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MuggleCast 154 Transcript (continued)

Eric's Solution for Future Generations

Eric: Actually, you know, I have the solution to that, Ben. The thing you were saying earlier about our, you know, future generations not being able to wait. I think we as parents should just take away their seventh book. You know...

Ben: Don't allow them to read it.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: Kind of like Santa Clause. You know, when people... [laughs]

Laura: Give it to them at midnight. [laughs]

Andrew: That's what Scholastic and Bloomsbury should do. Ten years from now, take all the books off store shelves and release each one, one per year...

[Eric laughs]

Andrew: And you make people wait. You do all these releases all over again.

Eric: You think that...

Andrew: Talk about a money maker.

Jo Revising the Books

Ben: They should release, like - don't you remember when Jo said a while ago that she, at one point, would go back and revise the books?

Andrew: Did she?

Laura: Oh yeah! She did.

Ben: She said that. She said that she'd go back and go through the books and make them better, you know what I mean? Do something like that.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: I mean, that could just be a kind of a pipe dream on her part. Because if I was her, I'd be tired of all the Harry Potter crap. It's not crap, but you know what I mean.

Eric: I think what she said was, that if she did go back it would be to Book 4, which she felt was rushed.

Matt: Yeah, it would be Goblet of Fire, she said it was her favorite.

Micah: Well, look what she already did with - didn't she put in some extra writing to the tenth anniversary of Sorcerer's Stone?

Andrew: Yeah, she did something. She added like a foreword or something to it.

Eric: You'd think she's itching though, because she just out of nowhere came up with that Harry Potter prequel, for charity. She just out of absolutely nowhere there's a page and a half, probably took her a minute, and that stuff's still living on inside her. So, I'm just - that's like a treasure trove. I mean, her mind, you know.

Jo's Future Works

Ben: Do you think - I think we've discussed this before, but it's probably been awhile since we brought it up - do you think that when Jo releases her next book, that she's going to release it under an alias?

Eric: No.

Andrew: I hope not.

Ben: Because here's - here's the two sides of the story. Of course she wouldn't - one party is going to say, "Of course she's going to release it as J.K. Rowling. Why would she want to do anything else? If she releases it as J.K. Rowling, it's going to sell so much more." Right?

Andrew: Right.

Ben: But, at the same time, you have to keep in mind that she's a billionaire. So money isn't exactly an issue with her. So maybe she would want to release it under a different alias just to see if she could become successful again through different means without having J.K. Rowling, her title, be what makes her successful.

Andrew: No, I think that's right.

Laura: Didn't she mention something at one point about publishing under a pseudonym?

Andrew: Maybe jokingly. I think she said it jokingly.

Laura: Oh, 'cause I remember something about she was writing a children's fairy tale.

Andrew: Oh yeah.

Laura: And I thought that she'd mentioned she wasn't thinking of publishing it under her name.

Andrew: No, you're right about that.

Micah: And a political thriller, right? Or a political mystery or something along those lines?

Eric: Yeah, yeah.

Andrew: Something like that.

Micah: But she could give money to charity, too. I mean, that would be another benefit of writing under her name.

Eric: Wouldn't we find out that it was her?

Andrew: You know, someone...

Laura: Probably.

Andrew: ...called her the other day - not the other day - I've read somewhere, somebody called her a one-hit wonder and I was like, "You know what?!"

Laura: Are you kidding me?

Ben: More like a seven hit wonder.

Andrew: No, but wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. They're kind of right because we've only seen Jo write one series.

Eric: That's all we need!

Matt: Seven books of it though.

Andrew: Seven books, but it's still the one series, so I'm thinking what happens if, you know, I wonder if she feels pressured to, you know, like what happens if she writes another book, a different series, and it's a flop?

Eric: I do not think it's possible. I do not think it's possible.

Matt: It will not flop.

Andrew: You don't know that.

Matt: Even if it's a horrible story, it's not going to flop.

Andrew: Story-wise, though. Putting - putting - putting aside the fact that she's J.K. Rowling, say she did it under an alias and we all read it, would we think it's just as good?

Ben: Well, absolutely not.

Andrew: Or are we clouded by the fact that it's Harry Potter?

Eric: No, I'm almost positive...

Ben: No, no, here's the thing - here's the thing, though. Here's the thing about it is, imagine when a band releases, you know, an album that people are just so amazed by, okay? People are just, like, "Man, this is the best album ever." More time - more often than not, the next album that they release, most people are like, "Man, this is," even if it's a really good album, they're still comparing it to the last album. And since the last album is the album they heard first, they've already built such a positive association with it that nothing else really stands up to it, you know what I'm saying?

Eric: I understand.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah.

Ben: So, when Jo writes another series, it really - it would really have to knock our socks off in order for us to not think it was worse than Harry Potter.

