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Ben [Show Intro with music in background]: This is MuggleCast - Episode 16 for November 20, 2005. This week's show is sponsored in part by Get your own piece of the Internet and save money along the way. For a limited time, is offering a new domain name, transfers and renewals for just $1.99 with every new non-domain product you buy. Choose from hosting, website builders, e-mail accounts and much more! Plus take an additional 10% off any order simply by entering "Muggle." That's M-U-G-G-L-E in your cart at check-out. So, visit and save big.

Now, let's get to the show. Hello, everybody! Welcome to Episode 16 of MuggleCast. I'm Ben Schoen and I am back from a nice little break. I took about four episodes off there.

[All laugh]

Eric: And slept in the one he came back on.

Ben: Yeah, you guys saw the LIVE podcast and all of that.

[All laugh]

Andrew: He didn't sleep.

Kevin: He was close to it.

Ben: I'm Ben Schoen.

Andrew: I'm Andrew Sims.

Kevin: I'm Kevin Steck.

Eric: I'm Eric Scull.

Micah: And I'm Micah Tannenbaum.

Ben: Yeah, everybody. Micah's here this week. We're fresh off of...well, not exactly, last weekend.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: A week-long high!

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: Yeah, we went to, we were all in New York City together and we had a complete blast walking around Times Square at what? 1:30 in the morning, messing around?

Eric: 2:30 AM.

Ben: Yeah, it was really late. It was quite, quite fun. Everyone pretty much had the times of their lives except Micah because he didn't say much.

Andrew: Micah?


Micah: I was sick.

Ben: He was sick.

Eric: Micah was sick. Micah did the most talking actually.

Ben: I got sick too, but we won't go into that. Okay.

[Andrew laughs]

Kevin: He was talking to us, Ben. I don't know about you.

Eric: Yeah, he was just ignoring you.

Ben: He was just ignoring you.

Kevin: He was just ignoring you. Yeah.

Ben: Okay, well since Micah's here in the conversation this week, before we get into any other announcements, I think we'll have him do this week's news.


Micah: Goblet of Fire has finally hit theaters in both the US and UK. According to the Box Office Mojo, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire collected a staggering $36 million on its opening day, just two million behind Prisoner of Azkaban.

Some of the stars made a few live appearances this weekend. Matt Lewis (Neville), Jamie Waylett (Crabbe), and Devon Murray (Seamus) all greeted fans Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the National Comic Book, Art, and Sci-Fi Expo in New York City. Additionally, James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George) were at the Hollywood Boulevard Theater in Woodridge, Illinois yesterday signing autographs.

Empire Magazine has conducted a series of interviews over the past week with members of the cast and crew including Michael Gambon, David Heyman and Mike Newell.

Of course you can check out tons of pictures, video clips, and other interviews Goblet of Fire-related over on MuggleNetís Main Page.

Our New York City Podcast at Barnes & Noble in Union Square was a huge success. The New York Post wrote a great article on the event, and you can check out a gallery of close to 200 pictures from last weekend. Transcript and video of the event are coming shortly.

Finally, TIME Magazine has asked visitors to start voting on who they think should be featured as their Person of the Year, and one person under consideration is JK Rowling. The Potter author is up against U2 lead singer Bono (so Andrew is going to have a hard time deciding), Steve Jobs, The Google Guys, and Mother Nature herself in relation to Hurricane Katrina. TIME's choice will be revealed on December 18th.

Thatís all the news for this November 20, 2005 edition of MuggleCast. Back to the show.

Ben: That was wonderful, Micah.


Ben: Now, I think we have a few announcements to make...maybe. We have a major announcement, but you won't be able to listen to it here, you'll have to go over and download the Special Edition of MuggleCast, which will probably be...oh, sorry, excuse me. It's called "The Leaky Mug," which will be out later this week. We announce another LIVE podcast, and it is going to be quite a blast. You're all going to be invited and it's going to be quite fun. Andrew, do you have anything else to add? I don't know, is there anything else we need to say?

Eric: Yeah...

Andrew: Back to you, Ben!

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: How about thanks to everybody who came out to New York because it was the best weekend of my life and it probably should have been the best weekend of all your lives too.

Ben: Mhm. Oh, it was. I'm telling you.

Andrew: Yay!

Ben: So Andrew...

