MuggleCast 149 Transcript

Show Intro

[Intro music begins]

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[Harry Potter theme plays]

Jim Dale: [as Professor McGonagall] This is Professor McGonagall welcoming you all to MuggleCast hoping you all enjoyed - Dobby! Dobby, come here! Here! Dobby! [as Dobby] Yes, I'd just like to say how very pleased I am to introduce MuggleCast to all of you! Thank you! Thank you!

[Show music begins]

Micah: Because the Democrats have a presidential nominee before we have a teaser trailer, this is MuggleCast Episode 149 for June 15th, 2008.

[Show music continues]

Andrew: All right, we managed to keep Micah off the west side of Manhattan this week. Micah, thanks for joining us.

Micah: No problem, Andrew.

Andrew: I mean, you know, we enjoyed playing Spy on Tannenbaum but there is nothing like having you back in the studio.

Micah: Yeah, I like how youíre being so kind to me after last week you guys had a few good laughs on my behalf.

Andrew: No we didnít!

Matt: I was laughing.

Laura: What are you talking about?

Micah: Oh, well..maybe I just misheard. When I was listening to the show.

Laura: Why would we make fun of you, Micah?

Micah: Oh, I donít know.

Laura: Youíre our friend. We would never do anything like that.

Micah: Never.

Andrew: Well, we got a reply from Janet, who was downing Micah. Isnít that right?

Laura and Micah: Yeah.

Micah: She apologized. She says that sheís written into the show so many times that she was kind of feeling a little bad that out of all the e-mails that she sent in, that this was the one that made it on air. So - but, you know, everyoneís entitled to their opinion. Right? If thatís how she really felt then thatís fine. I can take it.

Andrew: Sure. Yeah, youíre a big guy. Well, you can redeem yourself this week because we have a lot to discuss as always. Can you promise the audience that youíll be completely, 100% into it?

Micah: Oh, yeah. Absolutely.

Andrew: So if I bring up a new Half-Blood Prince picture, will you...

Micah: Andrew, we need to take small steps, Andrew, small steps.

Andrew: All right, Iím Andrew Sims.

Laura: Iím Laura Thompson.

Micah: Iím Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: And Iím Matt Britton.

[Music continues]

News: Harry Potter Prequel

Andrew: Okay, well, weíre recording early this week but there is one big news story this week. Isnít that right, Micah? Do you want to take over the news again?

Micah: I will, yeah. I heard you took care of things last week. Howíd that go?

Andrew: Mhm. I love being...

Matt: Not so good.

[Laura and Micah laugh]

Andrew: No, thatís not true. I loved being a news anchor. It was very fun.

Micah: Thanks, Matt, for being honest. Anyway...

Matt: Sure, yeah, I knew what he was going to say.

Micah: But the whole Harry Potter prequel that J.K. Rowling was writing for charity was auctioned off, and it sold for close to 25,000 pounds, which is almost 49,000 U.S. dollars, and it was - the winning bidder was Hira Digpal, who is president of a Tokyo based investment consulting company. And the auction overall raised around 47,000 pounds, and what's interesting about what Hira wants to do, and I hope I'm pronouncing his name right, but he actually wants to auction this off again and raise more money for charity, which I thought was kind of interesting.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Hmm.

Andrew: Yeah, it is. It's an interesting idea. I was surprised by how much it sold for. I was expecting it to go for higher when you're comparing J.K. Rowling's Tales of Beedle the Bard, which went for almost two million.

Matt: Yeah, but...

Andrew: That was...

Matt: I mean - this is a little bit different. This is a very small version of, you know, her works.

Micah: 800 words.

Matt: It's like what, a page? Yeah, so it's like two pages long.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: And this one's open to the public to read, too. I mean - we - we ourselves even read it.

Andrew: Yeah. This isn't as - yeah. I just think that anything by J.K. Rowling, no matter what the size, would go for a lot of money.

Laura: Mmm...

Andrew: I don't know. I mean - that is a lot of money, and that's great that it went to charity. Laura, what do you think?

Laura: I kind of have to agree with Matt just because there was a certain rarity attached to Beetle the Bard, whereas with this, anyone can read it, so I would think - I mean as bad as it sounds, people aren't going to be as inclined to bid on something that they're going to be able to read for free.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: But I just wonder. I mean, you know, it's a big difference: 50,000 dollars versus two - almost two million dollars. Maybe I'm just...

