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MuggleCast 160 Transcript (continued)

Draco/Harry Train Scene

Matt: Mhm. You know, I've been noticing - is it just me or when Draco throws the Invisible Cloak over Harry, the Cloak seems a lot more lighter than that fifty pound cloak that he's had in the previous films.

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: Because it looks more silhouette and satin.

Eric: And part of that is, too, because the thing's in high speed, too, but...

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: ...that is a little bit high speed. But I like that they had that, because the Draco - actually, the Draco/Harry train scene is one of the completely completed scenes as far as I could tell from the movie when I was watching it, and that's just a great scene with Harry and Draco on the train. I remember reading that and thinking it was going to be so great. And in the movie it is.

Matt: Well, it was one of the first scenes that they shot. I mean, we got that as a teaser back in November of last year, I think it was.

Eric: Aha.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah. It went with the Order of the Phoenix extra behind the scenes of the Half-Blood Prince stuff. It was like Quidditch and this scene right here.

Eric: Oh yeah. I got that third disc because Mikey B. told me where to get it, and I got it.

Matt: Mhm. At Target. Always get your DVDs at Target.

Eric: At Target, yeah.

Matt: Right, Laura?

Laura: Yeah.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: Go ahead, Micah.

Snape and Greyback Scenes Combined?

Micah: Well, one of the other things I had down here was it seems like they combined two scenes when Harry says, "Fight back, you coward."

Matt: Uh-huh.

Micah: It looks like the first part of the scene he's chasing after, what I assume, would be Snape and Draco in a forest area, but then it immediately switches over to the Burrow...

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: ...when it looks like Ginny's being attacked by Greyback. And the way that they did it, it looks like the phrase comes out of his mouth during the Burrow scene as opposed to when he's chasing...

Eric: Oh yeah.

Micah: ...Snape.

Eric: That's incredible notes. No. Yeah, that's incredible notes, and they did montage that just in this trailer.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: They combined it, because they're trying to show so many things at once. When he says, "Fight back, you coward," that is from the end of the movie when he's chasing Snape. It's not from the Burrow scene when he's defending Ginny. That's - they are two separate scenes. They're not - it doesn't happen at the same time. But it looks like it does, because...

Micah: Does he say it twice, or is it just the way that they did it?

Eric: No, he doesn't say it twice. Just the way they did it, they've taken - they show you the Burrow scene - I'm taking a look here. They show the wardrobe going up in flames, Snape going through the Great Hall, Harry running down the hill saying, "Fight back, you coward," from the end of the film, and then they immediately show at one minute and five seconds - it's about right after the minute - this whole thing happens. They show him running through the field casting a spell to protect Ginny against Fenrir Greyback, I believe that is, but I'm not sure. I'm not sure about that.

Matt: Mhm.

Micah: You saw the film.

Eric: I know.

[Matt laughs]

Eric: But I...

Micah: [laughs] How are you not sure?

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Eric: They make it clear in the movie, but I'm - where I have it paused at the moment isn't lit up at all.


Micah: Well, I was going to ask you about him too, because he didn't really look like how I pictured Fenrir Greyback.

Eric: The actor, or do you mean like a promo pic that you saw?

Micah: No, in this trailer.

Andrew: In this trailer, yeah.

Eric: Oh, if that is him, or...

Andrew: No that's him.

Micah: Yeah.

Eric: Okay.

Andrew: He's just saying, it doesn't look like how he pictured, right? I thought he looked better in the first trailer, but maybe it's just the shot, because we're kind of far away from him in this trailer. Isn't that right, Micah?

Eric: And it's head on, so you don't see his hair or anything like that.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I can't see his hair. It could be the shot.

Time of Day for Cave Scene

Matt: Hey, is it me - I don't remember this - what time of the day it happened, but wasn't the cave scene a little darker when they - outside, wasn't it a little later in the day, or was it still daylight outside?

Eric: No, in the book it was - it was sunset, dusk. Wait, dusk?

Matt: Yeah, because it seems like it's one in the afternoon when we see the clip.

Eric: This is interesting because in the - in the - [laughs] You forgot to account for Daylight Savings Time.

Matt: Oh, that's right, yeah. Seven hours forward and six hours back, or something like that, right?

Eric: Yeah. Actually, that's interesting. This is - you know what? You guys are totally right here. This is a day shot - daytime shot of the cave. In the movie, the shot - hang on, let me watch this. Let me watch the crawling towards the - wow! There is a...