Eric: But I think that - I think that writing is a little bit different from - from song-making for one reason, which is that I - I - I don't necessarily think that whatever she writes is going to garner the huge, you know, fan thing that Harry Potter had, but as an author, she's the one who actually wrote the words that have touched so many people. She - just the way that she writes, the way that she has progressed in writing, the way that she illustrates her characters, it would be impossible for - I think it would be impossible for her next writing venture to not be as well written, in a way, or as - as - as - as appliable to - to people. I think just as many people will identify with whatever she writes because she's got that voice. She's got that writing talent to be able to bring people in, even if she's not writing a Harry Potter book.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah, there's no doubt that she's talented...

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: ...but I don't think that necessarily means that her next work is going to be just as good or on the same level as Harry Potter, because...

Eric: I wouldn't compare it to Harry Potter.

Ben: But you're one of the few who wouldn't.

Laura: I was going to say, nothing's ever going to compare to Harry Potter, and Jo herself even acknowledged that. And frankly, she was glad at the prospect of the reporters packing up and going away, so she could actually write something else and not get as much attention. I don't know that it's really - I mean, even fair to compare anything she would write next to Harry Potter. People will do it, but Harry Potter's such a classic thing, and a lot of the series is the hype that surrounded it and the suspense that we all had going into the next book. That's something that we're not going to have again, and I think it's unique and we need to accept that as what it is and not expect her to put out another huge world phenomenon like that. But it doesn't mean it's not going to be good.

Ben: Right. It doesn't mean that she - what if she does do it again, you know? Like, it would be - it's improbable, but I'm saying, why not, you know - like I said, don't set yourself up for - don't have expectations that are too high and be thinking, "Oh my gosh. It's J.K. Rowling. She's not going to disappoint." But at the same time approach it with an open mind, you know?

Andrew: Oh sure.

Ben: Like don't - don't compare it to Harry.

The Encyclopedia

Eric: Do you think they'll be a midnight release for the Harry Potter encyclopedia?

Andrew: Yes. Yes, no question.

Ben: Absolutely, absolutely.

Eric: Okay.

Laura: We should all go.

Ben: We will.

Andrew: Oh of course.

Eric: Yeah, we should...

Andrew: I think that there will be just as much hype because it is like a new Harry Potter. You're learning just as much information.

Eric: Yeah, maybe, but...

Andrew: Why wouldn't you?

Eric: Because it's ...

Andrew: It's just as exciting.

Eric: It's not the narrative. It's not at all ...

Ben: Just as long as Steve Vander Ark doesn't publish it first.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: So we should move on.

Andrew: See, I would go to a midnight release for that too. There would be just as much hype.

Eric: We should move on.

Jo Should Update her Site

Micah: You know the one thing that I will say is that, she should update her site. I mean that - she hasn't updated it in months, I think.

Ben: Ladies and gentlemen, what's bugging Micah.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: But seriously, I mean, she's done a couple of little things here and there, but nothing, you know, kind of an overhaul.

Eric: Yeah we - we still care about her.

Micah: No new material for us.

Andrew: Maybe she's saving it all for the encyclopedia. Maybe she's working on it heavily.

Micah: Maybe she's on vacation.

Andrew: Maybe she's on vac - maybe she's sick of Harry Potter.

Eric: Maybe she's raising her kids. She's got three of them.

Andrew: Yeah, maybe she has a life.

[Ben laughs]

Andrew: Maybe she thinks we're all suckers for continuing on with the sites...

[Eric laughs]

No More Harry Potter Books

Andrew: ...and the podcasts, and the Wizard Rock, while she's moved on now, she's already got her next book all ready to go. Back to the one-hit wonder thing, I know that that - that stirred all you guys up, but I mean it is good that Jo did say that she can't - she'll never do another Harry Potter, or she doesn't think she would be able to. I mean that's a lot to live up to because one of the things people love J.K. Rowling for with Harry Potter so much is that the story is so deep and complex and, you know, with - you know, we've proved you can talk about it for endless hours.

Eric: That's what I'm saying. How could any book she writes...

Number of Hours MuggleCast Has Talked About Harry Potter

Micah: How many hours, Andrew? We need ...

Andrew: I don't know.

Micah: We need to find out how many hours.

Andrew: That would be pretty easy to do.

Ben: Hey, some - some MuggleCast fan, here's a contest. Total - total the amount of time in all the MuggleCast episodes ever.

Andrew: I'll give someone a trick. Put them all into one playlist on iTunes and then on the bottom of the iTunes it will say how long that playlist is.

Eric: Wow.

Andrew: I don't have all the MuggleCast episodes, and I don't want to download them all, but somebody probably does have all of those, so...

Laura: I think I actually have all of them.

Andrew: Do you?

Laura: Yeah.

Ben: Laura's a big Muggle Cast fan.

Eric: Actually, actually...