Eric: Even though you guys all got to see the movie, and you know, I didn't, but...

[All mocking Andrew from LIVE show]

Ben: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Eric: Yeah! Yeah!

Kevin: Yeah!

Andrew: Ben, you got really annoying with that at the LIVE show.

Eric: Micah and I stayed and manned the fort for MuggleNet at the Barnes & Noble, which went flawless, pretty much. And, do we have video of that yet? Guys, do we have...?

Ben: It'll, I think it'll be up soon.

Kevin: Yeah, we're working on it.

Eric: Let's hope.

Andrew: Well, we need to talk with the woman of video, but we do have a couple of announcements.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Exposure announcements.

Eric: Ooh!

Andrew: Well, first of all, as we boasted about on the Main Page we finally, finally, finnnaaallllllyyy got mentioned on the iTunes Main Page under "New and Notable."

Ben: Right.

Kevin: It only took how many months?

Andrew: It's about time. I am really glad they finally gave us the plug. Our server, Limelight Media Networks, actually helped us get on there. So, that's really cool. I am kind of sad now because now I can't brag that we're the No. 1 unpromoted podcast. [Laughs]

Kevin: Yeah. [Laughs]

Ben: But still...

Andrew: But still, it's cool.

Kevin: We were the No. 1 unpromoted podcast.

Andrew: We're at No. 15 right now.

Eric: Not bad.

Ben: Yeah, right before we got promoted on the list iTunes "New and Notable," we moved up to No. 15. Excuse me, we moved up to No. 20, and then once we got promoted, all of a sudden we shot up to No. 15.

Andrew: No. 15. And now we're No. 14, right now.

Eric: And strangely that was right after Ben started to leave the cast.

Ben: Ohhh.

Andrew: Nooo.

Eric: No no no.

Ben: That hurt, Eric.

Eric: Ben, Ben is awesome.

Andrew: Of course though Goblet of Fire has been all over the news this week.

Eric: Oh.

Andrew: And we've been mentioned in some places. You know? We've gotten a little plug.

Ben: Mhm. There was an article, there was an article in the New York Post where they covered the LIVE podcast and they basically, they basically butchered of all of our quotes. They said that... When Andrew introduced Kevin he said, "backwards compatible with everything but basic HTML."

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: What's wrong with that?

Ben: And the New York Post... Hold on, hold on. The New York Post misinterpreted us as saying, "Basically compatible with everything, but basic HTML."

[Ben and Kevin laugh]

Ben: I don't know. It was just they butchered some quotes.

Kevin: That does not sound good.

Ben: But, it was good to get the media attention. It was quite fun.

Micah: They couldn't even spell Voldemort or say Voldemort. Do you know that?

Ben: You-Know-Who.

Micah: It was Valdemort.

Ben: Valdemort? [Laughs]

Eric: Valdemort? Oh god.

Ben: Okay.

Andrew: We were also mentioned on a Swedish radio the other day. They were talking, they were saying how we should or they should check out MuggleCast, which is pretty cool.

Eric: Hmmm.

Andrew: I don't have the name of the person who pointed it out specifically, but thanks for letting us know. See, we were even mentioned in Sweden.

Eric: That's really cool.

Andrew: Who would have "nod"...known?

Kevin: "Nod"?

Andrew: "Nod."

Eric: And now we've all actually seen each other, which is really cool. Seeing all you guys and hanging out in Emerson's hotel room. That was cool beans.

Kevin: It was.

Andrew: [Laughs] Emerson's hotel room.

Ben: It was my hotel room.

Kevin: It was our hotel room.

Eric: Well, right.

Ben: I had the hotel room.

Andrew: And then of course, it was funny because one thing, like when we were walking around Times Square, I kept thinking that we were going to be spotted. Like a fan would come up and say, "Hey, I know you guys." Blah blah blah.

Eric: But, nobody! Andrew and I were talking.

Andrew: Nobody did. But, wait. But, wait. The day after on Sunday, we got spotted about three times.

Ben: Yeah.

Andrew: Once at our hotel room, once on the streets somewhere random, and once in the NBC Experience Store. [Laughs]

Eric: That's because the girl there had just been to the podcast. [Laughs]

Kevin: And Micah got spotted walking me to the Port Authority.

Micah: Walking you to... Yeah.

Andrew: Oh, really? So, four times.