Matt: Well, it's a big difference between this - this...

Andrew: Yeah, I know.

Matt: ...thing that she wrote and Beedle the Bard.

Andrew: I know.

Matt: And Beedle the Bard had so many stories. I mean - it was full of her illustrations, and it's a little different.

Andrew: Well...

Micah: The other thing was, didn't Hira mention that he wanted to be woken up in Tokyo if his limit was surpassed? And I don't know if we learned what his limit was, but, you know, it - it's just kind of interesting to see the - it didn't possibly go for as much as it could have.

Andrew: Right. Yeah, that's true. And I was thinking, you know, 50,000? Hell, I mean, we could have won that thing. [laughs]

Laura: Yeah.

[Matt laughs]

Micah: Well, actually it says in Bloomberg News that he had a closed bid of 50,000 pounds before having his offer. So he was willing to pay up to 50,000 pounds...

Andrew: Oh, wow.

Micah: ...which is less than the auction overall earned. So, he got a bargain.

Andrew: There wasnít even much of a bidding war.

Micah: So letís talk about the actual story, I guess, shall we?

Andrew: Laura, you read it most recently so itís most fresh in your head. What did you think of this story?

Laura: I thought it was a cute, kind of quaint story. The way Iíve always felt about the Marauders, was that even though the presence of Voldemort was extremely huge in their lives, like it was in Harryís, it always seems like what we learned about them was so much more light-hearted than a lot of Harryís stories.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: So this was just a nice little story about James and Sirius getting - well, attempted - they were attempted to get pulled over by cops for speeding on the motorbike. It was cute; they were really cheeky and very sarcastic, exactly the way you would imagine those characters.

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: Kind of like a Starsky and Hutch kind of thing.

Laura: Yeah, it was a nice little tidbit.

Micah: They actually reminded me a lot of Fred and George when I was reading it.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Kind of back and forth.

Andrew: I kind of feel bad that we - in hindsight, we probably shouldnít have called it a Harry Potter prequel. It just doesn't like - the name is a bit misleading.

Laura: Mmm....

Andrew: Because this story didnít really relate to the Harry Potter stories. Do you guys know what I mean?

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah, itís no prequel to Harry, in retrospect. It's pretty much just a little novelty piece of his father and his best friend.

Andrew: Yeah. I guess it is telling. It is pretty informational for us Potter fans. It gives us an idea of, you know, what kind of thing James and Sirius would do on an average night. I assume they would cause trouble like that pretty often.

Laura and Matt: Mhm.

Matt: Do you think they maybe drank in a little bit too much butterbeer?

Andrew: Maybe.

Laura: Now, something I was kind of confused by when I read this, I know that there's obviously a restriction for underage wizardry, and they clearly werenít underage here, but I'd always been under the impression that there was also a restriction against magic in front of Muggles.

Andrew: You know what? I actually thought of that same thing too while I was reading. Whatís up with that?

Laura: It just...

Matt: They're reckless.

Laura: Obviously, they wouldnít care, but I just wonder if this was something they did regularly, you know, they would have to get in trouble for it, right?

Andrew: Yeah, right. So maybe they didnít do it regularly. But even still, they would probably get in trouble after this situation.

Laura: Yeah, I mean because the Ministry can track - I mean - well, they take the trace off when you turn 17.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: So maybe they - I don't know, maybe they don't and they would really have a hard time proving it. I mean...

Matt: But, I mean, you know, I mean, look at what happened to Harry and Ron when they used the flying car. I mean it was a huge risk exposure.

Laura: Yeah, thatís true.

Matt: But, I mean, then again, there werenít that many people that actually saw James and Sirius. So, you know, it would probably be a lot easier for them to erase the Muggle police officer's mind, rather than, you know...

Andrew: Like a whole group of people.

Laura: Mhm.

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: Yeah, but I mean...

Laura: True.

Micah: ...if you're a police officer, who's going to believe that story, that all of a sudden the police car raised on its back wheels and, you know, knocked you to the ground.

Andrew: There probably would be damage on the car, and maybe there would be no other way to explain it, 'cause there's no other evidence.

Micah: Yeah...

Andrew: I don't know.

Micah: ...the two guys that you've pulled over got on a motorcycle and flew away.

