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MuggleCast 149 Transcript (continued)

Harry Leaves The Great Hall

Matt: Okay, moving along. After the sight of the death in the Great Hall, Harry leaves the Great Hall trying not to let the emotion of all the passings affect him. And what do you guys think about that? Just the fact that Harry is trying just trying to just shut everything out at the moment. Do you think it's, you know, it's a good thing to suppress all that emotion?

Andrew: Well, when you see so many people in one room that you're close to, or when you see so many people dead because Voldemort wants you, I can't imagine how Harry would've been able to control his emotions and get that out of his head.

Matt: Yeah.

Laura: Obviously, none of us have ever been in that position.

Andrew: Right, but even...

Laura: I mean, I have, but...

Andrew: Well, yeah, like the death of a loved one?

Matt: Yeah.

Laura: Well, no, no! [laughs] I was being sarcastic.

Andrew and Matt: Oh!

Laura: You know, I went up against this dark wizard once.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Oh, that's right! Oh yeah!

Laura: Fifty of my friends died because of it. But I just - I can honestly understand how he was numb, you know? Like, it's such an emotion overload.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: You know how it is, like, when you've just had such a bad day, you had so much stress, and people have been yelling at you, at your job or school or whatever, and you get home and it's like nothing anyone else can say to you can make it worse.

Andrew: Right.

Matt: That's true, yeah.

Laura: And so it's like your mind's reaction is to just shut down, you know? Just, like, erase all reaction to that circumstance.

Matt: Yeah. You're just numb to anything else. I mean it's basically his emotion bucket is filled...

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Matt: ...and it can't get anymore full.

A Song for Lupin and Tonks

Andrew: All right, so now in memory of Lupin and Tonks, we will play, "Just the Two of Us" by Bill Withers.

["Just the Two of Us" by Bill Withers plays]

Snape's Childhood

Andrew: So, now we move on to the part of this chapter that really takes up the majority of it. And it's what we've really been wanting to know since Half-Blood Prince; it's Snape's memory. Everyone will remember that last chapter, Snape gave Harry a couple of his memories, so Harry went into Dumbledore's office and he's now going to jump into Snape's memories.

Matt: In the beginning of this Pensieve scene we see Snape looking at - watching Lily and Petunia with a greedy expression on his face. And I was just wondering, what kind of a - why would his emotion, or his expression, show greediness in it?

Andrew: He wants Lily. Is that what it means?

Micah: Well, we know that's the case, but... [laughs] ...I also think it's a little bit of the fact that he likes what Lily's doing to Petunia, in the sense of, you know, she's not really supposed to be doing magic, but is doing it anyway to kind of aggravate her sister.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: So Snape likes that rebellious attitude towards someone else.

Matt: Well, he may just like the fact that, you know, Lily has the upper hand on her sister, and because - I don't really think he sees the two as sisters; he probably sees Lily as the witch and Petunia as the Muggle. And he just likes the superiority of the two sisters.

Micah: Yeah. And he does call her Muggle-born, doesn't he? Or...

Matt: Yeah, he calls her Muggle-born, or Mudblood, a lot actually, until she starts to yell at him to stop. Yeah, okay, so what I was just wondering was, since Lily is underaged and she's, you know, underage wizards and witches can do magic unintentionally or without, you know, being reprimanded, but Lily can do it, you know, whenever she wants. She can do it as intentional, and Petunia told Lily that, "Mummy said not to do magic." And I was just wondering, was her mother ever informed on this, or was it just her mother telling her to stop doing those silly things? Was her mother, like, told by a Muggle, you know, witch enforcer, about, children should not be doing magic in front of Muggles.

Laura: Well, it could be, but if I recall correctly, didn't Hermione not know she was a witch until she got her letter from Hogwarts?

Matt: Mhm. But she didn't know...

Laura: So...

Andrew: Did she know that she was doing the magical stuff?

Laura: Well, they might not have known that it was magical, but, like, I kind of liken it to how kids will just do things and - and this is my experience, like I work in retail, so we get a lot of people coming in who aren't paying attention to their children, and then their children are doing dumb things, and then they kind of say, "Oh no, honey, don't do that," you know, and that's kind of what I liken it to. Like, maybe she did magic, but then her mom didn't see what it was and just saw that she had just done something weird, like maybe she got mad and she broke something...

Micah: Yeah.

Laura: ...and her mum assumed that she threw it, you know.