[Andrew laugh]

Eric: It's definitely darker in the movie.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: It's darker in there.

Matt: You think they just added it just to put an effect on it to make it look night outside?

Eric: This seems like - hang on. Yeah, this seems like a daytime shot, but when they go, it is dusk when they are heading there at night, so that's really interesting, because it looks like they did this shot just for the trailer or...

Matt: Mhm.

Eric: Oh wait! Wait, I could be wrong. There is a daytime shot of the cave, but...

Andrew: Yeah, duh.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Thanks to Kristen for the tip! LOL.

Eric: Well, yeah, but regardless, when they do go to the cave...

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: When Dumbledore and Harry do go to the cave, it's at night.

Andrew: I see.

Back to the Lightning Bolt

Matt: Oh, nevermind on that thing I said about McGonagall's lightning thing was just an add in. It's actually in the movie. I forgot.

Micah: Can I...

Matt: Because you can see the lightning going in the sky in the previous shot.

Micah: I know I'm a really bad trailer watcher, obviously... [laughs] ...but I thought it was Hagrid that was doing that.

Matt: You know, I thought it at first, and then I slowly...

Eric: Looks like it.

Matt: ...looked at it...

Andrew: Doing what?

Matt: ...frame-by-frame.

Andrew: Doing what? The lightning bolt?

Matt: The lightning bolt, yeah.

Andrew: Oh yeah.

Matt: Yeah, it's on 16 seconds.

Eric: You guys didn't really talk about that with the shot being weird, because, like...

Micah: Is that in the movie?

Eric: No. It's - I mean, what do you mean?

Matt: The lightning going in the sky from McGonagall?

Andrew: What is she doing there? Is she casting a spell on the clouds over the Great Hall or something?

Eric: No. Yeah, I don't think that scene is in the movie. Just the way the camera...

Andrew: Oh, that's good. I'm glad they played it in the trailer.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Eric: It's something - I mean, honestly, that particular shot, I thought it was zoomed in. I thought it was something else. It's just messed up, the way it looks a little bit different. But no, that's not anything I can think of.

Andrew: Maybe you blinked while it happened in the movie, because it is pretty quick.

Eric: Dude, that scene in the movie where they're all together on the grounds of Hogwarts is, like, five minutes long; I didn't blink.

Matt: Mhm. Maybe she was just destroying the Death Mark in the sky.

Andrew: Dark Mark?

Matt: Yeah, that's what I said. Did I say Death Mark? Yeah, Dark Mark, sorry.

Andrew: Yeah. So, what else, guys? What else?

Matt: Well, I mean...

Andrew: We're going to pick this apart until there's nothing...

Eric: Micah had a ton of notes. That was good.

Andrew: Oh, Micah, do you still have more, or what?

Micah: No. I mean, I think we really hit the main questions that I had and talked about some of the stuff that I had written down, so...

That Dumbledore Quote

Matt: That quote that Dumbledore keeps saying, "I must ask too much of you, Harry."

Andrew: Yeah, what's up with that? I mean...

Matt: I don't know. "I must ask to much of you, Harry. I need you to go to Lens Crafters and get my glasses, because I seem to have forgotten them."

[Everyone laughs]

Eric: "My half-moon spectacles need new lenses."

Laura: But they always do that with these movies.

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: They always do that. They always pick one...

Eric: [as Dumbledore] "Eternal glory!"

Laura: ...phrase.

Matt: [as Harry] "But I am the Chosen One."

Laura: And they repeat it over and over again.

Eric: [as Dumbledore] "Incontrovertible." "Eternal glory!"

Andrew: I kind of wish he was around in Movie 7, just so he could be like, "Seriously, this time I'm going to ask way too much of you, but just bear with me."

[Eric laughs]

Matt: "I'm seriously going to tell you everything, I swear. It's the last time I'm going to talk to you."

Dumbledore's Place in Movie 7: Part I and II

Eric: Just from, like, all the stuff that they have to show about Dumbledore in Movie 7, it's going to be pretty cool. Like, I mean, Michael Gambon, it's not just they're going to cast him back for one scene. I'm pretty sure that they'll show lots of Michael Gambon in Movie 7. Don't you guys think? I mean...

Matt: Mhm.