Andrew: Yeah. [laughs] What did you guys think of the nicknames that - I think it was James who came up with?

Laura: Oh yeah. When the officer said "Names!" like trying to get them to give their names, and he started...

Andrew: Right.

Laura: Yeah that was cute.

Andrew: Bathsheba Elvendork. Everyone really liked - I was looking at the comments, and everyone really liked Elvendork.

[Laura and Micah laugh]

Andrew: It's just kind of so random. [laughs]

Micah: Which is...

Laura: Yeah and...

Micah: ...unisex, by the way. That was funny.

Andrew: Oh, yes. [laughs] Yeah.

Laura: That also strongly reminded me of something Fred and George would do.

Micah: Yeah, exactly.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: It seemed that this was written probably pretty easily. I know she kind of alludes to that at the end...

Andrew: Yeah, she did.

Micah: ...but it just kind of shows you that, if she really wanted to, she could go down this avenue and continue to write about - something like the Marauders.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: And even if she wrote little stories just like this one...

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: Say you she wrote like twenty, thirty of them, threw them in a book. Little two page stories. Those would sell like crazy!

Micah: Absolutely.

Laura: Mhm. That's true.

Andrew: So, it's interesting. I guess the one thing that did bother me was that their was no room for development. I mean, I prefer a Harry Potter where there's development and, you know...

Laura: Mhm.

Andrew: ...a lot more detail. [laughs]

Laura: Yeah, that was the big problem...

Andrew: And I'm sure...

Laura: ...with the story.

Andrew: And I'm sure Jo was dying, only having - only being limited to write on the front and back of a piece of paper.

Micah: Think about how many of these types of stories she must have in her head, or written down somewhere, that she could just throw together and...

Andrew: Right. Right.

Micah: would certainly appease a lot of people in between now and whenever she plans on releasing an encyclopedia.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. Absolutely. So, I guess that's really all that's going on in the news this week. As I said, we are recording earlier in the week, so there's not as much news available to us.

News: New Photo of Harry and Ginny

Andrew: There's a new photo of Harry and Ginny available. Micah, what do you think of that new photo from Half-Blood Prince?

Matt: Mm.

Micah: There's a new photo from Half-Blood Prince?

Andrew: Why yes, Micah! There is!

Micah: Wow. That's just unbelievable. You know that?

Andrew: I know. It's really exciting.

Laura: I really liked...

Andrew: It's Harry...

Laura: ...her hair.

[Andrew and Micah laugh]

Matt: It's purty.

Andrew: Harry and Ginny are just hugging. It looks like it's in the Burrow. It's nice.

Matt: It's kind of bright.

Andrew: It is kind of bright. Matt thinks it could be from the teaser trailer.

Matt: I think it's just too theatrical of a piece. You know, when they release pictures, it's usually like an established shot or something. This looks to me like it was just like a snapshot or something, from something else.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: From like a video. And I was just thinking it's probably the teaser trailer.

Andrew: I think the quality of the photo hints at that too. It looks like - I don't know.

Matt: Yeah, it's not as... [sighs] ...I don't know how to explain it. It just doesn't look like the photos that we've been getting. I don't know.

Micah: You know what I think you have to do? Really? Seriously?

Andrew: What? What?

Micah: Is - WB is putting up these photos online and what you have to do is you have to print them out, put them in sequential order from when they were released, and make like a flip book, and that'll be your teaser trailer.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Oh! [laughs]

Matt: Ooh.

Andrew: And add some music.

Micah: Yeah! There you go.

Andrew: Like in iMovie on Mac. You can add some music. Aw, that'd be cool. We should do that and put it on YouTube!

Matt: Wow.

Teaser with Get Smart?

Andrew: Good idea, Micah. You know, speaking of the teaser trailer, June 20 is quickly approaching, which is when Get Smart - WB's Get Smart - will be released. And some people may remember - well, this is now the film that's rumored to have the teaser trailer on it.

Matt: Mhm. My Potter senses are tingling.

Andrew: [laughs] The Order of the Phoenix DVD came with a preview of Get Smart, so people are saying, "Oh, well, this is a little hint, then. Maybe they're using - both franchises are using each other to pump the promotion up." So, if there is a teaser trailer with Get Smart on this coming Friday, then it looks like we'll probably be doing a live show sometime that weekend.

Matt: Mhm.