Matt: And she probably told Lily not to do that because it upset Petunia, also.

Andrew: But I still wonder what her mom was thinking. Like, was her mom like, "What is this? Is she magical? Or..."

Matt: Okay, so as we go along in the chapter, Snape confronts Lily and just, you know, her that he's been watching her and for awhile. And I was just kind of wondering, how long has Snape has actually been, you know, spying on Lily, you know? This was - I found this kind of cool that when Snape and Lily - when Lily starts to, you know, asking questions to Snape about, you know, being a witch and the wizarding world and everything, she actually queries about Dementors in Muggle world and underage magic. And I just thought it was a great parallel to her son from, you know, Order of the Phoenix, because, you know, that's exactly what happens to her son, is Dementors come into the Muggle world and attacks him while he's underage.

Laura: Yeah, and what's also great about this is we had assumed when Petunia had talked about talking about Lily and a man talking about Dementors, we all thought it was James, but it was really Snape.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Mhm.

Laura: But yeah, it is interesting. It's a nice little bit of foreshadowing on Jo's part. Well, not really foreshadowing but...

Matt: Pre-foreshadowing or something.

Laura: Yeah. Yeah. Pre-foreshadowing. [laughs]

Andrew: So there's a point here where Lily is talking to Snape, and Lily says, "He couldn't believe a Muggle could have contacted Hogwarts, that's all. He says there must be wizards working undercover in the postal service who take care of..." blah blah blah. How could this have been? Could there really have been wizards working undercover who handle - who keep an eye on the postal service for - for people writing to Hogwarts?

Matt: I can believe that.

Laura: Why not?

Matt: Yeah. I mean, not every wizard has to work in the Ministry.

Andrew: Yeah, but in the U.S. post office - but working undercover. I don't know, it just seems a little - it would be interesting if they did, but...

Matt: I mean...

Micah: And this is after they find out, or we find out as readers that Petunia had written to Dumbledore?

Matt: Yeah this - this is after when Snape read Petunia's letter, and he was just surprised that - that Petunia got a letter back from - from Dumbledore. That's what it was.

Micah: What if when it goes in the mail it just magically goes to Hogwarts? I don't know, that sounds kind of stupid, but...

Andrew: Thatís not a bad idea.

Matt: Like if someone writes an address and it magically just Apparates?

Andrew: Sorry, when I first started talking about this I said Lily talking to Snape or vice-versa, it was actually Lily talking to Petunia. My bad.

Petunia's Character

Matt: So moving along, letís talk about Petunia as a child and just her character at this point in the series. This is finally the part that J.K. Rowling has told her fans that weíll find out more about Petunia later on in Book 7. And do you guys think that this was kind of like a cop out? To me it seemed kind of just too - kind of an easy outcome for Petuniaís character. Okay, she was jealous of being a witch - that she wasnít a witch. Thatís what I got from it.

Micah: I think that, based on her character throughout the entire series, that this was kind of surprising to see how badly she wanted to be like Lily and how badly she wanted to go to Hogwarts. But then I think, if we would have known this beforehand and known the way that she turned out, I guess it would've been kind of expected that thatís how she would treat Harry...

Matt: Uh-huh.

Micah: ...because Harry was something that she could never have been.

Matt: But isnít it kind of obvious? I mean, didnít we all think that thatís the way she was? Like I mean - I thought that there was this huge secret behind her or something.

Micah: Didnít a lot of people also contemplate that she was the one who was supposed to be able to do magic later in life?

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: Are we going to see something from her?

Andrew: Right.

Micah: But that ended up not happening.

Matt: At all?

Micah: J.K. Rowling said she left it out of the book completely. So no one ended up doing magic later in life.

On the Train, Meeting James and Sirius

Matt: We skipped through the pensieve through transitions, and we come to the part where Snape and Lily are on the train, and they meet Sirius and James. And what I - which was kind of a cool quote was, basically find out what Snapeís vision of what Gryffindors are, because, you know, Sirius and James were talking about like, "Well, I want to be in Gryffindor, Gryffindor is the bravest and everything." Snape says "So, youíd rather be brawny than brainy?" And I was just wondering if thatís how the whole Slytherin House sees Gryffindor. Just this full brawns and no brains.

Micah: But why Slytherin, thatís my question. If he wants to be brainy why wouldnít he be in Ravenclaw? Whatís the draw for Snape to Slytherin?