Eric: ...with all the back story with Dumbledore being the overlying theme, don't you think they'll show a few more scenes than just the Kings Cross? I think Michael Gambon will appear plenty.

Micah: They have so much they need to fit in that I don't know if there's going to be time for flashbacks.

Eric: They have two movies.

Matt: Mhm.

Micah: Yeah, but they still have a lot to fit in those two movies. That's my point.

Matt: They do, actually.

Eric: Yep.

Matt: It's going to be too much. So what do you guys think of his haircut? [laughs]

Laura: [laughs] Really, Matt?

Matt: Sorry, I was trying to change the subject.

Micah: Who are we talking about even?

Matt: Oh, I was talking about Harry.

Micah: Oh.

The Burrow's Location

Matt: Does it seem just a little bit weird that the Burrow - has it changed its location at all from Movie 2 that we've seen?

Laura: Yeah, it is different. Or at least the scenery around it is different.

Matt: Like the aerial shot of the Burrow up in flames. Like how...

Laura: Because I don't remember it being in the middle of a cornfield. [laughs]

Micah: [laughs] Yeah.

Andrew: I didn't either.

Matt: How are they going to make it - are they going to show them fixing the Burrow at the end of the movie or something, like in Batman Begins? Because they go to the Burrow...

Laura: No. The Weasleys are homeless now, Matt.

Matt: Huh?

Laura: The Weasleys are homeless now. It's gone.

Matt: All right. Yeah, the Weasleys are homeless. Do they have a wizard Y.M.C.A.?

Laura: Oh my God.

Eric: I think the Burrow was always in a fielded area, just perhaps not with - like, I think this is...

Matt: Mhm.

Eric: ...a different side of the house, perhaps, because they've got the...

Laura: But the whole thing is surrounded.

Eric: But it looks like the greenhouse...

Micah: Well, wasn't the point so that it could allow for the Death Eaters to sneak up on it? Isn't that why they created more of that cornfield-like surrounding?

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, I think so.

Trailer Created by Pyros

Matt: I'm just so ticked off they burnt the house.

Micah: Man, this trailer is like a pyro's...

Laura: Yeah. And remember...

Matt: I know, seriously. Someone really liked fire during this trailer.

Micah: Yeah.

Matt: Someone had a lighter or something with them. "Ooh, fire. Ooh, do we have any more fire scenes? I just want to add just a couple more. Just a couple more. Because the fire looks so good."

Andrew: There will [makes swooshing sound] be [makes swooshing sound] fire [makes swooshing sound]!

Matt: Fire!

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: That's Laura's joke. I just stole it from her.

Laura: Aw, thanks for crediting me.

[Andrew laughs]

Laura: No, I was...

Eric: I think the code name for this show was Incendio.

Andrew: What, Laura?

Back to the Burrow

Laura: Right. I was going to say, in regards to the change in scenery around the Burrow, this isn't the first time they've done this. I mean, remember they moved Hagrid's hut and completely changed how that looked between the second and third film.

Andrew: Mhm. We asked them that at the...

Kevin: It's because they can't agree on it.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: The third and fourth and fourth and fifth.

Kevin: We tried it your way. Now let's put the Burrow in a field.

Andrew: Yeah. It's like they draw out of a hat each time. We asked them...

Eric: I think it's recognizable though.

Andrew: We asked them...

Laura: It looks like Kansas.

Andrew: [laughs] We asked them at the Order of the Phoenix premiere why they changed it, and I think it was David Heyman who gave us an answer, but now I'm forgetting what it was. [laughs]

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: It was something about they just...

Laura: It was probably B.S.

Andrew: It's just one of those things, I think, with filming locations and what kind of filming locations they're working with, with that film in particular.

Matt: Yeah.

Micah: The only thing that would make sense, though, would be that they moved it because - at least in Prisoner of Azkaban - you had to have a way that they could get back to the hut through time without sort of really running into each other or anybody else.

Andrew: Yeah. So it depends on some of the film. Right?

Micah: You know what I mean?

Andrew: Yeah, totally.

Micah: Because if they had left it where it was, it would seem almost impossible that they wouldn't run into anybody else going across that courtyard.

Andrew: That's very good point.

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, because it was like a straight, flat-grounded courtyard with no overgrowth or anything, and...

Micah: Right.

Eric: I mean, you guys brought up the point, too, that, yeah, as of the third movie there was a lot of - a lot more terrain, actually, involved in the whole thing, which made a lot of sense and also complemented some of the filming locations they had for...