Micah: Well, this is a smart idea.

Andrew: So keep...

Micah: No pun intended.

Andrew: What?

Micah: Umm...

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: Because, does Get Smart appeal to the same audience as Harry Potter? I mean, I know...

Andrew: No.

Micah: got WB connected, but...

Matt: No.

Micah: ...and Steven Carell, yeah...

Matt: But...

Micah: ...he's a funny guy, but I don't really think the demographic age-wise for Harry Potter is going to be seeing Get Smart.

Laura: I don't know.

Matt: No.

Laura: I mean, I thought it looked like something that parents would take - I thought it looked kind of like a family movie.

Matt: Mhm.

Laura: Like, the kind of thing that parents are going to take their kids to, you know?

Matt: Yeah. I mean, they'll take their kids to see Get Smart before the go see The Dark Knight. And that seems to be the other film that people are - that we're just debating whether it's going to be released with The Dark Knight or Get Smart. And I think, if they were to pick the two, they would pick Get Smart, because it would just incline people to go see Get Smart more than The Dark Knight. WB knows a whole bunch of people are going to go see The Dark Knight anyway. But they're probably more inclined to advertise at the Harry Potter trailer will be on for Get Smart, so people will go see that movie more.

Laura: Yeah. I agree with that. Because for people who don't know, I believe Get Smart is actually based on an older TV series by Mel Brooks.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, and so not as many people can identify with that as can with Batman. So, they already know people are going to go see that. So, why not...

Andrew: Yeah. Right.

Laura: ...throw Harry Potter on to Get Smart?

Matt: Just to throw out more publicity to go get the numbers up for that film.

Andrew: I'm trying to find the rating of Get Smart, too, because, I mean, Dark Knight's going to be rated PG-13, I believe, so...

Matt: I think Get Smart is PG-13.

Announcement: Favorite Moment of MuggleCast

Andrew: Oh, okay. All right. Well, either way I'm sure an announcement will appear on MuggleNet early in the week, and, well, when there is an announcement it will appear on MuggleNet and then we will be Twittering and announcing that at whenever we'll be doing our live show to discuss the teaser trailer, which also will be our 150th Episode, which leads us into our announcements this week. Micah, we're trying to put some plans together for Episode 150, isn't that right?

Micah: Yeah, we are. One of the ideas that we came up with was we wanted to get the fans' favorite moment, or even favorite episode may be too much, but kind of the favorite moment over the past 149 episodes. [laughs] You know...

Andrew: There's a lot of moments.

Micah: There's a lot of moments, but we want to pick out the very best and fans can submit the parts that they think were the best, and they can do that by sending an email to you, right?

Matt: Mhm. Well, how many do you think we'll post?

Andrew: Well, what we'll do is we'll play them throughout the live show, like before and after breaks, I'm thinking? Would probably be the best time, so we can play them throughout the show.

Matt: There'll be a lot.

Andrew: "Before we're going to take a break, but first," and then, you know, here's a couple moments. So, yeah. Maybe we'll try to fit in, like, 8-10?

Micah: That sounds about right.

Andrew: I mean, that's a lot. Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, that would be a lot, so if we do two each break or something, or four each break, that would be...

Micah: And we want people to do some research. Really go back into these episodes and find the very best moments. Go as far back as Episode 1. You know, don't just be like, "Oh, okay, I'm going to look over the last 20 episodes" and find the best, you know, moments. No, we want you to go through all of them.

Matt: And we'll know if you don't go to the first one first.

Andrew: We'll be honest, we're busy. We're busy right now. We don't really have time to go back to the archives and pull out our favorite moments. Besides, it's the listeners who made this show what it is today, so why not let you guys decide what the best moments are? So, send those in to andrew at staff dot mugglenet dot com. All you need to do is email me, in the subject line put "Best of MuggleCast Entry," explain why it's your favorite moment, include your name, and also the time code. So, if you're listening to MuggleCast right now look at your iPod, mp3 player, or your computer and you see that little time that's clicking by. It may say 25 minutes, 30 seconds, 31, 32. Send in that time code along with your email where the moment begins, and then I will go back, pull it, and then there you go. We've been getting a lot of entries already 'cause this news has already been posted on In other news, Laura, would you like to enlighten everyone about where we're going to be this summer?

Announcement: Portus 2008

Laura: Prison?

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: Prison?