Matt: Well, Iím sure the Slytherinís pride themselves in pretty much the best in all of the categories in the Houses. So they probably just...

Andrew: Maybe.

Matt: ...see themselves more - but you always compare brains and brawns too. You donít compare like - with anything else.

Andrew: What is brawns exactly?

Matt: It's like brute strength, I think.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: So why...? Was Gryffindor a bunch a jocks back then, in the day? Because look at it now; it's got, you know, characters like Ron Weasley or all the Weasleys.

Laura: Well, it's not - it's not - I wouldn't consider it like jock. I mean technically it's...

Matt: It's mighthood.

Laura: ...strength. It's like strength against intelligence basically. So like, for instance, we know that a Gryffindor is far more likely to leap before they look.

Matt: Right.

Laura: You know? So I think it's just kind of that whole dynamic that we've seen that's almost stereotypical of Gryffindors and Slytherins. Slytherins are more inclined to look both ways, whereas Gryffindors are very charged by their emotions and their gut feeling as opposed to thinking.

A Different Dumbledore

Matt: Slytherins are more concerned for their well being than, you know, for the fight itself. The whole Snape versus Dumbledore we actually get to see again when Snape comes to Dumbledore for, you know, for repent on the stuff that he did. And what did you guys think about when you read this chapter? I - I mean we get to see a side of Dumbledore that we haven't seen before, a more of a disgust look, and it was just a different side that we haven't seen before.

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, it finally connects everything that we've been - this whole seen finally we've been wanting to hear for so long, and of course this is also the scene where we find out that Harry needs to die, which we will talk about in a second, but...

Laura: Yeah, well, I also think that it goes to show that Dumbledore got almost stereotyped by a lot of his critics, because people would say that he would just welcome people back with open arms. And it's really not the case here. He very much criticizes Snape. It's not that he won't allow him the opportunity, but he does make him prove himself.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yes.

Micah: Absolutely, and, Matt, you even put the line here where he says, "You disgust me", and, you know, it said in the book that never had Harry seen such contempt in Dumbledore's eyes. So it's a completely different look at Dumbledore from what we're used to seeing, as Laura mentioned.

Andrew: Dumbledore was essentially saying take it or leave it.

Laura: Mhm.

Andrew: You know, are you going to be on my side or not? And it's just amazing that Snape actually just is like yeah, yeah, yeah. It's like Dumbledore doesn't need to...

Matt: Well, there is an instance...

Andrew: ...try to pull Snape in. Snape just comes to him.

Lily is Snape's Motivation

Laura: Well, yeah, Dumbledore is offering him what Voldemort won't, you know? And I think that goes to show that Snape, it's really hard to call him a good or a bad person, because on the one hand he is actually protecting someone he loves at great expense to himself, but on the other he's only doing the right thing because of her. And furthermore, Dumbledore even said - what was it? "You do not care then about the deaths of her husband and child. They can die as long as you have what you want?"

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: And so it was to show that Snape, he might not even care so much about what Lily wanted. You know?

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: But Dumbledore is being hypocritical there himself, though. I mean it's funny because in this very instant, he is manipulating Snape and playing off the fact that Snape cares deeply for Lily. And that's kind of what Voldemort does to a lot of his victims throughout the course of the series. He plays off their emotions.

Matt: Right.

Micah: In that instant Dumbledore is no better than Voldemort.

Laura: Well, except for the fact that he's not doing it to kill people.

Matt: Well, and also, Dumbledore's basically telling him, you know, there are certain, you know, things we're going to have to do in order for you to uphold what you promised. As, you know, like - in order to protect Lily and her remembrance, you have to basically just swallow the contempt you have for James and protect his son.

Micah: We learn a lot about Snape kind of through these intermittent memories that pop up, and, you know, that he's really doing a lot of this that probably wasn't expected of him, and that the whole reason behind him protecting Harry was for Lily. Everything throughout the rest of the series that he does is really for Lily.

Harry Raised as a Pig for Slaughter

Andrew: Yeah. Well, moving along. Then we find out about the ring Horcrux. Snape was able to stop the spell temporarily, hence the black hand, but Snape just tells him - does Snape tell him or does Dumbledore just says it?

Matt: Snape basically - yeah, Dumbledore asks how long does he have, and Snape tells him he has a year to live.

Andrew: So Dumbledore breaks the news to Snape that Harry has to die in order for Voldemort to die. It's something that really hadn't been speculated about much, although I know MuggleNet Emerson and Ben were big believers in the fact that Harry was a Horcrux. Micah, what did you think when you read this?