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Mhm.

Eric: ...all the different, you know - Hagrid's hut was on a hill in Glencoe, or whatever. And they had to show the trio walking down the steps as part of the sequence of getting there...

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: opposed to just walking, you know, through a tunnel.

Andrew: Wouldn't it be funny if, in Movie 7, Parts I and II had different locations for Hagrid's hut? [laughs]

Eric: Sure. That'd be funny.

Andrew: But yeah, Micah, I think you bring up a good point. And actually, the location in Prisoner of Azkaban kind of made it even scarier, that it was so open. Because they were like, "Oh my God. Somebody must see them."

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: That was just my humble opinion.

Matt: Yeah. Mhm. Okay, yeah.

Andrew: So. Should we start taking calls now? Because we're fifty minutes in, we're here live.

Matt: Yeah!

Andrew: I want to go to Disney today...

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: ...and see the new High School Musical parade. So...

Laura: Oh my God. You are a tool.

Micah: Yeah.

Andrew: Whoa! Hey!

[Micah laughs]

Matt: Yes. I love you, Laura.

Andrew: Whoa. That's mean. Let's give everyone the number. The number should be working, although surprisingly, I haven't seen any phone calls. We want your questions from, you know, relating to the Half-Blood Prince trailer. If there's anything you saw in it. We'll take questions for a few minutes and then we'll wrap things up for today. Let's take the first call now from - oh. Or not. And that's what happens when you hang up as soon as - hold on. There we go. Getting a call now. See, this is what happens. I should've just said - oh, and there goes Skype. So, Matt, why don't you do a dance for us while I re-launch Skype?

Matt: All right. [singing] High School Musical sucks, High School Musical sucks. How's that?

Andrew: That's good.

Matt: Okay. All right, so - wait. What happened? Why is it only us?

Andrew: Skype crashed.

Matt: Oh. Skype crashed. Oh, beautiful Skype. I love you, Skype.

Call 1: Dumbledore's Hand

Andrew: It's coming back up now. Skype should really - let's take a call now. Oh, did they go away? Skype really needs to come up with a good podcasting program. Hello, John.

Matt: John?

Caller: Yeah?

Andrew: John Rogan. Hi, you're on MuggleCast Live. What's up?

Caller: Oh.

Andrew: How about that?

Caller: Nothing.

Matt: Yeah.

Caller: How are you? [laughs]

[Matt laughs]

Andrew: I'm good, how are you? Were you expecting us to answer your call?

Caller: No.

Andrew: Okay. [laughs]

Caller: No, this is a little - a little weird.

Andrew: Oh, okay.

Matt: You got a question or something, John?

Caller: [laughs] Not really. I always get mad at people when they call in and they don't have a question, but...

Andrew: Oh.

Caller: ...I called in, and I don't really have a question.

Matt: Well...

Andrew: Karma. It's something, isn't it?

Matt: ...what do you think about the trailer?

Andrew: Yeah, what are your thoughts? As a fan? As a fan? What are your thoughts?

Caller: You know, I thought it was pretty nice. You know, everything looked pretty cool, like the cave. I really liked that, except for Dumbledore's hand...

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: kind of weird.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah, the hand is kind of weird. It's kind of black.

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: Yeah, it wasn't how I pictured it.

Andrew: No, most definitely not.

Caller: I kind of pictured it as a Dumbledore hand.

Andrew: Mhm.

Matt: Mhm.

Caller: Or, not as a Dumbledore hand, as a - like a Dementor hand.

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: Black like that.

Matt: Oh, like skeletal?

Eric: Ooh, that's really necrosed.

Andrew: Maybe it was for Halloween when they planned on this coming out for November.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Oh, owned. I need to think - we need to do something on MuggleNet on the day it was supposed to come out. Like, sort of like a...

Eric: Yeah, what, advertise Twilight?

Andrew: ...a funeral in a ways. Huh? No, no, no. No.

Laura: Yeah, that sounds like a really good idea. Let's do it.

Andrew: [laughs] Advertise Twilight? No. No, just sort of like a - I don't know, something clever, like a - not a funeral, but - I don't know. It should just be "Watch an HP Movie Day," or something like that.

Matt: Yeah.

[Eric laughs]

Laura: Or we should put up a fake news story saying the entire film has leaked.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Matt: Well, now it's - now we can't.