Micah: Wow.

Laura: Oh, you mean before that. We're going to be in...

Andrew: [laughs] What?

Laura: ...Dallas, Texas at Portus 2008, which is going to be really fun. I feel like I say the same thing about this every week, but it's going to be awesome, so you should register.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: It's going to be so fetch.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: We've got to keep plugging it as much as possible because it's coming up soon and we want to make sure everyone can come. I made a mistake last week. I said the podcast is on Saturday. It's not on Saturday, it's on Friday.

Matt: Duh!

Andrew: So, yes.

Laura: God, Andrew, you can't even get your own venue time right?

Andrew: Yeah, I know. My bad, but now I know...

Micah: What time is it at?

Laura: This is terrible.

Andrew: It's going to be at midnight.

Micah: So it is Saturday.

Andrew: So technically...

Micah: You were right.

Andrew: Technically it's Saturday, but if you tell people Saturday, they're going to show up Saturday night. [laughs] So...

Matt: Mhm.

Laura: And no one will be there.

Andrew: The palooza starts around six or seven. They're actually going to put the podcasting panel, which is going to be all the podcasters, like, talking about podcasting, at the start of the palooza. That will be - I don't know the exact time yet; they haven't nailed that down, but MuggleCast will begin at midnight. Also...

Matt: Also...

Andrew: Sorry to keep talking. The MuggleCast - we are going to do a MuggleCast meet-up at Portus, so we can hang out with you guys more for a couple hours at a designated time. I mean, we'll see you at throughout the event multiple times, but we're going to have a MuggleCast meet-up most likely in the "Common Room." There's going to be a room in the hotel called the "Common Room" that Portus is owning, so to speak, and there's going to be a time for MuggleCast listeners to hang out there, and we want to have lots of fun. We'll have games. We'll try to have some food. We'll have some music, some cool music.

Matt: Cool music, not like...

Andrew: And, of course, we'll be there. So, we'll announce when the MuggleCast meet-up is as soon as we have that nailed down, but I feel like it'll be kind of fun, you know, to spend some extra time with the listeners. Right, guys?

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah, sure. Why not?

Laura: Yeah, that sounds great.

Andrew: So, that is that.

Micah: Yeah, and...

Matt: That is that.

Micah: ...Jim Dale's going to be at Portus, too. That's another reason to go. Right?

Matt: No way! Shut up!

Andrew: That's an excellent reason to go. Jim Dale will be there.

Micah: I hear he does voices.

Laura: Plus, everything's bigger in Texas. So you'll have fun.

Andrew: Including the fun!

[Micah laughs]

Matt: Wow. [laughs]

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: Let's move on to Muggle Mail this week.

Muggle Mail: Suggestion on Where Show Should Go

Micah: The first Muggle Mail comes from Chris Prithertch Roberts, 28, of Wales. He says:

"Hi all. First of all I'd like to say what a fantastic show you guys put on and how I really appreciate all the hard work you put in. I've only recently been able to listen to your shows, even though I've been following MuggleNet almost from the start. I think that you should not go to two weeks or when news breaks shows." Wow, that's not English. "I think that you should not go to two week shows, or when news breaks. I would prefer shorter, perhaps thirty minutes, weekly shows. You should ask for a fan referendum as to how you should proceed once you have finished the Chapter-by-Chapter and for any segment suggestions. Keep up the amazing job you do. Chris."

Andrew: Okay. Well, I think that's a good idea. I like what he's saying there, maybe a weekly half-hour show. That could be fun.

Matt: Yeah, but I mean half-hour? We spend a half-hour alone just talking about the news.

Andrew: Well, exactly.

Matt: Oh.

Andrew: That's all we need. Maybe news and fun segment? I don't know. There's still a lot to be decided. It's hard to...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: It's hard to figure out what to do.

Muggle Mail: Snape's Song

Matt: Our next email comes from Stephanie, 17, of Texas. She writes:

"Hi, MuggleCasters. So I was just wondering why Snape didn't get a song played for him in Episode 148. He's one of the most pivotal people in the series, and I think he deserves some closure. Maybe you all just forgot? Anyway, keep up the good work. I love all of you, especially those of you who haven't fallen prey to Stephenie Meyer's abomination of a series. 'Twilight' makes me want to gag. Seriously."

Andrew: Oooh.

Matt: Dang. I love this.