Micah: Yeah, it was - Eric did a whole show about it. I mean he raised him as a pig for slaughter.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: Absolutely. And Snape went off on Dumbledore, and he had every right to.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Well, that was the big bombshell, and I believe that's what happens at the end of the chapter.

Laura Disappears

Andrew: All right, well I want to point out real quick that Laura was in the middle of some really heavy thunder storms and her Internet died, so she may be back on the show, but probably not...

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: If not...

Matt: Let's just hope she's still alive by the morning.

Quote Quiz

Andrew: Well, it's just a thunder storm. Anyway, it's time for Quote Quiz! [echoes] "It's all part of the plan. There's something I've got to do. Listen, Neville!" That's Quote Quiz this week.

Matt: Oh, geez. So, it's not Neville who talks?


Andrew: So now that it's just the three of us, let's do Favorites this week.

Matt: Mm'kay!

Andrew: Haven't done Favorites for a while, and we're going to do one sent in by a listener. It's from Kaitlyn, 20, of Alabama. She writes:

"Hey y'all! I love the show and have been a listener since Episode 50. Hope y'all are still doing favorites because I have an idea. I'm about five episodes behind so I hope y'all have not done this yet. In Episode 133, y'all briefly discussed teaser trailers and I was wondering which one y'all..."

[laughs] She likes saying "y'all."

Matt: Y'all!

Andrew: " the most. My favorite is the one for 'Goblet of Fire' when they showed shots of the trio in years one, two, three, and four. I love how they showed how much the trio has grown up and how much closer they're becoming. I hope you like my idea. Pickles, Kaitlyn."

So, I think this is fitting since we're hoping that the teaser trailer comes out - the next teaser trailer comes out with Half-Blood Prince - er, with Get Smart on June 20. Matt...

Matt: Yes?

Andrew: We'll start with you. What's your favorite teaser trailer?

Matt: My favorite teaser trailer will have to be just like Kaitlyn's; it's the Goblet of Fire one, because for pretty much the same reasons. I love the whole transition from the trio's age through, you know, chronological order of how they grew and just the music from the third film, "Window to the Past" by John Williams, of course, and it just flowed so naturally good, and it was just a great transition between the last - the previous movies to the new one that you're going to go watch!

Andrew: Yeah. I'm actually going to agree with Matt and Kaitlyn. The Goblet of Fire teaser trailer, it really sent a powerful message when that beginning - they added a whole beginning to it just to take a look back, and they extended the typical teaser trailer length - just to get a look back at how much they've grown. And I have to wonder why they did that, because I don't know if that was necessary, but I do think that it was a good idea, and it was very touching. Now, Micah, how about you?

Micah: Well, I'll go with the Order of the Phoenix because I'm not going to agree with three other people.

Matt: Why not?

Micah: I think that's too easy after, you know, letting you guys go first.

Andrew: Right. [laughs]

Micah: So I like the whole Dumbledore and the Ministry courtroom going, "The evidence the Dark Lord has returned is incontrovertible," and the whole Snape scene telling Harry to prove it.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: That was great. That's what really got me really excited for that movie.

Micah: And then it was a miserable failure, so...

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: Well, don't say that. It wasn't a miserable failure.

Micah: No, it wasn't. It was a good movie. It wasn't the best one, I don't think, but it was a good movie.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: All right, well, now we're going to move on to some voicemails here.

Voicemail: Accio-ing People

[Audio]: Hi MuggleCast! I'm Iris, from Montana. I have a question about Accio: I always thought you couldn't Accio a person, but in the chapter "The Seven Potters" when Harry and Hagrid are flying on the motorcycle, and Hagrid is knocked into the air, Harry yells, "Accio Hagrid!" and Hagrid zooms back up to the motorcycle. Then, I got to thinking - if you could Accio people, why has no one ever tried to Accio Voldemort? I mean, I know he probably uses protective spells around him, but not always. So couldn't someone just Accio Voldemort and then before he realizes where he is, they could quickly Stupefy him and kill him. Anyway, I love the show. You guys are awesome. Thanks. Bye.

Matt: Didn't she - I could've sworn I read an e-mail exactly like this.

Andrew: Well, there's always a lot of questions over Accio, because...

Matt: Is that true, though? Did he call on him - did he call Accio on Hagrid and he flew back?