Eric: Yeah. That's really cool.

Andrew: That's funny.

Ben: Interesting. So, the LIVE podcast was a success, and we are going to do it again. For details on that, once again listen to the latest joint podcast between the The Leaky Cauldron and MuggleNet.

Andrew: Right.

Kevin: That you left me out of. Okay, so.

Ben: Oh yeah, the one I accidentally left Kevin out of. Sorry, Kevin.

Eric: And me. And me. And me.

Ben: And Eric. And Micah. Sorry, everybody.

Kevin: Okay.

Ben: Andrew, we recently did an interview with Joe Fulton from regarding the Goblet of Fire Lego Contest. Is this correct? Or Harry Potter Lego Contest.

Andrew: Oh... Well, that's right, Ben, and we have some results and winners. So, let's take a listen to that interview right now.

Lego Contest Update

Andrew: All right. So, once again we are joined by Joe Fulton of to announce the winners, winners of the Harry Potter Custom Lego Contest.

Joe: I'm glad to be back. We actually extended the contest, one, because of your LIVE podcast, but two, because it was getting such great entries...

Andrew: Yeah.

Joe: I wanted to give people extra time in getting us some great Harry Potter scenes from Book 6. And if you go to right now, you'll be able to see all the entries that we had for the contest, including the two winners. And by the time...what we mean by two winners is well one, there is the First Place winner that will win both of the Lego sets that we were giving away, but we have an Honorable Mention because this person produced so many different Lego scenes for us that we felt they needed to get an extra prize just for that.

Andrew: And they all look great too.

Joe: Oh yeah. I think they are wonderful and it is actually amazing to see the variety of different scenes that people picked.

Andrew: Yeah.

Joe: And obviously the most popular ones were the scenes of... I guess, I'm not sure what the spell is, but of Harry hitting Malfoy with that spell that he gets from the book.

Andrew: Right. Just all the... I was just impressed in the first place by all of them because we haven't seen any pictures yet from like, you know, there hasn't been any movie clues yet on what you would expect it to look like.

Joe: Mhm.

Andrew: But, I think a lot of people really captured the detail. That was neat.

Joe: Yeah. That's the other great thing about this, and they're using Lego sets from a variety of different Lego sets, some that are not even Harry Potter. Some of these sets are from other sets that don't even have anything to do with that.

Andrew: Yeah, smart thinking.

Joe: And they actually put them together and created some great stuff.

Andrew: Right.

Joe: So, I guess we should get to the winner.

Andrew: Yes. First Place is...

Joe: First Place goes to Peter Hentze for "Rise of the Inferi." His description was that it is set to the chapter of "The Cave" from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where the undead Inferi rise out of the black lake to drown Harry and Dumbledore.

Andrew: It is an excellent depiction.

Joe: Yes, it's actually...

Andrew: It really does look great.

Joe: It's very action-oriented, which is probably one of the main reasons why it got so many different votes from all the judges.

Andrew: Yeah.

Joe: If you look, he created, he even created the staff of Dumbledore shooting out fire...

Andrew: And the fire going around.

Joe: Yeah, at the Inferi, and one of them is almost ducking because of it while the other ones are coming towards them.

Andrew: Yeah.

Joe: And it's a great depiction.

Andrew: Yeah, it really is. So, they won the Harry Potter Lego Graveyard Scene from the new Goblet of Fire series and the other one...

Joe: As well as the Dragon Set.

Andrew: So, congrats to Peter!

Joe: Yep.

Andrew: And runner-up, with how many did you say she entered? Six?

Joe: She entered about five or six of them. She goes by the name AliceinMuggleland or her real name is Alice Merril and she's getting an "Honorable Mention" because she - one, produced so many, but second, the second...she came in Second Place with her entry "Won-Won's Lip Lock." And, that is a depiction of when Ron Weasley is snogging Lavender Brown.

Andrew: Exactly.

Joe: And if you look at it, the details in it are just amazing as well.

Andrew: Yeah.

Joe: She has the Fat Lady picture on the doorway there and even the symbol up in the corner.

Andrew: Yeah, she put some extra work into this one.

Joe: Yes, she did.

Andrew: You can see Crookshanks.

Joe: Mhm.

Andrew: It's all there.

Joe: And a little mini-Hermione figure actually walking away very upset that Lavender and Ron are snogging.