Laura: Oooh, ouch.

Matt: I love this whole fight between the Twilight fans and the Harry Potter fans. It's so hilarious to watch.

Andrew: Well, for anyone who also does not like Twilight, you can visit

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: ...for a complete list of why you should hate Twilight. So we did forget, we'll admit, we did forget to play a song for Snape. This was the fault of, I guess, all of us. Micah had an idea and then I forgot to get the song.

Micah: Except me. It's not my fault. I wasn't there.

Andrew: [laughs] But I did text you and ask you for what the song was before we started, and you never replied, so. Okay, well, we will play the song now. Micah, what is the song we will be playing for Snape?

Micah: The song is by The Who. It's called "Behind Blue Eyes," even though, you know, there's that little issue about the eyes. They were black, but, you know, we can't be perfect.

Matt: We'll just say they're Dan's eyes.

Micah: Pay attention to the lyrics. That's what's the most important thing.

["Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who plays]

Andrew: All right, there we go. Rest in peace, Snape. How we love you.

Muggle Mail: Origin of Shrieking Shack

Laura: Our last Muggle Mail comes from Lauren, 16, of Peach Tree City, Georgia. She writes:

"In the Episode 148 Chapter-by-Chapter discussion, you guys commented on why Voldemort was in the Shrieking Shack. One of you mentioned that Voldemort knew it was there because it had been there before the Marauders. However, if I remember correctly, Lupin discloses in Book 3 that the Shrieking Shack was built for his purposes to use during the nights in which he transformed into a werewolf. He needed a safe place and thus the Shrieking Shack was built, and the Whomping Willow was planted. I'm pretty sure this is what happened, but I might be wrong, so just let me know what you guys think."

Andrew: So there's been - there's been a lot of debate about this. What did you guys think it was?

Matt: I always thought - I thought - I thought they did the whole Whomping Willow and the tunnel to the Shrieking Shack was for Lupin, but I forgot that Dumbledore actually made that.

Laura: Yeah, see, I thought that that was all created for him, but I didn't know that the actual Shack itself had been created for him.

Matt: Yeah, that's, yeah...

Andrew: So I decided to look this up because I was tired of hearing, you know, people go back and forth on this. Mikey even said it wasn't created just for Lupin, but Mikey was wrong about this. The quote is from Prisoner of Azkaban, and I don't have a page number because I looked it up on a digital copy, but this is from the book: "'The truth is that it was planted because I came to Hogwarts.'" This is Lupin speaking. "'This house,' Lupin looked miserably around the room, 'The tunnel that leads to it, they were built for my use. Once a month, I was smuggled out of the castle into this place to transform. The tree was placed at the tunnel mouth to stop anyone coming across me while I was dangerous.'" So there you go. It was...

Matt: Yeah. It's - it makes a lot of sense.

Chapter-by-Chapter: Chapter 33, "The Prince's Tale"

Andrew: Yeah. All right, well, it's time to move on to Chapter-by-Chapter! This week we're talking about Chapter 32...

Matt: Actually, 33.

Andrew: 33?

Matt: Yes.

Andrew: "The Prince's Tale"!

Matt: Ooh, how 'bout that tale?

Voldemort Gives Harry One Hour

Andrew: So, there's a couple things - to start out this Chapter-by-Chapter discussion there's a couple things that really grinded my gears, personally. Everyone will remember that a couple weeks ago we discussed how the whole midnight request - that - that - that - Voldemort made and how I thought it was very Cinderella-ish. Well, this time, instead of the midnight-style request, Voldemort gives Harry an hour to present himself. And I think - what do you think was the difference between - why do you think he gave Harry an hour this time instead of the half hour? Because it's sort of like, "Okay, you're making me wait longer. Let me give you even longer." You know what I mean?

Matt: Well, the situation has changed a little bit. A lot of people have died now, and so he's trying to use the guilt trip on Harry now, and he's saying, "Well, you know, okay, dude, you have one hour, or we're going to do the same exact thing we just did, but now - but next time it's going to be everybody."

Andrew: Mmm.

Matt: "So, you let your friends die for you. You have one hour to stop this from happening again."

Micah: Right, and, I mean, he even says that he will join the fight himself, which is, you know...

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: That's obviously going to cause more casualties just by him showing up.

