeah, because of Warwick Davis connections.

Episode 142 Going on Wall of Fame

Andrew: All makes sense now. Hey, like I said, Episode 142 was met with a lot of fanfare, and people were smart, they created a Facebook group suggesting it goes on the Wall of Fame, because I was saying if anyone thinks an episode should go on the Wall of Fame, find a way to gather people's support. The Facebook group has about - gosh - 60 or 70 members now. So I think we're going to induct Episode 142 into the MuggleCast Hall of Fame, which is just - or Wall of Fame - which is just a little page where we showcase our best episodes for new listeners. So what do you guys think?

Eric: Cool.

Laura: I think it should definitely go there. I think it's one of our best episodes.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Definitely. We did a great job.

Andrew: I wanted to have some like celebratory music...

[Matt laughs]

Andrew: ...but I couldn't really find anything, so...

Eric: Cool and the Gang.

Andrew: Well, yeah, I thought - that's overplayed. So...

Eric: Yeah, it is. You're right.

Andrew: I don't know. So, Episode 142!

Laura: Woo!

Andrew: In the Wall of Fame, yay!

Matt: Woo!

[Children cheer]

Andrew: Yay! Aww, the kids are happy.

Laura: Did you just pull that out from iMovie...

[Matt laughs]

Laura: ...or Garage Band?

Andrew: No, that was the - that was the MuggleCast audience...

Micah: Is your brother having a birthday party or something?

Andrew: That was the collective MuggleCast audience.

Matt: They're all eight year olds?

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: No.

Laura: They sit outside your room like TRL?

Andrew: Guys...

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: They're actually all down on the street outside my window. I can look out and wave to them.

Laura: I'm sure.

Andrew: I'll go wave to them again. Hey kids! Hey kids!

[Children cheer]

Laura: Oh, so they have delayed reaction problems.

Andrew: No, it's just they're...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: ...young and slow. [laughs]

Laura: Ooh.

Andrew: Anyway, let's move on to Muggle Mail now.

Muggle Mail: How Trial will Affect Steve and J.K. Rowling

Laura: Our first one comes from Marge Miller, 52, Phoenix, Arizona. She says:

"Dear MuggleCast, you put a lot of thoughtful debates and arguments about the recent trial, and there was a mention about the fans' reaction to Steve Vander Ark. But what about any of you from MuggleNet, MuggleCast, Leaky, etc. What would you do if you ran into Steve anytime soon? Would he be invited to any more fan conventions? I'm also wondering about J.K.R.'s mental health. She suffered from depression before. Might this whole trial affect her in the same way? True, she has family, but still it's going to be difficult."

Andrew: I think this is an interesting question. I, personally, would... [long pause] to him.

Laura: Yeah, well...

Andrew: I don't - honestly, I don't think a fandom discussion will - or this trial discussion will ever come up with anyone.

Eric: It'll just be okay.

Laura: Well, I don't think that people are - I mean - well, people might. But as for anybody that works with any of the sites, I couldn't see any of us actively shunning him - [laughs] - if he walked up on the street.

Matt: Yeah, if any of us did approach him, I think we just - I mean, at least act in a professional manner at least.

Laura: Mhm.

Matt: At least, you know, be polite. Not just - you can't just look at him and go, "Pfft!" and run away, because, well...

Laura: Yeah. No need to be rude.

Micah: I don't necessarily agree with that. At least I think the people who already know him, and have met him before, like a number of us have - I don't think we would be that, you know - I don't know what the right word is, but I don't think we would be offensive to him or rude to him, but I think the casual fan who may know who he is, who goes up on the street and sees him or sees him at a convention, if he's invited, you know - I don't know what the reaction would be. I could think that their reaction would be actually somewhat inappropriate. You guys don't see that at all?

Laura: No, I think that...

Eric: I see - there will always be ignorant people out there.

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: I mean, just because you disagree with what he - if you disagree with where he stands and everything, um...

Eric: Hey, I still like the guy, you know, personally.

Matt: Yeah. I don't know the guy, so I can't really judge him because I don't really know him.

Eric: But there's not going to be this whole silent treatment. Are you going to say like the fans as a whole are going to give Steve the silent treatment? Like is that what we are like...

Matt: Steve is still a fan of the books and the series.

Eric: Yeah. Just like us.

Matt: He is still considered a fan. This whole thing is really strictly, you know, business and legal stuff. This isn't, you know - well I mean we could - a lot of fans will treat it as personal, but...