Laura: Actually, I do. I listen every week.

Andrew: Do you want my autograph, Laura?

Ben: She likes hearing her own voice.

More on Jo's Future

Andrew: [laughs] So speaking of Jo, what do you guys think will happen with her? I mean, there won't be an eighth book, right?

Ben: No, I don't think so. I mean, maybe like a decade from now. That - that would be awesome if she did write something, or if she was able to take the same world and...

Eric: Do another story.

Ben: know - you know, there's a new - there's a new villain but make it, like, completely different, you know?

Andrew: Yeah, that would be cool. But then it would sort of - you know, the one thing about Harry Potter is now the evil was defeated and, you know, happily ever after.

Ben: "And all was well."

Andrew: "All was well."

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Even nineteen years later. What do you think - what do you think - okay, we know she's doing a children's book and she's also said a mystery novel too, right?

Eric: Political mystery novel.

Laura: Mhm.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: Political mystery. Oh, but the children's book is politically charged, isn't it?

Eric: Many are.

Laura: Yeah, that's what she said.

Andrew: Yeah. What else do you think she could do?

Micah: I don't think the mystery - wasn't that more of adults, she said?

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Well, she said she was writing ...

Micah: Yeah, adult crime novels.

Laura: She said she was writing a political fairy tale for children.

Andrew: I would read the mystery. I love mystery novels.

Laura: Yeah. Well, and there's so much of a mystery element in Harry Potter anyway. We already know she's good at it, so...

Andrew: Yeah, but sort of like the classic crime story sort of feel. Maybe it will be something like that?

Ben: Yeah, maybe. Who knows?

The Future of MuggleCast

Eric: Okay, okay. So let's talk about MuggleCast now. You guys - the past few weeks you finished up every chapter in book seven. Chapter-by-Chapter of book seven.

Andrew: Woo!

Eric: And MuggleCast was started, of course, right after we got the sixth book, and so we had - you know, we just - we just talked, and now we've finished, obviously - we've finished talking about book seven. So what's - what exactly is next? You know, what's next for the show? And are - you know, is there an official date to when we're going bi-weekly or non-weekly, or whatever it is? Or...

Micah: Well?

Andrew: I don't know.

Micah: I just figured I'd throw that out there.

Andrew: Everyone's expecting a big announcement right now.

Matt: Have we gotten an answer...

Andrew: I've been trying to think about what we would do with the show, and I really still don't know. Micah's suggested we keep going weekly through our three year anniversary, which is what, like August 5th or something? I think that's a good idea. We'll probably be doing a live show in, like, two or three weeks at the latest.

Ben: Where?

Andrew: Live online, I mean.

Ben: Oooh. Oh you mean like "live."

Andrew: So I think the plan right now, after the three year anniversary, is we will do episodes whenever we feel the time is right. So that'll be when there's a lot of news to discuss, or there's, you know, a hot topic that we feel should be a main discussion. You know, we'll do the fun segment...

Eric: I'm sure we'll get some e-mails, too, like, "Hey, this happened, I really think this would make a good main discussion on MuggleCast." Like for fans who really want another show. And we'll consider that, sure.

Matt: And for, like, really big news, or not even really big news, but like news that needs to be addressed immediately, we can probably do like maybe a...

Andrew: We'll do live shows.

Laura: And we can even do mini-casts, yeah, for...

Andrew: Yeah. Those could even be regular shows. I mean, who says we have to do an hour?

Eric: Yeah. Who says?

Andrew: So.

Eric: Huh? Who says?

Andrew: Who says?

Eric: Who says?

Andrew: Well, I guess...

Ben: [in God-like voice] The Harry Potter podcast god.

Eric: So...

[Everyone laughs]


Eric: Anyway, guys, also talking about MuggleCast, you guys did finish talking about Book 7, so - now, I noticed, as I was reading through one of the show notes, and was it Andrew who was saying that Voldemort is too cool to issue ultimatums? [laughs] Like "meet me here by midnight."

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I totally agree with that, but basically, what do you guys think? Having read Book 7 again, and thoroughly gone through it on the show, do you have any differing opinions than from when you first read it a year ago? 'Cause it's...

Andrew: I really enjoyed picking apart the book, thinking back in hindsight. I mean, sometimes it wasn't the funnest thing to prep, but it was a lot of fun, I thought. No, I still see the book the same way I did. I see it deeper now, since we did go more [unintelligible], and I think that's why people liked Chapter-by-Chapter so much.

Laura: Yeah. It just makes me nostalgic, really, to read it, because I remember reading it with all of you guys, and I remember all the parts where I cried, and all the parts where I got made fun of. And being in London, it was so fun. So, really, reading it was kind of a way to go back to those really, you know, fun days we had before the series was over.

Eric: It was just a year ago. Laura...

Laura: I know!

Eric: We were all in that same hotel room...