Eric: That would be - yeah. Are we hurting or helping the fandom if we do that?

Matt: Mmm.

Andrew: Mmm.

Matt: Let's just make a spoof.

Andrew: Saddening.

Matt: Let's make a spoof video of the movie.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Let's just all fly out to England and just make one.

Andrew: Okay. Cool. All right, well, John, thank you for calling. We have lots of people calling in, so we're going to get to some other questions.

Caller: Can I ask another question?

Andrew and Matt: Sure.

Caller: Are you going to have any other MuggleCasters on tonight?

Andrew: No...

Matt: No.

Andrew: ...I'm afraid. No. Who are you looking for?

Caller: I don't know. Maybe Jamie, maybe Ben.

Andrew: Jamie or Ben. Hmm.

Matt: Who is Jamie and Ben?

Andrew: Well, we can try giving them a call in a little bit, I guess. Ben was actually on MuggleCast Episode 160 that we recorded last weekend. However...

[Laura laughs]

Andrew: ...we are having audio problems with one of the audio files right now, and we're anxiously awaiting receiving that audio file. It wasn't Ben's fault. He was actually here in the MuggleCast studio with me, and it was fun. So we'll have that episode out eventually, but yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Caller: Okay, and one more thing...

Andrew: Okay.

Caller: ...if it's okay.

Andrew: Yeah, go ahead.

Caller: Do you need - are you going to be using - need transcribers for Imprint?

Andrew: Maybe, but you know what? E-mail us and we'll let you know.

Matt: Yeah. We don't really know yet.

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: All right.

Andrew: All right. Thank you, John.

Caller: All right, thank you for taking my call.

Andrew: No problem. Goodbye.

Matt: Bye.

Call 2: Scene at End of Trailer

Andrew: There's John, who had some questions about Imprint and several other things. We're taking a call now from Sylvie. Hello, Sylvie.

Andrew and Matt: Sylvie?

Andrew: Am I pronouncing your name right?

Caller: Yup. I was just wondering what you guys thought about the scene at the end. I don't know if you talked about it right now, because I just joined a while ago.

Andrew: Mhm.

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: What about it? Its comicalness?

Caller: Well, yeah. And what the significance of that at the end was.

Andrew: I just think it's - you know, in trailers, they like to end on funny moments.

Matt: Yeah. I mean, they definitely need to end on a lighter note, because everything was on fire and people were dying and jumping...

[Eric and Laura laugh]

Matt: I think it was...

Andrew: That's true. [laughs]

Matt: Just - they wanted the audience to know - well, you know, there is some lightheartedness in this movie. Not everybody's going to be on the verge of death the entire time.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah.

Caller: Yeah, because then it would be really depressing.

Andrew: Laura?

Laura: I was going to say, this is really the first time we've seen any evidence of the humor they keep going on about. Every interview, they're like, "Oh, this one's..."

Andrew: Oh, yeah. [laughs]

Laura: "...a lot more calming."

Laura: And it's like, really?

Andrew: Fire, fire.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: That's true.

Kevin: So they showed us the only scene that had humor.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah, that's the one scene.

Laura: Yeah.

Matt: The one scene that has humor in it.

Andrew: I've got to say that...

Eric: Yeah.

Laura: The one scene you're allowed to laugh at.

Andrew: ...that humor - that type of humor was - I don't think we've really seen that before...

Matt: We haven't.

Andrew: a Harry Potter film.

Matt: Well, like...

Andrew: It's cocky Harry, essentially. [laughs]

Matt: Well, like Eric said, there's a lot more slapstick, and there hasn't been slapstick, really, in the Harry Potter films as much.

Eric: There's been slapstick, but it hasn't been funny. Like Snape whacking...

Matt: Yeah, hitting - yeah, you're right.

Eric: ...Harry and Ron with it. Like, what was that?

Andrew: That was funny.

Eric: I think...

Matt: Well, that was the first one that we've seen, though. I mean, initial...

Eric: Yeah.

Matt: ...definition of slapstick, and that was from David Yates, too.

Eric: No, that was not - that was Movie 4. Wasn't it? Goblet of Fire...

Matt: No.

Eric: ...where he slapped his...

Laura: Yeah, it was.

Matt: Oh, Goblet where he slapped him, but he did it in Order of the Phoenix, too.

Andrew: Hmm. I don't think so.