Andrew: Yeah. It looks like she's got an angry face too.

Joe: Yeah.

Andrew: So, she paid attention to detail.

Joe: Yes, she did.

Andrew: And, she built a lot of sets. So, that's why.

Joe: Mhm. Yep.

Andrew: She gets this prestigious award.

Joe: And, so why don't you tell what she won as her "Honorable Mention"?

Andrew: She won a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Beauxbatons Hoody from Warner Bros. So, congrats to her.

Joe: Well, congratulations to everybody who won and, you know, congrats to everyone who produced these great scenes. And, like I said, you can see these at and check them out because you have some really talented people out there.

Andrew: Why, thank you. I raised them well.

[Joe laughs]

Andrew: The link will also in the "Show Notes," in our show notes on Thanks, Joe!

Joe: Oh, no problem!

Ben: Congrats to all of you who sent in your entries and good job to the winners.

Goblet of Fire Discussion

Ben: Okay, now moving on, the movie has now been released in the United States, the UK, and various other countries throughout the world, and we thought it would be prudent to discuss it. So, if you have not seen the movie yet and you do not want to be spoiled, I recommend you stop the podcast right...NOW! Okay. Andrew...

Andrew: Yes. Sorry.

Ben: Andrew... Andrew, Kevin, and myself all saw the movie the domestic premiere, which was really quite awesome because we were in the same theater as the likes of Tim Robbins, Steven Spielberg, the entire Harry Potter cast. It was quite a rush.

[As Ben speaks, Eric says in background "Don'!"]

Andrew: It was actually like...

Eric: Rub it in! Rub it in!

Andrew: ...exactly one week ago like up to the hour, minute, seconds.

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: Mhm.

Andrew: We were watching it right now a week ago. [Fakes sobbing]

[Micah laughs]

Kevin: Yeah.

Eric: And Micah was running around like a lunatic getting audio equipment that we didn't have, and I was standing on the stage trying to entertain the rowdy fans.

[Kevin laughs]

Eric: Anyway, I have seen the movie twice by now. Micah has seen it also. Is that correct, Micah?

Ben: Well, anyway.

Eric: So...

Ben: Micah got to see the movie on Monday. He got to see it early also.

Eric: Yeah.

Ben: So, you guys listen... So, some of you guys didn't listen to the podcast, we're just going to review our thoughts about the movie and basically discuss what we thought was the best, what we didn't like about it. However, I am going to start off since I got, since I sort of got...I didn't get to say as much in the LIVE podcast about the movie. But, here is what I thought about it. I thought it was the best movie considering what they were given to work with. Transferring a 735 page book to a two-and-a-half hour movie is really quite difficult, and Mike Newell had quite a job to do. And I think he did a very excellent job doing it. However, I think the movie is not, some people who are not going to like it are going to be people who have never read the books and also people who basically are Harry Potter purists, and they don't like it when they cut things out. Do you guys agree with me there?

Kevin: Well, I don't think that any of the movies are for Harry Potter purists, do you? I mean...

Ben: I see what you're saying, but I'm saying that a lot of times these people who are overly obsessed with Harry Potter and they think, "Well, I want absolutely every scene in here," they'll be upset and they'll want to chuck things at their screen, their popcorn.

Eric: You know what, Ben? [laughs] Ben, I think this was the most generous film to all the purists. I mean, what did they cut out? Besides, I mean besides the house-elves all right.

Kevin: The Quidditch World Cup.

Ben: The Dursleys. What I'm talking about with Harry Potter purists is the things, they'll get mad when you cut just a tiny scene.

Kevin: The tiniest, yeah.

Ben: Like at the very end where in the book Harry goes to talk to Hagrid about how everything is going to change now and then Hagrid basically tells him that, "Well, we'll have to cross that bridge to we come to it, times are going to get rough." And then also Dumbledore calling all the Order of the Phoenix. That was suppose to be cued in for the next book and the next movie.

Eric: Yeah. I wanted that in there, I did want that in there but. Anyway...

Kevin: Yeah, I mean although I think we said it at the LIVE podcast that they hinted at it. That they...

Eric: Kind of.

Ben: Well, what I really had a problem with is that the movie moved incredibly fast.

Eric: No it didn't!

Ben: You never really...

Kevin: It did.