Laura: I know, we were like five of us crammed into that little hotel room.

Eric: [laughs] In front of the camera.

Laura: That thing was like a closet.

Ben: Were you guys at the Holiday Inn in Mayfair?

Andrew: Yes, we were. Fantastic hotel.

Ben: Oooo.

Andrew: I think that wraps up our discussion on the fandom.

Announcement: Ben and Eric Will be at Terminus

Eric: Yeah, except Terminus. Just wanted to set the record straight, I'm going to be at Terminus. And it's not going to be like a MuggleCast thing there or anything, but I'm going to be there, and so is Ben. So...

Ben: Let's organize a secret meeting. We're actually holding a - Eric and I are holding a convention across town called...

[Andrew laughs]

[Ben mumbles something unintelligible]

Andrew: MuggleCon.

[Laura laughs]

Ben: Called MuggleCon? Come meet us, since all the fans are going to be in town anyways. Come meet us.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: I'm just kidding. At Dylan's apartment.

Eric: We'll make a poster or something. But, yeah. I guess - we can do a meet-up, right, Ben? Yeah. You and me together?

Ben: Of course.

Eric: Emerson.

Ben: Hell, we can get Emerson involved too.

Andrew: I can't wait. No, but...

[Andrew and Eric laugh]

Andrew: All right, so that about does it for the show today. We wanted to keep it simple and just do a discussion on the fandom. I thought that was very enlightening.

Contact Information

Andrew: Let's remind everyone about our contact information real quick. Laura, what's the P.O. Box?

Laura: It's P.O. Box 3151, Cumming, Georgia, 30028.

Andrew: At Portus, Laura brought lots of the mail that's been showing up. A lot of people sent me birthday cards, thank you very much, everybody, for that. I really appreciate that. It's really meaningful when you see letters from people - actually took the time to send them in. So thank you to everyone who did. I've read every one of them, didn't I, guys? You saw me read them.

Laura: Yeah, you did. Yes, you did.

Micah: Yes, you did.

[Show music begins playing]

Andrew: So, continuing on with the contact information, maybe we'll get back to voicemails next week because we're going to need some stuff to talk about. You can always call into the MuggleCast hotline. If you're in the United States, you can dial 1-218-20-MAGIC. If you're in the United Kingdom, you can dial 02081440677, and if you're in Australia, you can dial 0280035668. You can also Skype the username MuggleCast. No matter how you call us, just remember to keep your message under 60 seconds and eliminate as much background noise as possible.

Ben: Hey, Andrew, Andrew.

Andrew: What's so funny, Ben?

Ben: Remember when I gave out your number...

Andrew: Yes.

Ben: ...on that one podcast?

Andrew: Yeah. I still get calls.

Ben: And, like six months later you were getting calls.

Andrew: Yeah, try like two years later, still getting calls. [laughs]

Ben: Sorry about that, by the way. [laughs]

Andrew: No, no, I'm over it now. You can also visit for a handy feedback form to contact any one of us or just use our first name at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Don't forget, as always, on we have the community outlets: the MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Frappr, Last.FM, the fanlistings and the forums. Follow us on Twitter, Digg the show at, and vote for us once a month at Podcast Alley.

Everybody call in with your thoughts about the fandom and where it's going and how it's changed and stuff, and we can talk about that more next week. It's a never-ending discussion.

Show Close

Micah: But thanks, again, to everyone at Portus. Seriously. They...

Matt: It was a lot of fun.

Laura: Yeah, they were great.

Micah: ...treated us very well while we were there.

Matt: It was so much fun. Everybody was - the people there made the whole symposium.

Andrew: So thank you to everyone for that. Panel, Ben, Eric, thanks for coming back.

Eric: Yeah, thanks.

Ben: Oh, no problem, Andrew, it was my pleasure.

[Andrew laughs]

Ben: My pleasure.

Andrew: All right, once again, I'm Andrew Sims.

Ben: I am Ben Schoen.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Laura: I'm Laura Thompson.

Micah: I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Matt: And I am Matthew Britton.

Andrew: We'll see everyone next week for Episode 155. Buh-bye!

Ben: Buh-bye.

Micah: Bye.

Laura: Bye.

[Show music ends]


Ben: Alrighty.

Eric: Hey, hey, I got a knock-knock joke! Knock, knock, Andrew.

Andrew: Uh...

Eric: Dobby.

Andrew: ...who's there? Dobby who?

Eric: Dobby sad. There's plenty of stuff coming - left in the Harry Potter forums. [laughs] The Harry Potter fandom!

Ben: What the hell kind of joke was that?

Andrew: Okay, worst joke ever.

Laura: Wow!

Micah: Wow!

Andrew: I can hear the fangirls calling. [mimics fangirl] "If that was Jamie, it would've been a good joke!" Anyway.

Written by: The Transcribers