Andrew: He didn't come back, but he tried to.

Micah: He tried to, yeah. But it didn't work.

Andrew: Right. But apparently, in theory, it would work. So...

Matt: Is it - does that work on just inanimate objects, though?

Andrew: Well, I don't think so, because Harry was trying it. I don't know if Harry would make a mistake about that.

Matt: Well, he probably said it in like desperate - I mean he was - in despertation. You know, you just say what the first thing comes to your mind. And Accio is a summoning charm.

Andrew: Yeah, I guess. I don't know. Micah, do you have any thoughts on this?

Micah: I mean, why would you want to Accio Voldemort?

Andrew: Well, then her idea was...

Matt: If it works ways, why couldn't Voldemort Accio Harry?

Andrew: That's true. Well, I think Accio's one of those things - I think by definition it's only an object. I don't know if [unintelligible] said that it would work.

Micah: Doesn't have to be within reach though, too? I mean, you can't just say it and have Voldemort fly five countries away.

Matt: Well, Harry's Accio-ed his broom during the Triwizard Tournament, too.

Andrew: Right. And that was from really far away.

Matt: That was from the castle.

Andrew: Yeah.

Micah: But then didn't she say Stupefy Voldemort and kill him? I mean, that's not exactly going to work, is it?

Andrew: No.

Micah: Because of all the Horcruxes.

Andrew: Right. I think Accio is just one of those things in Harry Potter that, you know - it's sort of a flaw but it's not. It's just one of those - it's like one of those - why do you never see them use the bathroom? It's just another one of those types of things, I think.

Matt: I guess.

Andrew: I think there's only one answer to this.

Matt: M'kay.

Andrew: Another voicemail!

Voicemail: Naming Houses

[Audio]: Hi MuggleCast, this is Nicole. I'm from New Hampshire. I have a really random question that I was thinking about the other day, is why that so many people in the Harry Potter series have a name for their house? Like, the Burrow and Shell Cottage. And I was wondering, like, do you think it's because to make it easier to, like, Apparate there or something? I don't know, I was just wondering your thoughts on that, because, I don't know, I found that really interesting, like, why so many people name their houses. I don't know. I love the show, and Matt's my favorite. Bye!

Andrew: Is it a literary device to just have names for the houses, like the Burrow, the Shrieking Shack...

Matt: Well, we never hear any addresses, maybe that's just the way they get around is they call out, you know, names for like Floo Powder...

Andrew: Well, right, that's what she was saying. By Fl - it would help by Floo Powder if places just had names. It is kind of worth noting. Or is that just how storytelling works? You have names instead of addresses? What do you think, Micah?

Micah: I mean, I think it just gives a different feel to it. It separates them from the Muggle world, like Number 4 Privet Drive, you know?

Andrew: Right.

Micah: It's just...

Andrew: Only that's an actual address.

Micah: It's different. I mean, I know you got Grimmauld Place.

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: So. I don't know, maybe it's just J.K. Rowling's writing style. Maybe it's just the way the British do it.

Andrew: All right, so we have one more voicemail to get to. Laura is back. Laura, you got your Internet - you got your Internet fixed? You survived?

Laura: Oh, for right now, anyhow. You know.

Andrew: Okay, well we'll try to...

Matt: Way to stay optimistic there, Laura. Woo!

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Andrew: All right, let's - next voicemail!

Voicemail: Ending the Movie on a Sad Note

[Audio]: Hi MuggleCast, this is Molly from Rhode Island, and I'm just calling because I just finished listening to Episode 148, and you wanted - didn't want Dumbledore's funeral cut, but you felt that it might because it was too sad, but I was also thinking that in Movie 4, Goblet of Fire, they had a pretty sad ending with Cedric's funeral, so I know not everybody likes Cedric. So I'm [unintelligible] to the show, but I just thought I might add that. So, thanks! Bye!

Matt: Well it wasn't - they didn't - that wasn't a funeral. Cedric Diggory - did he even have a funeral?

Laura: No...

Andrew: But that was their...

Laura: ...he didn't.

Andrew: That was their way of...

Matt: Their eulogy? Sort of? They just used...

Laura: Yeah, but Dumbledore did give that presentation in the fourth book, though.

Matt: Yeah, they didn't take anything out from...

Andrew: Well, I think what the caller was just suggesting was that that's one way they could do it instead of doing a funeral.