Ben: You know, just hear me out here. You never really got an opportunity to soak things in. You never... In Prisoner of Azkaban there would be a really dramatic scene or whatever and then Cuaron would take a moment and have a shot of the Whomping Willow killing a bird, or something like that.

Eric: [laughs] Five times.

Ben: But, I know, but it would just be a great opportunity for you to think about what just happened and then get a nice little shot of the scenery...

Eric: You know, we...

Ben: ...and Cuaron's artistic point of view and in Goblet of Fire Newell sort of got rid of that and it was just...

Eric: You know...

Ben: ...Harry all of a sudden, Harry gets back to the graveyard! Oh Moody's going to kill him now! Oh, it just all moved so incredibly fast, there wasn't an opportunity to savor the moment like there was with the previous films.

Eric: Alright, the...

Kevin: There you go.

Eric: The only reason we had time to soak things in Prisoner of Azkaban was because Cuaron cut so much out that he didn't know what to do with what he had left so he added a little dramatic moment before the next thing that he decided not to cut out could go in the film. That's my, I mean that's my point of view. Goblet of Fire...

Ben: Oh, that's complete, no way. That's completely bogus. If we, if we look at Prisoner of Azkaban, he may have left out a few parts here and there, but the thing, if we look at the comparison of what was cut in Prisoner of Azkaban to what was cut in Goblet of Fire...there's no comparison because the movies are exactly the same length, nearly the same length, and in Goblet of Fire they basically butchered half of the movie because.

Eric: No, I thought Goblet did the best job of condensing. I really thought it did. And it had.

Kevin: I do too. Overall it was the best movie of the Harry Potter movies.

Eric: The thing I think, and I'll sum Goblet of Fire up in one word. The Goblet of Fire movie summed up in one word is: Respect. That's exactly what it is. It's respect. It's attention, attention to the characters. Goblet of Fire is a character movie. We finally saw the Weasley twins as the Weasley twins. We got to see a ton of Hermione and not to mention a ton of book-smarts Hermione in addition to a ton of more girly Hermione. We got to see, and it was character-driven. We got to, it was just a character movie and it feels like, seeing the movie twice, it really feels that all the plot moments and things were thrown in the background. I mean, you know? Even the Voldemort scene does not focus on the fact that, you know, Voldemort is back and the whole worlds going to be impacted. It focuses more on Voldemort as a character.

Ben: Right.

Kevin: But at the same time, I agree with Ben that it was very, very fast. Like everything was so condensed that.

Ben: Right.

Andrew: The beginning..

Kevin: Well even in the middle of the movie, it - it's not the type of movie you want to get up and go for a bathroom break or anything because you'll miss something major.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: That is true.

Andrew: Why should you anyway?

Kevin: Because you'll miss something going on.

Eric: You shouldn't. Yeah, Andrew is right.

Andrew: Use the bathroom before you see the movie. That's stupid.

[Kevin laughs]

Ben: Right, but personally what I'm thinking about this movie is that I agree that it is probably is the best yet, but what I'd I really like to get the point of view from is a fan who has never read any of the books and see what exactly they thought about it.

Andrew: No.

Eric: People have said.

Andrew: Okay.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Here's an example that Ben's going to love: my sister. She was talking to her friend about the movie today and her biggest, she, not even she liked how they were missing stuff, but she hasn't read the book in five years, so there was some visible differences. There was some visible cuts. Like, Molly Weasley not being in the movie at all.

Eric: Right.

Micah: Yeah, right.

Kevin: Yeah.

Andrew: That was huge! She's popular. She's a popular you know, people like seeing her in the movies. She's something light to add to the dark movie.

Ben: But going back to what Eric was saying for a minute, about how this movie was really character driven. Well, there was a review published in the Miami Herald about the movie and it was basically saying how they sort of...Hermione basically became, "Harry I'm worried for you," "Harry I don't want you getting hurt."

Eric: Nooo!

Ben: And it really lost the subplot, basically the advice she offers and things like that.

Andrew: Yeah.

Ben: You know, Harry was really having trouble with this Summoning Charm and he had to practice to get that down. Whereas in the movie, it's "Accio Firebolt!" and it just came flying to him, he didn't have to work at that at all.

Eric: Yeah, Moody says that...

Kevin: Yeah.

Ben: Just things like that, I don't know it's sort of, it really removed Hermione's, part of her importance to the series.

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