Matt: He slapped Ron in the head.

Laura: Yeah. He did.

Andrew: Oh.

Eric: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, see, I don't think this whole thing with Harry is cocky, though. Like him saying, "Well, I am the Chosen One."

Andrew: "I am the Chosen One."

Eric: I just thought it was funny.

Matt: He's a guy!

Andrew: It's cocky funny.

Matt: He's getting attention from girls.

Andrew: It's like when I say, "I'm Toots." Or, "I'm the best host." It's true.

[Eric laughs]

Matt: That's cocky.

Andrew: No.

Matt: That's bigheadedness.

Andrew: But it's true. No. Whatever. Okay.

Matt: That's delusion.

Caller: Just before I go, can I make a shout out to my friend Nikki, whose birthday is today?

Andrew: Aw, Happy Birthday, Nikki.

Matt: Happy Birthday, Nikki.

Caller: Thanks.

Andrew: We have a lot of birthdays today.

Caller: Yeah, she's been saying that it was her birthday present from Warner Bros., this trailer.

Matt: Aw, that's so sweet.

Andrew: Aw, that's so - well, somebody in Warner Bros. [laughs] Not everyone's happy with us.

Matt: [laughs] I don't think it was Warner Bros.

Andrew: Yeah. But all right. Thank you, Sylvie.

Caller: Okay, bye!

Andrew: Happy Birthday to her. You know, it's my sister's birthday as well. And I kind of wanted to call her here on the show, but...

Matt: Do it.

Call 3: Movie 5 Scene Used in Trailer

Andrew: Do it? No, maybe later. Noah, you're on MuggleCast Live. What's up?

Matt: Noah?

Andrew: Noah.

Caller: Am I on?

Andrew: Yeah, you're on.

Caller: Oh! That's weird. I didn't expect to be on. Cool.

Andrew: There you go, man. What's going on?

Caller: Oh, nothing much. I just noticed in second 42 of the trailer that they just basically have the fire snake again from the Ministry of Magic scene from Movie 5.

Andrew: Yeah, we were talking about that a little earlier. There's a lot of - can you mute your feed? We're getting a lot of feedback.

Caller: Okay, sorry about that. The show actually cut out, so...

Andrew: Oh, okay. I had to let him go because the feedback's killing me. Yeah, we were saying earlier that they're using some scenes from the previous movie, which is also what they did in Order of the Phoenix.

Matt: Uh-huh.

Andrew: So.

Matt: Mmm. Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Andrew: I have to say, though, there's something about these repeated - like, do you have any ideas why they do that?

Matt: I think it's basically - I want to say, I think it's just filler. I mean...

Andrew: Because everything's not completed?

Matt:'s a snake on fire. I mean, they had enough fire scenes in the trailer, they just probably thought "Well, in the last movie we had some fire, so let's just add it in."

Call 4: from South Africa

Andrew: Yeah. [sighs] Lauren, you're on MuggleCast Live. Hello.

Caller: Hello?

Andrew: Hi, how are you?

Matt: Hi!

Caller: Hi! Oh wow. I got through.

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: That's weird.

[Andrew and Caller laugh]

Caller: Hi. This is all the way from South Africa, so hi.

Andrew: South Africa? Hello!

Caller: Yes, hi.

Matt: Geez. Is it daytime?

Caller: It is now 11:00 at night, and I am studying.

Andrew: Oh wow. Nice. So, what questions do you have?

Caller: Well, I've only seen the trailer once because I'm running out of bandwidth, because we have very limited bandwidth down here, so... [laughs]

Andrew: Yeah. It sucks living outside of the U.S., doesn't it?

Caller: So, my question was - yeah, there's a lot of fire. It's weird.

[Andrew and Matt laugh]

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: And I was just listening to Imprint like half an hour ago, and I was like, "Oh wait! MuggleCast is on, so I've got to check what they're talking about."

Matt: Yeah, yeah, yeah, MuggleCast.

Caller: So I've missed most of it.

Andrew: Yeah. Do you have any other questions pertaining to the trailer?

Caller: Questions about the trailer? Hmm, I don't know. I missed most of your chat, so I can't really say anything. Otherwise I'll just sound stupid, right?

Andrew: Oh, no.

Matt: Oh, no.

Andrew: No, no. We love all our listeners. But hey, let me let you go, because there's other people calling and I think they have some questions.