Matt: Well, that's basically what happened at the funeral, too, is that there was this huge speech, but, I mean, are they going to really have that? I think that's what we were discussing in the last episode was...

Micah: You know what I thought was kind of weird, though? Was - you know how at the end of Half-Blood Prince there's that burst of flames and the Phoenix rises, or what Harry thinks is a Phoenix?

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: But then in Deathly Hallows, Voldemort goes into the casket and takes the Elder Wand.

Matt: Right.

Laura: Mhm.

Micah: How is that possible...

Laura: Oh yeah, it's going to be random.

Micah: ...if the casket burst into flames? [Laura laughs]

Micah: No, but isn't that a book mistake? I mean...

Laura: Oh, no...

Micah: ...the casket burst into flames.

Matt: No, the casket doesn't burst into flames. It's like a magic thing where it - it...

Laura: It enclosed his body, didn't it?

Matt: Yeah. Yes.

Laura: His body caught on fire...

Micah: Oh, okay.

Laura: ...and then the tomb grew around him.

Micah: Gotcha.

Matt: It was kind of like a magical way of burying him.

Laura: But I think you do bring up kind of a problem because it'll just - I mean at least to me, and not that these movies haven't been random before, but it'll seem somewhat random if they completely disregard a funeral scene and then suddenly, in the seventh book, you have Voldemort breaking into Dumbledore's coffin.

Andrew: Oh yeah. Yeah.

Laura: It'll seem weird.

Micah: He's still going to die, though. I mean...

Laura: Yeah, he'll die, but it's just - I don't know. I think it will seem random because it's, like, the place will hold no significance, really, especially for people who haven't read the book. They're going to see Snape and Voldemort approaching this coffin and they're...

Matt: I think it's sad...

Laura: ...going to be, like, "What the hell is this?"

Matt: ...just in general, because they're going to - odds are they'll have Dobby's funeral scene and cut Dumbledore's funeral scene.

Micah: But what if - what if he just burst into flames right on the ground in front of them, sort of like...

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: ...a mock grave was created right there? Could they get away with it like that?

Matt: It'd be cheap.

[Laura laughs]

Micah: Yeah, well...

Laura: A mock grave at the foot of the Astronomy Tower?

Andrew: Yeah, exactly.

Laura: [laughs] How random would that be?

Micah: I wouldn't put it past them.

Laura: Walking around the castle and there's Dumbledore's...

Micah: Because the thing is...

[Andrew laughs]

Micah: ...they don't bring back the characters, right?

Matt: They just light him on fire. That's so sad.

Micah: They're not bringing back all the characters that show up at this funeral.

Laura: Oh, I'm sure not.

Matt: Yeah, they're not going to bring Umbridge back until the...

Andrew: That's right. She was there.

Matt: ...seventh - yeah.

Andrew: Yeah. Well, I don't know. It just seems like a really big deal, so that's why we're talking about it more. But, to wrap up the show today, we have a Chicken Soup.

Chicken Soup for the MuggleCast Soul

Laura: Our Chicken Soup comes from Kelsey, age: old enough to appreciate goat jokes. Ooo.

[Andrew and Laura laugh]

Laura: Location, Texas. She writes:

"Hey, MuggleCasters. I've been listening to MuggleCast since Episode 20 and I'm an avid fan. However, once my life became centered around my boyfriend, later my fiance, I had less time to listen to your weekly episodes. Well, recently, he decided that I wasn't the girl for him, leaving me devastated. I am currently unable to listen to music or watch movies without bursting into tears. Happily though, MuggleCast has become my cure. I've been catching up on all the episodes I've missed and am not reminded of him. I actually laughed for the first time since he left me at one of Andrew's jokes and I'm doing a lot better. He and I are going to be friends and by listening to MuggleCast, I am able to face that with a smile on my face. My favorites are Andrew, Matt, Micah, and Ben, who needs to host again and make me smile. Thanks for..."

Micah: And Laura. You forgot Laura.

Laura: Yeah, and Laura.

[Andrew laughs]

Matt: Laura's my favorite.

Laura: [laughs] "Thank you for helping my heart heal. Kelsey."

Matt: Awww.

Andrew: Well, I'm glad my joke made such an impact. I mean, I know I'm very funny, so...

Matt: And very...

Laura: Yeah.

Andrew: So, it was no surprise, personally.

Matt: Yeah, okay. I'm going to deflate your head right now.