Andrew: So after this request, Voldemort says he'll - what was the quote, I don't have it here. Voldemort says basically that he will - "do you want to sacrifice more people, Harry," blah blah blah blah blah.

Matt: Oh, okay.

Andrew: And Ron says, "don't listen to him," and at this point I was thinking, what? Really? I mean, shouldn't they be thinking about the students a little more in this situation? Like I know Harry has to do this, but maybe should he - shouldn't there been a little more...

Matt: I think Ron was just telling Harry don't listen to him based on, you know, the whole guilt trip that Voldemort was trying to put on Harry.

Laura: Yeah, because he's going to kill everybody anyway. I mean if these people have been by Harry's side to this point, and they've already suffered a mass slaughter, then there's no reason to assume that they would just, you know, pick up their swords on Voldemort's side of the battle. Of course they wouldn't, regardless of what, you know, happens to Harry. So they were going to die anyway. Not to say that that degrades the - not to say that degrades their lives, but it just shows that they have something worth fighting for, you know?

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: It's true.

Voldemort Tries to Persuade Harry Supporters

Micah: Something that kind of surprised me is what he said right at the beginning of the chapter when he was doing this whole, you know, voice over the PA like you're in high school type of thing, where you get called down to the principal's office or something. But he said every drop of magical blood spilled is a loss and a waste. That doesn't sound like Voldemort to me, you know?

Matt: Mmm. He's trying...

Micah: I don't know if he was trying to use it to his own advantage or...

Matt: He's trying to persuade some of the survivors to stop fighting for Harry.

Andrew: I was just going to say, who was he addressing?

Matt: I think he was addressing the people who are still either injured or alive in the castle.

Andrew: Yeah, I would think he's just trying to get on the good side of the people he wants.

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: Because now they're a little more, you know, vulnerable.

Micah: Battle worn?

Laura: Well, he's trying to appeal to their survival instincts.

Matt: Their best interest, which is, yeah, their survival interests.

Andrew: So...

Laura: And you can also relate it to when a politician says something along those lines.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: You know, they have a certain agenda they're trying to achieve, and they try to make it sound like they're doing it for the good of the people, when really it's a personal agenda.

Andrew: Read my lips: no new taxes.

Micah: Really? Politicians do that?

The Grieving Scene

Matt: We see a few cameos in this chapter in the very beginning; we see Madam Pomfery again, who is treating a lot of the injured people in the castle, and we see Firenze, who fought in the battle as well, and he apparently is badly injured. His flank is poured with blood, and he shook where he laid, so he's in pretty bad shape. And then the sad part where Harry finally sees where all the dead bodies are being laid. They're being laid in the middle of the Great Hall, and I think now was the time that J.K. Rowling is letting the reader's grieve a little more for Fred Weasley's death, because we never really had a chance to, because the pace was so fast, but now we see Mrs. Weasley, she's outstretched on Fred's body shaking, and we see Mr. Weasley just crying, holding her head. We see George kneeling at Fred's head, and we also see Hermione approaching Ginny to hug her, and Ron is embraced by his two older brothers, Bill and Percy, and his sister-in-law, Fleur. And this was just a sad scene to behold.

Andrew: Yeah, and like Matt pointed out earlier to me, there's really - you can really feel the change in mood in this scene. It's so somber. You can actually feel it, can't you?

Matt: Yeah, it's - the part where it's unnaturally quiet and the book states how Hogwarts was almost too quiet that it was unnatural, and... [sighs]'s just sad.

Laura: Yeah.

Tonks and Lupin Are Dead

Matt: And then it couldn't make the situation any more upsetting than seeing both Lupin and Tonks's dead bodies right next to Fred's. What'd you guys think of Lupin and Tonks dying? I mean this was kind of just a shock because we didn't see it actually happen.

Micah: Honestly, I'll just say this. To me, when I read it for the first time it just seemed - it seemed right...

Andrew: Huh.

Micah: the sense that he was just going through - not right in the sense that they deserved to die, don't get me wrong, because I know I'll get plenty of - it just seemed like a natural progression because of the way that that scene was written, that all of a sudden he was going to turn around and he was going to see other people who he held very close to him lying there as well.

Matt: Mhm.