Caller: Cool.

Andrew: Thank you.

Caller: Thanks for taking my call.

Eric: Nice talking to you!

Caller: Okay. Goodbye!

Andrew: Bye. There's Lauren from South Africa. Time for a PSA, guys: if you're going to call, please call in with a question.

Matt: Yeah, please.

Andrew: A question about the film.

Eric: And mute your stream.

Call 5: Comedy vs. Seriousness in Movie 6

Andrew: And mute your stream, for God's sakes. Terrance, you're on MuggleCast Live. Hello!

Caller: Hey, what's going on, guys?

Andrew: What's going?

Matt: Hey.

Andrew: This is Terrance from Hogwarts Radio...

Matt: Oh! Terrance.

Andrew: ...a popular Harry Potter podcast.

Caller: [laughs] Thanks.

Eric: Terrance! How's it going, buddy?

Caller: Thanks for plugging us, Andrew.

Andrew: No problem. [laughs]

Caller: Thanks for taking my call, guys. I just was like, wow, and I didn't expect you guys to do that. But anyway, didn't call in with a question, really, but I called in just for couple of comments. I've been listening to the show. Great job, by the way.

Andrew: Thank you.

Caller: But you guys were saying something about the slapstick humor. We were originally told that this movie would be more comedic than serious, is that correct?

Andrew: Well, they were sort of like, "it's the sex, drugs, and rock n' roll of Harry Potter."

Matt: They did say there was going to be more slapstick in the film, but I don't think they said it was more slapstick than seriousness. Because I think they said there was too much seriousness in it, so they added more slapstick.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: I think that's what...

Caller: Yeah, because the two trailers that have come out so far, they've been - you know - they've had that darker, deeper tone.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: Mhm. Well, it's a darker, deeper story.

Caller: Of course.

[Matt laughs]

Caller: And even the fire - I mean, the fire - the intensity. I mean, come on. It's...

Andrew: Yeah.

Caller: ...a really dark film.

Andrew: I think - maybe with the next real trailer, they'll put emphasis on the funny. Because I think they try to balance different themes with each trailer, and it's probably hard to mix it all.

Matt: Yeah, this one's fire. The theme is fire in this trailer.

Eric: [laughs] Well, the last one was the...

Andrew: And the first one was memories.

Eric: ...young Tom Riddle.

Andrew: Yeah, yeah, the memories. So there's a certain theme to all these, I think, and I think with TV spots especially, they like to emphasize the funny.

Matt: Mhm.

Eric: Mmm.

Matt: Yeah. Well, TV spots...

Eric: Yeah, I'm just glad...

Matt: Oh, I'm sorry.

Eric: Yeah. I'm glad they didn't come out with the funny relationship stuff first, because that was my biggest fear, was that they were only going to focus on teenage Harry Potter with hormones, this and that, in this movie.

Matt: Well, that's what they did...

Eric: Which is originally what I thought they were going to do.

Matt: Well, they did that with Order of the Phoenix and the Cho kiss with Harry. I mean, they advertised the crap out of that. The whole, "Love is in the air, Harry and - Harry gets love, a kiss."

Andrew: Mhm.

Micah: You know, I felt like that end scene of the trailer was almost like a moment where the director is saying to the parents watching, "It's okay for your children to go see this movie." Because fire, fire, fire, fire, destruction, fire, people...

Matt: Fire, fire, fire, slap in the face.

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: ...shooting each other with spells. "Oh, there's humor, don't worry, your kids can go see this."

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: Yeah, I still think it's - I would limit the age to thirteen. I would say children under thirteen might be - I'd be worried about seeing this movie...

Andrew: Really?

Eric: be perfectly honest. Yeah, to be perfectly honest. That's what PG-13 is supposed to mean anyway!

Andrew: [laughs] But who follows that these days?

Laura: Yeah, but I feel like someone says that about every single one of these movies, and I feel like with every single one of them it's not true.

Eric: Well, like Chamber of Secrets being, what, PG for scary monsters, or whatever, being Aragog the spider, or what do you mean?

Andrew: Yeah.

Laura: Well, just like in general, I always read these reviews where it's like, "I wouldn't suggest taking anyone under the age of thirteen," and it's like, come on, guys. Please.

Eric: Yeah, but this is me saying it, Laura. The film - the film is morbid.

Laura: Yeah, but no. No, I don't think it's - I mean, clearly it's dark...