Micah: Well, you also have to wait to see what necessarily the verdict ends up being, because if it's something that is going to end up negatively effecting J.K. Rowling, which this whole trial has negatively effected her to begin with, that could also cause people to act in a different way then maybe they normally would've had this not happened or had she won.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: So people's opinions can change in an instant based upon something like that. The overall comments that we've seen from people, and I know we've gotten e-mails on both sides, but they've tended to heavily favor Jo and support for her. I just don't see people going up to him on the street, or at a convention, or at any other event, and just being personable towards him. I really don't.

Eric: You are saying people won't be nice?

Micah: Maybe I'm alone in that thinking, but, you know - and then how - if you are the head of a convention, would you want to bring somebody who was involved in a law suit with J.K. Rowling to that convention?

Eric: Oh look, this is a big emotional thing. Everybody's - I think it's way over the top. I think it's been blown out of proportion here. We're actually asking ourselves, as MuggleCasters, are we going to talk to Steve after this happens? We are actually asking ourselves that question. I mean, I just think the trial is something that is happening...

Laura: Well, no, Marge asked us that question.

[Micah and Laura laugh]

Eric: Well...

Micah: Yeah, Marge did ask.

Eric: Okay, so Marge asked that question, but I think it's a fair question in principle, but I think we're just - we've taken it - it's gone on for like three minutes so far, you know, maybe more. What about the second part of that question? What about regarding Jo's - J.K.R.'s mental health?

Andrew: No, I don't think, no. I think what she's been saying, and someone e-mailed in, and what annoyed me - someone e-mailed in and said, look, you guys are falling into her emotional trap where she's threatening to not do the encyclopedia. It's to get all of our attention. And I agree with that, and I said that on the show last week.

Eric: Yeah, you did.

Andrew: And I think it's kind of low. I don't - I think Jo may have just been in the heat of the moment and said that out of frustration. I don't think she meant it. At the same time she could have said it to get the fans attention.

Eric: And that's...

Andrew: Which I think is kind of...

Eric: Well I...

Andrew: ...not cool.

Eric: Not cool, but I had mentioned last week too, as Harry Potter fans, we can't help but be on Jo's side, but what I was saying when I said that too, just to clarify, was that it's not necessarily a good thing that we can't be on Steve's side. You know, I think - I think we are so bound to J.K.R and that putting J.K.R. on trial - I mean, it's Warner Brothers versus RDR, but the fact that Jo's on trial, that it's this Jo versus Steve thing all of a sudden - it's a smoke screen, I guess, but we're all kind of trapped following J.K.R. I mean, I think that's what was great about last week's episode was that we were able to sort of push things and say, "What is the objective view here?" But, I mean, I just think what - what Andrew's saying, too, though, you know - J.K.R.'s saying that she might not write an encyclopedia after that - like, that's kind of a threat and it's not - it's really not cool. There's a lot of things that aren't really cool about that.

Andrew: Mhm.

Matt: Well, I mean...

Micah: It's...

Matt: It's really up to her. I mean, it's her entire series. It's her world. If she wants to do something, then she can do it. I don't think anyone really has any say in what she can and can't do, whether it's cool or not.

Laura: Yeah. Exactly.

Micah: I'm just saying, look at the event as a whole. Just the overall stress of the situation and having to deal with this. You know, having to deal with this lawsuit from beginning to end, from when this started, you know, back on October the 31st and even before that point, you know, when the lawsuit was filed - you know, the overall stress. And maybe that lended itself to her saying these types of statements. And then...

Eric: But she's a big girl, Micah. She is a big girl. She's J.K. Rowling. She's very, very...

Micah: Well, maybe she's saying, "Hey, look, Eric. My book is being taken and copied. If my work is just going to be taken and duplicated, why should I bother? Why should I take the time and effort to put into writing this encyclopedia if somebody's just going to turn around and take my work and use it for their own profit in the end anyway?"

Eric: Okay, but that's a little bit different than saying that she's been drug all this way. Has it hurt her feelings?

Micah: Well, that plays into it. Maybe she's stressed out from the event.

Eric: Well, that's what it is, yeah.

Micah: Based on some of her responses, they were very emotional, weren't they?

Eric: Yeah. And, I mean, she really does strongly feel that way and that's the whole deal, so yeah.

Laura: Well, and also we just have to keep remembering here that it didn't have to come this far. It's not like Jo and WB just, you know, up and said, "Oh, we're taking you to court." They gave them opportunities to back down and they didn't.

Eric: Can I...

Matt: Yeah. That, I think, is what made it - that's what brought it out.

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