Andrew: [laughs] Well, thank you for that, Kelsey. I hope things work out. But, really, you know, we here at MuggleCast, if we've learned anything, it's that you don't really need real friends. You have the MuggleCasters. Ding!

Matt: Well, I mean, we're not saying don't get friends. I mean, it'd be kind of nice.

Next Episode is Live

Andrew: We're your friends. No, I'm being a bad influence. Well, I think that wraps up our show for today. I personally am looking forward to the live show next week. I don't know about you guys.

Matt: I'm really, really, really...

Laura: Yeah, they're so fun.

Matt: ...really, really, really excited.

Andrew: They are so fun. Everyone always loves them when we do them. But the good thing about MuggleCast live is that it is live and completely unscripted and if one of us curses, which, of course, we don't, but if one of us curses...

Micah: I might.

Andrew: know, there's no going back. Micah might. If we bring up a new Half-Blood Prince picture he just may.

[Laura laughs]

Contact Information

Andrew: Or if he doesn't like the teaser trailer. Look out! But in the meantime, let's remind everyone of our contact information if they want to get in touch with us. Laura, what is the P.O. Box?

Laura: [laughs] It's P.O. Box 3151, Cummings, Georgia, 30028.

Andrew: You can also call in a MuggleCast - you can also call in a question if you would like to be part of our voicemail segment. To do that, if you're in the United States you can dial 1-218-20-MAGIC. If you're in the United Kingdom you can dial 0-20-8144-0677, and if you're in Australia you can dial...

Andrew, Laura, and Matt: 028-0335-668.

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: You can also Skype the username MuggleCast to call us that way for free, or just visit

[Show music begins]

Andrew: ...for our handy feedback form to contact any one of us, or use our first name at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Don't forget that also has a variety of community links to get more involved in the MuggleCast fandom. We have our MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Frappr, Last.FM, and the fanlisting and forums at I was under scrutiny this week for not saying the URL because we...

Matt: They were so ticked off with you, Andrew.

Andrew: Because we plugged TwilightSource but we don't plug the fan forums. So there they go, there they are. You can also follow us on Twitter at Digg the show at, and vote for us once a month at Podcast Alley.

Show Close

Andrew: Once again, as a reminder, keep an eye on this week for an update about a live show if the teaser trailer does come out with Get Smart. And also we'll be Twittering about it the moment we decide on a date and a time. So that does it for us this week. Episode 149.

Matt: Wow.

Andrew: 150. What's 150 in Spanish?

Laura: It would be ciento...

Matt: Ciento mucho.

Andrew: Muchos. [laughs]

Laura: Ciento cinquenta, I think. I think. I'm terrible with numbers in Spanish, though.

Andrew: Ah, well, okay, well, point being, it's a big episode, and we hope it's the live show. That would be wonderful timing. So thank you, everyone, for listening. Once again I'm Andrew Sims.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: And I'm Matt Britton.

Andrew: We'll see you next week for Episode one hundred...

Andrew and Matt: 50!

Andrew: Buh-bye.

Laura and Matt: Bye!

Micah: Bye.

[Show music ends]

Blooper 1

Andrew: Let's move on to Muggle Mail this week. Matt...

Matt: Oh, hell no, you are not giving me this one.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: What is it?

Laura: [laughs] What, because you can't pronounce the last...

Matt: No, the middle - yeah.

Micah: You want me to try it? I'll go for it, I don't care. If I butcher he name, I butcher the name.

Blooper 2

Andrew: All right, there you go. Rest in peace, Snape. How we love you.

Matt: How we all misunderstood.

Micah: Where the hell's the song?

Andrew: I can't play it. I don't have it set up. We're just going to pretend I just played it.

Micah: Oh.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: Oh!

Matt: So let's just pretend we just listened to it.

Andrew: Next week hopefully I'll have the whole studio set up, and then we...

Micah: Oh, gotcha.

Matt: Are we going to redo that?

Andrew: No.

Matt: Oh, okay.

Blooper 3

Laura: Can we not do anything the easy way away here?! Good God.

Blooper 4

Matt: Well, Lord Voldemort - Lord Voldemort is basically giving them an option to live, and...

Laura: I could not hear a word you just said.

Matt: I love you.

Laura: You guys there?

Blooper 5

Matt: It's a very peaceful kind of quietness when you get from a dead body. But I mean, I don't get it, but... wait, that didn't make any sense. Can we just cut that part out? [laughs]

Written by: The Transcribers