Matt: Well, with the spiders, people have phobias about that. They had to say about scary monsters because a lot of people are scared of spiders.

Eric: Well, I know people who say the Basilisk scene really creeps their kids out, too.

Andrew: Yeah, and I'll always remember - I don't know why I remember this, but when I was - when I remember telling my mom when I was like twelve, about the Chamber of Secrets, and I was like, [funny nasal voice] "I don't know if Ryan will be able to go to this one, because there's a Basilisk. And the knife goes through his head. And I'm not sure if Ryan will really like this. Might be scary."

[Everyone laughs]

Caller: Also the fang. Also, the fang goes through Harry's arm.

Andrew: Yeah. It was pretty brutal.

[Laura laughs]

Matt: Mhm.

Andrew: WB must have paid them to give it a - no, I'm just kidding. That's probably the wrong thing to say [laughs].

Eric: Certain things too. Even Voldemort on the back of Quirrell's head creeps people out. I know it's kind of creepy still for me to watch. It's really above and beyond creepy compared to the rest of the movie.

Matt: Well, each film has its own creepiness.

Eric: Yeah.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, but this movie - the other thing in the trailer that I just thought of is the Side-Along Apparition, which is - again, this scene in this trailer, everything's sped up a little bit - but if you look carefully when Harry grabs Dumbledore's hand and they Side-Along Apparate, there's this twisting sort of thing...

Matt: Yeah.

Eric: It actually - it looks awesome, and the effect in the movie is - I was so happy with it when I saw it, because it conveys in a split second almost everything - almost perfectly what the book was writing about, in that...

Matt: It does look like a siphoning, or like someone takes a straw and just sucking them all up.

[Andrew laughs]

Eric: It was really - it was really cool.

Andrew: Mmm.

Eric: It was really cool.

Caller: Do you guys think Dumbledore looks more tired in this film than he does in the other ones?

Matt: Well, he's dying. I mean...

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: [singing] Knock, knock, knockin' on Heaven's door! [makes guitar sounds] I don't know. I think - again, I just think he has a little extra spring in his step when it comes to his voice.

Matt: But also in the book, he does seem more frail. It does say that. It does say that Harry notices that Dumbledore is a lot more frail.

Andrew: Yeah.

Eric: I'm glad Gambon toned it down, too. That's why I said I think he read the book on this one. Because he's really - a little bit more personable, actually. The whole movie around, he's getting along with other people and stuff, and that's just - that's really interesting, you know. It's not just start-of-term announcements, where he relates to other people. He's actually sort of even relating to Slughorn in the beginning, in the Slughorn scene, which is amazing in the movie. It's really funny. Yeah. It's good stuff, and, yeah, so he's...

Matt: Well, I mean, everything's happening to the teachers, this movie. I mean, Dumbledore's dying from his hand being black, and McGonagall's conjuring lightning, and Slughorn's giving birth to memories.

Andrew: Yeah.

[Micah laughs]

Andrew: All right, Terrance, thank you...

Caller: No problem.

Andrew: ...for calling.

Caller: Thanks a lot. Thanks a lot, you guys, nice show.

Andrew: No problem. Terrance from Hogwarts Radio. An example of a good caller. Someone who speaks clearly, audibly, you are able to understand what he's saying, there's no background, there's no feedback, there's no B.S. Straight up call! That's what all calls should be like.

Matt: Geez.

Laura: Speaking of which, if you're going call, you need to call the MuggleCast Hotline, so please stop calling me.

[Everyone laughs]

Andrew: I'll call you, Laura!

[Everyone laughs]

Micah: Yeah, me too.

Eric: We're not going mention names yet, but if...

Andrew: Oh, I'm sorry, I just cut off Eric because I was taking another call. Sorry. Say that again, Eric.

Eric: Oh, yeah. If you call us - now that we've made the announcement, if you call us personally, we are going to mention names. And you will be shunned.

Matt: That's probably what they want, Eric.

Andrew: Yeah. Don't you think they want shout-outs? [laughs]

Eric: Oh, oh, oh. Okay, we won't mention your names then.

Matt: Yeah.

[Small crashing noise]

Kevin: Either that or...

Matt: Oh, did somebody fall down?

Andrew: No...

Eric: Yes. Sounded like gates crashed.

Andrew: No, I answered a call and I think he passed out from...

[Matt laughs]

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