Micah: And I think what it did even more was it kind of isolated Harry from the whole scene that was taking place. You had the Weasleys, and Hermione and, Fleur who were surrounding Fred, and he really felt uncomfortable in that position, more so now because of what Voldemort had said earlier in the chapter. And he also felt, you know, like he didn't belong, and that this was really his fault, that Fred had died because of him, that Remus and Tonks had died because of him, and it - when I read it through for the first time, it - I don't know that struck me as hard as it struck some other people. It just seemed like there was going to be casualties of war, and it was a reality.

Laura: I felt very - sorry.

Micah: No, go ahead.

Laura: I felt very numb when I was reading it for the first time, because it was like everyone was dying. Didn't they say in this scene there were something like fifty people, just spread out dead across the Great Hall?

Andrew: Yeah. They were all lined up, I think, against...

Matt: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: of the walls.

Matt: They were all sleeping-looking.

Andrew: Do you guys think that Tonks and Lupin should have deserved a death scene, or do you think it was right for these two deaths to sort of come out of nowhere and just be listed?

Matt: Well, Lupin and...

Andrew: For such - such two big characters, though, Tonks and Lupin...

Matt: Lupin and Tonks weren't originally supposed to die, is that right? Wasn't J.K. Rowling...

Micah: That's right.

Matt: ...decided to kill them off later?

Micah: Right, yep.

Laura: Yeah, that's right.

Matt: Did she ever say why?

Micah: She was supposed to kill - she was supposed to kill Arthur Weasley in Order of the Phoenix, but she allowed him to live.

Andrew: Right.

Micah: And she killed these two characters instead.

Matt: She said in the interview that she reprieved Mr. Weasley, but killed two others instead at the same time. So...

Micah: Right.

Matt: The first time I heart that, I thought, well, okay, so she let this person live, and then she just automatically just killed two other people.

Micah: What was so weird about it was that she reprieved the character from a completely different book, and decided to kill the other two in Deathly Hallows...

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Micah: ...which is what didn't make sense to me. If you were - everyone was thinking, "oh a reprieve, she must have reprieved a character that was supposed to die in Deathly Hallows..."

Andrew: Right.

Micah: But, in fact, it was from two books earlier.

Matt: Yeah, I was not expecting Book 5.

Laura: Yeah. It just goes to show, Jo has a death quota.

Andrew: [laughs] Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Laura: Has to fill it in just the same way police officers have a ticket quota at the end of the month.

Andrew: But, you guys...

Laura: End of the book, you've got to have a certain amount of people dead.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: But you guys still didn't answer my question. Is...

Matt: Well, we didn't want to answer it.

Andrew: Do you think Tonks and Lupin deserved a death scene? Because a lot of people were complaining that poor Tonks and Lupin, here we are, they're made out to be pretty big characters; we see and hear from them a lot. Harry obviously has a lot of interaction with him in Prisoner of Azkaban. And then he just suddenly, out of nowhere, we just see that Tonks and Lupin are dead.

Matt: Well, Harry doesn't have to be around where all the people he knows dies.

Andrew: Well, that's my question.

Laura: Yeah, I think that would have been too much.

Andrew: Okay.

Laura: He had so many other things he was doing, it would have been, frankly, impossible for him to be around for every big character death. You know?

Andrew: Yeah, I guess it would have been...

Matt: Mhm.

Micah: And you have to think of the position, too, that would have put him in, because doesn't - Remus dies from, was it Dolohov? And then Tonks dies at the hand of Bellatrix. So, it would - he would have been in a very precarious situation there, where really - I mean he was a little bit safer off, not much, but a little bit safer doing what he was doing.

Matt: Mhm. And...

Micah: It would have been weird of them to cut to a scene where Remus and Tonks would die.

Matt: And if Harry was with them when Lupin and Tonks died, he would have been at the hands of Bellatrix and Dolohov. I mean, he would have been in the heart of the battle.

Micah: Exactly.

Laura: Mhm.

Matt: That's where they were. I mean, Tonks and Lupin knew pretty much what they were headed for at the beginning of the battle. And I respect that.

Micah: And to go back to what you were saying before, Matt, the reason why I think she killed them, she said in an interview she wanted the story to come full circle in the sense that, you know, a child was orphaned and was still able to grow up and have a good life, even though his parents were not around. And that was the reason why she felt that she needed to kill those two characters.

Matt: Yeah. I can understand that. Just to kind of, like, put Harry's little orphanage story full circle with that.

Andrew: Well, let's move it along.

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